Syncing Google services with Windows 8 and Windows RT

Syncing Google services with Windows 8 and Windows RT

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After January 30th, 2013 – Google will no longer support new Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) connections from Windows PCs and tablets to sync your email, calendar and contacts from Gmail. If you've already connected your Google account to your PC running Windows 8 and Windows RT using the Mail, People or Calendar apps, you don't have to do anything. Existing EAS connections to Google accounts will continue to function.

If you are trying to connect a Google account after January 30th, 2013 to your PC running Windows 8 and Windows RT using the Mail, People or Calendar apps – please visit this support article on

If you have any issues connecting your Google account to your device – please visit our Microsoft Community where folks there can assist in helping you find answers to your issues.

Of course, this could also be a good time to simply switch to, a new personal email service that is clean and intuitive, keeps your address book up-to-date with information from your favorite social networks, and includes powerful inbox management tools and so much more. For more details, visit the site.

For more information on Windows Phone, click here.

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  • gvlral
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    After living with Outlook's feature set for years does MS really believe we can live with the Mail App. IMHO it is pretty bad.

  • vtblue
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    These are not serious solutions for consumers.  You wouldn't treat your enterprise customers like this because you would understand their feature requests and needs, but when it comes to consumers, this decision not to support CalDAV and CardDAV shows that Microsoft is still not interested in making Windows a joy to use for consumers.

    These are not complicated protocols to implement.  Microsoft needs to implement them or allow the hooks necessary to allow 3rd parties to implement them.

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  • I would migrate from google, but there are still some pending issues with

    - can't neither display nor synchronize contact photos

    - calendar has not been updated to the modern ui

    - no support for tasks using windows 8 or android

    Does anyone know when these features will be supported in order to provide a similar functionality than google?

  • But here: Michael Stroh just announced that Google EAS Support is extended until July 31, 2013...

    Will you support CalDAV and CardDav in Windows 8 and Windows RT Calendar/Contact app by then?



  • pzstm
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    I wish to switch to but the renaming function is still available....anyway what about the fact that Google extends EAS support?

  • frometa
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    I simply closed my Gmail Account... I have since day one. -- Now that many people are checking their emails on mobile devices Google is turning their back to PC users...

  • controlz
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    Ideally CalDAV and CardDAV support needs to be added to the Mail/Calendar/People/Messaging apps. I'm not a Gmail user, but for those who are not being able to sync their Google Calendars and having to follow many steps to access their Google Contacts is unacceptable. DAV support will eventually be added to Windows Phone, so why not Windows 8? There are some people who are heavily integrated into the Google eco-system who don't want to switch to to use Windows 8 properly, and they shouldn't have to.