Mark your calendars for Windows 8.1!

Mark your calendars for Windows 8.1!

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I know a lot of folks are eager to find out when they will be able to get Windows 8.1. I am excited to share that starting at 12:00am on October 18th in New Zealand (that’s 4:00am October 17th in Redmond), Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 will begin rolling out worldwide as a free update for consumers with Windows 8 or Windows RT devices through the Windows Store. Windows 8.1 will also be available at retail and on new devices starting on October 18th by market. So mark your calendars!


Windows 8.1 continues the vision we began with Windows 8 and is an example of our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement for our customers. And Windows 8.1 brings many improvements in areas like personalization, Internet Explorer 11, search which is powered by Bing, built-in apps including a few new ones, an improved Windows Store experience, and cloud connectivity with SkyDrive (and much more) that people will enjoy. If you haven’t already, you can give many of the new features and improvements in Windows 8.1 a try with the Windows 8.1 Preview. Business customers can begin testing Windows 8.1 for deployment in their environments with the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview.

Now is a great time to buy a Windows 8 device in a range of different form factors like Microsoft Surface, the Acer Iconia W3, the Lenovo Yoga 11s, the Toshiba KIRAbook or the Dell XPS 18 . For students going back to school, we have Windows Chip-in which is a crowdsourcing program to help students and parents purchase a new Windows device for school. And the Windows Store Only at Best Buy store-within-a-store experiences will be launching throughout August and September, just in time for the back-to-school shopping season to check out all the latest Windows devices! If you buy a Windows 8 device today, you can look forward to the new features and improvements from Windows 8.1 in October.

It’s very exciting to be delivering Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT to consumers just before Windows 8 and Windows RT celebrates their 1-year anniversary. You can expect to read more from us on Windows 8.1 leading up to availability on October 18th!

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  • monje
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    Two or three suggestions and objections

    Question 1: Is the upgrade to version 8.1 of Windows 8 will pay the cost? And if so how much?

    Question 2: If the upgrade path to Windows 8 via the Windows Store 8.1 How will it be?

    Proposal 1: Add a search box to store

    Proposal 2: Improved GUI Windows

    I do not know maybe someone coming or not, but sometimes when running graphics software,

    System loses its steady state.

    Desktop not seen in other photos they have seen, only icon

    Proposal 3: Add the Windows Start button, not 8.1 (a sort of back to the account) and play back the preview version of Windows 8 and the Windows logo start

    But an objection: Why create an account on the Forums Microsoft have the right to have the product key and other applications, but do not take advantage of the Windows Store?

  • If you get windows 8 lab top in Dec. will you still be able to get the 8.1 thru the windows 8 store?

  • This question is for Brandon LeBlanc.  I purchased windows 8pro from Sams Club back in Oct 2012.  I was thinking about updating my computer around Christmas.  When windows 8.1 comes available for free download next month.  Will you be able to get the 8.1 disk?  Thank-you mamabear

  • to fix issue of desktop and and tiles disappearing run . in command prompt as admin.for files .Type in command prompt .  sfc /scannow  exactly , if forget to run as admin forget it.

  • I meant to say at end CMD  you have to run as admin or won't run . I had corrupted file .all tiles and desktop disappeared. had to do scan in command prompt to recover my info .twice in week so far, hope this doesn't become norm.

  • I agree Soukyuu  on comparing speeds  with SSD and 10 k Hdd. And take my advice and stay away from  MCAfee Any thing free and or payed is better. I consider McAfee a virus and anything associated to them as well. It s a racket ,they hold off on virus protection and charge the heck out of customer when trying to get rid of virus they allowed in the first place. McAfee is virus. Avast is pretty good however try to delete it . not poss. it stays in every browser you have and stays in program files and also stay in registry after deleting causing damage . Try deleting it bet you find it just as deep into you're PC as Norton all over the place. I tried free version this weekend and even worse was Lavasoft free  you have to run as admin or won't run .

  • I agree Soukyuu  on comparing speeds  with SSD and 10 k Hdd. And take my advice and stay away from  MCAfee Any thing free and or payed is better. I consider McAfee a virus and anything associated to them as well. It s a racket ,they hold off on virus protection and charge the heck out of customer when trying to get rid of virus they allowed in the first place. McAfee is virus. Avast is pretty good however try to delete it . not poss. it stays in every browser you have and stays in program files and also stay in registry after deleting causing damage . Try deleting it bet you find it just as deep into you're PC as Norton all over the place. I tried free version this weekend and even worse was Lavasoft free  you have to run as admin or won't run .

