Update on Windows 8 Pricing

Update on Windows 8 Pricing

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We are seeing good momentum with Windows 8 today. When upgrading from Windows 7, Windows 8 has a lot to offer including a beautiful new Start screen with live tiles, plus the familiar desktop and faster startup and longer battery life. Today I’d like to share the pricing details for the Windows 8 upgrade editions that will begin in February. I’d also remind you to take advantage of the great upgrade offer which lasts until January 31st 2013.

Windows 8 upgrade editions (see which edition is right for you here) will be priced as follows starting in February:

  • The Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition will be available online and at retail for $199.99 MSRP (U.S.).
  • The Windows 8 upgrade edition will be available online and at retail for $119.99 MSRP (U.S.).
  • The Windows 8 Pro Pack will cost $99.99 MSRP (U.S.).
  • The Windows 8 Media Center Pack will cost $9.99 MSRP (U.S.).

But we have our promotional offer available until January 31st 2013, you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99 ERP* (U.S.) via Windows.com using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant or pick up a DVD copy at a local retailer for just $69.99 ERP* (U.S.). If you bought an eligible Windows 7 PC between June 2nd and January 31st, 2013 – be sure to register for the Windows Upgrade Offer and upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for only $14.99 ERP*** (U.S.). If you upgrade to the Windows 8 edition or buy a PC with the Windows 8 edition pre-installed and want to move to the Windows 8 Pro edition– you can purchase the Windows 8 Pro Pack (previously known as Windows Anytime Upgrade) directly within Windows 8 by going to the Start screen and typing “Add Features to Windows 8” and at participating retailers for $69.99 MSRP (U.S.) until January 31st. If are running Windows 8 Pro and want Windows Media Center and DVD playback, you can add the Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free until January 31st**.

If you are building your own PC from scratch, looking to run Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine (VM), or looking to run Windows 8 on a second hard drive partition – you will want to purchase the Windows 8 edition or Windows 8 Pro edition OEM product known as “System Builder”. You can find these products online at local retailers.

For questions regarding upgrade paths for Windows 8, see this article on TechNet. For more information on upgrading to Windows 8, I suggest checking out this page on Windows.com as it is a great resource for information on upgrading.

And if you have any issues regarding your upgrade experience or technical questions about upgrading then I suggest visiting the Windows 8 Microsoft Community forum and posting your questions there.

*Offers limited to five upgrade licenses per customer. To install the Windows 8 Pro upgrade, customers must be running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. The prices displayed are estimated retail price and the transaction may be completed in a different currency. The actual price of the offer will vary by region since it is dependent on a variety of specific factors including exchange rate, local taxes, duties, fees, local market conditions, other pricing considerations, and may vary by each independent reseller. The actual price you pay may be more than the advertised price due to these additional factors. Shipping and handling charges may apply to packaged DVD product.

**When moving from the Windows 8 edition to Windows 8 Pro via the Windows 8 Pro Pack – you receive the Windows 8 Media Center Pack and won’t need to install it separately.

*** The last day to register for the Windows Upgrade Offer is February 28th, 2013.

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  • noswald
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    Would Microsoft consider extending the special pricing?  I have quite a few clients that want to upgrade to 8, but won't pay $119 or $199.  They would rather wait until they need a new computer in that case.

  • Just when I decided to update to v8 they decided to do some price fixing that requires an individual forsake the essentials in life to purchase a software that has as many or more bad reviews as it does good ones. At these prices I will never be able to upgrade to v8. I guess this is the kick in the ass I needed to go to the other side. Thanks for making my decision easier. Goodbye pc hello Mac.

  • I just read this article about this "great" pricing strategy that they've came up to. I already feel so motivated to become loyal Microsoft customer. :)

    I love Windows 8 (and Windows Phone 8) but I simply won't buy Windows 8 upgrade, and neither will I buy Windows Phone 8 phone in the future. Reason?

    Frustration. I am a computer professional and a very enthusiastic user regarding their new Windows series, but they were able to make me so frustrated by making things that should be simple so complicated:

    1. Inability to change country in Microsoft Account, and they didn't do anything about it for more than a year now. I know that they probably have some business reason for that, but I extremely don't like it.

    2. I was unable to upgrade to Windows 8 using their upgrade assistant app because it won't accept my payment info and got completely useless support from Microsoft regarding the issue.

    And they wonder why their user loyalty is so low compared to competition.

  • This is too bad. Let them even extend the offer to march. I guarantee them many people will not upgrade is brtter for us to stay with our current windows 8 than spendind much. Micro soft i advice you to review that issue again it will be better

  • The Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition will be available online and at retail for $199.99 MSRP (U.S.).

    The Windows 8 upgrade edition will be available online and at retail for $119.99 MSRP (U.S.).

