Announcing the Windows Live suite with unified installer

Announcing the Windows Live suite with unified installer

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Today Chris Jones, Corporate Vice President of Windows Live Experience Program Management, has announced the availability today of new betas for the new wave of Windows Live applications. These new beta releases showcase Microsoft's goal in releasing the new Windows Live applications together. These new betas are being released with a brand new unified installer for the Windows Live suite. Users will be able to download a single installer for the Windows Live suite in which they can pick and choose the specific Windows Live apps they want to install on their PC's.

To showcase the new installer for the Windows Live Suite - I've got a video demo on how the new installer works. Check it out:

Video: Windows Live Installer Demo

The unified installer is an impressive addition to Windows Live and is a much easier install experience for the user.

Shipping with today's betas is also the broad availability of the new Windows Live Photo Gallery. Previously, Windows Live Photo Gallery was a closed beta. With the new unified installer for the Windows Live Suite, users can now choose to install Windows Live Photo Gallery. I'll be talking more about Windows Live Photo Gallery in separate post very soon.

The Windows Live suite currently consists of Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Writer, and Windows Live Photo Gallery with Windows Live OneCare Family Safety. These applications bridge the gap between the Windows Vista PC and the Windows Live web services. Windows Live Mail allows you to sync your email and contacts from Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Photo Gallery lets you publish your images to Windows Live Spaces. Overall, the Windows Live suite is designed to extend your Windows experience by tapping into Windows Live. Of course choice comes with the Windows Live Suite as well. You can use Windows Live Mail to check any POP3 or IMAP email account and Windows Live Writer supports a great variety of online blogging services.

Give the Windows Live Suite a try today.

Update 1:16PM PDT - Looks like the Windows Live installer page is now online. Give it a shot!

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  • ThaiAm
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    I am further perplexed by the installer since it utilizes your IP address to direct you to a language indicated by that address.  No good, since I am retired and living in Thailand but cannot read Thai.

    I finally did find other sites that told me Live would not work on my 64 bit version of Vista Ultimate and the best guess that I can make is that all of the options will not be made available here, but that is only guess work since I cannot read the optional selections on the web page presented, but do see that not all of the options presented do not have associated links.  This Beta should still be Alpha in my humble opinion.

  • omgbbq
    26 Posts

    I second chakkaradeep's comment. Every application should allow you to choose the installation folder. I have separate partitions for boot, programs, and settings/documents. I have run out of space before because installers don't let you chose the install directory, and I have to workaround it by creating junction points. It sounds like an obvious feature for any installer. Are there any wacky technical reasons why this isn't supported?

  • One thing I noticed is that we are not given options to customize our installation folder. It would be nice if that was added :). I dont want my windows drive to be out of space :D

  • I agree with you someone for releasing Windows Live Calendar with online calendar publishing -thats gonna rock !

  • someone
    156 Posts

    Right, thank you. And the apps feel great as a suite. Hoping MS will add Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live DVD Maker, Windows Live Calendar (Desktop version) and Windows Live Audio Editor.

  • someone, when you reach this page here prior to launching the installer ("> it has a bunch of check boxes for options before the installer launches. On the right hand side you will see settings you can opt out of - one of which includes making your homepage. You'd want to unselect this prior to launching the installer.

    If you just launch the installer without going to this page - I believe it will automatically change your homepage to

    Microsoft intended users to go to first and follow the steps there in installing the Windows Live suite.

    - Brandon

  • someone
    156 Posts


    That Windows Live Installer silently resets the IE7 homepage to in Vista and sets the default search to Windows Live. Is this giving user choice? I had to change the homepage at least 2 times after running the installer.

  • Brandon, thanks :)

    I didnt try ignore though :(, But it would be good if Live suite doesn't depend on Google ,lol :D

  • amanzi, I actually run many differnet scenarios in order to best provide content for my readers (such as yourself) here on the Windows Experience Blog. I have both a laptop and desktop PC running 64-bit - putting me in the same position those of you running 64-bit are in with being unable to run the latest betas.

    However I also run several 32-bit PC's as well in which I have the betas installed.

    On my 64-bit PC's I have Virtual PC 2007 installed with a Vista Ultimate image I use for testing that I have the new Windows Live betas running on so I can still use the Windows Live betas on my 64-bit PC's that way.

    - Brandon

  • amanzi
    3 Posts

    Brandon, what's your opinion on the lack of 64 bit support? I'm surprised that you and the rest of the Vista team aren't running 64 bit.

  • Chak, let me see if I can find out why the installer needed to close Google Talk. Looking at your screenshot you should have been able to choose "ignore" to proceed with the install but may have to restart.

    By the way, nice blog :-)

  • I liked the Live installer except for one weird thing.Why did Live installer wanted to stop my google talk before completing the installation ? its weird !!

    Here is my blog entry on that -

    Any idea Brandon ?

  • dragun
    1 Posts

    I totally agree about 64 bit. If you read the release note, it even goes so far as to give you a KB artilce on what to do. The problem, no such article as KB938275, which it say to read.

    Not too impressed with lack of support for we that are 64 bit useers.

  • amanzi
    3 Posts

    Why is it that Microsoft are trying so hard to push things towards 64 bit, but can't even release their own software on 64 bit?

  • Rafael
    1 Posts

    Here's how to install the products separately in Windows Vista x64 (my not-easy, probably convoluted way):

  • Islander, unfortunately the new shared installer for the Windows Live betas does not suppot 64-bit. However, full 64-bit support is expected when the installer RTM's with all the Windows Live apps.

    For more information please read the Windows Live installer release notes:

    - Brandon

  • Islander
    46 Posts

    Unfortunately, the installer doesn't work at all on my computer. I chose to download the package containing only Windows Live Messenger. Upon double clicking the downloaded file, I get a message saying "Windows Live Programs can not be installed on this operating system" (in german, that is).

    I'm using Vista x64 Ultimate.

  • Brytown
    32 Posts

    great im looking forward to this just got mail its nicer than i thought. CEIRTANLY better than the one that OS came with. nice work

  • hen770, you actually get a 90-day free trial for Windows Live OneCare. Just head over to

    - Brandon

  • tino, good feedback ;-) I think I had the mic up too high. Next time I will make sure its recording at a better level. My previous videos sounded a bit better. I apologize for the mic/sound quality with this video.

    - Brandon

  • hen770
    3 Posts

    is the Windows Live OneCare is free for 30day is it?

  • tN0
    41 Posts

    What about a better microphone? ;P

    Even official videos on some Microsoft websites have poor sound quality.

  • vasu, MSN Soapbox doesn't utilize Silverlight yet - which is where I upload my videos so I couldn't embed it with Silverlight sorry.

  • vasudev
    28 Posts

    Eagerly waiting to try the Unified installer.

    The installer video should also have been provided in Silverlight along with the Flash.