Windows 8.1 now available!

Windows 8.1 now available!

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Less than a year ago we were preparing to launch Windows 8, which introduced our vision of highly personalized mobile computing. And here we are today announcing the global availability of Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving the product to create a richer customer experience. We are excited to have customers start updating their devices today and getting to experience new Windows devices this holiday season.

Windows 8.1 brings a variety of new features and improvements to Windows 8 that we think people will really enjoy. We listened to your feedback and are delivering many of the improvements you asked for.

If you are a consumer with a Windows 8 device, you can now download the free update to Windows 8.1 online through the Windows Store*. Please visit for everything you need to know including how to get the update for your Windows 8 device. If you are a consumer on a device running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or the Windows 8.1 Preview – this page on will detect your OS and provide you with all the information you need in order to get Windows 8.1 on your device. I also highly recommend reading our FAQ which answers many of the most common questions about getting Windows 8.1.

Starting tomorrow October 18th, Windows 8.1 will also be available on new devices and as packaged DVD product at retail locations around the world. You can also click here to learn about the wide variety of new Windows devices available now and coming throughout the holiday season to find the one that best fits their needs, and their budget.

To celebrate the new Windows, starting today for the next 8 days – we will pick 810 (see what we did there?) random winners per day who tweet and share their new Start screen after updating their Windows 8 device to Windows 8.1 with the #MyStart hashtag.


To take a screenshot of your Start screen in Windows 8.1, open up the Share charm from your Start screen and tap or click the down arrow next to “Start” and choose “Screenshot” (shown above). Alternatively, you can press the Windows logo key + PrtScn on your keyboard or if you're using a tablet, press the Windows logo button + the volume down button.

Winners will receive a $10 promotional Windows Store gift card to get started with great Windows apps and games. Click here for the full terms and conditions for the sweepstakes including how to redeem your gift card if you are a winner. Winners will be informed via Direct Message on Twitter. This sweepstakes is for participants in the U.S. only. However, we would still love to see Start screens from people around the world and in different languages!

We will also be hosting an IAmA chat on reddit today with several of our engineers to answer your questions about Windows 8.1 from 10:30am to 12:00pm (PST). Our engineers are excited to answer your questions about many of the new features and improvements in Windows 8.1 (see more below on these features and improvements). Please note this will not be the appropriate place to seek help with any issues you may have had with getting Windows 8.1 on your device – the best place for assistance with your issues will be the Microsoft Community forums.

After our reddit chat, we will host a special Tech Thursday Live Twitter Chat to discuss Windows 8.1 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm (PST). Join @Windows, @kristinalibby, and myself (@brandonleblanc) for the chat. To participate in the chat, just use our normal #winchathashtag. We look forward to seeing some of your new Start screens from Windows 8.1! I’m planning to share my Start screen but you’ll have to attend our chat to see it as I’m still finishing up making it look epic.

You’ve heard us (and me) talk a lot about the new features in Windows 8.1 since the Build conference last June but I think it’s worth reiterating the awesomeness that Windows 8.1 brings to your device.



Start the way you want. The Start screen in Windows 8.1 is more customizable than ever with new tile sizes, new background designs and colors – allowing you to make the Start screen on your device unique and personal to you (you should see some of the color combinations I’ve come up with for my Start screen!). You can also choose how you start your Windows experience – at the Start screen or the desktop. The Start button is back. And there is an improved Apps view that allows you to see all your apps the way you want.

Split Screen Four Apps

Multi-tasking is even better in Windows 8.1 – you can now have up to four apps side by side with flexible windows sizing for each app on the screen. At a minimum, I usually have 3 apps snapped side by side on my devices doing various things like email, listening to music and browsing the web. We have also improved multi-monitor support in Windows 8.1 allowing users to view their desktop or apps from the Windows Store on any or all their monitors.

Bing Smart Search

Bing Smart Search is the easiest way to find what you are looking for and to get things done. Built for touch, swipe or type from the Start screen and Smart Search will find what you need – whether it’s a document on your PC, a photo album in the cloud, your favorite app, or a website.

Bing Health & Fitness Diet Tracker

Bing Food & Drink

Windows 8.1 comes with new and improved Microsoft apps and services – available right out of the box and right from your Start screen. Skype is there for instant messaging and catching up with friends and family. We’ve updated the Mail app (well, more like over-hauled) to make email easier – for both personal and email and work email. Two new Bing apps are introduced in Windows 8.1 called Food & Drink and Health & Fitness along with updates to the News, Weather, Finance, Travel and Sports apps. Xbox Music has received a big update for Windows 8.1, and you can watch TV and movies with Xbox Video. And Windows 8.1 comes with Internet Explorer 11which is optimized for touch and brings speed boosts and synchronized browsing history, favorites, and settings across all of your Windows 8.1 devices.


Speaking of synchronizing – Windows 8.1 also comes with deep and improved cloud integration with SkyDrive. Your files are always accessible across all your devices. With SkyDrive smart files, you can create, edit, save and share files anywhere, anytime and your files are always with you, both on and offline.

Windows Store

And the Windows Store has been redesigned in Windows 8.1. With the “New & Rising” section it is now easier to stay on top of the hottest and newest apps to hit the Windows Store. Plus, the Windows Store has a live tile too! The Windows Store will also now provide you with personalized recommendations – powered by Bing. And apps are now updated from the Windows Store automatically by default so you will always have the best and newest versions of your apps. Look for new and updated apps including Adobe Photoshop Express, Box, Evernote, Facebook, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and NOOK, for Windows 8.1. And more to come!

Windows 8.1 will also bring some very innovative new devices for both consumers and businesses from tablets and 2-in-1s with a perfect mix of mobility and productivity, to new laptops, All-in-Ones and specialized industry devices Windows 8.1 brings the widest selection of designs at every price point. I’ll be blogging more about many of these devices over the next few weeks as they become available, so you can find and experience a device that is truly an extension of you.

