The Windows 8.1 Preview is here!

The Windows 8.1 Preview is here!

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A couple of weeks ago, Antoine Leblond talked about continuing the Windows 8 vision with Windows 8.1. It continues to push ahead with our bet that the PC industry is going through a shift that is driven by mobility. We previously announced that Windows 8.1 will be a free update for Windows 8 consumers later this year through the Windows Store - but today we are providing an opportunity for people to take a first-hand look at many of the new features and improvements with the Windows 8.1 Preview.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been running the Windows 8.1 Preview on many of my PCs and tablets. And I’m really enjoying it.


My Start screen is filled with all kinds of apps with tiles in various sizes – Windows 8.1 adds two new tile sizes: large (really big) and small (really small). For example – I have the Weather app as a big tile and it now shows me today’s and tomorrow’s forecasts. Big tiles can have much more information on them, which is great. On my devices with smaller screens – like my tablet – I feel I can pack in more apps into a single view on my Start screen with the new small tile sizes. The best part is my Start screen customizations, apps, and files get synced across all my Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets, which is awesome. If I change my Start screen, install new apps, pin new apps to my Start screen on one PC – that all gets synced to my other PCs. The Windows Store has been redesigned, making it super easy to find the apps I want. And several of the apps that come with Windows 8 have been updated for Windows 8.1 – plus there’s some new ones which you’ll hear about today.

For more on features included in Windows 8.1, I suggest reading this blog post. For a more complete look at all the features in Windows 8.1, I suggest checking out the Product Guide.

Before you install the Windows 8.1 Preview, it is also highly recommended you backup any files you have on your PC or tablet first. Please see the Windows 8.1 Preview FAQ before installing, which includes information on how to go back to Windows 8 if you need to. There are certain cases in which you will not be able to go back to Windows 8 after installing the Windows 8.1 Preview so please read the FAQ before proceeding.

Install the Windows 8.1 Preview!

Go to the Windows 8.1 Preview page on The Windows 8.1 Preview will be installed through the Windows Store. Please see the Windows 8.1 Preview FAQ for the minimum requirements needed to install the Windows 8.1 Preview.

Please note: If you are on Windows RT and have installed a language pack, please don’t install the Windows RT 8.1 Preview at this time. A fix is coming so check back soon.


But first, you need to install a small update provided on the Preview page that enables Windows 8 to offer the Windows 8.1 Preview update through the Windows Store. After the update is installed, you will need to reboot your PC. When Windows 8.1 is released, this update to the Windows Store will be installed automatically by Windows Update.


You will be greeted with a message to install the Windows 8.1 Preview when logging back in to your PC after reboot. To commence with the install of the Windows 8.1 Preview – press “Go to the Store.”


You will be taken to the Windows Store page for the Windows 8.1 Preview where you can click “Download” to install the Windows 8.1 Preview. Here, you will also find links for more information about the Windows 8.1 Preview including the FAQ which I recommend reading before proceeding with the install.


Then Windows 8.1 Preview will download. Before it installs, it will do a series of compatibility checks to make sure your PC can run the Preview. If an issue is found, the installation won’t proceed.

Please note: Some tablets and PCs running newer 32-bit Atom processors require updates to their graphics drivers before they can run the Windows 8.1 Preview. Those tablets and PCs include the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, ASUS VivoTab TF810C, HP Envy X2, HP ElitePad 900, Samsung ATIV Smart PC, and Fujitsu ARROWS Tab. We are working closely with Intel and OEM partners to deliver updated drivers that will allow you to install the Windows 8.1 Preview as soon as possible.

UPDATED 7/2/2013:  New drivers are now available for most tablets and PCs running Intel’s newer 32-bit Atom processors and now can install the Windows 8.1 Preview. Please note that the Fujitsu ARROWS Tab series of tablets are still blocked at this time and we continue to work closely with our partners to resolve this issue.

If everything checks out, your PC may reboot a few times as the Windows 8.1 Preview installs!

Start - Surface Pro 2

After the installation completes, there will be a few more screens to click through. To take full-on advantage of the new cloud connectivity in the Windows 8.1 Preview, you will need to sign in to your PC with a Microsoft account. And make sure you take a look at the beta fish tattoo for the Start screen – watch its bubbles move.

If you are an enterprise customer or IT Professional and interested in testing the Windows 8.1 Preview out – stay tuned for more information in the next day or so from us via the Windows for your Business Blog and Springboard Series Blog. Please note that the Windows 8.1 Preview ISO files will be made available within the next day.

If you run into any issues or have any questions and want to engage with other Windows enthusiasts, please head on over to the Microsoft Community forums for 8.1 Preview and 8.1 RT Preview.Our Windows support agents will be active there and taking part in discussions. We won’t be able to provide technical support via the comments here on our blog posts but definitely let us know what you think of Windows 8.1.

Our CEO Steve Ballmer is kicking off Build 2013 right now in San Francisco – you can watch the live stream here from Channel 9. Julie Larson-Green and Antoine Leblond will be joining Steve on stage to talk about and show off Windows 8.1. We’ll have more to say later this morning so watch for a follow-up blog post from me soon!

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  • Windows 8 erschien mir schon als großer Schwachsinn: Eine App knallte mir den Bildschirm von 2560*1600 zu. Das war in etwa der Stand von DOS.

    OK, man konnte noch ne zweite daneben platzieren. Aber das als große Leistung zu verkaufen, ist lächerlich.

    Wenigstens funktionierten fast alle Windows 7 Treiber.

