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Tsingtao Brewery

The IT staff can install the newer operating system 75 percent faster than previous versions.

For full case study on Tsingtao Brewery, click here.


After deploying Windows 7, Orby saw a 15 percent increase in user productivity, which will lead to ongoing lower production costs.

For more about Orby's Windows 7 deployment, check out their case study here.

Tata Teleservices Limited

"Since installing Windows 7 Enterprise, we have already estimated a 28 percent reduction in power consumption for laptops and a 31 percent reduction for desktop computers." - Shirish Munj, Senior Vice President, Head of IT, Tata Teleservices Limited.

Tata Teleservices's full case study about their Windows 7 deployment is available here.  


Energizer has enhanced its IT security, reduced the number of application rules it manages by 80 percent, improved system performance by as much as 75 percent, and increased productivity by the equivalent of 80 full-time employees.

For their full case study, click here.  

Isle of Man

"By upgrading to Windows 7, we are saving £64,000 [$101,000] annually in energy costs. Isle of Man is a small community, so that is a tremendous savings for us." - Peter Clarke, Chief Technology Officer, Isle of Man.

For more information about Isle of Man's deployment of Windows 7, check out their case study.


Samsung enhanced IT security; simplified IT maintenance, which resulted in a 20 percent cost savings; and improved employee productivity.

Samsung's full case study on their Windows 7 deployment is available here.


"Windows 7 has a more ergonomic interface that's faster and easier to use. Workers are saving several minutes a day." - Torsten Reinhardt, Senior Architect for Core Client Solutions for the Client Engineering Department, T-Systems.

For more information about T-Systems deployment of Windows 7, their case study.

Villanova University

"Because we reduced our image count by 95 percent, we were able to speed our update process. Instead of taking two days to update all our images, it takes no more than two hours." - Matthew Morrissey, Director of Technology Support Services at Villanova University.

Read more about Villanova University's deployment in their case study here.

City of Miami

By developing Windows 7 image with latest updates and user profile applications with Microsoft Services, City of Miami also reduced its on-site support visits by 90 percent and was able to free up scarce staff for process improvements. Overall, City of Miami realized direct IT savings, in just power, of $90 per PC per year for each of its 3,000 computers - a savings of more than $270,000 annually.

Their Windows 7 case study includes more information about their deployment.  


"Having a stable, reliable operating system that works with our existing hardware is great for lowering our TCO. We need to devote fewer resources to system support and administration, and our users didn't require training for the new software. Windows 7 Enterprise is also very economical in terms of resources, which makes it a good fit for our technology landscape." - Laurent Allard, Chief Information Officer at Logica.

More information about Logica's deployment is in Windows 7 case study.

The Executive Council of Dubai

The Executive Council deployed Windows 7 Enterprise on its entire fleet of computers within three weeks.

Read more about Windows 7 at The Executive Council of Dubai in their case study here.

Petroleum Development Oman

As part of the operating system upgrade, the company moved from Internet Explorer 6 to Windows Internet Explorer 8, and it had to ensure that the web applications would work with the new browser.

"It turned out that making all of our web applications compatible with Internet Explorer 8 was not a big issue." - Salim Ambusaidi, Application Migration Lead for Petroleum Development Oman

For their full case study, click here.

TECO Energy

All employees are working in a more stable and higher-performing client environment, for efficiencies that generate the equivalent of U.S. $1 million in yearly cost savings. The company also is saving a total of $250,000 yearly on third-party software licensing and support, and on utilities.

TECO Energy's full case study is available here

Italian Ministry of Defense

"The most prominent advantages of Windows 7 are savings, estimated at 20 percent of our operational costs, when our client-control centralization and fully standardized infrastructure are complete. Windows 7 also extends the lifecycle of even our oldest machines, keeping 18 percent of them in service while still providing performance that matches current standards."- Commander Maurizio La Puca, Head of Operational Services at Italian Ministry of Defense

For full case study on the Italian Ministry of Defense, click here

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