Windows 8.1 represents collaboration across the entire company. Over the last three days, we’ve featured guest blog posts from our friends at Skype, Xbox, Bing, SkyDrive, and Internet Explorer that discusses in the connected experience that Windows 8.1 brings together.

And now you can enjoy the results of this work today. So get your device updated! And be sure to share those Start screens.

*Internet access required; fees may apply.

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  • I am always pleased with your services

  • Like I wrote before, Microsoft will make a huge update to Windows 8.1. The first came Tuesday (142MB), others will follow. But now my PC runs slower, the internet speed droped. One mess after an other. If you own Microsoft shares, I would sell them. Microsoft will go bankrupt with this OS!

  • This blog / page is useless, like i already mentioned people are using only to spam. My advice to Microsoft is you should disable this blog or permanently delete it.

  • What the hell is this Windows blog for, when no one answers questions of Windows customers WHO PAYED to buy a licensed Windows 8 OS! After this ignorance from Microsoft I can understand that people move to other OS’s.

    Luckily in our country customers have a right to give back the OEM OS when buying a new PC and get the OS price down from the PC price.

    There are so many problems with Windows 8.1. Users all around the world are helping each other to get Windows 8.1 running a bit better. But what does Microsoft do? NOTHING!!!

    For me it would be legitimate that Microsoft would pay every user who gives useful tips to the community here. Like everyone sees here, no one from Microsoft is helping the user. Microsoft pays thousands of dollars every month to each developer but the user has problems over problems. Why an for what is Microsoft paying these guys? Better fire half of them and go down with the OS price instead!

  • fytercn
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    I need VisualStudio For RT, VisualStudio For WP.

  • There is one problem with upgrade..the battery life is almost reduced to half.

    Though Microsoft maintains that the issue is only limited to Surface RT, but I must say that the problem is way beyond. I have an HP Envy 4 Sleekbook having core i5 processor with 4GB Ram running Win 8. After the upgrade from the windows app store the battery life came down to 3 hours from the previous 7 hours. No remedy could solve the problem. So I had to downgrade to Win 8 and there the problem was solved.

    Seems a good upgrade is down garde.!

  • rxfelix
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    Bad news.

    Just upgraded my Windows 8 Pro laptop to Windows 8.1.  While I thought I knew what to expect from advance reading, I did _not_ expect to lose the ability to join my domain.  The free upgrade took my "Pro" version and downgraded it to a standard version -- one step forward and one and one-half steps back.

    Caveat upgrador.

  • Naj
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    I do not know why people just hate Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Probably, it is because of the UI however, Windows 8 UI is a bit different and awesome than previous versions . All It takes is 5 minutes to learn the differences , that's it, then you are a master of your new Windows 8 (8.1). That's from experience with my kids, my non tech wife, my non tech friends.

    I did upgrade from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 and it was quite pleasant to move to an advanced and secured version. Though, it was slow a bit initially, but it was due to corrupt user profile. once i got it fixed and went through all the basic maintenance work and few additional tweaks  (, Improved Windows 8.1 PC performance using free cleanup software (

    Windows 8.1 puts new life into aging  pc's and notebooks. It boots faster and runs better than 7. For me, It is a big improvement. I have installed it now on a number of older machines with no problems and seen much improved performance

  • Seems like people are just spamming this post. No answers are expected from the respective members. It would be good if someone would be kind enough to post a reply. Thanks

  • How do I get Windows 8.1 to stop randomly rebooting?  I wish I hadn't done the install.  I get all my stuff up and running and ready to work then...reboot.  F!!!!!

  • Guchi
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    I am planning to buy a Surface 2 next year because of the best it offers to a student like me, although I dont have experiences in using Windows 8.1, I know that it is great and have a greater potential as the best OS. About in Windows store, why not put some of the best apps in Google Play and App Store especially the games such as Temple run and the other Cut the rope series available in Windows Store? I think that it would be very great and improve Windows 8.1 much better and users would find it much enjoyable to use with. It will also prove greater that in Windows 8.1 "Work meets Play"

  • ojessen
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    I justed wanted to say that I am royally pi###d that I have to reinstall my apps after updateing from 8.1 Preview. It looks like I have lost my settings in Windows as well. How the f#ck did that happen?

  • I love windows 8.1, best upgrade ever! All of the old people who want systems the old way crack me up! I think these people are used to really slow boot time and low-paced system. My Windows 8.1 PC now boots faster than my iPad 3.

    Besides, it is even hard to break the barrier of Windows 8.1 security because of the improvements made in the release. Check the Following Article:

    Also, check how to create the ISO Image for Windows 8.1

    Thanks Microsoft!! Thanks for listening to Microsoft Community!!


  • what I find most gratifying about windows.8.1 it runs very fast and smooth which makes me feel comfortable and a lot more interesting, thanks

  • Mukhna
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    I am literally disappointed at the release of Windows 8.1... It has nothing but more bugs and offers slow and sluggish performance!! The Most awaited Start button is totally Useless !!

    After updating , i immediately came across Black screen issue :( that however i got fixed from this article

    And also, Tucows, Downloads of The Day for Windows (i.e. helped me to revive Speed of My Windows 8.1... Runs A bit faster however, i am not satisfied and may soon downgrade to Windows 8.....

    Thanks to Microsoft :(

  • Hello,

    Can someone from Microsoft be kind enough to reply my question.