    Nun habe ich den Fahler gemacht, auf 8.1 zu aktualisieren.

    Seitdem ist mein Tablet nicht mehr mit Bluetooth Kopfhörern nutzbar, die Bluetooth-Tastatur funktioniert nicht mehr, mein TV-Stick funktioniert nicht mehr, mein drahtloser USB-Adapter funktioniert nicht mehr usw.

    Was soll der Kram? Ein TV Stick kosten €20. Die Hersteller werden dafür kaum neue Treiber entwickeln. Die Masse machts. Ich müsste viele neue Geräte kaufen.

    Wahrscheinlich werde ich Windows 8.1 auf max. zwei Geräten belassen und mir meine nächsten Rechner mit Linux ausstatten. Hab die Schnauze voll von diesem Schwachsinn - Update von 8.0 auf 8.1 und die Treiber funktionieren nicht mehr.

  • Today in lap i found this app and i must say that for windows8 and beautiful, what do you think if the integrated into the operating system?

  • wotta
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    Installed W8.1 fresh on a spare PC (Core 2 Duo 2.33 with 4GB DDR3 RAM). Installation was quick and easy with drivers found for all the devices. Already knew what to expect but was disappointed to see poor excuse for a Start button. Don't you people listen to the public? By all means have the option of the Modern Interface for those few who like it, but let's give those of us who don't want a phone interface on their desktop the option of a Windows 7-like desktop. I also hate the washed-out look of W8 and the lack of definition between areas. Fortunately, Classic Shell still works well in 8.1, as does Directory Opus. Also installed Windows Essentials 2012 which puts in Live Mail and Moviemaker. Live Mail will be necessary for some of my clients who won't have Outlook. Installed Firefox, moved the taskbar to the top of the screen and turned off all the fading and animations and W8.1 starts to become usable. Mostly I can now completely avoid the Modern Interface. Turned off those annoying "charms" too. As the Mexican in "Blazing Saddles" almost said - "we don't need no steenkin' charms". I have to admit that W8 performs about 5% faster than W7 on my encoding tests but that doesn't make it worth the change. I think my W7 licences are more valuable now.

    Windows 7 = Windows Vista Fixed

    Windows 8 = Windows 7 Broken

  • important ...

    event occurring after the joint account password windows 8.1 was really bad.

    I know that to increase the security of your account, but the majority is not gonna be happy about it.

    also experiencing ambivalence about working with some applications.

  • Will there be an 8.1 Preview transitional upgrade patch to the final 8.1 release? I am running preview, I love the changes, but I am worried about the transition to the final product. How will that work?

  • vj2014
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    I have one suggestion to make about Windows 8.1:

    Though you have brought Start button in windows 8.1, but the Start button is not so good as used to be in earlier versions of Windows. For example, in earlier versions of Windows ( Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003,2008), I can open the start menu by without even seeing the Start button on the button left edge of the screen. I have a habit of opening "My Computer" from the Start menu. It is useful to open "My Computer"  when you don't want to minimize any of the opened window (web browser, video convertor etc), In Windows 8 and 8.1, the Start button is very sluggish and is not accurate at all. I have to hover the mouse around the start button area (bottom left edge) slowly then only i can open the new Start menu. In Earlier verions of Windows (prior to Windows 8), I can open the Start button in less than a second even without seeing the start button area. Please improve the Start button, the current one is slow and inaccurate. Its not for power user.

  • I kinda feel that, even though this a step up for technology, that it is kind of doing a little too much. It was nice and convenient on a cell phone because we happen to socialize more on a mobile cell phone but for a laptop or computer in general, that's seemingly more for data functions for school, work, and such. It is an awesome design and look, and the idea itself is rather.... well cool! But, do we find it useful or convenient for computer usage? Or will it seem to head down a dead end? Hope not, but only time will tell. We live, learn and grow!

  • agammas
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    I want to write to supplement my previous post. I agree that many people could not come to terms with the absence of START button in Windows 8, and they deserve it back. But I'm sure very many users like the disappearance of the button START on taskbar! I believe microsoft team must respect user's love to the interface of Windows 8 and leave the option to hide the START button in the settings. I ask all those who agree with my opinion to support me and write a comment here in favor of the possibility to hide the Start button in Windows 8.1. Thank you!

  • agammas
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    I BEG YOU! Leave the option to hide the start button on the taskbar. Many users liked the absence of the START button and they are used to this kind. I think if the users can choose to leave the START button or hide - the company will create added value for end users! Thank you so much for windows 8!

  • moayed
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    There is a problem in the definition of some hardware

    Like an ant I have a definition of works on Windows 8 RTM but it does not work on Windows 8.1

    I hope you solve this problem and thank you

  • I bought a new laptop so I had Windows 8 on it. After finding out the original desktop made finding all my programs an arduous task I installed Classic Shell. Not only were all my programs available but the programs and apps folders were auto-populated and ready to use. Before CS the metro screen mocked me. Now metro is a peek at an alternative GUI I can live with. I even use it, along with Windows classic. Looking forward to 8.1 and the start button it offers. Oh, more 64 bit software please. 8)

  • Rjhunte
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    Hello I have had the Windows 8.1 preview since release and my biggest problem is that the wifi connectivity is flaky.

    it will connect first time after a reboot but it gives trouble after a resume from sleep. I have to log out and back in again. I use wifi in a big wayso this is a hard thing for me. if this is the wrong place to post this please let me know. I am using am HP Probook 4540s.

    Other wise im thrilled at the new features and I recommend it to every one that asks.