  • Soukyuu
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    @64bitpro, using SSD for win8 and a HDD (albeit a 10k rpm one) for win7 makes the comparison even more unfair. Nowadays even budget SSDs win against HDDs when it comes to booting/read performance, so it's no wonder win8 boots faster for you.

    As far as MSE/Defender goes, sure, it's secure. But it virtually nullifies any speed advantages win8 offers because it's so horribly slow. Have never used McAfee, but Avast does the job for me without slowing me down too much (just as MSE used to).

    The self-written executable was nothing special, just something that reads and parses a txt file, then lets you copy a differently formatted version of the text to the clipboard. It wasn't a permission issue, just smart screen message popping up, saying the program was blocked because it's of an unknown origin, without an obvious way to add the executable to a whitelist. I really don't need the PC to decide what I am allowed to execute or not - also see the whole TMP2.0 debacle.

  • Windows 8 is ok...If you have a touchscreen that is, or prefer a touchscreen. Personally, I prefer the Mouse/Keyboard Method. In addition, unlike Windows 7, or any previous versions of Windows, features that were freely offered, like umm, Themes, Games, and Windows Media Center, you now have to pay for? Why is that? Does Microsoft not already make enough money on selling the OS to begin with, where they need to charge for every single BASIC feature? No thank you Microsoft, I will happily stay with Windows 7...then again, Apple Computers are beginning to sound good these days...

  • Jesse M
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    That's 2 months from now.  This is the exciting announcement you have for MSDN and Technet subscribers?  Congratulations!  You're getting Windows 8.1 when everyone else on the planet can get it!!  That's kind of a sad announcement, Brandon.

  • hope that the final version of Windows 8.1 is better than the beta launched some time because he was there too and should

    I also have a blog I discuss, much the subject of Windows who quisar last there the link is there

  • Oh, yay. More windows action.

  • Thank you (@Soukyuu) for feed back. I did leave out one thing, I'm not using same HDD for both OS's. Western Digital 10k Raptor 32 MB cache drive using for Win 7 Ult. 64 bit and Corsair force series GS SSD for Win 64 bit.

    Also just an FYI the Microsoft security essentials/ Windows Defender did better on AV test than McAfee. McAfee like all other antivirus's were given about 40 virus's /malware etc. McAfee found  only 4 and was only able to remove 10% of what it found. Still comparing Windows Defender to Bit Defender, Kaspersky and Norton which have been rated top 3 for 3 years, Windows defender falls short on protecting you in comparison. A lot of anti virus's are free for a reason. McAfee should be one of them. McAfee takes up to a week to push out updates, meanwhile users get infected. They charge more for removal services than anyone else. Almost a $100.00. They have been given the poorest rating you can get by AV testing.

    As far as your self  written executable files. I'd like to know more. I haven't had chance to test to much yet since just purchased Windows 8. I tested on 2 items because I clicked executable and nothing happened ,once I did permissions for all in Admin 1 and 2 in security tab  and user after adding them to file they worked. I just added  a known executable file to my desktop for WOW. It will not run. Just went to prop. secur. advanc. add. find now. I added 3 users(admin 1 and 2 and user.) .Gave full permissions and it worked. I believe this is just setting up permissions correctly to get this stuff to work. I surprised I had to do this to get a online video games executable file to load.

    Still impressed over all with Windows 8. Don't get me wrong, I love my Windows 7 ult.  I know people hate change. A lot of people will have to be making a decision soon, Microsoft is discontinuing support soon for Windows XP>              I believe was like April 8 2014.  Correct me if they changed this date. I still have one more PC to upgrade from XP myself.

  • Soukyuu
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    @64bitpro: You are comparing an old win7 installation with many programs installed and registry full of random things to a freshly installed win8. I dualboot my machine with win8.1 and it starts as fast as my win7 - in about 30 seconds from POST. Performance wise, I don't see any measurable improvement in everyday work, only some usability issues. I'm not against change, as long as it's an improvement, win8 is a mixed back in this regard so far.

    As far as security goes, windows defender is very slow, just try opening a folder with lots of executables after boot. So getting an extra security program is still pretty much a must, and win7/8 versions are no different. All the smart screen does is take control over which software can be executed away from you - might be good for beginners, but it's worthless if it blocks my self-written executable just because Microsoft doesn't know it. UAC isn't going to prevent infections anyway, since the majority relies on the user giving it admin privileges - which the user will since they want to run this infected executable and just click yes.

    tl;dr: speed differences aren't that big, if any, when comparing two fresh installations of 7/8. Everyone with half a brain active doesn't have to worry about virus infections, and microsoft provides security patches for both 7/8, so no worries there.