    This is full version pricing. Im interested in Windows 8. But for an upgrade? Its always been about around $99.99, ehats the sudden change in price? This better be an incredible operating system for me to pay this much for an upgrade.

  • I got the Windows 8 upgrade for Christmas. Imendiately put it on one of my computers. Thinking oh good new windows. Now have wiped computer to reinstall Windows 7. Alot of work to pout cfomputer back to original. I hate Windows 8. If you are not using a pad or phone with apps you get ompletely lost in this prigram. I cant find the settings I want after looking and looking maybe I find them maybe don't. I also have reintalled 7 for other people that did not like 8 at all. Microsoft remember there a a lot of us out there that do not like the new format and will not upgrade or buy a computer with 8. Also the person who bought me the new Windows is taking his off his computer as well. I have been with Windoow since 3.1 and will not upgrade to Windows 8.

  • Brandon:  I know you are probably overwhelmed with "one-off" questions, so if you do not have time to answer this one I understand ... I have searched but no luck: My mother has an older PC it is P4 but with fast drive and lots of memory the upgrade advisor says that we MIGHT not be able to upgrade but the advisor s/w can not tell for sure if the CPU supports NX / PAE / SSE2 ... If it turns out to be the case that the upgrade fails, can the Win8 upgrade be used on another PC or is it "tied" to that PC?

  • trjast
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    That's because Apple upgrades are just expensive service packs. Also, Apple makes the hardware too, and they can afford to keep the upgrades cheap because of their insanely priced products. As opposed to Microsoft, who make and sell the software. They don't need to incentivise their software, considering they don't have to compete with Apple's proprietary software.

  • First of all, I hated Windows 8, until I showed by 79 year old mother how to use it.  Until that point her only real computer experience was an IPad.  As I walked her through the steps on her new computer I suddenly got the paradigm Microsoft is trying to create.  It is brilliant actually.  The OS really does get out of the way as it is completely app centric, smooth, and fast.  In reality, the steps you have to take to run an app are fewer than Windows 7...for native apps.

    Now that said, there are very few native apps, and quirky things, like having to login to Xbox to run some games(we are not all console kiddies), being dumped to the desktop after launching a legacy app from the start menu and then exiting the program etc.  For a new computer, or for 40 bucks, these growing pains are fine, for those of us old enough to remember Windows 386 and Windows 3.0.  However, at $199 it should be perfect, which it is not, and it should have millions of apps, which it does not.  Also, as pointed out, most PC's now cost under 500 bucks on sale, why on earth would I spend 50% of that cost on an OS, especially one with warts still on it?

    Maybe Microsoft is thinking they can drive the hardware market with this, but if that's the case, the marketing heads should be fired.  All people will see is the cost of upgrading, and calculate the long term costs of their PC upgrades vs. Microsoft's closest competitor.  When the numbers come out equal, or less, for the competitor guess where they are heading since they know they will have to replace their legacy software over time anyway.

  • From a long-time Microsoft advocate: I stuck by you in the IE vs Netscape days. I fought with you when Sun battled you over Java, and was overjoyed to stick with .NET over Java, even became ridiculed for that for a couple of years. But in the end I knew Microsoft's product was better. And see today how it is being recommended that people uninstall Java. Netscape who? Although you're losing the mindshare of the browser wars, IE is still a solid browser. But I've never been so hesitant about a Microsoft product than I have with Win8. I've seen nothing but trouble for normal users with Win8. Sure some kids may dig it, but who pays for their stuff? You have an entire generation of people who have grown up and become adults on the Windows platform. And you're losing them. You're quickly becoming the Linux of the 90s, where only a small subset of people use and enjoy your product. They sit back and ridicule everyone who doesn't want to make the switch. And don't anyone dare say a bad word against. You are killing your market share. You are killing your legacy. I don't know what the deal was with Sinfosky vs Ballmer. Gates is off doing good work and I can see he doesn't really have that fighting spirit anymore when it comes to business. But you better figure out something quickly. I've built my entire career off of MS products. I switched over to Mac OSX about a year ago when I tried an early version of Win8 and was horribly surprised. I've been ridiculed beyond belief for that decision. Now even one of my coworkers, who used to call me Mr. Fruity (Apple reference) told me the other day that you are pushing him to OSX. He's a long time MS advocate as well. I've never seen anyone more pro-Microsoft than him. I know these are just anecdotal, but I've seen this story over and over. And now you're raising your prices? Who's running Microsoft right now, Gordon Gekko? It is gut check time for Microsoft. Do you want to stick around?

  • jrizzo
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    If I upgrade from vista to win 8.. do I have to buy Microsoft office.  I use Publisher, visio, excel, word using MS  2007

  • I love this OS.It has got immense potential.It is just the start...Are the prices same in India?