  • has anyone used the electronic upgrade to windows 8 ?

  • My WHOLE purpose for installing 8.1 was to get back a Start, All Programs button in the desktop, and what do I get? An annoying Start button that does nothing but take me back to the Metro interface. That's Just plain dumb! I have that on my keyboard and it irritates me to no end to see it stuck on my desktop taskbar when what I need is an All Programs menu. Really, really angry that my time has been wasted with 8.1!

  • Please give me back the Start, All Programs menu - at least in the desktop version.  About 1/2 of the things I need to do lead me back there anyway. Why should users have to peck around to find programs? Truly irritating!

  • Installed 8.1 pro on older Dell 610. Still problem that video driver prevents going to sleep mode.

    Thankfully MS brought back the XP compatibility for drivers. So at least I was bale to install older audio driver.

    Will try video driver next. I like the newer desktop. Looking forward to the Fall for release

  • I installed windows 8.1 preview and lost my wifi connection. I still have ethernet connectivity but was wondering if this is a driver issue or there might be a fix. Ron

  • I think what she means is a application bar  that shows all your open apps similar to what you have in desktop mode that can operate in metro mode. I too agree that transitioning between the two modes are a little jarring and leaves much to be desired. I like the regular taskbar, and if we can get something similar, that would be great. Think of them like tabs in an internet explorer, instead in this case, these are tabs for every open application. I think that would make the metro interface a lot less jarring.

  • When deplying windows 8.1 in a desktop environment without touch,   he Metro UI is less than superfluous, it it a real productivity killer.  Until Windows gives the user a change to enable a start button "That they are familiar with" , expect sluggish adoption in the business community.  While 3rd party apps are available at a price to put back what was taken away in 8/8.1 , why should customers pay for something that they have come to rely on from winodws for the last 20+ years?.  Last thought:  If "metro" or what ever it's being called now truely is the future and the desktop is only for legacy apps, stop calling it Windows 8.1 and just call it Window 8.1 at least that would be closer to what the OS is becoming.

    My Thoughts anyway,


  • Scasc
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    Unfortunately, I attempted to install the burned 64 bits iso preview, in dual boot with 64 bits Windows 8 on a vhd, but things went wrong.

    The os installed, dual booted and logged in (MS account) regularly (using default video card drivers) but, after few minutes, it looked like the os started to install some different video card drivers, maybe from Windows Update.

    In fact, I noticed a screen glitch, then the screen briefly went at 1080p resolution (native resolution of my display) and finally the os froze on a uniform, blue screen (not bsod, just fully blue screen).

    To be noted that I have two AMD video cards configured in crossfire, therefore it looked that the problem could be due to a wrong drivers installer or, simply, wrong drivers for crossfire video cards.

    I rebooted with the hardware reset switch but, after the splash screen, the same frozen blue screen appeared again (at least, the os behaves consistently...) and the dual boot screen did not appear at all, so I was unable to boot the stable Windows 8 os too.

    The problem looks quite important, due to the fact that the user is no longer able neither to install the correct video card drivers (since the os does no longer complete the boot) nor to boot the alternative os (since the dual boot screen does not appear, too).

    Maybe, automatic drivers installation from Windows Update could be removed, at least for drivers that could mess up the os.

    However, the stable Windows 8 recovery cd correctly recovered the stable Windows 8 os, removing the wrong dual boot (only one entry appears now in boot.ini, i.e. the original, stable Windows 8 os), now I'm writing from that.

  • I put windows 8.1 on my computer and I am running it now. I bought windows 8 which I think is not a very good operating system, now with what I see for windows 8.1 it is not any better. The start up screen is nothing but a app screen, to make window 8.1 any good you still have to get the open source classic shell program or you will fight through a lot of junk. Buffering is still bad on HD movies even with high speed internet from Comcast, you should fix the buffering problem before releasing Windows 8.1 and also give a real start screen. When Windows was released it was promoted as my PC with input from the people who were going to buy it. Windows 8 and 8.1 is Microsoft PC it is what you want and you are not letting people tell you what they want. You are more interested in what is in you store and what Microsoft can sell later, and if it doesn't change Linus will be the next system for desktop PC. Touch screen won't last forever because people will want voice system soon, it hard enough for people with touch on cell phone to work all the time, they have to keep touching and touching. If Microsoft is going to be around for a long time, it has to listen to the people who buy the product. Thank You and good luck for your company future

  • I just installed yesterday Windows 8.1. Was an upgrade through Microsoft Store. My original Windows 8 was in German but I installed the English language pack and everything was fine.

    After the installation, Windows came back to German. When going in Control Panel to Languages I could not set English as primary language. There is nothing written where this option should be.

    Further more I cannot use Chinese anymore. I had it added before. Now even though it is still in "Languages", it does not appear in the language bar. It says "it is not available".

    If anybody knows something about these problems, please help!

  • Microsoft Helped The NSA Bypass Its Own Encryption Software, Spy On Its Clients :

  • Luis_80
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    Good morning, install the Windows 8.1 update, my browser and start the beginning of pc connected, but over 2 minutes, and do not connect, either explorer or google, the problem is in both, requested solve this problem, as which version of windows 8, I happens, thanks.

  • When dualbooting with previous Windows versions and You copy files with Windows 8 and then boot the older Windows You most often get that there are some diskerrors that need to be fixed. Checkdisk start and REMOVE the files, not repair.

    Either there is something wrong with Windows 8 or the older Windows versions. This must be fixed, else Windows 8 and 8.1 will be useless....

