Windows Live SkyDrive gets 1GB of storage and more!

Windows Live SkyDrive gets 1GB of storage and more!

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Today, Windows Live SkyDrive has received some updates to the service - including everyone now having 1GB of storage. That's double what was previously there. Along with increased storage, the SkyDrive Team has included a few more things worth taking note of:

RSS Feeds on Public Folders: Users can now subscribe to an RSS feed for their Public folders. This allows folks to keep track of each other's public files and stay up-to-date with what is uploaded. You can subscribe to our Windows Vista Team Blog's Public SkyDrive folder here.

See who uploaded a file: you can now check out and see who has uploaded specific files to your shared folders in SkyDrive.  I have quite a few shared folders which are shared out to large groups of friends - it is great to be able to see which files were uploaded by whom.

Add a contact directly within SkyDrive: you can now add a friend via Windows Live SkyDrive instead of having to go to Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Hotmail.

Expect to see fixes and tweaks across the board. You'll also notice that the UI around to Windows Live header has also been tweaked to include easy access to Windows Live Spaces (such as your Friends List and Photos).

I've noticed a bunch of small things myself - such as the fact with this release they have added an icon for .XPS files (check out our Public folder to see).

For more information on the updates to Windows Live SkyDrive, be sure to check out their team blog here.

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  • vasudev
    28 Posts

    @tino, In FireFox also, it doesn't actually truncates the long file/folder names, but its only in display its not shown properly. As you hover your mouse over file, it shows the correct, long names.

    And also, I have put this up as suggestion in Connect.

  • When will be Skydrive available in Czech Republic?

  • Oh and a way to Arrange sort files by Date uploaded so the most recent are listed first.  Presently files are arranged Alphabetically, but if Im using this service for sharing photos It would be nice to see the recent ones first.

    Basically Skydrive is missing alot of the nice features Windows has for manipulating files and folders, these need to be integrated into this beta release before it gets out of beta.  Makes me realise why I like Windows so much :-)

  • Actually one thing Skydrive is in desperate need of is a way of moving files from one folder to another.  I cant find a way of doing this but it sure would be handy.

  • Great stuff - but I wish SkyDrive would finally open up for alot more countries so I can finally use/try it.

    I am so anxious to use such a service because I love the integration into Vista and the ease of use.

    Best regards

  • Spencer
    20 Posts

    Great news!

  • I already use my SkyDrive account and so far I can say its really good. Thanks to Microsoft for increasing the storage :)

  • tN0
    41 Posts

    @vasu: I see, it's only in Firefox and does work in IE7 so maybe they can fix that. But I would prefer a list view with more information and smaller icons (= faster).

  • vasudev
    28 Posts


    But I can have more than 9characters as filename, and it shows all the characters as filename in SkyDrive. Try using IE , it'll upload an activeX control (for image preview and progress bar), and see if it make any changes, if you are not using IE.

  • Oh it would also be nice to have a slideshow button for pics in a folder.

  • Yes it makes sense, and isn't really that big of a deal for me as most of my family have hotmail accounts and thus a Live id.  That Im guessing was due to the success of hotmails viral marketing in the UK... except for my brother who will probably get a hotmail account soon, very soon as now his wife just had a baby and he needs to share pics ...  and stop using his wifes hotmail account for messaging.  She'll get mad soon enough and demand he get his own account.

    A password option though would be nice, even if it was randomly generated and available as a paid feature.  So people wouldnt have to sign up for a Live ID.

  • newscientist2000,

    Just to clear up confusion - its not Hotmail they need to log in to. The way Windows Live works is that identities are controled through Windows Live ID. You log in to Hotmail with a Windows Live ID. You log in to Windows Live Spaces with a Windows Live ID. Windows Live ID is the successor/replacement to Passport.

    In regards to SkyDrive - the way SkyDrive secures folders through permissions is with Windows Live ID's. In order for your friends to see secured privately shared folders and add to them, they must log in with their own Windows Live ID.

    Does this make sense?

    I am planning on writing a post explaining this a little further.

    - Brandon

  • Great I love Skydrive, Ive been telling all my friends about it.

    The only things I dont like/understand are

    1.  That I dont get any Picture Preview of my *.mpg video files just a balloon default pic

    2. Oh and that Im a little confused about is that I am able to clearly secure my folders with hotmail users, however it seems like now I can add any email address such as yahoo or even a gmail email address and select that user as an editor/reader of a folder.

    Meaning that it looks as though I can share folders securely with those users, however it they follow my link, they still have to login to hotmail which means they cant view my shared folders without a hotmail account right?  Does this mean they would get access if they signed up for a hotmail account and added there gmail account as an alternative email address?

    Maybe a password protect folders option would be nice, so that you could share pics semi securely with users who dont have a live hotmail account ?

    Having said that I appreciate the extra space, I will add more photos soon.

    Oh and great news restarting the Office 2007 offer for Aussie students on the 15th, I jealous of that pricing.

  • Islander
    46 Posts

    Looks really good, hopefully soon available in other countries too. I can't try it for now :(

  • tino, great feedback for the SkyDrive Team. I'll make sure they get it. You should also let them know via their blog too.

    - Brandon

  • tN0
    41 Posts

    The biggest problem with SkyDrive is, that you get a icon view of your files with only 9 characters or so of the filename. The most important information in a file name is at the end of it and Windows Live SkyDrive cuts this away. You got different versions of a file? You can't see which one is the newest.

    Simply set the default view to a simple list view with longer file names and maybe with the upload/last modified date shown on the right.