  • This cost is too high for an upgrade in my opinion.  This is a new way for people to process and you need to pull them in...that won't happen with crazy high prices.

  • yepi10
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    I really like the new features of Win 8.But easy to have trouble with it, when you need to upgrade to the new version.You do have specific documentation can share for me, please!

  • - good feedback re: pointing people to someplace that describes the difference between the Windows 8 edition and Windows 8 Pro edition. You can find out what's different from this page here and will update the blog post above with the link: windows.microsoft.com/.../compare

  • After you get blasted by every consumer and technology site that ever existed then decide to retract everything you should go ahead and refund all the consumers you just deceived into paying for the upgrade before Feb 1st.

  • If you actually let that $40 upgrade offer expire, you are certifiably insane.  Your pricing shows how unbelievably out of touch you are with the current market for computers.

  • Could anyone enlighten me please. I have a PC, it was running Vista but got so bad I converted it to Linux (Ubuntu) - could I effect the upgrade on this PC or would have to re-install Vista :-( first? Be much obliged!

  • BraduV
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    Did you guys even bother to look at other market prices for operating systems ?

    Let's see ... there's FREE ( like Ubuntu ) and there's $19.99 for OS X. You really expect people to pay $200 for what ? Some fancy new graphics ? I personally bought OS X for my Desktop PC instead of Windows. Runs much better and more stable. $200 is an absurd price for an OS that has so much competition at lower prices or even free.

    In an age that apps cost a dollar, operating systems are free or cost a few bucks, you guys are the ancient Godzilla in the corner that simply doesn't want to wake up to the reality of today. With these prices you will only encourage piracy or choosing another OS.

  • I'm IT Administrator, I have thousand customers with WinXP, Win7... They don't want stupid touch interface! This people work with computer, desktop computer, Mouse, Keyboard!!!  You remember this Microsoft?

    If Microsoft don't correct this big Win8 mistake I start migration of all my customers to Linux and Mac... It's not possible forcing users...   Microsoft crazy!  Microsoft wanna be Apple....   APP.....  PROGRAMS, not APP!!


  • For the price of the upgrade you can get an Android tablet... oh, wait, that's what people are doing!

    How long is it going to take for Microsoft to realise things have changed?

  • I like Win8 and would be urging a lot of people to upgrade - but this price is a complete non-starter.  

    MS needs mindshare and Win8 needs 'buzz'  - they have to stop using astronomical upgrade prices to drive sales of new PCs.  That won't work this time around.

  • MikeF
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    I'm not sure anyone senior in Redmond reads these comments, but here goes -

    Not that long back, a PC capable of running Office and editing and playing HD video cost well over a grand.  200 bucks for Windows was proportionate. Now that PC costs 400 notes. Consumers and companies just aren't going to pay half that for an  o.s. upgrade, at least not in the volumes that ensure a viable business model.

    The tech world is changing fast.  Every vendor has to keep up, or become increasingly irrelevant

  • mem23
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    "Windows 8: The disastrous result of Microsoft’s gutless equivocation" - ExtremeTech

    Listen to your customers Microsoft!! When you (hopefully) go bankrupt don't even bother to ask how it happened or why.

  • These prices are not of today anymore, way to high for the "normal home" users.

    I still need to build a new system this year but I rather stay on my Win 7 then to go pay almost 190/200 Euro for Win 8 it is not worth the price!

    In these times Microsoft would have done better to look at the competition (Apple $ 40) and use a same price table with on top focusing on bringing more own branded hardware on the market to increase sales.

    Because I do not see any reason that justifies why Win 8 should cost 200 and Apple's OS only 40 both being complete OS's and Win 8 is not giving me anything more then any other OS!

  • MSAndy
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    Are they serious? I was looking to upgrade at some point but I feel like I am being rushed to do so. I was honestly expecting them to hike the price up $30 to allow the general public to afford the upgrade. Time after time Microsoft are making these simple mistakes which drivers users to Apple. Hopefully they can see everyones response and understand they are making another mistake.

  • Microsoft are you crazy? These prices are just beyond dumb, you should keep the Win 8 pro upgrades at $39.99 (Download) and $69.99 (Disk). All jacking the price up Sky High is going to do is increase piracy....  

  • Ayome
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    I would like to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. However, I am doing some educational program which emphasizes that the online blackboard we use does not yet support Windows 8.

    How do I ensure that I do not loose out in buying Windows 8 Pro at the promotional price?

