Get the Springboard Series App now available for your Windows Phone 7

Get the Springboard Series App now available for your Windows Phone 7

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Time for one last holiday gift. We are very proud to announce the release of our Springboard Series for Windows 7 app for your Windows Phone 7. The Springboard Series on TechNet is your your destination for technical resources, free tools, and expert guidance to ease the deployment and management of your Windows client infrastructure. To give you better access to these key resources no matter where you are, we created the Springboard Series App for Windows Phone 7.

The Springboard Series for Windows Phone 7 gives you access to key Windows 7 content no matter where you are and no matter what phase of the lifecycles you are in. From Discover and Explore, to Pilot and Deploy and Manage, it’s all here; videos, how to’s. FAQs, whitepapers, error code and kb article look ups even the step by step implementation and deployment guides, all on your mobile phone.

If you got a Windows phone for the holiday and you’re an IT pro, than this should be the first app you download and best of all, like the Springboard Series itself, it’s free.

Check out the screenshot’s below and then download the app via Zune by clicking here or by searching for Springboard in the Windows Phone 7 App Store.

1_Home    3_SearchOnHome    5_TopVideos   

2_PilotAndDeployOnHome    8_VideoViewer    6_TechnicalGuidanceList

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  • Softskilled,  is this still happening? Can you try it again? I'm wondering if the datafeed was unavailable at the time you were running your app for the first time.

  • Good to see progress being made on windows phone 7 :D

  • We are looking to have it available in additional counties early in 2011. Watch for it! :)

  • Softskilled,

    We checked with some MSFT employees in Germany. It should work. Uninstall and reinstall the app.

  • Wait - I take that back. Link doesn't work in UK, but search does (it helps if you spell it right)!  Soz!  :)

  • Hallo!  Any thoughts/indication as to when this will be available in the UK? Clicking the Zune link leads to a "Sorry, the requested item isn't available in your location" error, and it doesn't appear when searching the UK Marketplace... :(

  • thanks. honestly I would prefer it in English, just the way the springboard is originally. I also prefer movies in original version, no dubbing :).

  • Softskilled,

    Not sure. Will ask the design team. BTW- We will have a Spanish, French and German version of the app very soon so watch for it!

  • the application doesn't start in Germany (first screen and then comes back to the list of installed applications). Design mistake?

  • pcolmer
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    Fantastic! What a great resource. Thank you!