    Can we expect a roll-up updated ISO for Windows 8.1 (multiple editions), as Enterprise and Pro VL editions is now replaced with new ISOs released on 10/17/2013, original release 9/18/2013 is no longer available. I am now wondering why the following Symbols and Debuy/Checked builds are newly released. i can smell we can expect the retail edition update too. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Windows 8.1 Symbols Debug/Checked (x86) - (English)

    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_debug_checked_x86_3104934.msi

    Languages: English

    SHA1: 2CE50FF91BD8180D88E1E048B2AF3F8D91D0B158

    Windows 8.1 Symbols Debug/Checked (x64) - (English)

    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_debug_checked_x64_3104911.msi

    Languages: English

    SHA1: E7881A396CC2F62CEB260509CE3A5B5DD2C97086

    Windows 8.1 Symbols (x86) - (English)

    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_x86_3104946.msi

    Languages: English

    SHA1: 0E4F16A201CAB8C5AC0BEFC9C48EAAA2EA31A553

    Windows 8.1 Symbols (x64) - (English)

    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_x64_3104922.msi

    Languages: English

    SHA1: 99385FB528570886DFC2E02CF68D1978A4511103


  • And of course, the Windows 8.1 ISO should be activated with the Windows 8 key. Otherwise this wouldn't be an update! It would be a new OS. Then you should bring a SP1 for Windows 8.

    And why did Microsoft change the order of the context menu from the recycle bin? Before the order from top was: “Open” – “Pin to Start” – “Empty Recycle Bin”. Now it’s “Open” – “Empty Recycle Bin” – “Pin to Start”. The first few times I have pinned the recycle bin to the start menu instead of emptying it.

  • After having massive problems (as described on my earlier posts here) with upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 via Windows Store on my Asus notebook, I decided to download the Windows 8.1 ISO as described here:

    I have installed Windows 8.1 x64 via USB stick on my Asus eeePC with generic key. The clean install runs without problems. Much better than the store update on my other Asus notebook.

    Remember its 64bit Windows 8.1 on Asus eeePC netbook with Atom N450 CPU! I did not activated the OS yet. Also no other software is tested on it. The eeePC does not have USB3.0, so I can’t test this.

    This shows me that the update install via store is the problem. An ISO for clean install is mandatory.

  • Windows 8.1 does include much demanded changes to Windows 8. For example it brings back the start button from desktop interface. In Windows 8.1, Quick Link menu allows shutting down or restarting the device. It has more size options for live tiles on Start screen. Work on windows 8 had started in 2009 and was released in August, 2012 and this update, version 8.1, has come fourteen months later, improving on all the issues faced in this period.


  • I was still using windows 7 and there is no intention to change to windows 8.1:D . Due to the specifications of the computer hardware that I use, yet powerful to be upgraded to the latest windows :)

  • Have updated from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro. All seem fine except that the USB 3.0 ports are having problems.

    I have a Seagate Expansion external hard drive connected to the USB 3 port. It was working fine when I was on Windows 8. After upgrading to Win 8.1, my external drive gets disconnected and reconnected frequently (like in 5 or 10 minutes intervals) all day long.

    So I went to Device Manager & tried to turn off the power management for USB but to no avail.

    I have tried to uninstall the Renesas USB 3.0 drivers & reinstall but I keep getting the same problem. I also used the Update Driver in Device Manager .it gets updated to the Microsoft provided drivers. However, still the same problem.

  • DON'T UPGRADE TO WIN 8.1 if you have

    1. AMD Dual Graphics (my case: AMD Radeon HD 7640G N HD 7640G + HD 7400M N HD 7400M Dual Graphics)

    2. Dual boot with other O/S

  • RonWPB
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    The "new" Start button was a waste of coding. It does nothing more that what resting your mouse cursor in the lower left-hand corner did. Microsoft, you should have brought back the "old" Start button that was actually useful. It brought up your programs and a lot of other "useful" stuff. Having my programs as tiles on the Start Page is time consuming and messy. Who thought this was a good idea? Bring back the ease of Windows 7 and stop forcing me to keep going back to my Start Page. It makes me crazy! Listen to your customers, Microsoft!

  • Hello,

    Can we expect a roll-up updated ISO for Windows 8.1 (multiple editions), as Enterprise and Pro VL editions is now replaced with new ISOs released on 10/17/2013, original release 9/18/2013 is no longer available. I am now wondering why the following Symbols and Debuy/Checked builds are newly released. i can smell we can expect the retail edition update too. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Windows 8.1 Symbols Debug/Checked (x86) - (English)

    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_debug_checked_x86_3104934.msi

    Languages: English

    SHA1: 2CE50FF91BD8180D88E1E048B2AF3F8D91D0B158

    Windows 8.1 Symbols Debug/Checked (x64) - (English)

    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_debug_checked_x64_3104911.msi

    Languages: English

    SHA1: E7881A396CC2F62CEB260509CE3A5B5DD2C97086

    Windows 8.1 Symbols (x86) - (English)

    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_x86_3104946.msi

    Languages: English

    SHA1: 0E4F16A201CAB8C5AC0BEFC9C48EAAA2EA31A553

    Windows 8.1 Symbols (x64) - (English)

    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_x64_3104922.msi

    Languages: English

    SHA1: 99385FB528570886DFC2E02CF68D1978A4511103


  • ajayshah :

    "After updating from 8 to 8.1, So far I have faced 2 problem.

    1. print instruction is not working.

    2. window store is not opening

    Please help............"

    hmmmm, canceling upgrading... :)

  • After updating from 8 to 8.1, So far I have faced 2 problem.

    1. print instruction is not working.

    2. window store is not opening

    Please help............

  • I need offline installer for upgrading my Win 8 SL to Win 8.1. Online shop need stable internet connection, and I can not get a stable connection in my country.

