Using fingerprints to log in to Windows Vista

Using fingerprints to log in to Windows Vista

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I've been itching to demo this neat little gadget for a while now. A few months ago, I purchased the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader. The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader allows you to replace your standard Windows logon (Username and Password) with your fingerprint. And it works absolutely fantastic with Windows Vista. Anyway, I'll let the demo do the talking:

Video: Demo: Microsoft Fingerprint Reader on Windows Vista

You can quickly manage your credentials through the software that ships with the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader called DigitalPersona. If you hold your finger down on the fingerprint reader you will get a "One Touch Menu" pop up in the lower right-hand side of your screen giving you all the options you need to manage your credentials.

To manage your logons to various websites, you have a Password Manager that lets you edit the profiles for specific websites you use the fingerprint reader to login.

Using the DigitalPersona software, you are able to import and export data within your Password Manager to other PC's using Microsoft Fingerprint Readers. Security is a concern here in regards to importing and exporting of data so you are required to use your finger to verify you are you to export or import any data.

If you login in to quite a few websites, the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader is a great way to manage your logins "with the touch of a finger". Sorry, I couldn't resist ;-)

If you own a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader - you can download the Windows Vista drivers here. Just select "fingerprint reader" for your product.

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  • Alderik
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    Thank you Myst for the info! I wonder, how I will get to know, when they release it.

    Best Regards,


  • I just installed my newly purchased Microsoft Fingerprint Reader. I downloaded the latest DigitalPersona 2.0 software from the Microsoft hardware-site. But it does not log into to my Windows Vista Ultimate. It works for logging into websites, but not for logging on to Vista. It just blinks when I out my finger on. What do I do wrong?

  • Myst
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    There is hope! 64bit support is coming up-if you believe this official MS support reply statement:

    I have contacted the concerned department regarding information about the software. I have certain interesting facts to share with you.

    The development team has received numerous requests about a compatible version of Digital Persona software for XP and Vista 64 Bit edition of Windows. This operating system is getting increasingly popular and the request for compatible software is one of the top queries reaching the product department.

    Therefore, the product development team has started preliminary tasks in this regard. However, I am unable to obtain an estimated date for release for this software, since it is in the primitive stages and there is still lot of testing / development needs to be performed.



    Mayur Makwana,

    Microsoft Product Support Services

  • Myst
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    Just received my Microsoft Fingerprint Reader to secure my Vista Business x64. I did not believe that the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader is not supportet with the latest Microsoft OS, but that is how it is.

    I heard that there MIGHT be coming up 64bit drivers. But what everyone out there (including myself) needs is an *answer*. Will the Fingerprint Reader be supported *ever*? Yes or no, please.

  • Still no 64-bit drivers... (though HP resells this same Digital Persona product as well, and has released 64bit drivers, so MS is just choosing not too... for their own branded product).

  • newms
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    Question on the MS Fingerprint reader: can you use two different people prints to access the same logon screen? Example: the wife and I both being able to logon to our finance screen.

  • Cannot watch the video. Soapbox DO NOT support many country. Better using Youtube next time!

  • NEO8210
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    I NEED VISTA 64-bit drivers how do i get it?? on

    i can only find a 32-bit  

  • This is pretty cool, There are a few other Fingerprint readers out there worth looking at...

    It would be cool to have one of those on a laptop which some of the new ones have...

