As IT Pros one of the things you sometimes do is work with your purchasing or asset management group to help them figure out what software and hardware is deployed to end users and if your organization is getting the most of these assets. Some of you dislike this work since it usually means generating reports that cost you time that could be spent on working on other projects like your Windows 7 rollout. What if I told you that you might already have a tool that could help out the asset management team with their requests and they would not have to call you anymore?

Well, if you have MDOP, you already have this tool. It’s called the Asset Inventory Service (AIS) and today we are happy to announce a new version is available. AIS is a cloud based asset intelligence solution that provides a comprehensive inventory collection of your Windows software and hardware.

With this new version we have made AIS an even better solution for asset managers and IT Pros. Through a modern user interface that supports eleven languages we have made it easier to use. We have also made software reports easier to read by aggregating software by major and minor versions and by providing hardware filters to quickly show information like serial number, logged in user, and make/model. AIS will also now look into the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) cache to give you a more accurate inventory of all the applications running on the machine. It also still also has our application knowledgebase with hundreds of thousands of application signatures and the ability to integrate your Microsoft volume license information into AIS. This integration makes understanding what you own and what you have deployed much easier to determine.

So you might be thinking that AIS could help you out but you wonder how much how much work is it to setup. Since AIS is a cloud service, there is no server infrastructure to stand up. No rack space requests no (virtual) sever to build, no network connection to order, nothing. AIS only needs an internet connection and a self-updating agent that needs to be installed on the machines you want to inventory. You can easily have AIS deployed and gathering information in a matter of days which means the asset managers no longer have to ask you for help and you can get back to doing the work that drive the business forward.

To learn more about AIS and other the other MDOP products, visit the MDOP Resource Zone on TechNet.