Running Windows 8 Pro? Get the Windows 8 Media Center Pack for Free!

Running Windows 8 Pro? Get the Windows 8 Media Center Pack for Free!

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In case you haven’t heard the news- the Windows 8 Media Center Pack is available free for a limited time. Until January 31, 2013 you can get a free product key that will allow you to add the Windows 8 Media Center Pack to an existing Windows 8 Pro installation.

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By visiting the Add Features page on, between now and January 31, 2013 you can register for your free product key. You’ll then get an email that contains the product key, which you can activate via the “Add Features” Control Panel page in Windows 8 Pro.

If you want Windows Media Center on your Windows 8 Pro machine, now is the time to get it!

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  • getting a error saying not enough disk space. Changed the drive letter in recorder  storage. Anyone have a clue.

  • Same here like last comments... I can't register for a free Media Center Licence. I tried different e-mail-addresses but it doesn't work. Now the offer will end today. Any idea how I still could get a free licence?

  • goo
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    I am getting the exactly same thing as I did get one to go through yesterday but I never received the email that provides the code. I do have three licences for Live 8 and I would like to get this before the offer ends.

  • I have WIN8 PRO and I'm trying to get the free media center key but all the time I get the following msg "We couldn't process your order. (I tried with different email addresses too, still nothing)

    Terms & Conditions" why I get this? any ideas? thx

  • xpclient
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    That it can't be installed on Windows 8 Enterprise is a problem. Fix it please.

  • Gavin Gear
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    steeldoor- I'd like to help you get connected with Microsoft support. They can help to get you up and running, or issue you a refund. Please send me a mail at and I'll follow up with you.

  • I purchased this last night there was an internal error message come up and the whole down-load of Windows 8 to gone and I'm out $39.99.  what a rip off