If you are planning to attend TechEd Europe in Berlin next week. Here are a few sessions you may want to add to your calendar:


10:30 am -WCL309 - Local P2V Migration: Redelivering Your Old Windows Inside Your New Windows Using Free Tools – IE6, Incompatible Apps and All

Ever wish Windows XP Mode actually redelivered your old configured Windows XP environment, with all of your old potentially incompatible applications, Internet Explorer 6 and the IE add-ins you’ve been using for the last 3-5 years?  Sysinternals Disk2VHD can snapshot a running copy of Windows to itself while it is running, and we can script everything necessary and integrate with an automated deployment task sequence. The result is that applications from the old OS are published to the start menu of the new OS, making them easy to find. The old OS still has its antivirus running, is still joined to the domain, ccmexec would still be there if it was before, and group policies are still managing the VM guests. All of this is even supported.  While this isn’t something for every user, and requires Software Assurance and a volume license-activated system to be compliant, it can help in situations where a single, standard virtual machine will not suffice. Let us tell you more, and show you how to build it.


12:00 - WCL201-IS - Under the Hood with Windows Intune – IT Pro Deep Dive

Let the Windows Intune team take you under the hood of Microsoft’s newest offering, Windows Intune. This session will help you to see if Windows Intune is a good fit for your organization, as well as looking at deployment and management processes involved with Windows Intune.

16:00 - WCL201 - Windows 7 Deployment Tips from Early Adopters

Getting ready to start piloting Windows 7 in your organizations? Hear from Microsoft customers from the FirstWave Early Adoption Program about their real-world Windows 7 deployment challenges and how they resolved them. Join this panel discussion and get answers to your questions about how to execute Windows 7 Pilot and Deployment Programs successfully in your organization.


9:00 am - WCL303-IS - Starting a Windows 7 Pilot (Repeats on Friday at 9:00 am)

With so many companies now moving to Windows 7, how do you start that conversation amongst your own company’s decision-makers? This session delves into the key tools and resources available to you to jump-start your discussions. Topics include: customer and case studies; ROI Tools; application, inventory, compatibility and migration tools; end user training; and other key tools and resources that will help you to gather the information you need to convince your organization to start a Windows 7 pilot program.

10:30 am - WCL405 - Windows Deployment Live Game Show

TechEd can be a long week of technical, sometimes very dry, sessions. This year we’re looking to do the first-ever 400-level game show session with deployment experts from Microsoft and leading deployment partners. All questions will be submitted without the knowledge of the contestants in the low-to-high 400-level range, and put to our panel of deployment experts. We aim to make it entertaining and funny, and prove once and for all who knows the most about real deployment issues. Questions that cannot be answered by our expert panel will be opened up to the audience, for prizes. Or you can choose to play along and keep score while getting technical deployment tips. “Video- “, “Troubleshooting- “, “Debugging- “ and “Screenshot Daily Doubles” demos will even make it more interesting. If you want to take a break from textbook technical content, and experience fun technical content, come and be a member of our live studio audience.

And finally, make sure your register to attend the Springboard Series Community Party on Tuesday evening.