  • 2 OS same PC. Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, boot up alone is 50 sec. just purchased Windows 8 64 bit Pro. boot  up and online and checking my email in 9 sec. Windows 8 uses very little resources compared to all other Windows OS's. Don't be afraid to step out of the 1990's.Step out of you're comfort zone. Change can be good. Its worth it when thinking about upgrading to Windows 8. I upgraded 3 days ago. I won't look back. Already have shortcuts to  all my drives and command prompts  and control panel on desktop and programs kind of what you would see if had a start button on other Windows OS's. Don's be afraid of change, embrace it. Better security protection and if you add Bit Defender total security as I have, you'll be surfing and paying bills a lot safer.10k people a day get identity stolen get. Don't be statistic stay safe and get smart.\ get Windows 8

  • mayo19
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    you can wireless network

  • mayo19
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    You can créate wireless network?????

  • ترغب في أن تكون قادرة على الحصول على ملف iso أيضا ك Vala زاده قال. أسهل بكثير لتحميل ملفات iso أسرع في المخزن.

  • curley
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    I think the start menu is a pain, I have two teenagers who didn't want Windows 8 due to the start menu, and teens are the most open to new technology and features.  The start menu from previous menus isn't just easier but has things that the windows8 setup is missing.  e.g. paint.  the drawing feature wasn't the same and is for only making pretty pictures, where paint is good for screen dump editing and other professional type features of some use.  they need to get the feedback and take it back to the programmers to take into consideration.  There needs to be options for the menu setup and keeping the same features only add more.  Such as Paint.

  • as I was testing it in the first week of trial, the windows 7 ui for back up that is also available in windows 8 pro was gone, is it fixed yet?

  • slerch
    0 Posts  - according to everything available, if you move from the 8.1 preview to the full version, you will lose "SOME" of your installed applications but not your user data at all.

    Check the "will I be able to keep files...: header for more detail.

  • slerch
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    For those complaining about needing to configure a new machine to default to the desktop mode, if you use Group Policy at all, I believe there is a way to set this with a GPO. You still have to join the domain, but if you create a slipstreamed install for your company, I believe it could be added to the domain and the user's first boot would be right to the desktop.

    I believe you would also potentially be able to, if you're not using GP, you could put the setting into a slipstreamed install as well.

    Of course, the amount of work that goes into a manual slipstream build might be a pretty big deterrent, until someone comes up with the tools to do this in a more automated fashion...

    Just offering possibilities.

  • When will we see support of camera in WRT during Skype sessions to allow video chat? Will this be addressed by the update?

  • great  Brandon i mark my calendar

  • if i have many application in my windows 8 and i upgrade it to windows 8.1 would application lost?

  • Now why... would anyone ask about TechNet? who cares.... these guys have decided in their wisdom to cancel the program and leave the rest of us out in the cold. I have used TechNet to keep current on windows and server OS's so I can keep my frikken job and now they have decided to cancel? to heck with them.. if you want Windows 8 go buy it, install it and then download the update because when your subscription is done you will be flagged and all licenses cancelled.. that means you will be running illegal software anyways.

  • Like others, I have similar questions.

    - Will there be an RTM release earlier for corporate clients?

    - Will an .ISO file for 8.1 be made available for the general public to allow easy installation of Windows 8.1 without the need to first install Windows 8?

    - Will the ability to disable the "Charms Hint" (flyout bar) be added to "Settings", or will you still be required to edit the registry to do this?

    - Why has Microsoft blatantly ignored the single biggest complaint since the beta?  (i.e. - Start "Menu")  It wouldn't hurt anyone if MS put a functional Windows 7 Start Menu back into Windows 8 and all the negativity, complaints, and distaste to upgrade would magically disappear instantly.  Doesn't matter if all that stuff is warranted or not, it is in fact occuring, so it would be a win-win situation for MS and users, yet it seems someone's ego at MS is preventing common sense from prevailing.  (I would think MS has an interest in selling Windows 8 to 'more' people, not less.)

  • Im so excited to get full version of Windows 8.1, since i already installed the windows 8.1 preview, i know some features.

