Windows 8 – 60 Million Licenses Sold

Windows 8 – 60 Million Licenses Sold

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At the 11th Annual J.P. Morgan Tech Forum at CES 2013 today, Windows Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer Tami Reller announced that Windows 8 has sold 60 million licenses to date. This represents the cumulative sales of Windows 8 including both upgrades and sales to OEMs for new devices. This is a similar sales trajectory that we saw with Windows 7.

We have seen a significant increase in the number of Windows 8 certified systems since general availability at the end of October. There are now more than 1,700 certified systems for Windows 8 and Windows RT. I suggest reading this post from Nick Parker putting the spotlight on several very cool new Windows 8 PCs announced by our OEM partners this week at CES.

This week we also highlighted strong growth in developers building for Windows 8. Since the opening of the Windows Store the number of apps has quadrupled and we passed the 100 million app download mark – just two months after general availability.

UPDATE 1/10: You can read the full transcript of Tami’s presentation at the J.P. Morgan Tech Forum at CES 2013 by clicking here.

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  • I have been using Microsoft products for just under 30 years.  My early career was founded upon them, and I've always had a soft spot for them.

    But Win8 is the single most frustrating "upgrade" experience I've *ever* had from any major software vendor, *full stop*.  

    - Old stuff doesn't work anymore

    - New versions of old stuff (IE10) present brain-dead new UI metaphors for no apparent reason

    - *Everything* seems to require 2 - 3 more mouseclicks than before, each more irritating than the last, to accomplish even simple UI functions.


    (And no, I'm not some Apple astroturfer--I'm sure that Mr Softy has the ability to check.  I'm just very very very frustrated that I bought into Windows again, just as MS abandoned their established user base.)

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    Wanted to install Win 8 on my laptop. I was busy arranging Rs 1999 to upgrade my laptop. Came back and saw, it now costs Rs 12000 plus. Dropped the idea.

  • mkelley
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    That's awesome.  Plenty to leverage there.

  • Karen F
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    WILL YOU PUBLISH THE NUMBER OF RETURNS????? I am returning a new Dell computer this week because I cannot go back to Windows 7 on it. I walked in to a business breakfast this morning full of constituents and was talking about my displeasure with Windows 8. Out of the 50 or so people present, 4 had recently returned software or their new computer because of this "Brilliant" POS software.







  • I’m an absolute enthusiast of Windows and all related with Microsoft since I remember (Windows 3.0)

    I’m an experienced developer and I’ve been using Microsoft Windows API for more than 10 years.

    I’ve got all versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator since MSFS 95.

    Now I really think that something wrong is happen in Microsoft.

    I was so confident with Microsoft that I bought Microsoft Flight without evaluating it.  I realized that MSF was not a real evolution of MSFS and I decided to remove it from my system. I still use MSFS X. And believe me. It is 5 years old but after all still makes me really happy.

    And worst. I bought Windows 8. My first feeling was really good but after three weeks of using it I decided to come back to Windows 7. I think that Windows 8 is good for mobile devices and tablets but not for a PC workstation. Traditional desktop applications are better than start apps by far. Basically I realized that I was always using desktop applications and that I had applications installed twice: one as start app, I didn’t use, and other as desktop application, I really use.

    Please Microsoft, it seems you forget desktop windows users. I really think you are wrong.

  • My first experience with Win8 are great. I like it and don't know why some people say that it's unintuitiv. After less than 2 hours it was fun to work with it. I think that most of the people how hate it never worked with it :)

  • Does "Windows 8 has sold 60 million licenses to date" include Windows RT?

  • Ted H
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    So 60 million licences sold that's going to be a hell of a lot of really annoyed people. W8 may be ok for kids to play with but for anything you may need a computer for you're in trouble. Buying laptop with 8 on it was like throwing away £350 Looks like a new hard drive will be required with XP ready loaded will be a good route to take.

  • A little over a month ago I purchased a HP with W8.  Lucky for me part of the purchase price included a 2 year deal which allows me to contact a firm which gives assistance in showing me how to operate and use W8.  I have to contact this firm almost every day because of operating issues.  If I could figure out a way to convert the W8 to W7, I would probably do it.  The next computer I buy, which would be my 10th, will be an Apple.  

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    Been many rumors Win 8 last error but Win 8 disaster users. I believe Windown8 be many who will accept it.

  • What A HappY News ? !! So Far the Best Operating System By Microsoft, its awesome and very interesting

    ThaNkx Microsoft

  • mem23, Microsoft don't listen customers...  They wanna be Apple!

    I'm IT Administrator, I have thousand customers with WinXP, Win7... They don't want stupid touch interface! This people work with computer, desktop computer, Mouse, Keyboard!!!  You remember this Microsoft?

    If Microsoft don't correct this big Win8 mistake I start migration of all my customers to Linux and Mac... It's not possible forcing users...   Microsoft crazy!  Microsoft wanna be Apple....   APP.....  PROGRAMS, not APP!!