    Currently I use dual boot Win 8 and Debian 7 with UEFI

  • OK gave up and used this MS account to download the update. The update went fine(although haven't tried the wifi yet to see if that is still working) and i managed to setup the laptop without an MS account (although they push you hard to go down that path and dont make it obvious you dont need the account). After reinstalling start8 & firefox i am back to semi normal. Still some basic issues I have with win8.1. Cant use dark themes on the desktop without the title text and minimise & resize buttons all but disappearing from view. No proper replacement for gadgets on the desktop. I run 4 on my PC to monitor drives/cpu/ network etc. Between this issue and the lack of ISO my desktop PC will be staying on Windows 7 for a long time to come.

  • Bob W
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    My 8.0 work just fine, however when I downloaded 8.1 just about all my settings changed and I can no longer access the network from my laptop.  I just want to go back to 8.0 if there is a way.  Nothing seems to work with 8.1.

  • Couple of things I like to highlight. 1) After the 8.1 update my hp laptop's battery life has come down by almost 50%! Till it was running Windows 8, I used to get 4hrs of backup but now its just about 2hrs!! 2) When i click reload it takes very long time to refresh ( atleast about 20-25secs) which was not the case in Win 8. Just to let know, i have a 16GB RAM with 2.4ghz i7 processer..Does anybody have answer for these 2 issues?

  • This upgrade is total BS! When we upgraded to Windows 8 Pro during the promo period, we had the option of creating an ISO to make a DVD or by using the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to create media.

    I never seen it stated anywhere that this was going to be an upgrade install, like many, felt as though it would install as a service pack.

    Now my notebook that's fairly powerful with a fast SSD runs 8.1 slower than the original 8 Pro install. The clean install of 8.1 Preview that I ran for 3 months ran very fast.

    And the catch in the EULA (I do actually read these things) is that we CANNOT revert to the previous version, as by accepting the upgrade, we give up the rights to that OS.

    What type of service is this from a premier corporation? MS pulled a fast one on us here. My other Windows 8 computers won't be getting this update, as it's highly likely that the next version of Windows will be released before support runs out.

    I've became used to Windows 8 Pro, as well as Windows 8 on a new PC & this upgrade served me no purpose.


  • Crazy!!!! SDC took two tries over 1 1/2 hours even OVER the 3+Mbps connection at the Microsoft store just to grab the 8.1 ISO >.

  • Momi
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    I want to get Windows 8.1 ISO file. Where will i get it?

  • Currently I'm using Win 8.1,

    Improve the battery life this is critical

    WTH with Surface 2 Pro battery life only 6.7 Hrs this on the Wifi normal browsing.

    Surface 2 Pro unable to compete with the macbook Air with the same hardware j^st the OS different MAC OS X able to archive almost double in the battery efficiency.

    MSFT I told you got a huge of expert, please fix it.

  • turin07
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    But as a distributor (someone making cd's for user purchase) how can I guarantee the Win8 machine will pop-up a dialogue box when the disk is put in.  Have tried several things with autorun.inf and autoplay in the cd root but no consistent results.  If NOTHING happens for the user much confusion will ensue.  Cannot instruct all of them on autoplay settings from a distance?!


    from Oct. 20

    As a distributor how do we trick a Win8 machine to autorun and/or autoplay?  Can get a dialog box to open half of the time (randomly?!) but NOTHING HAPPENS the rest.  Not good for our "older" customers who have a hard enough time navigating. Help.

  • IFP
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    Microsoft Mail 8.1 app: Upgraded from Win 8 pro to Win Pro 8.1. Cannot connect to my exchange server 2007. because now it does not like my self-sign exchange certificate after a year of no problems what so ever. (does not work on several win8.1 devices/pc's).  If I use the certificate on any another windows 8.0 pro device or PC it works like a charm. Why? Fix This!!!

  • DanChan
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    I must agree 100% with kandelini. Since installing 8.1 my laptop is at least 50% slower than when it was running Windows 8. It is constantly freezing and has lost all the smoothness.

    Also, hugely disappointed with the "Start" button. It does one thing that is useful - allow you to right click to shutdown the PC. Other than that, what is the difference between adding that and doing what I did before which is hovering the cursor in the lower left hand corner to go back to the Start screen with all the tiles?? I was really hoping for the Windows 7 Start Menu.

    I hope that Microsoft here all these gripes loud and clear and change things. Windows 8 and 8.1 cannot be a mutli-platform OS. It CANNOT.  Laptops and desktops are (if you haven't noticed Microsoft) completely different that Tablets and Phones. Windows 8 and 8.1 cannot exist in Corporate environments. If IT savy people get frustrated using this thing, how on earth do you expect people who have a hard time navigating Windows 7 to use this? I am an IT professional and when my clients ask me about Windows 8, I advise them to avoid it like the plague - for home and business.

    MS have lost the plot with Windows 8, Server 2012 and Exchange 2013...but I digress...

    IE 11...I went to login to Webmail (Exchange 2010) and the only option I got was to use the light version of the browser? IE11 doesn't even work with Exchange OWA??

    Needless to say, I am while I type this backing up my files and am going back to the beauty of Windows 7. I'm tired of Windows 8 and pinning 10,000 items to my task bar and shortcuts all over my desktop so that I can access Programs without having to use that debacle of a Start Menu, Start Screen, Tiled Mess that Windows 8 and 8.1 is.

    If this is the Evolution of Windows, I bid you farewall. Id much rather buy a Mac or use Linux.

  • Fran23
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    Hola Gente! Si reinstalo Windows 8 de manera limpia, puedo volver a usar la clave de activación que compré de Windows para volver a activarla? es en la misma PC. Gracias!!

  • SIMPLE SOLUTION TO THE REALMS OF DOWNLOAD PROBLEMS - RELEASE AN ISO !!! This is hardly rocket science. I bought a Toshiba laptop with Windows 8 installed. I hated it with a passion, but thought I would reserve judgement until all the issues had been resolved with 8.1. However after trying 10 times to install I have given up and realize Microsoft are now incapable of writing and delivering usable software. Same issue as loads of others stops installing after 50% and goes back to the beginning.