  • I run a small computer/ IT company and I am finding it very difficult to talk people into purchasing a computer with windows 8 on it and absolutely impossible with my commercial clients.. I personally don't mind windows 8 however im more concerned about staying in business than I am about how I feel about windows 8.. Sorry to say that the comments I get from my customers are largely negative and include statements like " no I do not want that ridiculous operating system on my new computer I want windows 7" and "No I don't want windows 8 because it makes me feel stupid cuz it takes me hours to figure out how to do something that use to take minutes in widows 7 and to remove the start button was just cruel, it makes me have to jump around all over the place from screen to screen in a clunky kind of fashion just to find my programs when it use to flow so nice the old way and to put a short cut on the desktop you have to jump through hoops instead of simply right clicking and pointing to send to. it all just seems like a step backwards" that was from one of my more animated and vocal customers but the theme has been pretty consistent my customers do not like the drastic changes in widows 8, it is too much of a departure from what they have grown up on and are comfortable with.. I have even had customers get mad at me when I have tried to convince them of the new features and the benefits of moving to windows 8.. I hope that future updates to widows 8 will find a way to bring customers around to wanting windows again because it worries me how many calls we get asking if we sell Apple and we don't..

  • @kbobman - If 99% of your customers are business and corporate types who do want 'play stuff' on their screen then tell them to right click, unpin/uninstall. I'm not sure I see a problem here? Every OS comes with things not every user wants and it requires tweaking and setting up initially.

    As a corporate user I am finding Windows 8/8.1 a good improvement on Windows 7. Our users are generally against change and have given me funny looks when I explain the changes in Windows 8 to them. However, as soon as I give them a test machine to play around on and get some hands on experience with the new OS, I have had mostly positive feedback.

    My only concern with 8.1 is that I am running the preview and finding not all Group Policy is getting applied. I am sure this won't be an issue when 8.1 is released for GA, I just need to update our GP Templates and give them a good testing. But this is definitely something worth noting for business users looking to upgrade.

  • Fla
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    Hi, you write that win8.1 will be available through Windows store as update. Will you release also downloadable dvd images for clean install?


  • Hi

    Windows 8 is a good for anything with a touch screen, but useless for our office purposes.

    If you add the whole start meny / desktop from W7 as an option,  i will consider it.

    Have installed the Classic Shell on my preview 8.1 and it works like a charm.

  • I have windows 8 preinstalled are my driver are removed!!!

  • Manho
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    in the Windows Store the file is too large, whether the data can be made smaller?

  • I use many applications and most are always making changes to their applications, which doesn't make me happy, and that includes your operating systems too. One thing ALL applications don't do and that is to provide one STANDARD method of user documentation, and that includes the operating system too. I know how to write good understood documentation as I spent 30 years in applications systems design and worked for Caterpillar Inc., an international company, that sends me my retirement benefits every month. They wouldn't be doing that if I didn't know my stuff. Besides that I'm registered as a CCP. I document most of my applications by my one standard method. I documented about 50 procedures for Windows 8, which took a lot of my time. Of course there were some I didn't document, because I either didn't understand some of the gimmick terms you use, or what you're logically trying to accomplish. I'm writing a book on this item as well as other aspects as to application design, and I'll have a lot to say. Leonard Rattini, CCP

  • I have two machines running Win 8, only one of which can gain access to the Store.  I have been to various blogs to solve the problem, but to no avail.  Ergo, will there be an option to get a DVD of 8.1 mailed to me?

  • @kbobman

    You can have the same "Look like Win7" in Win 8, I suppose equaly on Win8.1, with a shareware :

    You install this shareware and you can have the "Start Menu" of Win XP, if you will. I am use it, and you realy have the same "Start Menu" of Win7, but you have only 1 difference, you have upper "search", a direct access on Win8 applications like "Bing", "SkyDrive, ... You have a few settings, and you can persolalize a lot of thing.

  • kbobman
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    I agree with markcutter and soukyuu.

    I have been installing MS products for 25 years and I am so frustratred with this "Tile Stuff" (see, trying to be repectful)

    99% of my customers are business and corporate types. The last thing they want is to have all this "play stuff" on the desktop or screen, or whatever that is.... Not to mention having the user feel impared because they can't navagate around the way they used to.

    Does MS forget that most users are just that, users, not IT people.

    They don't have time to reteach employees how to use the computer. This design looks like MS is more focused on change for the sake of change.

    I was really hoping that the 8.1 would have an option to "Look like 7"


    I am just thinking from my cutomers point of view. I want them to be happy, not confused.

    I plan keeping my people on Windows 7 for as long as I can.

