Did You Miss The Windows 8 Roundtable?

Did You Miss The Windows 8 Roundtable?

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If you missed last weeks Windows 8 Virtual Roundtable, “What IT Pros Should Know About Windows 8 Enterprise”? Fear not as the full show is now available for on demand viewing!

Learn about apps, virtualization, deployment, advancements in security, managing devices, and more in this virtual roundtable featuring deployment experts from the IT community, IT pros who have been through the Windows 8 deployment process, and members of the Windows product team. Topics covered by the panel also include end user productivity, DirectAccess, BranchCache, Windows To Go, sideloading apps, and performance. Get valuable tips for deploying Windows 8 in the enterprise and take a walk through the latest Windows 8 devices.

You can also check out all of our past Virtual Roundtables here.

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  • pzkpfw
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    Oh - and phones.

    One of the best things I did with my old HP iPaq PDA was build little games and utilities for it. Nothing I'd want to make good enough to sell (or give), but fine for personal use.

    If I buy a new Windows 8 Phone - will I be able to legally side-load MY OWN software on to it? (Written using the Visual Studio that I paid Microsoft $1,000 for).

    I need to upgrade my phone, and had been thinking about a Win 8 phone to keep me in a single ecosystem (Skydrive and all that). But these limitations drive me nuts and will be a big part of my buying decision.

  • pzkpfw
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    Yes, there are users of Windows who do not use Enterprise editions. The limitations on side-loading cut them out.

    (Personally, I don't even care about the (per PC) cost. If I had to pay $30 per (non-domain, non-Enterprise) machine I wanted to side-load onto, I wouldn't care. But the current situation is just awful.)

  • CMSmith,

    That is not true. Any Enterprise customer with Software Assurance gets the licenses for free.  You can also get a free 90 day key to test any app on a local machine. Are you building apps for customers not running Windows 8 Enterprise?

  • cmsmith
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    "What should IT Pros Know?" For IT Devs for a vast range of clients they'll need to pay extra for sideloading keys that you need to purchase in bulk. They easy answer - Stick with Win 7 for desktop and look at Android for tablets.