Final Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Now Available

Final Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Now Available

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Today, the Microsoft Office Outlook Team has made the new version of the Microsoft Outlook Connector Beta available for download. That means no more "beta".

UPDATE: You can download the final released version of the Outlook Connector here or through Windows Live Essentials at

With all the responses on my post announcing the beta a few months ago, I figured this announcement will be of interest. The final build number is 12.0.4518.1058. If you don't see that build number in the About window for the Outlook Connector, then you're not yet running the final version.

The Microsoft Office Outlook Connector lets you sync your Windows Live Hotmail account up with Outlook 2003 and 2007. Remember, in order to sync your Calendar you need to be a paid subscriber of MSN Premium, Office Live Essentials, or Office Live Premium to get that added functionality with this release. If you are not a paid subscriber of these services, you will see an error in syncing your calendar in Outlook but you will be about to sync up you email messages and contacts just fine.

Be sure to visit the Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog and give them your feedback on the Outlook Connector.

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  • I had the "connecting" problem with the official 12.0.4518.1068 version of Connector, but when I downloaded the beta (12.1) it states that my inbox and contacts are connected, but it doesn't sync my inbox, and still fails on my calendar...

    Is there anything I'm doing wrong? (P.S. I have Vista Ultimate, Office 2007 Enterprise, and a fully paid office live account)

  • Jimm98y
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    Thanks very much for your help, with this beta everything works fine for me.

  • I am looking into the issues as to why email is not syncing for some users. Will post when I have more information.

    In the meantime, I just got done blogging about the brand new Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 12.1 Beta release with Windows Live Calendar sync. Check out my post here but rememeber it is a Beta (not a final release):



  • KFern
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    It seems like a bunch of us are having the same problem!

    I've been using MS Office 2007 (outlook) with outlook connector (12.0.4518.1068) for the past 6 months without any issues.

    However, all of a sudden as of last week my mail stopped synchronizing. When i check the server status, all fields indicate "Connecting" and has not changed (despite re-booting the computer, repairing OC, and uninstalling then re-installing OC).

    The following is the detailed report:

    Outlook Connector Version 12.0.4518.1068


    Signed in successfully at 24/7/2008 02:26:49




    I have searched the web for solutions, but few people seem to have the same problem. Nothing in my setup has changed since it worked fine. Any suggestions?

  • Jimm98y
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    Hi, I have the same problem here - I'm using Outlook 2007 with Outlook Connector and the day before yesterday it worked fine, but now it only shows "Mail: Connecting, Calendar: Connecting, Contact: Connecting" and that's all - Sending and Recieving pass fine without error, but it doesn't sync my mails - does anyone know the solution?

  • MYT
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    I'm am also using Outlook 2007 however it isn't synchronizing the emails to my outlook. I can send emails, but wont receive them.

    Mail: Connecting

    Calendar; Connecting

    Contact: Connecting

    Has anyone found a solution for this problem yet?

  • I got Outlook Connector Version 12.0.4518.1068.

    It reports successful refresh of E-Mail, Calendar and Contacts, but it does not sync my calendar items. Even if I add new appointments, they will not be synced.

    I subscribed to MSN premium just for this - does anyone know how to get it to work?



  • I'm using Outlook 2007 however it isn't synchronizing the emails to my outlook. I can send emails, but wont recieve them.

    Mail: Connecting

    Calendar; Connecting

    Contact: Connecting

    Is there a way to solve this?

  • Hello.

    I installed the Outlook Connector today (v.12.0.4518.1068) and it doesn't look working. I have outlook 2003 and when I open it and press F9 (for Send/Receice All), looks everything fine without any error (shows Send/Receive Complete in outlook progress). But it doesn't make any sychronize with my hotmail account. Then i am testing sending a mail to this account and it goes to web account and not to outlook. At the server status of the outlook connector, say:

    Mail: Connecting

    Calendar; Connecting

    Contact: Connecting

    What is wrong?

  • Outlook Connector it´s absolutely useless.

    May be it works for "toy" occounts. I tried to migrate a MailBox with thousands of mails 8K+, and ot never got synchonized between the web inteface and Outlook. Besides thay, it happens all the time, that some mails can be seen in the web interface, but not in Outlook. Hey there!. People that make this!. Why are you making us loose our time?????.


  • I'm now using Outlook Connector version 12.0.4518.1063 that was released today (09/11/2007) along with Outlook 2007. I was having trouble today getting the sync to complete, so I upgraded to the new version.

    I have a Hotmail Plus account and I noticed that as of today I now have 10 GB of space available. But in the Outlook Connector it reports that I have 5GB of space.  Could it be that the descripency has something to do with the problem?

    My wife has a free hotmail account that only has 5 GB of space and her sync is working just fine.

  • Brandon,

    Thanks for your reply. Just as a feedback for anyone having the same problem, the solution was basically giving permission to Outlook to access the Internet via the firewall.

    Even though I installed the Outlook Connector using the admin user, I was trying to connect to my hotmail for the first time under my daily account, which is basically a standard account. Under the standard account, I was receiving the login failure error from the connector. However, as soon as I connected to my hotmail account logged in as the admin user, I received the firewall message inquiring about giving permission to Outlook to access the Internet. And, after giving permission to Outlook, the outlook connector began working on all my standard accounts without the need to do anything else.

    Hope this helps,

    Thanks again,

    Sam Moreira

  • smoreira, I have not seen this problem. You might want to head on over to the Outlook blog and let them know of your problem:

    - Brandon

  • I have the version 12.0.4518.1058 of outlook connector installed in my Vista Machine. However, I can't get it to work. The sign in always fails. It suggests to restart outlook or try to repair outlook connector, but neither worked.

    Has anyone had this problem before?



  • I'm running the Outlook Connector v12.0.4518.1058, with Outlook 2007 on Vista.  The problem is, it doesn't sync email older than around 120 days+

    On my WinXP, O2K3 with Connector v1.8.3501.0.  All is working, and confirmed by checking the folders on

    Any idea's?

  • freitasm
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    Hmmm. Cancel that! The Outlook Connector is working fine. It was another Outlook add-in causing the problem.

  • freitasm
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    Except that this build crashes my Outlook 2007 on start, while the beta was flawless.

    Now I can't read my Live Mail in Outlook anymore. Broken...

  • Victoria
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    I'm using the newest version of Outlook Connect and it seems to work much better for me.

    I am now able to search the internet, receive RSS feeds, read PDF files, send and receive

    e-mails all from Outlook and/or Business Contact Manager and I will be learning more about how to use it.  

  • vhanok
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    need to send mails through outlook express

  • jin
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  • Drazick, I would post and keep posting on the Outlook Team blog and make sure your build number for the Outlook Connector matches the screenshot I posted above.

    ForeverDestiny, I don't have any info for you unfortunately - sorry.

  • I was interested to know whats going on with update KB938979. I heard it was coming out this week on windows update but never saw it. any info?

  • Drazick
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    Still having this "Subscription Required" error...

    Who can solve it?


  • Spencer
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    Thanks, I just installed the "beta" a couple of days ago, time to upgrade.

  • joene
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    make a option in outlook connector that syncs your outlook calendar with windows calendar in vista.