    Brandon - Please stop ignoring this issue and at least admit someone somewhere at Microsoft is looking at this. Even better just give us all a link to an ISO file

  • MICROSOFT PLEASE FIX THE 8.1 ISSUES this really sucks  I get the 0x80070004 error every time I try to upgrade.  You wrote that error message, you probably even get the stat/logs of the failure.      I have tried all the blog advice:  Compleley removed my antivirus, unstalled most 3rd party apps, reset the store,......   Come one I have been waiting for the fixes for too long and now this is the user experience of over 10 tries to install.

     PLEASE FIX this issue!

  • Brandon I did a lot of forum reading over the weekend and every item I found pointed to the fact that at some point you needed to have a Microsoft account to download the update. It firstly asks to convert your local account by entering your local password. If select the option to authorise apps individually it will then ask for Microsoft account detail to proceed. No matter which options I tried it wanted a Microsoft account to continue. This account is a spam catcher email and I don't want it used on my laptop. I don't use any Microsoft services so there is nothing to be gained by using a Microsoft account and I never use "metro" apps. Between this and the lack of ISO none of my computers (or my sisters) will be updated.

  • d_AJ
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    Brandon LeBlanc, I have a very good idea: bring back the old downloader & installer (for the old Windows 8 Release Preview), it was *resumable*, and made and controlled by MS. Help us succeeding in upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1. Bring the old downloader & installer back.

  • d_AJ
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    Brandon LeBlanc, how can I upgrade to Windows 8.1 through Windows Store, if the downloader & installer is not *resumable*. Will there be any fix for this? I remember that the downloader & installer for the old Windows 8 Release Preview was resumable. But it was a desktop app. Will there be any fix for my problem? I just cannot download the huge update without switching off my system.


  • - that is not expected behavior. You should be able to update your device without connecting a Microsoft account. I recommend going to our Microsoft Community forums and posting there about the issue as there support people there who can assist:

  • - you can manage the AutoPlay settings in Windows 8.1 by bringing out the Search charm and typing "AutoPlay" into search and choosing "AutoPlay settings".

  • - thank you for your feedback. Regarding the "Windows.old" folder after updating to Windows 8.1 - you can run the Disk Cleanup tool to remove this folder and free up space.

    You can also download apps from the Windows Store on a local account by entering your Microsoft account credentials into the Windows Store by going to the Settings charm and "Your account". You do not need to connect your Microsoft account to your user profile. You can simply use your credentials within the Windows Store itself to download apps.

  • My adventure with Windows 8.1 this weekend:

    IE11 has problems displaying a huge amount of websites.

    IE11 can’t read feedburner RSS

    IE11 – F12 --> doesn’t give IE10 / IE9 e.g. view

    Office 2010 runs much slower

    PC startup 5-6 times slower than with Windows 8

    Problems reading from Toshiba external HDD (USB 3.0), turns off

    The so called “Start Button” does the same as clicking on the left bottom corner of the screen. Nothing new, just a button! (Rigth click has shutdown, this is good)

    To download an app from the store you have to run the whole computer on MS account. Not possible anymore to download with an MS account from the shop while running the computer on local account. Very annoying!

    After updating to Windows 8.1 from the shop there is a folder called “windows.old” on C. A huge folder. Also in the user folder there are some I think backup folder. With a clean install you wouldn’t have them.

    An ISO file is mandatory to make a clean install.

    But also when you have a Windows 8.1 ISO, you cannot install it with your Windows 8 serial. Why not? This is an update, you can also call it Windows 8 SP1.

    After Microsoft released Windows 8 there were some huge bugs. Shortly they released two major security updates, each 162MB. I think Windows 8.1 will get an huge update shortly of minimum 300-400MB.

    Without this fixes, an ISO file for clean install and the ability to install Windows 8.1 with Windows 8 serial, I would stay away from upgrading to Windows 8.1!

  • I Use windows 8 and now 8.1 in a professional environment and it is so disappointing and frustrating. My colleagues and I hate it. We don't use touch screens and we don't need any apps, we just want to do our jobs and windows 8 or 8.1 is not making it any easier... Windows 8 is maybe great for kids(my 10 year old son loves it) or for home leisure users, but it sucks big time for professional use. Please bring back the windows 7 interface for professional use as an option, you would make a lot of people very happy... The new start button doesn't change anything... There are a lot of unhappy windows users out there, maybe it's time to do something before you loose them...

  • Mantvydas
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    Now that I've upgraded, I love it.

    Killer features:

    Number 1: Windows+X shortcut (or right click on Start Button), now I can restart a computer Windows+X, U, R.

    Number 2: Naming of Start menu App groups

    Number 3: Improved Search, now search results are all in one place, instead of three Apps, Settings, Docs.

    Disappointing features:

    1. Can't turn off Tabbed Browsing (that's invention of non-OS integrated browsers) in Internet Explorer 11 any more. When switching windows with Alt+Tab, you can get into every Internet Explorer page, that you have open.

  • Disappointing.

    I bought an 8.0 upgrade and installed over Win7 64-bit.

    8.1 upgrade doesn't show up in the store.

    Why don't you listen to your customers and release an ISO? Or at least a web link that actually forces an upgrade.

    You're trying to be Apple, but their stuff WORKS without registry hacks or deleting arcane system files.

  • turin07
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    As a distributor how do we trick a Win8 machine to autorun and/or autoplay?  Can get a dialog box to open half of the time (randomly?!) but NOTHING HAPPENS the rest.  Not good for our "older" customers who have a hard enough time navigating. Help.

  • rem1092
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    I do not see the update in the store it's been two days and nothing.

