Hot Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Windows 8

Hot Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Windows 8

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This Friday is Black Friday and Monday is Cyber Monday so I thought I would gather up a bunch of hot deals from our retail and OEM partners here in the U.S. for you to take a look at as you begin your holiday shopping or just want to find a great deal on a Windows PC!

Black Friday Deals from Best Buy:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from the Microsoft Store: Check out any of our 65 Microsoft retail store locations across North America or the Microsoft Online Store (with free shipping) to save big this season on must-have items like Surface tablets and PCs running Windows 8, exciting new Xbox 360 titles, and more. Here are some of the PC deals this Black Friday:

  • Windows 8 PCs: We are offering great deals on two of our best PCs - the Acer Aspire V5 notebook (non-touchscreen) for only $399 (reg. $599) at the Microsoft retail stores, holiday stores and the Microsoft Online Store and a Vizio 14’ Thin-and-Light Ultrabook for only $699 (reg. $849) at the Microsoft Online Store.    
  • Surface: The first 100 Surface tablets sold from one of our Microsoft retail stores or holiday stores on Black Friday come with a complimentary sleeve designed for Surface. Customers who buy a Surface 32GB or 64GB bundle will get $50.00 off a second Touch or Type cover of their choice at the Microsoft retail stores, holiday stores and Microsoft Store Online.
  • Accessories: For the music lover in your life who is looking for the hottest headphones, you can save 10 percent off any Beats products in the Microsoft retail stores and Microsoft Online Store (holiday stores excluded).

For Cyber Monday, the Microsoft Online Store will have the Acer Iconia W510 tablet for just $399 and the ASUS VivoBook S400 Ultrabook for $499!

For more details on Microsoft retail store Black Friday deals, check out the Microsoft retail store Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Black Friday Deal from ASUS: Save $50 now on an ASUS S56 Ultrabook.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from Dell: You can check out Dell’s Black Friday deals here and their Cyber Monday deals here. For more, see this post from Lionel on Dell’s Direct2Dell blog.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from HP: On Thursday morning, you’ll find HP’s Black Friday deals here. And sometime on Saturday, you’ll find HP’s Cyber Monday deals here. You can also follow @HPdeals on Twitter for hot Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from HP.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from Lenovo: You’ll find Lenovo’s Black Friday deals here and their Cyber Monday deals here. They will also be tweeting about their hot deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday from @lenovo and @lenovodeals!

Black Friday Deal from Samsung: Get a great deal on a Samsung Series 9 laptop!

Black Friday Deals from Toshiba:

· Get Microsoft Office for Home & Student 2010 with any of customizable PCs for just $49.99. Offer ends on 11/26 at 11:59pm EST. Buy Office now, and get the next version for free - see offer details and terms for complete information about the Office pre-launch offer, including eligible countries, qualifying products and eligibility dates.

· Find great prices on Toshiba laptops here running Thursday 11/22 6pm PST and through Monday evening 11/26.

Black Friday Deal from Vizio: Buy a VIZIO CN15-A5 15.6-Inch Notebook from for just $999.00.

And remember, you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for only $39.99 (U.S.) online at

If you have purchased a Windows 7 PC between June 2nd, 2012 and now or intend to purchase a Windows 7 PC from now through January 31st, 2013 - you can register for the Windows Upgrade Offer and get an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99 (U.S.). For details including registering for the Windows Upgrade Offer, click here.

One last detail: check out this blog post from Major Nelson on a list of Black Friday deals for Xbox, Games and more!

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  • Windows 8 is the best. Thanks

  • I wish there were some great deals on the Microsoft Surface!! I bought it anyway though haha. Making themes for it - - have a look and let me know. Not all are mine, some are gathered themes.

  • Thanks, great share.

  • This site indicated there was a cyber Monday sale on the Asus S4000CA Vivobook but I do not even see that on the Microsoft store web site. Is there truth to the details in the blog postings? This was disappointing as I wanted to purchase that computer.

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    Fast,Easy,Simple and just nothing I needed; love win8.thanks Microsoft & others.


  • SeldaK
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    Any deal on Win 8 not an upgrade?


  • are we allow to ask what is wrong wit you microsoft ?

    i love your products , and i have work wit then for the last 15 years , but i ges it all comes to an end

    buying a mac mini , allready have the tablet , and start allover developer stuff for an ecosystem that works

    Microsoft do you try to copy apple , find your own way ,, ?

    i meen the product product launch in june 2012 , and all the preeviews on the internet did not work

    find your own way , and STOP doing this

    notice the videos ,,

    apple store the young people and the the family

    microsoft old people , who do not how to use the computer anyway ?


    google has found it way of doing it

    Microsoft you are a global company , WHY CAN I NOT BUY YOUR PRODUCTS IN DENMARK



    i whonder how manny people out side the US has these problems ?

    hope you can answher these problems ,, on the othere hand do not answher at all ,,

    just fix the dam thing..

    best regards


  • Windows 8 is the best,,,

  • I think there's a bug in WP8 where the WP Store tile doesn't show there's an update available for one of your installed Apps until you look for it in the store. Then it'll show the [Update] and if you go back to the homescreen, the WP Store then shows a count of an update available.