    I get this problem on both my computers; one new and one old. (This i found in Windows 8.0 - 8.1 i even don't dare to install if i loose more important files....)

    2nd time i add this comment !

  • Hey,

    I have installed Windows 8.1 Pro Preview Evaluation Copy.Build 9431, for 64-bit system using an ISO file.

    Firstly, my greetings and congratulations for the improvement.

    Though, I am finding a problem, where the Windows applications once started do not close/exit when they are swiped to the bottom of the screen. One can see the app using the resources in the Task Manager itself. I noticed this when some of the apps were using my Internet connection.

    Please let me know if there is another way to completely close the application (normally/not force closing from task manager) or they are supposed run in background.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Keshav Agarwal

  • I've been running Win 8.1 on one of my test systems to see if the desktop screen deficiencies have really been addressed because I won't switch from Win 7 until they are.

    I'm pleased that I can now boot directly to the desktop screen.

    I'm not pleased that the desktop start button that was added is really nothing but an icon in the bottom left corner that works basically the same as Win 8 does, i.e. left mouse click takes you to the start screen & right mouse click displays a menu of system functions, but no "Desktop Applications".

    The whole point of wanting the start button on the desktop screen is so that when we're working with desktop applications we don't have to navigate between the metro (start screen) and the desktop screen. In other words when we're working strictly with desktop applications we can stay in the desktop screen and when an if we want to do the metro thing we can switch to the metro (start screen). To me that seems like a pretty simple concept to understand and implement.

    If that one additional change was made I'd have no problem with Win 8.1.

  • BubbaFL
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    Windows 8.1 is still crap.

    Your insistence on delivering a "do less with more clicks" experience is totally incomprehensible.

  • Hi, I have installed 8.1 on my Dell Latitude 10 tablet.

    Out of the box, the installation was smooth. All the apps survived. Some with useful updates. The only snag I have found sofas is that one website (weightwatchers) will not open. Connection with work wifi is ok if a little clunky (auto connect doesn't always work). The ability to organise the start screen is useful. It works fine. I expected more from an "upgraded" Mail/people/calendar app. The three still run as separate apps. The impression given in the App Store is that they are more integrated, more like outlook.

  • I have Windows 8.1 preview running successfully on 5 other PC's. However, when I tried to install and run it on my Samsung Series 7 tablet (running Win 8) it got almost all the way through the install process then automatically dropped me back to Win 8, no explanation. Any thoughts?

  • Ruslan
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    Вообще не удалось обновить, виндовс завис и ноут не загружается, пришлось переустановить.

  • Although this blog, and the donwload page said that most of atom processor device should support 8.1, my ATIV smart PC (500T) is not.

    I did update every single windows update, and according to my device manager, my display driver (GMA) is up to date, furthermore, SW update program that Samsung provide has no more update to be done. Still my ATIV has shutdown problem on 8.1 (never ending restarting/shutdowning, thus need to force shutdown with hardware button) as well as black screen issue while intalling 8.1 from Windows 8.

    This was my second time to install 8.1 through MS store update way (I restored my computer using factory reset after first failure of 8.1, then re-intall 8.1 just today, yet has the same problem unresolved).

  • Hi. installed Win 8.1 Preview, and all of a sudden my integrated webcam in Alienware M17x R4 stops showing. It does not show in Skype either. Installing webcam drivers from Dell website did not help either. Is there anything I can do to force Win 8.1 Preview to show my integrated webcam, please? Thank you in advance for any constructive comments.

  • ggoetz
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    Windows 8.1 Windows Explorer Crashes each attempt to run.  Windows 8.1 Pro Preview Version 6.3.9431 Build 9431 x-64 Based PC...

  • pg1162
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    The UI and Start Screen feature is better than Win 8.  But, what is the My PC things?  I have all my photos stored in NAS, I can't see them in the Pictures app anymore.  Not to mention those stored in facebook, skydrive...  Are you guys trying to make it better or worse?


  • Nathan
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    @Multitasker, there are two versioning jargon that Microsoft uses. Old one goes like:

    Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate (RC), Release to Manufacturing (RTM) and General Availability (GA)

    where Alpha release is for developers. The second, yet new, system is:

    Developer Preview (DP), Community Preview (CP), Release Preview (RP), Release to Manufacturing (RTM) and General Availability (GA).

    where CP = Beta!

    Had you attended or watched Build 2013 conference, you would know that Windows 8.1, Version 6.3, Build 9431 is a Developer Preview for Web, Network, Win32 and Windows Store application developers and system administrators.

    Now, as a developer, I don't mind adding EN-US to my language catalogue and promote it to my primary and UI language and an extra system restart to get the update!

  • Definitely was a great move for me to upgrade from 7.


    Steelseries driver install crashed on 8.1, then the system wouldn't boot & wasn't able to restore or boot in safe mode.

    8 works with the same exact software, so what ever they changed in windows handling driver

    installation will need to be remedied.

  • daohai
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    Best wishes!

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  • bk367
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    I do not know if this is the right place to write this, but,

    for the final version of Windows 8.1

    please put (in addition to the home/start screen) one start menu like windows 7 (without  the rounded of course)

    with the possibility to choose the action of the start button :

    The start menu or home/start screen.

  • dalydose
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    I'd really like to try this out but I'm not keen on having to reinstall all of my software to go from "Preview" to "Final", especially when there has been no indication of how long it will be before the "Final" is released.  Are the bit going to change so drastically between "Preview" and "Final" that it won't be able to recognize the installations of our installed software?