  • Mike2k
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    I never endorse win8 on a non touch device.  I've had 3 friends buy a non touch laptop that came with win 8 and I happily "upgraded" them to Win7.  Yes, I upgraded them, legally.  I'd rather spend money on Win7 then waste money on Win8 and help keep that piece of crap OS out of the tech world.  You screwed up MS, sooner you figure that out, the sooner you can make all of your consumers happy

  • xpclient
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    Why can't you even get a single edition of Windows 8 that supports everything? Windows 8 Enterprise has some unique RDP features and Windows-To-Go but Media Center can only be installed on Pro, not Enterprise. MS didn't again the editions right again.

  • Gnimble
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    I've been supporting windows since the 3.1 days; working as an administrator and installing numerous editions to many people's computers. Besides the fast boot up, I do not see any other reason to upgrade to Windows 8.  When the pricing changes, I cannot in good conscience recommend Windows 8 to others.  Windows 7 does everything that Windows 8 can do and is quite good at it.  There are many Windows 7 PC out there that can be upgraded to Windows 8 but I don't think many would upgrade at the new pricing.  I've also starting to explore Ubuntu on my X201 tablet.  I was surprised at how fast it boot and how stable it was.  There are a lot of good software too so it is hard to justify the high cost of Windows 8; or even its recommendation.

  • born43
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    Horror that much money. In principle, I use Windows 7 and I was going to upgrade to Windows 8, but already decided. This means that you will not upgrade to Windows 8 if course came into force this decision. This decision must be carefully analyzed. Even 100% think it should be reviewed.

  • Albert
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    @GoodThings2Life and could have not expressed my sentiments any clearer. I was going to spend a few minutes typying up my take on this, but they took the words right out of my mouth.

    The only good I see out of this is that the Media Center Pack will only be $9.99.

  • Ds2600
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    , many not-so-technically-inclined users are having trouble understanding what the need to upgrade is. Heck, many technical users don't understand the need to. Most users are used to the XP upgrade cycle, once every... 8 years? I'm inclined to say most don't even remember using versions previous to that, let alone the "rapid" upgrade cycle of 2 years.

    With that said, many upgraded when Windows 7 came out, now they see the Surface commercials, along with Windows 8 commercials and don't really think much of it, so someone like us comes along and mentions that they should upgrade, and they don't see a reason. They say things like "Oh yea, I saw something like that on TV, what is it?".

    Dealing with people like that, it takes longer than a couple months to convince them to upgrade. That along with many people telling them that they "don't need to upgrade" takes its toll.

  • I think this is a very big mistake for Microsoft to make. I'm a huge advocate of Windows 8-- running it on my laptop, own a Surface RT, and preparing to buy a Surface Pro-- but I'm having a huge struggle convincing people why they should upgrade. All people hear/see about it is "it's different" and they don't want to understand why it's not a big deal. Telling them something they don't need/want is going to cost $200 instead of $40 is going to really kill the incentive.

    I really wish you guys would reconsider.

  • I also love WIndows 8, so it saddens me that what's going to kill it is the horrible marketing and messaging around it. First of all, nobody's going to pay $200 for it. Secondly, the entire article above is INCREDIBLY CONFUSING. Why?!? Nowhere on this page or any of the linked articles can I find a description of the differences between "Windows 8" and "Windows 8 Pro" or the others. What are you doing? If you wanted to take a great product and ensure its demise, I can't think of a better way.

  • bogdan
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    I was interested back in October in upgrading my retail Win 7 Pro license and after some effort in trying to understand Win 8 licensing, I permanently gave up. There was never in Windows' history such a confusion around the fate of the retail, full Windows version. Vendors have no idea what "System Builder" is and how it's different, if at all, from previous "System Builder" licenses, web sites have no idea if "System Builder" is the same as OEM or not (super important since OEM is bound to the hardware where it's first installed), not even Microsoft's telephone support knows what is actually hidden behind Microsoft's licensing terms (for example they have no idea if "System Builder" can be installed alternatively in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, like previous full retail version could, especially important since the packaging for "System Builder" includes either 32 or 64 bit, not both).

    I'm sorry for you Microsoft. I'll be holding my ground on Windows 7 and assess in depth any path that will lead me away from Windows. I'll let Steam on Ubuntu cook for 2 more years. Let's see how that turns out.

  • load of crap.. Shame on Microsoft. 199? really? You'd think they'd learn something after Apple has been selling upgrades (although not as comprehensive), for 15-30 bucks.. Windows 8 Pro should not be more than 50 bucks to upgrade.

  • What in the living h*ll? Why are they doing this? Jeez, give people even MORE reasons not to use Windows.

    Remember how Mac users all have to pay premium rates to upgrade operating systems?

    Oh wait.

  • @Ds2600 - What's stopping them from upgrading before February? Or has stopped them from upgrading the past couple of months?

  • Ds2600
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    I love Windows 8, but this pricing is going be way too high to convince people to upgrade. :(