On Display at CES: Latest Showcase of Stunning New Windows 8 Hardware

On Display at CES: Latest Showcase of Stunning New Windows 8 Hardware

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Touch and other new capabilities in Windows 8 are powering the latest hardware innovations coming from our OEM partners. Together we are delivering interactive new experiences through devices and services that deliver on customers’ need for constant connectivity, mobility and flexibility.

This new world of computing is on display this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from chipsets, to materials, hinges, touch panels, rotating displays, beautiful new designs and new capabilities in Windows 8.

The PCs and devices we’re seeing come to market are increasingly mobile and much more powerful. When Windows 8 launched in October, we talked about 1,000 PCs and devices that had been certified for Windows 8. There are now more than 1,500 with more expected in the weeks and months to come. The breadth of innovation continues as our hardware partners deliver new Windows 8 devices and experiences that are tuned for play and work.

With that, let’s take a look at some of the incredible new Windows 8 PCs that are being announced and garnering attention on the show floor this week.

ASUS Transformer Book TX300: Detachable notebook power for work and play.

This is the Transformer Book TX300CA from ASUS, a lightweight ultraportable with a 13” full HD (1920x1080) IPS display and multi-touch capabilities. Imagine the portability of a tablet but will have access to a more familiar Ultrabook design for productivity. The Transformer Book TX300CA delivers performance and an excellent user experience thanks to the latest Intel Core i7 processor with HD4000 graphics and Windows 8.


Another brilliant touch laptop: Sony’s VAIO T Series 15. This is the 15-inch version of the popular T13 that features built-in HD web cam, which if you haven’t seen it in action is really impressive. The built-in web camera features image sensor that not only provides crisp, bright pictures, but you can use the camera and hand gestures to skip a song, adjust volume, and navigate webpages with VAIO Gesture Control.

For more on Sony, see this video featuring Sony’s VAIO Tap 20 and LL Cool J:


(front left counterclockwise): Vizo 14" Thin + Light Touch, 11.6 Tablet PC, 15.6" Thin + Light Touch, and 24" All-in-one Touch PC

New to the PC market this year, TV-leader Vizio has come on strong with a beautiful line of notebooks and all-in-ones. Now they’ve enabled their Thin + Light series with touch, making them even more attractive for the Windows 8 world.



Samsung will be refreshing its Series 7 Ultrabooks this spring with the Series 7 Chronos and Series 7 Ultra Touch. Both models will feature a full HD (1920 x 1080) display, longer battery life and Samsung’s trademark sleek aesthetics. Slightly thinner, the Series 7 Ultra Touch boasts a JBL sound system and is a great multimedia PC, while the Chronos offers premium performance and is still less than one-inch thick.

Lenovo HORIZON_Hero_02 

Here’s creative take on an all-in-one PC: Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Horizon table PC. This device from Lenovo combines an all-in-one desktop and table PC into one design. It can be used as an HD display or laid flat for a fun new gaming experience. It’s as thin as two DVD cases, and can be outfitted with an Intel Core i7 processor and, of course, Windows 8. We think this kind of design is a game changer for family computing.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix_5

Another innovative design from Lenovo, the ThinkPad Helixis a premium convertible that features the company’s groundbreaking “rip and flip” design, giving people absolute mobile freedom and versatility. Use it as a tablet, a laptop, a table-based tablet PC or even a mini movie theater with this flexible new design. Furthering the Helix’s “groundbreaking” label, the new model features optional 4G high-speed wireless and Near Field Communications (NFC) technology that makes sharing files with other devices a easy as tapping them together.

Take a look at both the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix and IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC:


Inspiron 15R Notebook

For fans of traditional notebook designs there are plenty to choose from this year. Dell’s Inspiron 14R, 15R and 17R are getting a refresh with a sleek new design that is not only easy on the eyes, but easy to keep at your side. Nearly 5 mm thinner than the previous generation, the laptops include a built-in optical drive, stunning graphics options and fast processors.


LG’s impressive monitor selection comprises of the UltraWide, ColorPrime and Touch 10, all matched for entertainment, professional applications and touch-based interaction, respectively. All three models employ IPS technology for exceptional next generation picture quality.

HP Pavilion Sleekbook_ Ruby Red color_front

HP’s Sleekbook line – featuring the latest technologies from AMD – is a great mix of functionality and affordability. Sporting a 15.6-inch diagonal HD display, 1 terabyte of storage and exclusive innovations including HP Connected Photo powered by Snapfish, this is a great Windows 8 PC for photographers.

Toshiba Qosmio X875 Laptop

For gaming and movie enthusiasts, Toshiba’s new Qosimo X875features all the horsepower you’ll need plus a new 1 terabyte hard drive – all in a laptop!

Panasonic G1_standard_image

Panasonic has announced its “fearless business tablet” the Toughpad FZ-G1 with Windows 8 Pro. The toughness, thinness and light weight are optimized for field operations and the high brightness screen is tuned for outdoor use.  It’s an enterprise level tablet equipped with Windows 8 Pro and a high-performance processor.

Check out Jenn Brown from ESPN putting the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 to the test:

Microsoft and our OEM partners are working closely together to delight customers with hardware, software and services that create immersive new experiences and computing scenarios. The hardware innovation from our partners continues with amazing new PCs and devices coming into the Windows 8 ecosystem. Momentum for the platform is also strong with consumers, commercial customers and developers: we’ve crossed the 40 million mark for Windows 8 licenses crossed the 60 million mark for Windows 8 licenses, there are more apps coming online every day, and cloud services to unify media and content across devices.

Stay tuned for more news from CES and if you want to learn more about these Windows 8 PCs, be sure to check out the this slide show on Microsoft News Center and the Windows Phone Blog for the latest on partners showing continued support for Windows Phone.

UPDATED: 1/10/2013 10:00am PST

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  • Thanks Brandon! I thought that was quite a deal for such a quality computer!

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  • Hi everyone, we made a mistake in the blog post above: we mixed up the two ASUS products.The price of the Transformer Book has not been announced but the ASUS VivoBook is available on the Microsoft Store for $499. I apologize for any confusion.

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    You lot are dreaming if you think the $499 is real.  Just do a search for this model on Bing or Google and you will find the real price is going to be FROM $1499.  Like most of you though, had it been a real price I would have bought it already :P

  • I really hope this article is right, but I've been following this computer for a little while trying to find out the price and all I've heard is $1,300-$1,500 estimates, so I'm not going to hold my breath on the $499 price for too long.  Although, I heard something about a new Intel chip that will seriously reduce the cost of ultra-books... maybe? (wishful thinking)

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    I don't think so. Current Asus Zenbook, 13.3, 256G SSD, 4GRam, I7, at Best Buy, $1399. You think this will be $1000 less because they added a touch screen, another drive, magnetic power connectors, second battery and made it two piece? I think $1500 would be about right.  For what it's worth, Apple pricing isn't outrageous anymore for what you get. You compare units with comparable specs between Apple and Windows machines (and I'm including style points) and they aren't far apart. A 13" Air similar to the above Zenbook is $1499. Bit more, but not OMG more.  You can certainly compare the least expensive Mac to the cheapest PC, but you can compare a Lexus to a Yaris too.

  • You guys must be confused with Apple pricing?

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    I'm with you. $499 for essentially a Zen book with i7, 256G SSD, 500G drive, 4G Ram, plus detachable screen? Where do I send my credit card info. Think they missed a 1.

  • Is the Asus Transformer Book really gong to cost $499?  I was expecting something more like $1499.  If the price is really that low, I'm all in.