  • As a "street-level" engineer, I'm constantly finding myself called out to reinstate the START button, the 7 platform games package, and have the machine start at Desktop A-La Win 7 ... Come on MS ... stop loosing market share and give your users a simple one click option to get these features at first start up!! ..... A-La 'everything at once' :P

  • Soukyuu
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    The urls in my previous posts got messed up, one more try:

    Opposite side menu:

    Double start buttons:

  • Soukyuu
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    I'm still pretty baffled by what your UI design team does to be honest. It looks like you are following the rule of "use the default or gtfo. or rather, just move to ModernUI already". Just look at this: <a href="">double start buttons</a>? <a href="">menu opening on the opposite side of where a user clicks</a>? That's breaking UI design rules 101 right there. At least give us the possibility to disable ALL charms, I don't need them on the desktop at all - they just get into the way. Also, the volume OSD cannot be moved and is stuck half over taskbar.

    Win8.1 makes a few things right win8 did wrong, for example boot to desktop, all apps screen and more customization including walpaper on the start screen which does reduce the break between the two UI design styles. Yet I still have to get 3rd party software to be able to use my PC as I did with win7 plus the new features win8 added.

    And to the "just use win7"-people: I doubt that's what Microsoft wants their users to do. In their ideal vision, every PC on this planet should be running win8, but they're shooting themselves in the foot, and not just in the OS market.

    I do want the new features win8.x offers, just without the ModernUI-Frankenstein. In the earlier days of win8, someone from the team said putting ModernUI on desktop was a compromise to allow the usage of apps on your tablet and desktop - this was the point where things went wrong for the majority! Why are you forcing a TABLET interface unto DESKTOP users? The real compromise would be being able to run ModernUI apps from the desktop, as several 3rd party programs already shown was possible.

    You would have made your desktop users happy and still had a good tablet UI for the tablet users AND the ability to use apps on the desktop. That would have been the real compromise, not the frankenstein8. You really should take more feedback from their users and not just force things through and hope for the stockholm syndrome to kick in - you'd make more money that way. Funny, how there isn't even a feedback function in the preview (the one in internet explorer seems to be specifically for it and my MS account isn't authorized to send feedback).

  • We are following this release closely over at

    I will be interesting to see what the adoption rate of 8.1 will be by users.

  • will google calander be back in the calender app ??

  • Improved UI and Enhanced Performance #Firefox is finally coming to #Windows8 on Decembr 10. I think most of us were waiting for this for long

  • sysxxx
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    I bought a new laptop recently which has windows 8 , what a shock , i did;t know what to do at first, I was thinking of going back to windows 7, buy thought I'll stick it out , I then put windows 8.1 preview on, it helped a little.

    since I upgraded I find the system locks-up quite frequently, As I use it for web development, , I have had to re-install different programs , like wampserver and design packages, A lot of packages is still 32 bit on the machine, It is taking me more time than I can afford using windows 8.  I could never get away with giving my customers something that was not finished, I wonder why has Microsoft always adopted the opposite, this is a genuine and realistic question? I hope one day things will change. I hope the wait is worth it..

  • In October 18, 2013, is there an available downloadable .ISO file? So that I can update my Windows 8 Pro with Media Center to Windows 8.1 without updating through Windows Store.

  • RonB
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    Great to have a GA date and can't wait to upgrade! I have really enjoyed Win8 on my 2 old non-touch laptops since Oct26 and recently bought a touch laptop as well.  None of these are extraordinary or expensive hardware and Win8 works beautifully and is delightful to use on both - all my old desktop apps like Adobe Creative Suite and Office 2007 run fine and so are the new apps.

    That said I too think >2 months wait time is a bit long and would have been nicer to get 8.1 along with the release to OEMs.  My 2c is this could be a Win-Win situation for all: MS and partners would benefit too by getting lot of feedback from Consumers (or at least early adopters) who'll upgrade to 8.1 soon after it is GA'ed and much before the Holiday season.  Any issues/kinks left could be ironed out and polished in time for the Holiday season when more brand new devices would go on sale!  So please consider this if at all possible. (Of course Brandon's post that it is possible to upgrade to the GA release from Preview tempts me too, since it seems like the delta is minimal - only required to reenter your original product key# and reinstall your store apps?  You know what, Never mind.  I'll wait).

    Either way, Thanks for this news and keep up the good work!

  • I was wondering when the final release date was going to be.  I already have Windows 8 so I'll just update it to 8.1 on my computer when it gives you the option to do that.  I have really enjoyed using Windows 8 and I am looking forward to getting Windows 8.1 version.  I understand there will be some new Apps that will be available with it.  I really do love Windows 8 and know that I will love 8.1 too.

  • sreesiv
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    Super News!!! I've been using the 'point 0' version heavily from the moment it launched last year, and I must admit it resuscitated my old Dell Laptop. Feeling happy to know that it's going to get even younger... :-)

  • If a have a Boot to VHD Windows 8 installation, will I be able to upgrade to Windows 8.1?

