One experience for everything in your life

One experience for everything in your life

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As I walk down the hallway in my office this week I see a lot of smiles from people on the team who are excited about their hard work finally making it into customers’ hands. This week we’ve got some great things coming for Windows and Windows Phone customers. On Thursday, Windows 8.1 will be globally available, and we also announced the third update to Windows Phone 8, coming soon to Windows Phone customers.


From SkyDrive to Bing to Internet Explorer to Skype and more, devices running Windows and Windows Phone make it easy to arrange it all around you – be all work, all play, or both at the same time.

Quickly get to your favorite apps and content with Live Tiles. Take pictures on your Windows Phone and show them to your friends and family on a Windows device or Xbox with SkyDrive integration. With Bing, it’s easier than ever to find what you need, from a document on your laptop to text within a photo taken on your Windows Phone. Use Skype to IM or video call out of the box on any device. Take your music collection with you from your living room to your office to the gym with Xbox Music. Use your phone or tablet to control your Xboxwith SmartGlass.

If you’re already running Windows 8, download 8.1 tomorrow to see the new Windows, which brings you one experience for everything in your life. And if you’re in the market for a new device, keep an eye out for the great new Windows devices that will be on store shelves this holiday season: from affordable phones, 8” tablets and touch PCs to high-end devices, there’s a Windows device for you.

Terry Myerson
EVP, Operating Systems

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  • Sad to see that the iso file isn't available :(

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    I believe strongly that MS should come out with a similar device like Chromecast or AppleTV...Affordable and the above mentioned tech's should work out of the box with auto update functionality. If you MS doesn't take this seriously then Miracast will fail. I know XBox can play DLNA content but not everyone can afford an xbox....We need an XBox Mini....Whole purpose is play streaming content from Windows devices, play indie games

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    There is Not even One device in the market which has playto/dlna, Miracast/WirelessDisplay builtin...Having Miracast and Playto capabilities built into the OS is great but there are no Hardware devices to playback content...What's the use. Currently in the market some devices have only Miracast, some only have Wireless Display and Some have Miracast/Wireless Display but not Playto/DLNA. Most of these work there is a complicated setup process. Some don't work out of the box...

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    Terry great work...Just one question...What is Microsoft answer to Airplay and Chromecast?

  • What Microsoft can do is release a metro UI for the domestic market and a desktop version of the same for the enterprise...

  • onnorh
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    Many of the same issues still exist...this is just putting lipstick on a pig. This obsession with FULL SCREEN app with hidden command bar, horizontal scrolling items...I've gotta tell you guys...ppl hate Metro. There's a lot to like about Metro, but there also lots to hate...

    1. Why does the dialog box in Metro run from one edge of the screen to the the other? It's ugly and doesn't make any sense. What if you have multiple apps side by side and a dialog comes up, does it cover both apps?

    2. Since the advent of computer UI, items have been scrolled vertically. Visit the Windows Store and you have this huge list of items scrolling horizontally. This is just plain weird, no other way to put it. This horizontal scrolling is every where in Metro...

    2. Open a few Metro apps and all of a suddenly you realized that all the Metro apps look the same to you, with the HUGE text header and the big rectangles and squares and the horizontal scrolling of items. There is no personality from apps to apps. Enough with the big ugly rectangles already. Enough. Developers should be allowed to develop their app differently. People are tired of this big block rectangular thing called Metro...just too overwhelming.

    3. Why the obsession in Microsoft with full screen? A full screen calculator or timer on a 23" screen, who needs that and where do they do that at? Doesn't make sense. To make matter worse, the buttons in the app bar are hidden by default. Take the app Fresh Paint for example, it comes up in this full screen mode with the app bar or command button hidden. No matter how many times I used this app, I feel stuck and have to wonder for a minute how do I exit from this thing. There is obviously not a lack of space or real estate, so why are button being hidden. If it is on a 5" phone, I would understand this, but this doesn't make sense. Command buttons need to be visible and available and you should not require user to right-clicked before showing the app bar.

    3. Why is the Metro scroll bar so ugly? Why is the context menu also so ugly...they don't even match the Metro theme.

    4. Users hate full screen, especially on large displays. If the OS is called Windows, where are the windows? So if GDR3 now allows you to dismiss an app by clicking on the X, why can't you do the same in Windows 8.1? Have you ever tried to close an app in Windows 8 using a mouse by dragging the app from the top to the bottom? C'mon Microsoft. The markets will speak for itself. Consumers rejected Windows 8 and I think that they will reject it again, because the some core usability issues still exist, even though you guys have fixed some.

    5. Is it me or does Windows 8 start screen not look like a crowded convoluted mess, with all the square blocks animating? There need to be breathing room between the "Live" tiles, the greatest innovation from Microsoft (more on this in a min). Also, why is it that when you install an app, it installs everything, including help files, in your "app apps" screen. Imagine having over 100 apps install on your machine?

    6. MS love to brag about live tiles, but truth be told, Live Tiles is probably only applicable in maybe 20% of the scenario (weather app, calendar, etc). 80% of the time, all you have is a glorify icon in a big rectangular square taking up important real estate. Also, it doesn't make sense have all that animation like a coloring book even when the live tile is not visible on the screen. All you're doing is killing the battery.

  • Sounds good, Terry.  But why can't we get a single soul at Microsoft to say a single word about the future of the Desktop part of Windows?  Some of us have desktop applications that will not make good Metro apps, and we want to know if we can expect *any* future investment from Microsoft in the Desktop.  Your predecessor seemed to think that everything should be re-written for Metro.  There is of course not enough money in the world to rewrite all of the desktop applications that people rely on as Metro apps, and at the rate we're going, it's going to be 10 years before equivalent Metro apps are available (if the Metro personality becomes rich enough for ports/rewrites to even be viable).  So, what are your thoughts on this?