  • Brandon,

    I hear you, but surely you understand my frustration here. And clearly I'm not the only one. Don't get me wrong, I like Windows 8.. not so thrilled with having the Modern UI forced on me when I don't have a touch based laptop. And to add to that, my laptop is a VERY modern Alienware 17 which came with the best possible display Dell had so if Dell isn't pushing touch displays on their most current and highest end laptops than that should say something.

    My suggestions for Windows 8.2 (Windows 8 SP2) or Windows 9 or whatever the next one is going to be..

    1. If you give away the upgrade for free to Windows 8 owners than my Windows 8 key should be valid with an 8.2 or 8.1 ISO.

    2. Give us the option to download the ISO.

    3. Give us the option to choose which UI we want to use (the 'Modern UI' or 'Classic UI') rather than force the 'Modern UI' down the throats of users who don't have or want a touch screen.

    4. Give us back the REAL start menu. This new Start Menu in 8.1 feels like you guys trolling us somehow.

    5. This goes back to number 4. We all know the classic start menu is still in Windows 8. For those of us who used the beta builds, there was a registry mod you could add to bring it back which MS quickly broke. Put it back. Business users don't care about the Fisher Price looking interface of the 'Modern UI'. This should be an option in Windows 8 Pro, Enterprise, etc but maybe not so much the Home versions.

  • NSBlasi
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    arunsunner I have checked the event viewer but ther is no bidguard.exe. But thank you for replying. So I stil hav the problem with ERROR 0xc0000005 during upgrading to 8.1.

    Someone any idea?

  • Hi Brandon,

    Just to add something to what others have said about needing a Microsoft Account to use the Windows Store upgrade - you definitely do!

    You can still download the upgrade from the Windows Store Upgrade on a *machine* with only local accounts, so you don't need a Microsoft Account tied to the machine's login accounts.

    However when you click on the download from the Store, you must either convert the local account to a Microsoft Account (which I didn't do) or you then get the chance to sign into just the Windows 8.1 upgrade application with a MS account (which I did do, because the alternative at that point is a Cancel option which stops the upgrade).

    This didn't change the machine's login accounts, which are still all local, but I couldn't see a way past that step without using my Microsoft Account.  I was coming from 8.1 Preview if that makes a difference.

    However if the design is that you shouldn't need a Microsoft Account then there's a bug or missing option somewhere.

    Hope this helps,


  • Microsoft, having ISOs available would definitely be good for the Microsoft community or alternatively make available the DVDs for a nominal fee. I for one would be happy to pay Microsoft for a Windows 8.1 with windows media center replacement DVD. If I ever need to make a fresh install this is the best methodology. I would even be happy to pay a small fee to download the ISO.

  • when i update to windows 8.1

    - my MS OFFICE 2013 has been deactivated

    - some of my online games (specially  with 3D requirement) are all messed up (i mean it didnt work anymore)

    - i didnt get the multi-tasking panes ( i only have 2 at a time, why was that ?)

    - my lock screen it didnt show up the slide show (although i set it to that)

    hope u can help with this problems

  • I upgraded to Windows 8.1 yesterday everything ran fine but my copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 was deactivated, I tried to activate it re-entering the Product Key but it won't work not even through phone activation. I need some help.

  • Hi Brandon, yes I was aware 8.1 had a help tile, what I was saying a lot like MS not having a ISO for this upgrade the NO HELP TILE FOR 8.0 was a small but important mistake.

  • I brought a Disc copy of Windows 8 Pro, and I brought a download version of Windows 8 Pro.  I also have a product key for Windows 8 Pro with Media Centre.

    If I ever have to reinstall the software are you saying I have no choice but to install Windows 8, and then all the Windows Update, before I can install Windows 8.1?

    I would appreciate having an ISO version for future reinstalls, using my existing Product Keys!  And I would rather be able to download it directly from Microsoft, than take the risk trying to find it via Bit Torrent, or questionable third party sites.

  • "Brandon LeBlanc Brandon LeBlanc 2320 Posts

    October 20, 2013

    sapaleale - you are not required to have a Microsoft Account (or your Microsoft Account connected to your profile) to update to Windows 8.1 through the Windows Store."

    Well I just tried a again and will not let me download without signing in or creating a Microsoft account so there is no upgrading going to happen here.

  • Updating to 8.1 not only changes most if not all settings, it tries to force you to tie everything to a MS email account and it wants to send everything to the cloud.  It pushes it every chance it gets.  It pushes this so much I uninstall everything MS but the OS.

  • My internet speed is 10kb/s and this speed is too low for updating 8.1,so please provide us the ISO file of win 8.1,if u guys provide the ISO file,i'll download from mobile.

  • Please provide us the ISO of Windows 8.1

  • check the event viewer. if there is something called bidguard.exe, uninstall it, then try again.

  • NSBlasi
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    I have tried to upgrade from windows 8 to 8.1. Ihave succesfuly downloadedd the file but after compatibility checking it started to install the thing end I got an ERROR. Saying something like installing windows 8.1 was not succesful ERROR CODE: 0xc0000005

    Can somebody solve this for me? I'd love to have windows blue.

  • - regarding no "help tile" - did you know that Windows 8.1 comes with a new Help+Tips app?

  • - thank you for your comment. And you are welcome to post your opinions here however I ask that next time you do, please be a little more constructive and respectful.

  • - sorry, I don't run Linux or have any experience with Linux so am not sure how installing Windows 8.1 will impact any sort of Linux installation you have.

  • - you are not required to have a Microsoft Account (or your Microsoft Account connected to your profile) to update to Windows 8.1 through the Windows Store.