  • Prantik
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    That's great news. I just hope that separate ISO files are available for download as even after trying about a dozen times to install 8.1 preview I just couldn't manage to install it through the store. I had to manually download the ISO file. Also the search powered by Bing seems to be unpolished. Hope it gets better in the final release.

  • Brandon, will Microsoft refund users who bought Windows 8 thinking it would be supported for years to come, but now will lose support 2 years after windows 8.1 has been released? I don't want skydrive and Bing on MY PC, not even in disabled state, but as Microsoft is forcing their software, the choice is either to upgrade or lose support early. So basically they are holding a gun to my head. :-) I have sent an email to the EU Commission asking where users stand regarding this forced update. Several years ago Microsoft got fined for including internet explorer with windows, but now they even go a step beyond that and INTEGRATE it in windows. I am waiting for their and your reply.


  • I have been reading up on Windows 8 & 8.1 and have a question. It says it improves battery life, do they mean that little round battery on my motherboard? As far as I know this has been going for years now, so not sure how it can improve even better?


  • What featured were removed going from 7 to 8?

  • Not see anything special added in 8.1. Adding the start button the way they did was borderline retarded. Windows 8 is great and a big step in the right direction with a a few minor announces that have not been acknowledged. If Windows wants to compete with Android they need to make it customizable like android.

  • I have the 8.1 evaluation version on my Surface 128 and it works fine. Will this version of 8.1 be a huge difference?

  • I'm awaiting for Windows 8.1 since years. It is good to know that finally a date is out (although its two months away). I would like to know whether an MSDN/Technet version will be out on October 17 and/or October 18? Would microsoft publish a final version a little earlier than GA as it usually does? Thanks

  • Nathan
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    Thank you Brandon. Thank you so much for the heads up.

    The only concern I have with Windows RT 8.1 is the lack of 3g/4g USB dongle support. Currently, the 3g/4g USB  dongle when attached to the RT device, they appear as storage media. The same happens in 8.1 preview. When inquired, the TechNet guys suggest that those dongles are not optimized for low energy network platform (NDIS 6.3?) running RT so can't be trusted, but works fine in all non-RT version. Only the  built-in 3g/4g support is allowed in RT devices. The devices which don't support the 3g/4g dongles can only connect via WIFI. Which is a demise of one great feature and a very handy alternative!

    So dear Windows Team, please consider this scenario:

    "When user attach the 3g/4g USB dongle to WinRT device, warn the user that the attached device non-power-saver or not battery-friendly and if they use it as Network adapter, the efficiency of their device battery would be affected".

    This is it, your job is to warn the user and recommend them the best practices. If they still want to use non-optimized device, its their battery loss. What if they really needed to use 3g/4g dongle for the most critical 10 minutes of their life? So, not letting them do which they are accustomed to do with Windows in past...just because you think they will permanently loose some fraction of their battery certainly not a good idea...  Whoever engineered this idea, is WRONG!

    Also, from ecosystem or ubiquity point of view, this graceful degradation of power consciousness feature (which is only one aspect of WindowsRT) is a better user experience compared to degrading the purpose of the device (Network adapter -> storage media...). This is NOT the way Windows ever worked or should work. Windows always provide wide range of options and care about the users investments.

    Please convince the bosses who matter that lack of this feature is insanely wrong.

    Please fix this.

  • I agree that a whole company having to re-learn how to access apps and files is an issue, but the Start menu and apps list are not as useless or as different from the Start menu as you seem to believe. You don't need to "scan hundreds of icons" to find an app, as you say. You can still pin apps and group them, type to search, sort apps by date installed, by usage or alphabetically. The only real change is that it's full screen, and that the shut down menu has been moved to the charms menu and the Win+X-Menu.

    With Windows 8, I agree that the lack or a start menu can be frustrating for desktop users. But with all the changes that come with 8.1, you must be doing something wrong if you need to "scan hundreds of icons" to find an app.

    For those who don't know, some of the new Start screen / apps list features in 8.1 are:

    - Option to go directly to apps list when you click Start

    - Sort apps list by name, date installed, usage or category

    - Option to list desktop apps first in apps list

    - New apps are not pinned to Start automatically (marked as "new" in apps list)

    - Right click on app in apps list -> "Find app on Start screen"

  • Wohoo..marked In Windows Calendar already...

  • I have used the 8.1 trial and i did like the setup reasonbly quick good with 3d games that i tried even with low power processor i54430 .Would be good to try on my new processor i74770k it's,got balls and  with windows 8.1 should be a very good package the only thing i am not happy with is Z87 will not run a game that i like a LOT so there is  1x but there is more ++++ than minuses i do like windows 8.1.