  • Brytown
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    Some answers from what i know already to questions posted from reading MOST RECENTLY DATED articles & reviews. Yes it is encrypted now, originaly no. Even though they are encrypted MS defines this product as a conveince tool. Id does not add extra security to your system. It is for when you dont want others to see you login, memory, X logins per day, general conveinence ect. For extra security (bla bla bla) virus scan (bla bla bla) securtity software (bla bla bla) firewall. Its 14 - 20 bux on ebay as well as other sites. Its been out for a while now, They do still support it (point of the article), Three versions: white silver and one acually built into the left side MS keyboard (and a black one? saw picture while browsing but did not find PHYSICAL "buyable" black one).  It works with (almost) EVERY internet login page on a site in ie because it knows where the pass and name and required feilds are. It does not currently support domain logins (but maybe it will be considered now warren, that would be nice actually. Though u know as well as i do it coudlnt possibly support every type of domain login seeing as how they are designed diffrently for the verry reason they exist, security. Could plugins or addon apps be codded for other domain login types?~ im judging from the 3 or 4 out now maybe to yes. Maybe theres a larger reason why they didnt, thats another big discussion but yeah id like that too. Data Exicution prevention problem was identified and fixed by microsoft a while back and was part of a larger problem. I did see an article about it it was dated 2005. Yes there is no vista 64 driver (currently) I checked the website ^___^ I hope they fix that soon too. I have a 64 chip but avoided 64, sux cause i wanted it but you know why DRIVERS so i got 32. It works with other browsers yes but they are user coded apps to add support and to my suprise are widely used by fire fox and opera users and more. I hope that aswers some questions that i too had. I did order it since i had 15 bux (ebay) and log into 20 or so sites a day. I would love to see Toms wish come true (domains) since i use about 2 - 3 of those a day too. Though from the way he talks im sure its alot more ;) (it comes next week sometime im not a review writer but ill post somthing if the mood strike me)

  • Tom Warren
    132 Posts

    So this is pretty worthless if you have a domain setup then?

  • Xepol, would you (and anyone else feel free to chime in) find value in me doing a follow-up video showing the login setup process and a few more things?

    - Brandon

  • Xepol
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    Would have like to have seen you actually setup the login process and a webpage login to see what is actually involved.

    I assume all information is stored encrypted instead of plain text in the system?

  • Lois
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    I am so very new to laptopcyberspace and windows vista that all of your comments I only half understand; however, my big question is, "is it expensive?"  pinkydo

  • Mislitel, I have DEP enabled and the DigitalPersona Fingerprint Software works just fine for me.

    I've not tried the Fingerprint Reader on Windows Live Mail or Windows Live Messenger simply because Windows Live Mail very seldom if ever requires me to enter a username or password after the initial configurations of my email accounts and Messenger "remembers" my login credentials so all I need to do is just press "sign-in". I am not in front of my PC with the Fingerprint Reader at the moment but once I get back I will check out how well it works with other apps.

    - Brandon

  • Jason
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    What?  This thing STILL does not support 64-bit Windows?!?  I can't believe it!

  • The software that comes with Finger Print Reader is not as painless as claimed.

    Just try enabling DEP for everything and see how fingerprint reader software fails to start. Now imagine somebody has DEP enabled and then they have no clue what's going on.

    As I remember guest level accounts would generate errors even after DEP exceptions are conifgured.

  • Brytown
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    I recently read a review and the review its self says 2005 so yes its been out a while even b4 autumn 06? ^____^ Im not sure the exact date of release.

    Here is the review.

    Ive been searching alot of reviews but most are very "General".Id really like to get it if anyone knows any of the answers to the previous questions id love to know. Thanx in advance.

  • xavier
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    Dinosaurs!!! since autumn 06 HP allowed Credential Manager which worked with Vista both 32x and by 64x with Authentec biometric package, supporting Smart Card`s also Domains logon by FP and SC.

  • JeffL
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    The fingerprint reader has been touted for years, including at CES...

    Yet still no 64-bit drivers.

  • Brytown
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    yeah it does work for other browsers :P i did have that same question about programs and also another question aswell How does it handle "Multiple logins" Say i go to and i had more than one login when i put my finger do it am i prompted wich login to use? Also does it setup multiple users?

  • Espiox
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    Oh, apparently there's an Extension for FF that fixes it. Probably should've Googled that first.

    Anyway, does the Fingerprint device work for programs like Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail?

  • Espiox
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    I'd go out and buy this right now, but I'm told that it doesn't support Firefox, or any other browser not developed by Microsoft. That's a pretty silly move.

  • Brytown
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    So funny i was JUST going to get one of theese my only gripe is that it isnt in my MS Desktop 7000 when there is clearly room for it. It was in another keyboard i think 3000 or 4000. If its too close to the keyboard and may go off every second maybe a small button to turn it on for 5 seconds? *shrugs* So im a lil pissed about that lol but i was going to give it a buy and i think i will now acualy since its only about 15 bux on ebay new. I did not know it could handle logins.

  • marshall
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    Can I use this to log on to a domain?