  • For those having issues with the screen turning blue and red in some applications and games, go into your video card setting and turn off Stereoscopic 3D. For some reason the update turned this on for me. Your setting may be different, but here's a screen shot to help you find what you're looking for (nVidia)

  • d_AJ
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    Hi, Brandon LeBlanc. You said on August 14, 2013  in the article "Mark your calendars for Windows 8.1!": d_AJ - installing Windows 8.1 through the Windows Store even on slow connections should work.

    How can it work if the program that downloads the update is *NOT*RESUMABLE* ?

    I just cannot have my system continuously connected to MS servers for *150* hours, without any glitch.

    Please, give us an ISO (we can use any resumable downloader) or at least, give us a program that is *resumable*.

  • I have just updated from 8 pro to 8.1 pro, and am pretty happy except for one thing; on all my games, google earth, etc, the colour is messed up. The red and blue are displaced laterally by about 1cm. Normal screen display, photos, etc are OK. Does anyone know what's going on?

  • shishir
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    @Brandon , Myself from India. I have Linux installed on my laptop along with Windows 8 Pro, If I update it to windows 8.1 will there be any problem with the Linux?. And my store is still not showing update..

    please reply this time

  • The really only good thing on Windows 8.1 I found is you have more tile sizes on the start screen. This is really the only thing which is better.

    I will format my hd and install Windows 8 back on my pc. Windows 8.1 is a mess at all.

  • So no ISO and I need to use a microsoft account to update to 8.1 sorry but I dont want this spam catcher account tied to a machine and as I dont use any other microsoft services I will not be updating. Microsoft really dont have clue what their customers want nor do they appear to care.

    The old laptop will stay on 8.1 preview and the main PC will stay with Windows 7

  • Updated to Windows 8.1 yesterday.

    Everything runs fines except that the startup of my computer takes now 5-6 times longer than with Windows 8.

    IE11 has problems displaying a huge amount of sites. And why does the IE11 RSS reader not display feedburner RSS?

    Office 2010 products startup is much slower with Windows 8.1.

    From 52 PC in our company with have now change 49 to Linux. Just 3 left on Windows. And this three will also change soon because of the very poor customer service MS provides.

    Windows 8.1 is just an update, but you let people download 3.6 GB! Where is the ISO file?

    MS is the best example of how a company can lose customers.

  • To get ISO:

    1. go to

    2. download both installers "Install Windows 8.1" and "Install Windows 8".

    3. Run Install Windows 8 with your key and have it run download

    4. Stop download after few seconds

    5. Run Install Windows 8.1

    6. Save as ISO ;)

  • Jamal
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    It is very easy to UPDATE windows 8 Enterprise, while windows update will not appear on Windows Store Program.

    First Copy Windows 8.1 Enterprise on DVD (Download it from Internet)

    Run Windows 8 Enterprise, and then

    Run windows 8.1 Enterprise SETUP

    It will give you option to Download the Update for Windows 8.1 Enterprise

    Download it, and then it will ask you whether you want to Keep your programs, files and Applications or nothing

    Choose the option you want, the Update will be downloaded

    The trick Setup windows 8.1 Enterprise is just to Download the update

    Enjoy it

  • It's just too difficult to understand why MS is not giving out the update as an ISO. There is no need to mimic Apple in any way MS is much better than Apple. MS is always known to me as a vendor who likes to keep things really simple. So guys atleast give an option to burn an ISO after the upgrade is complete via store.

  • will not update with win 8 pro with media center?? goes thru the whole process but in the end rolls back??

  • primexx
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    please listen to your customers Microsoft. half the comments are asking you for an ISO. there is obvious demand. an ISO without a valid key is pointless, but it's immensely useful for many of your customers. so why not distribute it? we can all get it from the pirate bay anyway but many many of us prefer to get it from an official MS source just to be sure. please provide downloads to ISOs!!!

  • Those with 8.0 Retail copies who want an ISO of 8.1, this worked for me..

    Not sure if my 8.0 key will work with installation though but hey, at least I got my ISO.

    PS: Windows 8.1 = Windows 8 SP1. Can't believe you MS has the balls to consider this a major release and require new keys etc.

  • I understand why Microsoft is using the Windows Store model for updates. MS has been desperately trying to mimic Apple's business model of the last few years. Just like how Apple has an App Store built into Mac OS where upgrades of the OS are done in the exact same manner and there is no ISO option. One thing MS NEEDS to consider... not SHOULD consider.. but absolutely NEEDS to consider..

    MS.. YOU ARE NOT APPLE! Apple's business model works for them because they deal with the mom and pop sort who don't want or need to use ISO's to custom install the OS. MS, YOUR primary market whether you know it or not is the Techie types. We want ISOs. Why by PC's because we like to customize our systems. You can't do much if any customizing on a Mac platform.

    It seems to me you guys are trying to dip into Apple's target market (the average mom and pop) and at the same time telling your loyal Techie fan base to go piss up a rope. You guys are chasing the sexy hot cheerleader that's only going to use your stuff till she gets bored and moves on too the next latest craze, while leaving the loyal nerds who have been there supporting you even through your worst moments (namely Vista and lest we forget that total abortion of an OS called 'Me').


    Give us our freaking ISO's?!?!?!

  • I have updated my main machine and the update went flawless, as so many have already stated as I have a slow connection and 4 Win 8 machines WHY is there not an ISO? You keep saying there is none and we know that but no where can I find a reason behind that. Seems MS is TRYING to upset people.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Win 8.1 but I don't understand why MS seems to be making basic errors, like no help tile in Windows 8, such and obvious thing and now NO ISO, doesn't help me convince my customers to stay with Windows, or to update there Windows. Far to many of my customers rely on expensive 3G (no 4G yet in our area) downloads. Come on MS, get the little things right and help the people using serving and selling to you customers!

  • I am fairly proficient with computers. I will upgrade anyway if you have not released the ISO by the middle of December, but it will be MUCH easier if you let me do a clean install.

