Announcing the Windows 8.1 User Readiness Toolkit

Announcing the Windows 8.1 User Readiness Toolkit

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In January we announced the “Windows 8.1 business user guide package” and promised that there was more great user readiness content coming. Today we are pleased to announce the availability of the Windows 8.1 User Readiness Toolkit for IT Professionals.

We know all users are capable of greatness, but sometimes can use a little help starting off on their Windows 8.1 journey. As an IT professional, you can start your users off on the right foot with this toolkit. You will help your users employ Windows 8.1 with confidence, excitement, and all of the tools they need to succeed.

Built on a staged-learning approach to Windows 8.1 adoption, the Windows 8.1 User Readiness Toolkit includes a broad range of tools:

1. User Roadmap – Provide an overview of the Windows 8.1 User Readiness Toolkit, including the staged user learning roadmap, and the resources and the steps of how to best utilize it in your organization.

Available in print version, web version, and InDesign file for customization.

2. User Tip Sheet – Give users this 1 pager tip sheet on Day 1 to help them get acquainted with Windows 8.1 in a few minutes.

Available in both PDF and PowerPoint format so that you can customize it to fit your needs.

3. Email template library– Send out these eight email messages (on T-10, T-5, Day 1, Week 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6) to provide staged tips and online resources to your users.

Available in both HTML and OFT formats for you to leverage.

4. Posters and flyers– Display these posters and corresponding flyers in public areas in your company to announce windows 8.1 deployment and raise awareness. You can pick the style of the posters that best fits your organization.

Available in both PDF and PowerPoint format. You can add your roll-out starting date, your company logo and internal website for further customization.

5. In-house trainer toolkit – Utilize these three 30-minutes scripts and short slide decks to prepare in-house user training.

6. Windows 8.1 business user training videos – Users can utilize these short videos (~4 minutes each) as self-learning tools on basic Windows 8.1 features and capabilities via guided, step-by-step instruction.

You can also leverage the Windows 8.1 Quick Guide for Business to provide users a basic introduction to key Windows 8.1 capabilities, as well as the Windows 8.1 Power User Guide for Businessfor users who want to learn more about the advanced features of Windows 8.1.

We hope this toolkit and user readiness resources can help you communicate, educate, and recommend the Windows 8.1 experience to your users. For more information about end-user training resources, please visit the Windows Enterprise Resource site. Thank you!

Alicia Chen, Product Marketing Manager, Windows Commercial

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  • Hey Rob,

    We were updating the assets with the new Windows 8.1 Update content - that's why the links weren't working for a couple of hours.  Now you can click the links and get the refreshed assets for your Windows 8.1 Update roll-out.  Hope you'll like them!  



  • "We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found", appearing when these possibly really useful links are only a few weeks old is very disappointing for the user guide and user readiness packages. Are they gone for good or just temporarily broken, given the post was only a few weeks ago?



  • Hi Roopesh,

    I recommend that you ask this question on Microsoft Answers -



  • Roopesh
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    i Recently bought  a lenovo G400s touch laptop which came with an pre installed OS and tried to upgrade it from windows 8 to 8.1 and every time when i try i get the error i tried many a times but getting the same error. Error code is 0x80240031.

    And i installed all the updates and i uninstalled all the 3rd party software, refreshed the system and uninstalled the antivirus and disabled the firewall too. and used wsreset.exe to restore the windows store too, but still getting the same error after trying it n number of times. Please advice.

  • fromjim
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    I can't find where to place my comments so please help.

    Don't be so quick to think it is a good deal, Microsoft is pulling a fast one, they are giving you an update that will make your Windows 8,0 DVD obsolete, once you finish the update you no longer can do anything related to the update with it, if you call and complain they will tell you all they can do is offer you a DVD for 8.1 for $66.00 and there is nothing else they will do. I have been complaining since the update last year to no avail.  I think this is not good news for Microsoft, and can't think of any reason for such a huge company to pull such a cheap stunt.  I compare this to someone selling you an inferior lock and later deciding that it wasn't a good idea and offered a new replacement one free of charge, then once you have used it to lock something you find out that the original key no longer works, BUT a new key is available for $66.00.  Really not a way to make good customer relations.

    I wish Microsoft all the best, I will pray they make the right decision and provide the DVD free of charge to anyone who wants one.

    May God bless Microsoft and those who make the decisions.

    Microsoft, when my prayers are answered you can let me know how to get my free DVD at


  • The download link is fixed and live now.  Please go check it.  Thanks!

  • The error message is "Sorry. This download is no longer available"

  • Hi Cosmintataru,

    We are not currently aware of any download issues.



  • Hi Ben,

    The download page did not work for me today. Please advise.