Windows DreamScene running with Dual Monitors

Windows DreamScene running with Dual Monitors

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With today's update on the status of Ultimate Extras from the Ultimate Team I thought it would be nice to highlight this cool experience I had the other day with Windows DreamScene.  I am currently running a dual-monitor setup on my main desktop PC running Windows Vista Ultimate. I decided to try out Windows DreamScene and see how well it worked with my two 24-inch Dell UltraSharp 2407FP monitors. I tried a few DreamScenes out including the Microsoft Silverlight DreamScene that you can download here.

Video: DreamScene on Dual Monitors

The DreamScenes worked really nicely running on both monitors.

Windows DreamScene is currently a Technology Preview (like a beta) downloadable through Windows Update for Ultimate users. The Ultimate Team is looking to ship the final version of Windows DreamScene later this summer.  

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  • Is it possible to get different dreamscene landscapes on a multi-monitor set up?  I am running a intel quad 2.66 with 8gb of ddr2 with three screens......I can get one landscape on all three but can I set a different one for each screen?

  • hwmike
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    I have to agree with freitasm and Blair....  Just because you have a maximised screen on one monitor should not cause dreamscene to pause on both monitors....

    It would also be nice if Vista would acknowledge screensavers that only work on one display, and allow an option so that it would play that screen saver on both displays...

    I am anxiously awaiting the "By Summers End" update to dreamscene...  Even with the bugs, I do enjoy it...  and have added Stardock Deskscapes so I can get a larger menu of Dreams...  Unfortunately because of the fact that DreamScene has problems taking full advantage of the GPU's abilities at this time, and is a bit of a HOG, I have to often turn it off (It usually winds up crashing and disabling itself anyway...)

  • Xepol
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    Dreamscene is a HUGE HUGE cpu hog with limited format support, in fact, it seems to be limited to some of the worst cpu hogging formats.

    Shame really.  Back in 1996 I had video backgrounds thanks to my ATI AiW card, and it didn't have anywhere near this kind of CPU usage, even then.  Nor did it have the Microsoft induced artificial format limits.

    Nearly a year to write a poor implementation of something I took for granted over a decade ago with windows 95.

    Truely cutting edge stuff.

  • Blair
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    I agrees with freitasm. An annoyance of mine when using dual monitors is that the second monitor freezes the Dream Scene when the first monitor has a maximized window.

  • freibooter, your experience is very different from my experience.

    I stated about in my post that Windows DreamScene is a Technical Preview (aka beta). To elaborate, my experience could be very different from yours and that Windows DreamScene as quite a bit of room for improvements - which you have pointed out.

    My post is just highlighting my experience. My experience went well. Yours seems to not have gone so well with hooking up a second monitor. With your comments here, I can throw this feedback to the Ultimate Team and make sure they are informed of the problems my readers are having.

    Just to prove I'm a normal person I will admit I too have experienced high CPU usage with Windows DreamScene - even with just a single monitor.

    - Brandon

  • I don't quite understand your post, Brandon. Microsoft has been working on finalizing Dreamscene for over 6 month now and I personally always thought that the beta left a lot of room for improvement especially in the dual-monitor-support area.

    Dreamscene Beta works perfectly fine on my Athlon 64 3600+ (single core, with Geforce 6600 and 2Gb RAM) with a single monitor (1280x1024).

    But once I activate the secondary, identical monitor Dreamscene's cpu-usage almost TRIPLES, it stops playing on both monitors when a window is maximized on the primary monitor, but it keeps playing on both if a window is maximized on the secondary one (using insane amounts of CPU-cycles).

  • Hrm...I'm running dual 19" Samsung screens and DreamScene works long as I am at a lowly 1024x768 resolution.  Anything higher than that and I get an error that says it cannot run because the total desktop size exceed's the primary video adapter's maximum texture size.  Kind of strange, nothing else had a problem with this  It's a PCI-X card with 512 onboard mem.  Any suggestions?  I would love to run DreamScene but can't sacrifice the resolution.

  • freitasm
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    Except, that, if you are running DreamScene on a dual monitor setup and maximise a window in one of the monitors, DreamScene will pause in both - even if there's nothing on the second monitor.

    I would like to have it still running on the monitor with no maximised windows...

  • Albert
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    I've been waiting for a post related to a question I've been wanting to ask for my school. I've searched and searched, and I can't seem to find the tool to configure the connection to a TV to have whatever is on the computer screen appear on the TV, like the one for notebooks in the Mobility Center. My teachers want the "Mirrored" look, instead of the "Extended Desktop." And Windows Vista Help only talks about turning off the computer, connecting the SVideo cable, and turning both back on. It works, but only as an extended desktop. Anyway to customize the connection to a TV using a desktop PC? I've already taught some of them how to use the extended desktop, because dragging screens for them is like developing the next version of Windows for Microsoft.