  • Have to say I am disappointed that there won't be an ISO available because that means having to upgrade every time I re-install Win8. (Okay, it's not that often but it is just inconvenient.)

  • vaskap
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    A practical question.....

    How can we make a clean install without an ISO file?

    Or we should make a clean install for Win 8 and then make an update to Win8.1 ?

    But when I installed Win8 had ask me for Win Vista to upgrade.....

    Oh my....

    Plz MS make it simple....

  • gwmbox
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    While I appreciate that the upgrade to 8.1 will be available via the store there is still an ESSENTIAL NEED for an iso version to be available for download for off line installations.

    We have several computers at home running Windows 8, all of which we will want to upgrade to 8.1 on release.  The problem we have is that we have very limited data available each month for downloads.  Having to download the upgrade via the store for 5 computers is way too big of a download of which will most probably exceed our monthly download quota.. Being able to download ONCE an iso image to then use on each PC is far less download and much more convenient.

    Please reconsider an ISO download release, it is really ESSENTIAL for many of us.

  • I don't see the point in making consumers wait until OEMs release 8.1 hardware before we get the update.  It should be released to consumers when RTM is released to OEMs..  You're saying that OEM partners are more important than consumers.  This tactic is what ceded Microsoft's presence in the phone market to Apple/Android and is what is ceding Microsoft's presence in the desktop market to Android/iOS tablets and Mac OS.

  • At last Windows 8.1 is avelable to all Windows 8 users!

  • Why does it take over a month to post new items to this blog.  Most other MS blogs are posting every few days or a couple times a week?

  • Brandon

    How am I supposed to be able to recommend deployment of Win 8.1 to my clients if I can't have an ISO to test it on their systems?

  • Necroman
    18 Posts

    What about the availability of Windows 8.1 ISO images for MSDN/MS Partners? And also can we expect the final version of Visual Studio 2013 and possibility to submit Windows 8.1 apps at the same time, or even earlier?

  • Great to have a date to mark my calendar. :)

  • Hate to say it, but this is really lame.  I'm CIO at a company with 100 employees and user feedback for Windows 8 it consistently dismal, even among the IT team.  There is no way we can afford the time to re-train this many people.  So every install of Win8 includes StartIsBack.  Seriously, has everyone there forgotten how to do useability testing?  Win8 is fine for a tablet, but dual-screen monitors?  No way.  And the start screen is a joke trying to find an app by scanning hundreds of icons.  Why restore the start button if it doesn't include a start menu?

  • @timmyjoe42 - Not a dumb question; yes, there is Windows 8.1 for Windows RT.  I have been running the Windows 8.1 RT preview version on my Surface from the day it came out and have been pleased with it.  Really looking forward to the new Mail client.

    @Brandon LeBlanc - Congratulations on this milestone.  It had to be major cultural upheaval for Microsoft to be able to deliver a significant update like this in 12 months.  

  • Is it a dumb question to ask if Windows RT will be getting an 8.1 update also?

  • hope that the final version of Windows 8.1 is better than the beta launched some time because he was there too and should

    I also have a blog I discuss, much the subject of Windows who quisar last there the link is there

  • Hello Mr. LeBlanc,

    I still waiting Win9 (new NT core 7.x). I don't like Windows based-NT6.x. Despite they contain many features, takes up too much space in disk. Example: WinSxS directory. Likewise, RAM usage very much. Simple test: WinPE editions is lightweight build. Compare WinPE 1.x and next versions. Definitely WinPE 1.x (in other words NT 5.x) is more speed and lighly than next version (NT 6.x). That is why many people are still using XP.

    Advices for Win9 (NT7.x): MinWin need implement. Not be takes up too much space in disk after Windows installed. And of course, must bring back to Classic real GUI (98/2000/XP). At least, can be release separate a edition("Retro"?).

    I wonder if Win9 being built on the NT 6.x core? If it comes to that, no need to wait it, just like win8.x.

  • aphonic
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    What will be the price ($) to upgrade from 8.1 Preview (without having installed Windows 8)? (I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8.1 Preview)

  • MiloradG you have already talked about Windows 8.1 Preview FAQ, but I don't see there this information: I want to know if I have to write down my Windows 8 key when upgrading from the Preview, when I use my original key to upgrade from Windows 8 to the Windows 8.1 Preview.

  • Skylab
    4 Posts

    Why do we always have to wait so long... (*_* ') I can not wait because I want my own language back.. and I have high lust to have a stable Internet Explorer 11. ♥ It's too bad though that can not be installed directly on top of this, but the Windows installation process is always a lot of fun.. but the subsequent application adjustment is not very nice.