  • @Nathan, if this had been a BETA then your comments would be appropriate. This was supposed to be a PREVIEW so a higher standard closer to a RTM is called for. Obviously someone skimped over the Preview checklist and then failed to take the simple steps of spelling out that for a change US English is not interchangeable with international English, and that previews for other languages would be released on July 1st or whenever. The release demonstrated a lack of supervision, attention to detail and poor communications. I personally expect better.

  • Nathan
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    Windows 8.1 is available for English (US), Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish versions.

    You having problem with Turkish, makes a huge amount of sense to me!

    For those who are using other language version of 8 and having problem with installation, you need to perform 3 actions including the fiddling with two registry values:

    1. Install English US by going to language by pressing WinKey+W and typing Language. Then click on Option and install language pack. It will take a while and offer you to restart your computer. So you restart.

    2. Hit Ctrl+F and type regedit. Go to HKLM\System > CurrentControlSet > Control > NIs > Language.  and on right pane find "InstallLanguage" and "Multi..something" and change it to 0409. Close regedit.

    3. Run lpksetup.exe and remove your old UI language and Restart.

    Now, go ahead and install Windows 8.1 from Windows Store.

  • I hope someone in the Microsoft organization addresses the complete disrespect (contempt even) that has been shown to International Customers trying to test whether the UPGRADE route works as advertised. Sure we can try the iso but that is akin to moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8 as it only preserves personal files. We can also fiddle around with registry edits, but that is hardly a test of seamless upgrading!

    For the record, unless Windows 8 was installed with the us-eng version of Windows 8 (I.e. excludes most of the English speaking world), it is impossible to upgrade as someone forgot to include all the necessary language packs. In contrast Turkish versions of Windows 8 are allowed to upgrade. Makes a huge amount of sense to me!

    In my opinion given the 20+ pages of very annoyed comments in the Forum a public apology is called for.

  • Hi! I bought Windows 8 on release day and I love it! It's truly awesome! Unlike many haters I like Metro interface and the idea of hot corners! Watched a review of Windows 8.1 (I decided to install it only when it officially comes out). My only request is please add the function of disabling Start button to the final release!!!! I have many icons on my taskbar, I don't want an extra button to take up space. I understand that many users WANT this button badly but not me! The button is absolutely unnecessary when you have the hot corner and the Windows key. People just fail to understand it - I still don't know why! Please give the users a choice! Thank you for the amazing Windows 8 and Office 2013!!!!


    Thanks a lot!

  • And it is running perfectly on my sony vaio duo 11 except NFC feature so please atleast correct it in the final version

  • quiet awesome! but I was dissatisfied about the aero transparency and some of the windows 7 features like keeping a window at a side then it occupies half of the screen like that you would have been brought up them back to life and second as I saw in the video I could not run 3 apps at a time and I am only getting 2 apps at a time like in windows 8 and that orange theme which one rope like one moves as you scroll in the start screen I could not find that you have shown only half of the features which are shown in video and as I am facing an issue of programs running where everytime I shall be terminating so they are not supporting many of programs so they shall be run in compabilty mode even though it look so blury but I liked windows 8.1 the most amazing feature id I don't need to open google yet just type in search and the development in store as it looked so lonely now it is awesome and pretty ya and one thing as my computer has NFC where it supported and ran in windows 8 now it is not showing me the NFC option to switch it on only so please correct these all issues and the os is completely nice and fast and fluidic so good work!

  • @ GGRussell, LoL, If you're serious about going to a "Hackintosh" because you can't or won't buy into Apple's Walled Garden, then why not go with something better? Windows  8 is a "Like it or Leave it" OS, personally I enjoy it, faster than 7 ( and we all know that 7 was what Vista aught to have been ) When I am not using Windows I am using Linux, and there are several Apple-Like Distros out there...... Pear OS, Deepin, etc. But I think Windows 8 deserves a chance to show what it is made of, and while I can understand Microsoft's eagerness to enter and have it's share of the portable market, I can see the danger of "tripping over one's feet to  part of the 'in' crowd" And lets face it, the Desktop and the Laptop/Notebook are not disappearing any time soon. They just do not dominate the scene as they once did, and Windows 8 NEEDS TO SHOW some versatility, not be a one-stop shop for every form-factor.

  • Well, I have installed the preview, and it has had a few issues, when using the Store, I discovered I could find all my previously installed apps, and could re-install them, but when coming out of the store, more than half of them were not not on the Start Screen, discovered I had to use the little "down" arrow to where they are all listed, had had to re-pin them to the Start Screen. So far, so good, sensible as it happens ( and you get the choose WHICH you want to keep and whidh to let go of ) But here I had a surprise, coming up from re-pinning, I found over half  of the Start Screen to be EMPTY!!!!! Had to do a shut down and then a reboot for all of them to be present and correct on the Start Screen. Beyond this and one or two niggles, I am pleasantly surprised, and enjoying the new Windows 8.1 One question, why get rid of the Messaging App, I quite like that friendly smiley face!!

  • @Cyclon Centurion - "Microsoft is working to create a unified UX across its platforms, and has made the live tiles part of their branding. "

    And that is why Microsoft will be losing corporate America.  I have NO NEED for live tiles on my desktop.  There isn't ONE SINGLE APP in the ModernUI that I have a need. NONE!!!  I can't make that clear enough.  In fact, I can't stand all that animation.  I've been using Windows since Windows 2 and even Win2 looks better!  At the moment, there are plenty of Start Menu replacements, but ModernUI is still loaded taking up precious memory that could be used for REAL work.  Keep the tiles on tablets and phone, but keep them OFF MY desktop.

