Upload Photos to Facebook with New Windows Live Photo Gallery Plug-in

Upload Photos to Facebook with New Windows Live Photo Gallery Plug-in

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Michael Palermiti, Program Manager on the Windows Live Digital Memories Experience Team (the awesome people responsible for Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker), has posted about a new plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta that allows you to upload photos directly to Facebook. Using LiveUpload to Facebook, users can configure multiple Facebook accounts to upload photos to in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Upload to Facebook supports the ability to upload photos to existing albums on Facebook or create new ones.

Download: LiveUpload to Facebook

What’s even better about the LiveUpload to Facebook plug-in is that it takes advantage of Windows Live Photo Gallery’s new People Tags feature. That means if you tag a person you are also friends with on Facebook – once you upload the photo to Facebook that tag will automatically appear on the published photo.

You can download the Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta, along with Betas for the rest of the Windows Live Essentials suite, at download.live.com today. The plug-in only works with the Beta.

For a list of other plug-ins for Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta – click here!

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  • I have recently wanted to upload pics to FB but my account is not showing up. I have always used Photo Gallery to upload to FB and my account shows up and an option to add a new account. This time when I went to upload, my account is no longer showing up. If I choose add new account and continue through process of logging in to FB again it tells me my log in was not successful. All the while, my FB account is open. Can anyone provide a solution?

  • mego
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    if you want to upload photos or videos to facebook, try using Zliq (www.zliq.com). Its the easiest and fastest facebook photo and video uploader.

  • Duane Duane
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    very beautiful picture the other day I installed the facebook system system men have developed a lot in this regard was good thank you for informing us

  • Steve
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    I said this somewhere else, and I've also provided Feedback on it regarding Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta. (ugh that's so long) but...

    When I install WLPGB, and use it.. then CLOSE the program... It continues to run. I know this because my little fan turns on (on my laptop) and so I checked the Processes in Task Manager, and it's still running. So I have to manually End the Process.

    So right now, I just don't use WLPGB because of that. I hope it gets fixed. I do not believe this is an issue with my system exclusively.

    Everything is and has been running smoothly since I've upgraded to WVHP w/ SP1. I normally don't try betas but I do love Windows Live Mail Beta and Messenger Beta and they work fine.

    Just the oddest thing with WLPGB doing that. So hm. Hope it is resolved.

    However, cool with the Facebook Uploads. I really don't use FB a lot but I do go there often. MySpace is just as fun sorta but I find it to be full of too much Flash Advertisements and annoying graphics everywhere I just usually stay away from it.

    At least with FB, it's more clean and strict with out all those crazy themes.

  • rv53705, I think you will find this post I made a few weeks ago a good read offering up answers to your questions:




  • rv53705
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    I've always had a question (or doubt): WLPhoto Gallery will replace Windows Photo Gallery on 7?, and what about both on Windows Vista?