Windows 8 Advertising Campaign Goes Global

Windows 8 Advertising Campaign Goes Global

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As we enter the final countdown to the global launch of Windows 8, today marks the global unveiling of the Windows 8 advertising campaign going live in 42 countries. With the reimagining of the Windows product experience—marketing is breaking from the past as well. The idea behind the campaign is to be more motivating, more rooted in the product experience – less tell and more show – by connecting in an emotional and culturally relevant way that maps to the breadth of the global reach.

With that in mind, music, the universal language, is at the heart of this campaign, highlighting a variety of indie and up and coming bands across the globe, such as Best Coast in the U.S, Lenka in China and Hogarth in Brazil. Regardless of country or language, the music universally is upbeat, positive and encouraging self-expression and experience. We believe that Windows is an open and inclusive brand—empowering-- and we wanted the music, language and cultural references to represent that spirit.

Advertising Agency, Crispin, Porter and Bogusky were great partners in the U.S., leading the core concept development. In China and Latin America, JWT Brazil and China partnered with us to bring Windows 8 to life with local flavor. Wunderman acted as the hub of localization and distribution of the creative materials.

“We focused on the experiences that new Windows 8 devices will give all of us,” said Rob Reilly, Partner/Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Crispin, Porter and Bogusky. “And we didn’t get too literal. It’s not about landing features and scenarios, it is about themes like sharing and staying connected, working and playing together, and expressing yourself. They are what connect and resonate across cultures in this digital and social age and what is absolutely core to this product.” said Reilly. With this foundation, the agencies then executed to ensure the ads were relevant across cultures.

“We selected music from up and coming bands. We didn’t want to use overly popular songs because we wanted to bring the viewer on a journey of discovery, both through the storytelling and the music that accompanies these stories. Sometimes, as in “Express Yourself,” by Labrinth we found a new take on a classic old song, much like the reinvention of Windows,” said Reilly.

JWT in China was charged with bringing Windows 8 to life in Asian countries such as China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Working with this team, we decided to focus on the idea of the personalization of Windows 8 and how it is uniquely your own.

In Asia, Parkour—urban running-- is incredibly popular and an expression of freedom as well as individualism. It was the perfect expression of Windows,” said Polly Chu, Chief Creative at JWT China.

She goes on to say “In Asia & South East Asia, we are growing our economy at high speed, yet we value our personal lives just as much and want to maintain our lifestyle, so balancing work and play was important. We know we can be productive with PCs, we wanted to focus on how they can be fulfilling too.”

In Latin American, the campaign has a slightly different approach, but still with music playing a central role. “Celebrating and spending time with friends and family is core to Latin life, said John Ricardo, JWT, Brazil. Blending work and play is nothing new to us, so we focused on a situation where close friends and family are enjoying time together –made better by Windows 8-- as something that all can relate to”, said Ricardo.

“The fun in this story is continuing to spend time together after the party. The invitation to the cleanup and having the opportunity to be with your close friends and family was a fun twist on the story,” emphasized Ricardo.

This is just a sample of the Windows 8 stories and experiences that you’ll see come to life in this campaign. You’ve heard us say that Windows 8 is a “no compromise experience” and this marketing campaign reflects that. Work and family, freedom and mobility, new experiences and amazing innovations and one of the most personal technology experiences on the market today.

The campaign will include television commercials along with print ads, banner ads online, outdoor posters and branded-entertainment elements such as the musical show La Voz in Mexico, the iconic MTV European Music Awards in Germany, and the popular UEFA Champion League in Ireland which will last into the New Year.

And if you are in New York on October 25 thru the 27th don’t miss Times Square where Windows 8 will be featured on over 39 digital boards in the largest takeover of Times Square to date—the biggest Start Screen ever! And we will be hosting a hands-on experience on the ground in Times Square and at our Microsoft Stores in the North America for consumers to touch and try the new Windows —and maybe even see yourself up on the boards in Times Square. We hope to see you!

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  • I am surprised by this move from Microsoft - in a good way! Seeing all these new devices and service, it really pleases me. Keep up the good work.

    I am trying to play my part by designing and collecting themes for the new Windows 8.

  • karasel
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    Pretty good, Windows is making a history again...

    Bocek ilaclama

  • Avirar2
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    Hey guys I saw that there are some updates available . Cheers

  • desi11
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    does any one know the song used in the windows comerical fround on hulu is starts out with a flute and drums and follows by a woman making sounds like boop boop beep da ba something lake that anyways kind of like a pop song

  • run19
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  • toybook
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    Pretty good, Windows is making a history again-

  • dguy
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    @darioe3 & others - no worries I found it. It's a Windows 8 commercial with the singer Lenka and her song Everything at Once. i also got the lyrics wrong, they are " Is everything everything at once". Very good choice and good integration of her video! I have known & enjoyed her music before.

    Thanks for try'n.

  • T Windows
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    It was truly awesome to wake up and see the redesign for all the Microsoft sites; the new look really reflects the Windows 8 swagger and feel.

    Major thanks & congratulations to Microsoft + Windows, we look forward to the events planned for today and we couldn’t be more proud of you.

    Thanks again.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • dguy
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    @darioe3 - that is the question :) What can I say, it starts with the new Wndows 8 screen, there is a female lead singer (or soloist) singing her lyrics & the images alternate between her & Windows 8 stuff, back to her & two women behind her, she continues singing and does some quirky dance moves & the ad ends. Some lyrics "it's everything I want" (did a search & couldn't match up the song). More of an "alternative" artist somewhat a "Bjork-like" feel to the artist/performance (at least to this ad). I saw it approx two times on CTV during Daily Show & Colbert Report. I can't believe there is no mention/clips/descriptions of it. Anyone?

  • darioe3
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    @dguy Which commercial are you refering to? Quick description...?

  • dguy
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    So who is the female singer/artist in the Windows 8 TV ads I saw last night in Canada? I don't see that ad here. What is the song she(they) are singing?

  • The Best coast commercial is the best one. Many can relate to the simple things in life, like concerts and driving on the coast.

  • Is it possible when upgrading from windows xp home edition to windows 8 pro to store or write down the new windows product key.

    If not how will i reinstall the product in the same or another computer.

    Thanks and keep doing the good job started.


  • Hi Brandon, another very good blog.

    Here's my situation.  Have a machine with XP (oem license, sticker on the chassis etc), XP got corrupted and wouldn't recover so resorted to reinstalling.  It wouldn't accept the license key on the chassis I don't know why (oem relarted, I'm not sure - again it is a genuine license, only owner of this machine).  So I looked to buy a windows 7 upgrade/reinstall but saw the windows 8 preview available so went this option a few months back.

    Done some real good testing and I'd say we're happy to get full blown windows 8 (minus metro - and hopefully with the start button back ;-)  ) when it comes out.

    What will happen on Friday to the preview release version?  Will it come to a stop ?

    Can I upgrade from the preview version - or do I have to reinstall XP again - don't forget it wont accept the license?  

    What upgrade option do I purchase please?

    I'm guessing I call the oem (mesh computers) for an XP disk - if I do then I wont do this - cant see the point of reinstalling just to upgrade - so what are the Windows 8 Installation options please?



  • run19
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  • Can you give us a time when Windows 8 upgrades will be available online on Friday? please...

  • darioe3
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    Hey Brandon! I was wondering if you have the countdown pics posted anywhere online? The ones used on YouTube daily, such as my avatar pic. Not sure if you can see it that well, but I can send it to you if you like. Thank you!

  • tom5
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    Very nice. But I'd prefer you launching the Surface in more countries rather than the ads ;).