  • toybook
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    Trouble with this number is that it is licenses sold. Could be on new PC's sitting on shelves, people who took advantage of the cheap upgrade but then went back to Windows 7. Or it could be a total of licenses sold the PC makers who have yet to even apply that license to a manufactured PC.

  • mem23
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  • I love Windows 8 also.  I use Windows 8 Enterprise currently.

    For the fun, I created my own start button (a very detailed and amazing one) with Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate AND VIRUS FREE!

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  • brizon
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    This is a disaster!  8 is not, that is NOT made for old laptops.  It is a disgusting piece of software.  I hate it about as much as I dislike apple!!!!  Some one tell me how to get rid of it and go back to 7!!!!!!!!!!  Not that MS cares about 1 little old man but I will not recommend it to ANYONE and will bad mouth it till hell freezes over.

    Great News??? ur an idiot!

  • Mantlo
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    Ugly Metro interface and amazingly unintuitive OS = my company waiting for Windows 9.  Not as bad as Vista, but still...  Are many retailers offering downgrade options?  God help me if my parents buy a new computer running Windows 8.

  • Great news from window 8.I will enjoy with my Lenovo Yoga and Nokia Lumia 920!

  • mrabaca
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    I hate windows 8. I had to buy a new computer. HATE IT!!!! Can't find anything.

  • Clan417
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    I still have 7 :( getting Windows 8 in December 2012 or January 2014, also can't wait for that new 720 coming out soon :P

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  • Two months ago I tentatively downloaded the windows 8 to the oldest of my 3 computers, out of pure curiosity. I have been running win 7 before. In less than one week, all machines were running on the new OS and since then I haven't found a single reason to regret the upgrade. The complaints by some other users I read about, are mostly laughable and have little or no substance. As if no one were REALLY using the windows 8. Start button issue is a non-issue, metro look is pure, simple and efficient and the old-good desktop mode is still there and you can easily get a boot-up straight to desktop. If that's so important to you.

    It's a system you can adjust  to your needs. Or you can bark at it and hope it will change for you.

    Win 8 has even made me swap my phone OS. While still owning a backup android machine (out of precaution), after a month of use of Windows phone 8, I feel no need for any other OS to get my work done, stay in touch, connected and productive in every aspect.

    Just don't go asleep MS. Work on, improve and expand.

  • Excelent News, now i have Windows 8 Pro and is Wonderful, speed, turn off - on, fast to load apps, and more, good job MSFT with windows 8, the number not lie!.

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  • Brandon, After two weeks of trying, I finally got Win 8 up and running.  (I had to go back 18 months of restores before it took.)  Now, from a previous post you stated "And if you want, you can add Windows Media Center for free through the “add features” option within Windows 8 Pro after your upgrade."   I cannot find that for free.  Any suggestions?  JH

  • I've been using Windows 8 for about two weeks and I think it's the worst operating system Microsoft could have come up with.  As far as I'm concerned Windows XP is the best of all the operating systems.  My laptop has Windows Vista and I prefer XP to it.  I'm finally learning how to get around in Windows 8 but it is still a pain.  I'm also very disappointed that Microsoft Works is not in this operating system.  I will use Office until the trial period is over and then I guess I'll have to purchase it.  Also there is no financial software on this computer so I had to download Microsoft Money Plus Sunset which did not work until I purchase Quicken, then Money Plus mysteriously started working.  This make me very unhappy.  Microsoft is going downhill quickly.

  • abm
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    Check out the list of Windows 8 devices:

  • This news is great, I personally have W8 at home, the office, on my surface and on my phone and all of it works beautifully, they all communicate with each other allowing me to have a seamless multi-device setup.

    For those who have such a negative view of it I am generally lost to understand the majority of your issues. Windows 8 is a faster OS than any previous version, I have so far not found a program that I can't run on it. The ability to jump between different programs from a full or partial screen speeds up productivity.

    The biggest issue that seems to be out there is about the start button and calendar, well for those users wanting their calendar always visible snap your calendar to the left which will allow you to always have it open and with regards to the start button I ask you this what does the start button actually do, the answer is you click it in the bottom left hand corner, you select your program, with windows 8 on a non touch screen device, you click the start hover icon in the bottom left hand corner and select your program, sounds the same to me it's just not there as permanently visible.

    I personally think Microsoft have done a cracking job with this OS and with sales going the same as Win 7 during a time where world wide we are seeing less sales full stop, it is a testament to them and the OS that things are moving in the right direction.

  • JRHami
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    This statement is highly deceptive.  First, Windows fails to state the percentage of sales from upgrades versus OEM installs.  Their is no choice associated with OEM installs of the Windows 8 OS - hence this number is driven by demand for new PCs not by the merits of the OS.  If Windows was serious about discussing adoption they would compare those user who choose to upgrade to those who do not for a given OS.