  • Improv
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    Why are you so anti consumer?! My God give us the ISO!

  • Chris_D
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    I'm disappointed that Windows 8.1 increased the CPU requirements from Windows 8. It's mentioned in the fine print of Microsoft's system requirements, but that's not a change anyone would reasonably expect from a point release.

    Specifically, I'm running 64-bit Windows 8 very comfortably on a Pentium D 820 CPU. The Windows 8.1 update appears in the Store but won't install because my CPU doesn't meet the new requirements. The specific extension that Pentium D is missing is called PrefetchW. It's an AMD-only extension that all Intel CPUs either ignore or don't support, and in the past Windows has always suppressed that extension for unsupported Intel CPUs. It's not clear why they chose this point release to quietly change that behavior.

    If I reinstall the 32-bit version of Windows 8, I will be able to upgrade to Windows 8.1, but that's a major hassle. Boo to Microsoft for making an arbitrary technical change in a supposedly install-in-place release that will confuse likely thousands of users whose hardware can fully support Windows 8.1, if it weren't for Microsoft's sudden impulse to remove a small bit of legacy code and make life difficult. Microsoft isn't exactly boasting a giant user base for the Windows Store, so it's hard to imagine why they'd throw up roadblocks to encouraging 8.1 uptake.

  • tuco46
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    Brandon it wasn't my first it was my second  , but that is neither here or there , I will not install the update again,so there is no need for help of issues that arise from this type of update this is why clean install avoid issues..

    I have been  building computer since 1994 . could I have made that update work, I can say most likely without any doubt YES, but why should I fix something that is suppose to work.after you install it and you can bet your A$$ there are going to more problems in the next few weeks with this Update and they are going to be sorry that they didn't give a ISO

    Brandon I'm sorry for my venting it wasn't meant towards you!!!

  • nnoway
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    Is this a joke? It installs as a new operating system, 2+gig, for just a few minor updates?

    Does little or nothing to fix the problems of using win8 in a desktop environment.

    Flat fullscreen start menu with all apps on one screen all visable at one time.

    Windows 2.1, 3.x with the program manager was better than this. Win8 is so far backwards in it's window, dialog appearance, menu structure it has never been seen before in any operating system.

    Just wipe out any advances in visual, usability convenience and roll us back to even before the atari amiga.

    But you can bring out your pre low end video cards and monochrome monitors again.

  • - your first comment was not deleted and is shown below. And according to your first comment, you were able to recover and get back up and running with your device. I suggest posting to the Microsoft Community forums as there are support people there who can best address the issue that occurred when you tried to update to Windows 8.1 I am not the right person to help you troubleshoot but people on our forums can help.

  • - I suggest you post to the Microsoft Community forums where support people there can better assist you with your issue:

  • arsalan
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    Hello Sir,I Installed the Windows 8 "Single language" (Genuine) on my PC 4 months earlier. But 2 days ago I have installed Windows 8.1 "Pro preview" (Downloaded from the Website with an Activation Key). But today I received an E-mail from Windows containing a Link of Apps Store for Windows 8.1 "Single Language". So, my Query is now can I download & install it in my PC?.....Please Reply

  • - we have not releases ISO files. You can update from the Windows 8.1 Preview through the Windows Store. Please see this webpage for all the information you need for moving from the Windows 8.1 Preview to the final release:

  • Skylab
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    I'm trying to understand where I could find a Finnish Windows 8.1 ISO file? Now I use a English Windows 8.1 Preview, and this can not be updated directly to my language. So where can I download the installation package for the Finnish language, which I can put on a memory stick or DVD, and then use it as a source of the installation? :|

  • arsalan
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    Hello Sir,I Installed the Windows 8 "Single language" (Genuine) on my PC 4 months earlier. But 2 days ago I have installed Windows 8.1 "Pro preview" (Downloaded from the Website with an Activation Key). But today I received an E-mail from Windows containing a Link of Apps Store for Windows 8.1 "Single Language". So, my Query is now can I download & install it in my PC?

  • tuco46
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    Brandon I will post this again as it was removed perhaps they don't want people to hear the truth,. I went to the store and clicked download windows 8.1 update all seemed to go smooth it  booted several times it got to the point setting up desktop  then screen went black after 15 min there was no activity light on the computer after and a half hour I rebooted a prompt came up across the screen unable to install and will restore to previous install.

    giving the benefit of doubt I tried again this time it went to full install I went to back up what was just done with Acronis that seemed to be OK Until I did the verify portion it failed I tried 2 more times they failed, many  settings were not working the last straw was as I have 2 monitors, set to duplicate, I then noticed they were not duplicate anymore, I checked the settings it was set to duplicate I reset it as soon as I did that screen went black came back as inverted they were , I went to that setting and it was still set at landscape which is normal i tried to reset it and it didn't make any difference what I set it to, that being I had enough.

    Thank god for Acronis I put my restore disk in and 5 minutes I was back to normal.

    I'm sure if I had a ISO and did a clean install this would not have happen!!

    There other then greed I see no reason why they didn't have a ISO.

    I paid $199+tax for the boxed version windows 8 pro 2 months ago and as said by Brandon to others you have to buy to get a ISO what a crock of $hit so that would be another $199.00. We should have given a choice like in 8.1 preview to install or to get a ISO I'm sure they could have done that!!!

  • Brandon, Thanks but the update does not appear in the Windows Store.  I've been to the update-from-preview location.  I have the enabling hotfixes installed.  Just no update software to install.

  • - thank you for your comment. I am relaying a lot of the feedback people are leaving here in comments to folks here. There are some people who might take this to mean I'm really not but I can assure you that is not the case. So again, really appreciate you, and others, taking the time to leave comments and feedback here.