    I guess it's time to seriously start looking at a Mac machine or maybe just turn my Windows machine into a HackIntosh.  

  • I recently purchased a PC which shipped with Windows 7 Pro installed and Windows 8 Pro as a secondary OS when I want to change over. As it may be some time before I decide to install Windows 8, will there be a time limit as to when I can download Windows 8.1 for free thereafter or will it always be available free to Windows 8 users no matter when that program is installed?

  • Windows 8 is a piece of s***. Worst windows ever. 7 was ok, XP was the best system that windows made. Worst I can't uninstall it and don't want to go through the pain of repartitoning  and reformatting and reinstalling windows 7. Windows 8 is extremely unstable. I've had nothing but problems since I installed Windows 8. The biggest mistake I ever made was to install Windows 8. Not taking a chance at 8.1. From the frying pan into the fire probably.

  • I downloaded the preview on my surface pro , configured my surface pro to use local user only . This is causing an issue when I use apps like mail , music , youtube - requires me to enter my local user's password and then my Microsoft id (ie Hotmail) and keeps asking if I want to upgrade my local user to Microsoft id.

    This feature is very irritating reminds of the VISTA feature of asking permission to install.

    I hope this is only in the preview only..

  • Biogeek
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    I like the way which windows 8 search,where I can search any app in any time from the search bar,I hope windows 8.1 can do so.Besides, it's not looking good that every app have a search box on the screen.

  • Sinici
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    Hai...Iam from indonesia, i have tried Windows 8.1 Preview, It's nice but so many UnCompatibility like AVG anti virus, Tune Up Utilities 2013, My Chrome reinstall to Windows 8 Pro WMC

  • Opa114
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    some nice updates! but please remove the start button completely.. no ode need this! the new metro screen is the new start screen and there are the programms and apps. so remove the start button completely and the right click on the edge there!

    and then remove the old desktop and migrate the functions from it, such as right-click -> new file etc.. in the the new metro screen. this is ne NEW DESKTOP! please get rid of the old stuff, the two desktps and the two startmenus are to much.. ist shits to switch between the two things!

    please think about this and tell it the developers from windows! it could be nice system, if you change it in this way i described.

  • i was using windows 8 pro, after the release of windows 8.1 preview i downloaded for my laptop and installed it. i started installing drivers during a restart i had a blue screen error and i was not able to recover my old datas in my laptop and i re installed win8.1 preview by formatting my hard disk and again blue screen error appeared, so i removed win8.1 preview and again installed win8 pro . can you please give solution for this.

    my laptop is lenovo z580

  • I use a MS Touch Mouse and when I swipe on the startmenu it's not smooth as on a touch device (it really starts to stutter) and starts way after I've done the gesture on my mouse. And it's not the graphics card, or power of the machine (core i3, Geforce GT630, newest win8.1 beta drivers). It's worse than on win8.0.

  • royeh
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    Hi.... My laptop' original windows 8 is in German and I have installed English system language. I want to download win8.1 via store. But it has an error with compatibility. The error code is: 0x8007001.

    Is there anybody to know what should I do?

  • Wait, I finally found a tile that would let me make it Large - The Store icon.  Oh, and Weather.  But the vast majority of tiles will not let me make the large.  If the Store icon lets me make it Large, and all it shows is the same Store icon, why wouldn't IE let me make it Large?  RTM maybe?

  • Upgraded my Surface RT to the Windows 8.1 Preview.  I am not seeing two new tile sizes.  The new very large tile size is not available to me.  I see Wide, Medium and Small.  In some cases (the Metro IE tile), I only see Medium and Small.  In no case do I see Large.  What up?

  • Mikes10
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    So what happened to create a system image and recovery disc in 8.1?

    I have a computer set up just for testing software. I keep the OS up to date

    and an image on a separate drive.

    Come on Microsoft do the right thing lets have an easy method of creating

    a backup image.

  • Hi! I successfully upgraded my Ultrabook from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, and I'm sure it's 100% successful, but the problem is that sometimes, shutting down and restart are stuck, and it keeps my Ultrabook on black screen. Please, any suggestions? Help me!

  • I recently upgraded my windows 8 pro to windows 8.1 pro preview, but Wireless LAN is not working on my PC (Lenovo B470)..But LAN works well. Help me to fix this problem.

  • Where is the Motion Accents and the animated dragon?? it does not appear in the personalization on my recente installed Windows 8.1 preview :(

  • bmoura
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    Discovered today that Windows 8.1 and the Mail client no longer are able to pull messages and display them from the work Exchange server.  Happens with 8.1 and 8.1/RT.  May be time to go back to Windows 8 for now until that gets fixed.

  • mann
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    hey ! i have been using windows 8 pro but when i installed the standalone update it seemed well and installed correctly and it promted to restart so i did but after that nothing happens..? i dont get the windows store prompt nor am i able to find it manually in windows store please help

  • Nater
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    "It blows my mind that I will lose my data if I upgrade to RTM, is this 1975?"

    ^- This.   this isn't about whether it's a good idea to back up data.  Upgrading non-destructively from XP to Vista, or Vista to 7, or 7 to 8 it was always a good idea to back up data.

    The issue is that it makes no sense that going from 8.0 to RTM 8.1 can be done non-destructively, while going from 8.1 Preview to 8.1 RTM wipes out all your applications.  I really could care less about Metro Apps since there are so very few that are useless compared to desktop apps that I haven't really bothered to install any.