  • @xpclient While you're correct, many old features were removed in Windows 8, you seem to have neglected to mention that many new features were added.

  • vhamman
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    sorry Brandon missed that post but thanks

  • - I answered that question in a comment above :-)

  • vhamman
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    I would like to add my question of WILL we be able to upgrade from 8.1 preview?

  • , , and - Consumers will only be able to get Windows 8.1 for free through the Windows Store. ISO images won’t be made available broadly for consumers. For most consumers, the Windows Store is the easiest and most efficient route for updating a Windows 8 device to Windows 8.1. - installing Windows 8.1 through the Windows Store should be quick and easy for you. - installing Windows 8.1 through the Windows Store even on slow connections should work.

  • d_AJ
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    I must reinforce the question: will we be able to download the ISO file?

    I have a slow connection and 2 systems to update (from 8.1 preview to the RTM).

    I really can't do it through the Windows Store, and worse, *2 times* (it'll take months).

  • So, the rumors are starting to build that Surface Gen 2 will also come out on Oct 18.  I must say, if true, and if it's a Surface Pro 2 based on Haswell and has 10hr battery life, I'm sold.  I was greatly disappointed in the first gen devices.

  • garwynn
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    Has an end date been determined for 8.1 preview use?

  • @garwynn, As much as I REALLY like Windows 8 (especially the 8.1 Preview) I find only limited reasons to recommend to enterprise users that they upgrade.  And, if a consumer is happy with their Win7 machine and there are no other compelling reasons to purchase a machine, I also don't recommend them upgrading.  However, I DO try to "shame" people into getting with modern times and learn the new system sooner rather than later.  I immediately upgraded all five machines in our household to the latest.  I've not had problems with legacy apps, and I've not regretted it.

  • and - you will be able to move from the Windows 8.1 Preview to the final release of Windows 8.1: you'll be able to keep your personal files, but you'll need to reinstall your apps. I recommend checking out our FAQ on the Windows 8.1 Preview here

  • garwynn
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    I will add one thing - It's not that 8.1 is bad - I actually am okay with it.  I just don't see from a "dollars and cents" reason why I should tell the other half we have to spend more for it right now.

  • - let's keep comments constructive and respectful please. It is important to note we're releasing Windows 8.1 to consumers nearly at the 1 year anniversary of general availability of Windows 8 so we're getting this update out pretty fast compared to what we were able to do previously. Thanks!

  • garwynn
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    I just built 2 new desktops in past 60 days.  I'm running Ubuntu on one, 8.1 preview on the other.  The old Q9400 isn't going past 7 so I'm wondering - I see a lot of great features for 8 regarding tablets and mobile use... but I feel I'm losing a lot more going to 8 over 7.  7 is still cheaper, still in life cycle... no Metro which makes little sense for desktops without touchscreens.  (8.1 preview boots to desktop which DOES help!)

    When I built PCs before I easily plunked for an OEM copy of Windows and usually got deals on them.  Going to have a third desktop in January and the family pack licenses seem gone too with 8.  So what's the incentive to get off of 7?  I'm sure I have old XP/Vista licenses that could easily justify the family pack upgrade of 7 instead of buying 3 OEM licenses of 8.

  • - thank you for your comment. We appreciate hearing from you. As mentioned on previous blog posts however, we ask you keep things constructive and respectful when expressing opinions (which we encourage!).

  • , You say that like Windows 7 never removed any features (re: classic Start Menu). If you're so animate about recovering deprecated features, why not just use Windows 7? It's only natural that new versions will remove older features that have been superseded by improved functionality.  

  • xpclient
    50 Posts

    No removed Windows 7 features restored except for Start button, no sale. Microsoft has rather ridiculous and unrealistic expectations that despite loss of these features: users will "upgrade" Windows to a more dumbed down release. Microsoft has no respect for its users and continues to treat them like trash with Windows 8.1.

  • I do wish to be able to get iso file also as Vala Zadeh said. It's much easier to download iso files faster than on the Store.

  • DjiXas
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    How can you be so delusional and not relieve pain for Windows 8 users by releasing update asap?

  • I shouldn't have any trouble installing if I opt'd into the preview, will I? I assume yes because you've pushed the preview in this very article, but I just need to be sure.

  • khvn
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    Will I be able to upgrade from the Preview?

  • - I don't have anything new to share re: those apps beyond what we talked about and showed at Build. They are coming though!

  • Brandon, will 8.1 be launching with the promised Facebook, Foursquare, etc. apps that were announced at //Build/?