    I've upgraded a system from Vista, Win 7 and purchased new PC with Win 8 (yes three miserable experiences).  The upgrades are a disaster - you lose all your installed programs when moving from Vista.  The Win 7 upgrade was plagued by incompatibilty with a one year old Logitech K200 keyboard, which out of sheer luck found out was related to comcast Guard ID software.  On the new system you have incompatibilities with Flash and have to dance around that by launching IE from the desktop.  How anyone can say this is an improvement from a user perspective is beyond me.  

    Overall the UI suck more than it helps.  I want my start button!  I want my clock and calender always visible!  I could care less about live tile updates when I prefer to work in the desktop view.  Stop blathering about swiping functionality - I (and most others) don't have touch sensitive displays!  Why the hell wasn't DVD maker included? of Movie Maker?

    The benefits at best are cheap parlor tricks and the downsides are a major hit to productivity for the millions of users of prior MS OSs.  This is MS's attempt to create a more unified experience across phone tablet and computer but it's not working.

    MS stock will suffer as a result.

  • i just have one question. if microsoft is doing so well why have your stocks gone down in general since windows 8? or the surface? some companys are good at making software and hardware. some should just stick to software and operating systems. good luck


    Several months after its debut, Windows 8 has still a ridiculously low market share of 1,45%. Compared to Windows 7, the adoption speed is almost TWICE as low. Are you sure that people are happy with that Frankenstein UI of yours, the missing start menu, the unbelievably ugly desktop without Aero that looks as if my video card was broken, and all the other things that negatively impact ease of use and productivity? If you want to know what the vast majority of users really wants, take a look at the current XP market share 12 (!!!) years after its debut, despite its support to be discontinued very soon. You can dream on and bend reality all you want, but don't be surprised if you find yourself up shits creek without a paddle as with Vista...

  • gr8 w8
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    Delighted to hear this. It justifies my optimism in claiming on our company blog that Windows 8 is going to be a serious platform for developers. There are a number of commenters on there who are less than convinced, so if anyone feels like wading into the debate on the MS side, please feel free to chip in at

    Thanks for posting Brandon

  • ET3D
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    Interesting to learn that Windows 8 is doing so well, because previous reports in the media said it wasn't even up to Vista sales.

  • Great news, but it's obvious for such a revolutionary OS! tile based start screen and HTML 5 based app model are just wonderful. I also loved unique features like search, refresh option (, picture password and recovery options. Unbeatable! Keep it up! Love Windows 8.

  • Good news ! I'm using Windows 8 & loving it :)

  • Rik
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    and may I add that Windows 8 Phones are awesome as well :)

    Made the move from Android to W8P and best move I ever made :)

    HTC 8X

  • Rik
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    Windows 8 is the future.

    By far the best operating system Microsoft have ever released and by the far the most radical change so a little caution from certain users is to be expected.

    Users just need to be educated a little, not to be afraid of change, once you get used to the new interface, people will see and realise that Windows 8 is here to stay and is actually very very good.

    Every user I have spoken to that has taken a little time to learn Windows 8, really enjoys the experience and admits its the best Windows experience they have ever had and I am inclined to agree.

    Microsoft have got it right this time.

    So all in all for such a radical change those figures are actually encouraging.

    Looking at the new Windows 8 tablets at CES as well, things are looking positive for W8 and the whole touch experience, now if only the prices would come down a bit for W8 touch devices, a little pricey at the moment unfortunately.

  • itsik
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    I have windows 8, I so love it!

  • Zartan
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    @twhiting927 Microsoft is on pace to match or exceed the success of Windows 7, how does that suggest people are unhappy with Metro? In terms of revenue Microsoft now has the addition of the app store and in-app ads. Metro interface is the future and it is succeeding. Nobody in the industry comes close to selling a new OS at the rate of Windows 8. Even Mac OS which is less expensive and Linux or Android which are "free" don't come close to the sales numbers of Windows 8 or Windows 7. Microsoft haters can keep trying to move the bar for success higher and higher, but being able to match Windows 7 sales is hard to spin as any kind of a failure.

    The only thing that deserves criticism are the hardware manufacturers who have failed to deliver enough touch enabled PCs to market. Where is the Asus Transformer Book or Asus Taichi or the Lenovo Tablet 2 that were promised last year? Why aren't there more touch monitors on the market yet? Why are the majority of Windows 8 PCs still without touch screens at Best Buy? These are the kinds of things that need to change fast to boost Windows 8 sales even further.

    Passing 100 million app downloads already it's clear Windows Store is going to become a dominant app platform in the future. Again very hard to spin numbers like that as a disaster. With an app store having so much success and sales numbers matching Windows 7, this is no Vista.

  • How nice! Don't forget to mention the fact though that this is the CHEAPEST version of Windows that's been out there in quite some time. So, this shouldn't be 'on par' with Windows 7, it should be substantially outpacing it.

    The reason it's not? Nobody wants MetroUI, but no, you guys don't want to listen, now, do you?

  • frometa
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    Great news... 360 million in the first year, 720 million in two years, One billion in three years...

  • This is great news. The fact that this is a similar sales trajectory that we saw with Windows 7, during an era where PC sales are not as good as they were when Windows 7 came out, makes the number more interesting.