    Most software these days is Digital Download.  Not everyone has the fastest Cable or Fiber connections.  Downloading 40GB of data just because Microsoft can't figure out how to update a RC to RTM is a PITA.  Windows 8 is *not* a joy to use right now, and it does not increase productivity - at all.  There are no usable Metro Apps that actually serve a decent function that makes this OS worth the upgrade.  Some of the changes in the 8.1 release are needed - NOW, but their inability to figure this out has put it out of reach for a lot of people who need it.

  • If you are going to update and have a cisco VPN client, DONT, 8.1 breaks it!!! If you don't have it and are going to upgrade, make sure you have an IMAGE backup to restore to, the 'restore key' you create in the beginning does not restore you to anything, it is a boot disc, nothing more. Why oh why did I take the blue pill?

  • , , , and - please head on over to the Microsoft Community forums for 8.1 Preview and 8.1 RT Preview. Our Windows support agents will be active there and taking part in discussions. We won’t be able to provide technical support via the comments here on our blog posts.

  • I think you can go to taskbar properties, navigation tab, and select show te app view automatically when I go to start, to view all apps when you click on the start button, however not sure since I cant install windows yet.

  • - If you right-click on the Taskbar in Windows 8.1 and click "Properties" and then the "Navigation" tab - you will see there are several options here to configure the behavior of your Start screen to show the Apps view. You can also configure it to show your desktop apps first.

  • Pro tip: if you hold the left click at the top of the page on a Metro app and drag it straight to the bottom of the page it will kill the app.  You do this with your finger for touch enabled pc's.

  • Why did Microsoft remove Create Disk Image from 8.1 Preview?  please tell me you made a mistake and are putting it back in!!!!  I will not upgrade to the final release of 8.1unless its included.

  • Installed it on my 8.0 x64 Pro desktop which resulted on a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD. Formatted and installed win 8.0 from scratch then applied 8.1 straight away and all is good. My only complain is that my EN-GB Surface is not yet supported and I really wanted to try it on the Surface than the desktop.

  • Rajj
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    From last 2 months I am using windows 8 and I think its really improved and better than windows 7. I like it. windows 8.1, looks is very cool and i hope it will be rock.  

  • hey i have installed the update package from your site then i have rebooted my laptop but the message doesn't pop up on screen to complete downloading windows 8.1 preview can anyone help me please just note i'm running windows 8 pro 64 bit and my laptop series is acer aspre 5738pzg thx u in advance my email is

  • So far so good with Win 8.1, but I have a suggestion that with the replaced start button Microsoft should give users the option to go to apps directly rather than the start menu, for us non touch users I would like to just go to apps and choose what I want I never use the start menu I do not use any of those apps i develop and create on my machine so I don't use any of those apps if I am on my tablet no problem going to the start menu that's where I want to go and this option should only be for the start button not the windows key. And also for the app layout should maybe highlight or bold the group header to make it easier to isolate the program group you are looking for. Other than that everything looks great speed is excellent.

  • , The chances of the old Start Menu coming back is almost none. Microsoft is working to create a unified UX across its platforms, and has made the live tiles part of their branding. Restoring the Start Menu work destroy that image. Also, it was said before that the old menu had trouble working with new Windows 8 features, Search and multi-mon support being the biggest two.

    I'm confused why a Start Button without a menu is useless, since it takes you to the Start Screen, which in 8.1 works wonderfully well on both touch and non touch hardware.

    Personally, I say good riddance to that old clunker. The Start Menu's death has been long overdue.

  • when installing windows 8.1 it fails at getting devices ready, i don´t know how to fix this, this is a list of all my devices

    my computer model is HP Pavilion dv7-6c73ca Entertainment Notebook PC support running Windows 8 Thank You!!

  • I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I think this is an important issue.

    I have been trying to upgrade to Windows 8.1 preview from Windows 8 Pro using the Windows Store for the last 16 hours with no luck. The Windows Store updater is stuck at "pending" with no progress. I have rebooted and restarted the process multiple times, but it doesn't work. I've finally given up.

    Here's a request: For the RTM version of Windows 8.1, please allow users to download an offline updater from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Or at least make the update available through traditional Windows Update, just like previous service packs used to be delivered.

    This is very important for people with unreliable and/or slow internet connections. Thank you.

  • vieya
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    It's a good update but still needs work to fix up the User-interface issues. The added start button doesn't really fix the fact that menus are hidden and give people a false impression of getting a menu. Also could we get something that is not as flat, maybe a bit more added dimension?

  • Mikko
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    "Windows is not closing the apps!"

    And having a full screen app with no UI buttons to either close it or send it to the background is beneficial and easy to use because? Yes you can use the Windows KEYBOARD button the get out of apps (and you can also use the KEYBOARD shortcuts to print something), but this still doesn`t explain why the easiest and most logical place to look for these functions, the graphical user interface, doesn`t apparently have them, so that even the most inexperienced computer users could easily find and use them.

    Perhaps I am just missing something important (since my Windows 8 device doesn`t have touch in it), but I can also guarantee that I am not the only one.    

  • Windows is not closing the apps!

  • Mikko
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    Will there finally be Modern UI buttons for closing an app (like the UI X-button on desktop Windows), resizing an app and printing something? And if not why have you chosen to make these basic functions much more difficult to use than they should be in Modern UI?

