Windows 7 SP1 to start rolling out on Windows Update

Windows 7 SP1 to start rolling out on Windows Update

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Starting tomorrow, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) will begin rolling out automatically on Windows Update.  Updating customers to Windows 7 SP1 is part of our ongoing effort to ensure continued support and improved security updates for customers who have not yet installed SP1. Windows 7 SP1 was previously available on Windows Update but required user action to install.  Starting tomorrow, the installation will be fully automatic with no user action required for those who already have Automatic Update enabled.  SP1 will be released gradually over the coming weeks to all customers on the RTM version of Windows 7.  The service pack will take slightly longer to install compared to other updates.  To ensure Service Pack 1 is installed without issue, customers should check for sufficient free disk space and that AC power is present on a laptop.  If additional space needs to be created, we recommend using the Disk Cleanup tool to delete some files so that the service pack will install.  If the service pack installation is interrupted, it will reattempt to install automatically after the next restart.

This update only applies to Windows 7 consumer PCs that are not managed by a Microsoft management tool such as Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or WSUS Server. SCCM and WSUS administrators still have full control over the release of Service Pack 1. This remains unchanged.

As mentioned by Stephen Rose here on the Springboard Series Blog - Windows 7 RTM (with no service pack) will no longer be supported as of April 9th, 2013.

If you have any issues with the installation of Windows 7 SP1 through Windows Update, please visit this support page on or our Microsoft Community forum for Windows 7.

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  • trung86
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  • vieya
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    Does Windows already support screenshooting shortcuts the way snipping tool can screenshot or not? If not can you please implement these? I love the snipping tool but I would prefer being able to screenshoot with shortcuts with different methods(fullscreen, selection, windows, etc.) If such a feature already exists please tell me how to do it. I know you can do a fullscreen with printscreen and that's about it. Up until the snipping tool I had to use other programs and I much prefer shortcuts when doing something like screenshooting.

  • JMB49
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    I wonder about KB976932 being a package for a stand alone installation of the SP1 for Win 7 Integral Version, 64bits. So may be WU does refer to another KB number for other editions, plateform or localisation ? Or another packaging ? You should look around 02/2011 and later in 'View installed updates'.

    In Programs and Features you can have a right clic onto the head of columns and chose Others... in wich there are localisation, comment and size. Unfortunatly, size is empty, as comment is. But it could have been a good way to detect it :)

  • LeroyKL
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    Thanks guys, MS magic again.

    I do not know when SP1 was installed but it has been on each computer.  When I right click on Computer and select Properties as Brandon suggests, both the WIN7 Pro and the WHS 2011 computer indicate it is at SP1 level. However, I did not find KB976932 listed as an installed update.

  • - if you open up Windows Explorer in Windows 7 and right-click on "Computer" and click "Properties" - does it say that you have Windows 7 Service Pack 1? Also see 's response too for some very helpful guidance too!

  • JMB49
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    @LeroyKL, same here but my WinUpdate log stops 20/10/2012. I installed SP1 on 02/03/2011.

    I read that SP1 was *optionaly* installable thru WU since 02/2011. So I think it may have been manualy installed before end 2012 with Windows Update and is not visible anymore in the WU log.

    To retreive your installation date, go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, on the left 'View installed updates'. Scroll down in the 'Microsoft Windows' section, until "Microsoft Windows Service Pack" entry (french label doesn't show "SP1" here), KB976932. You'll confirm your installation and also when with the installation date.

    Hope it helps ?

  • LeroyKL
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    I downloaded the 64bit version of SP1.  

    I ran SP1 on one WIN7Pro computer and on another WHS 2011 computer.  The installer inspected each computer and reported that each had an existing SP1 installation.

    Puzzled, I checked the update history log.  Neither computer listed a prior install of SP1.  

    Any thoughts?