Windows 8 is coming

Windows 8 is coming

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We are all excited to share a preview of our advertising campaign.

Windows 8 is coming: 10.26.2012.  And I’ve got to say, I really love the Eagles of Death Metal.

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  • That day never arrived, leaving me to wonder who at EA believed that the former New York Red Bulls striker's last name was actually spoken as "ah-GOO-delloh" (just one of several examples).

  • I installed the Windows 8 preview some time ago.  I am getting used to the new look and all.  But, I have experienced one major problem, which I cannot get any help on, and that is computer lockup.  iguess thec best way to get rid of the problem is to totally uninstall windows 8 as it can't be degraded back to windows 7 until its official release.cannot wait until win 8 final is available for me.


  • I'm using win 8.I find it very supports a lot while playing games, I usually play games on and

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  • ja również nie mogę się doczekać premiery windows 8

  • ja również nie mogę się doczekać premiery windows 8

  • @Floroyda, as with other releases of Windows one license only covers one computer. The only way around that if MS decides to do a multilicense option and it is too early to know. More than likely you will have to purcase two licenses. I have three computers but I am only upgrading two of them and at the price they are asking, I will definantly jump on it.

  • Buaa  i want 1 tablet with Windows 8  ; P

  • I have two computers is there a family purchase plan?

  • If I buy the disk upgrade, is the license good for two computers?

  • I have both a desk top and laptop.  Can I install the same $70 upgrade disk on both or do I need two $&0 packages?

  • Dmspar
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    I've actually got this on order from Amazon, so hopefully it'll arrive on the 26th/27th, and I have also got those two days off work just so I can install this properly asap. Am I sad? Nope!

  • I have a desktop running Windows Vista but have been unable to get it to load SP1. Will I be able to upgrade it to Windows 8 Pro?

  • Win 8 Win 7 home premium dual boot

    hello I have an asus ep121 tablet running Windows 7 home premium, I have all my stuff on it including

    professionnal and personnal things.

    I am interested in a dual boot (if possible a clever one, i.e the choice is at cold start but with no delay added from getting out of standby mode)

    will there be tutorials for that ?

    NB Asus ep 121 is the first pc ever on which windows 8 was demonstrated at a MS conference

    [N.B. 2 I have my ep 121 ready with a partition dedicated to host windows 8 system]

  • Extremely curious to get hand on to Windows 8. Just can't wait !!!

  • I absolutely love 8. I've been using it since september. the start menu would really make it for me so I downloading the stardock start menu. I like he tiles to, but needed my start menu. I love the security on 8 compared to 7. I'm 66 so I 've adapted quite good.

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    I want to buy it

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    I'm looking forward to Win8

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    waiting for new member................................

  • I would like to purchase Windows 8 Pro for a new build (not to upgrade an existing Windows PC).  Which version of Windows 8 do I need to purchase for this?

    Staples has a pre-order which states the part number as being  Item100002 ModelEWIN 8 PRO FULL.

    Can I assume that this is a non-OEM version of Windows Pro I can install on a new build?

  • at-job
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    @ seashols : It will probably have Media Player with DVD player available as an add-on. But let's compare the price for Windows 8 with the price for Windows 7:

    - $69.99 for Win8Pro:

    - $299.99 for Win 7 Pro :

  • Why no DVD playback? You are making 8 way to challenging to use for home and entertainment. As well as travel use. I gave up on your ineffective Media Playing several years ago. So disappointed.

  • iPad = $499 with 2048*1536

    Kindle Fire HD = $299 with 1920*1080

    Surface = $499 with 1366 * 768 and NO KEYBOARD

    Surface = $599 with 1366 * 768 INCLUDE KEYBOARD

    well it is not to late to get the right price on these devices microsoft




    give 100 dollars in christmas discount , and the tablet will WIN OVER THE IPAD

    if you whant to beat GOOGLE NEXUS 7 AND KINDLE FIRE HD

    lover the price to 249 , 349, 449

    and it will be a global hit in every living room

  • Reelix
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    Having a Laptop explode as the first "8" probably wasn't the best choice ;)

  • ssssssssaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Windows 8 is coming: 10.26.2012.  And I’ve got to say, I really love the Eagles of Death Metal.

  • Tonights "Click it" Ad was the best I have ever seen in a long while.. Great ad!

  • beem
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    Will there be any other official launch parties in other cities like there was with Windows XP and Windows 7?

  • Great ad. Suggestion: can you get someone to moderate the YouTube comments section? It's not pretty.

  • enabz23
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    Pleaze add skype update to windowa 7.8. Allowing us to receive calls even if we are not on the application. Also make new apps acssessible to 7.8 users!

  • Missed Steve Ballmer’s rap on "Developers Developers Developers” on this video! LOL. Great job guys, can’t wait to see my positions (MSFT +0.25)‎ going up next week!

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    Quero, desde já, parabenizar a Microsoft pelo Windows 8 e tudo mais que o acompanha neste pré lançamento (Surface, Notebook touch's e novos belíssimos hardwares). Estou numa super expectativa! Parabéns mesmo!!!

  • Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas

    I want to buy it for my new SSD instead of my HDD Windows 7

    My SSD is just aside waiting for me to buy and install Windows 8

    I can't wait to see it on my laptop :D :D :D :D :D