  • I love the new alarm app.  One question.  I often listen to music through headphones connected to my surface RT as I fall asleep.  Is there a way to make sure the alarm sounds through the speakers and not the headphones by default.  Windows Phone 8 sounds the alarm through the headphones and speakers and rings regardless of anything else running.  This would be awesome.  

  • but what happens when you cannot get the original windows 8,to work,first ?

  • - give the Windows 8.1 Preview a try and let us know what you think!

  • - Please read above blog post. It seems you hit a known issue: Some tablets and PCs running newer 32-bit Atom processors require updates to their graphics drivers before they can run the Windows 8.1 Preview. Those tablets and PCs include the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, ASUS VivoTab TF810C, HP Envy X2, HP ElitePad 900, Samsung ATIV Smart PC, and Fujitsu ARROWS Tab. We are working closely with Intel and OEM partners to deliver updated drivers that will allow you to install the Windows 8.1 Preview as soon as possible.

  • I am currently using ATIV smart PC (with atom processor)

    I found that 8.1 is not working with atom after I finished install it.

    Although I experienced black screens several times after boot up, I kept reboot it with hard turn off (by holding the power button).

    At some point (about third time I guess) I got 8.1 setting page, then successfully boot up as 8.1 and now I am using 8.1 with ATIV.

    Only problem is that power off is not working properly (windows 8 was closed and shows black screen yet the power LED is on meaning it is still running).

    Hope this is resolved soon.

  • I enjoy Windows 8 and now 8.1 thanks.  If it is not for you don't use it, just like if you don't like Apple's you don't use them.   That being said why not give the users both the Windows 8 Start Menu and the Windows 7 Start menu?  When they press the Windows key on the keyboard they get Traditional Start menu but when they click Start button they get modern menu. This is how I have Windows 8 setup on my network and I use both menu every time on the computers.  No brainer!  On tablets I don't need classic start menu or start button.

  • bmoura
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    I'm seeing the same thing here.  I have a PC running Windows 8 Enterprise from TechNet.  Windows 8.1 Preview update says "This update is not suitable for your computer".

    I'm guessing I need the ISO version which is not yet available on that web site - or TechNet.  Odd - I thought TechNet subscribers were supposed to receive updates first.  Maybe not any more......

    >>Has anyone suceeded in installing the .msu file on Windows 8 Pro N? The Windows Update installer keeps saying the update is not suitable for my computer. Had no problems installing the update on my Windows 8 VivoTab (no N version of Windows).<<

  • Leakey
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    In My opinion 8.1 is probably the worst thing I've ever seen Microsoft due to their customer base.  A start button without the Start menu is a slap in the face to millions of your customers who asked for the start button option.  

    I would respect Microsoft more if they just stuck to their guns and said no you cannot have to start button back.  Does anyone in Microsoft realize that the people who were asking for the start button Start menu To come back do not like the Metro UI.  So why would you ignore their please and give them a start button that brings you to the Metro UI?  You are really not listening to your customer base. There is no reason Not to have the Start menu with the start button.  

    Brandon This is a direct question to you do you actually believe that the customers who wanted to start button back did not want to start menu?

    Bottom line Microsoft either just get rid of the start button altogether or bring it back properly There is no room for in between here It either has to be all or nothing.  Again the start button without a start menu is the absolute worst thing I've ever seen Microsoft due to its customers. You just literally slap them all in the face.....

  • I'm looking forward to trying Windows 8.1 because I recently bought a laptop with Windows 8 and I really regret it. It might be great for touchscreens and tablets but if you've got a nontouch laptop it's a nightmare. I'm constantly having to try to find my way back from a screen that popped up due to some errant swipe of the mouse. And then when I *want* something like that to happen I find myself waving the pointer around the screen, trying to replicate whatever twitch of the finger produced the desired results last time. The unfamiliar look is not the problem Windows 8. The problem is that it's not intuitive. Most of us want to be able to use the basic functions on our computers without wasting a lot of time watching tutorials and reading instructions and memorizing hand movements.

  • Nerva
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    Was not referring to skydrive as mindless. More of the focus on Apps, and general bloatware that at least I do not want or use. I would just like to see them not dumb down the desktop side of the OS. Let all the easy to use nonsense stay on the metro side of it. And I know you can turn the file visibility back on, like you currently do with appdata I would guess. But, imo its a step in the wrong direction.

  •  I use my desktop to work also, and SkyDrive has been an essential part of backing up my files. Either way, SkyDrive integration is a welcome feature, whether you use it or not. It's not just some mindless consumer feature.

    Anyway, the 8.1 preview is running great on my Surface RT, however I've noticed Search can be a bit slow at times.

    I'm loving the new Start Screen, and I cannot wait for the official Facebook app later this year.

  • Nerva
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    Am I the only Windows 8 user that never uses the start screen at all? I can understand the need for it on a tablet, but I use a Desktop PC. Anyway, I really do not understand why they are attempting to dumb down explorer and hide files, or why they are trying to force Skydrive on all users. I have 2TB of storage, I do not need skydrive. I will say that windows 8 desktop is much faster and more stable then 7 was. But, Microsoft needs to remember that not every windows user is a mindless consumer. Some actually work on PCs.

  • carusen
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    If you are looking for a complete presentation of what's new and improved about Windows 8.1, check this overview:

    It is more complete than what many have provided.

  • gmurray
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    Hey now. Pictures doesn't pull from libraries anymore.... How the heck am I supposed to get it to pull pictures from my home server????

  • Deion
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    Never mind, I got it to work!