What are People saying About the Windows 7 Beta?

What are People saying About the Windows 7 Beta?

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There are a lot of really good comments from folks using the Windows 7 Beta all over the web –and I thought I’d take a moment to share some favorites with you. These quotes are just some of what is being said about the Windows 7 Beta:

Preston Gralla from Computerworld

This first beta of Windows 7 is a polished piece of work, with few apparent kinks to be worked out. Windows 7 is much further along at this beta stage than Windows Vista was at a similar point.

Peter Bright from ArsTechnica

All in all, Windows 7 is shaping up well. It's a far more modest release than Vista was, but it's no worse for that. The new OS introduces a compelling combination of welcome innovations and much-needed polish, and that's exactly what Microsoft needs right now. Vista's foundation was solid, and Windows 7 just makes it better.

Dwight Silverman from the Houston Chronicle

I’ve been working with the Windows 7 beta for several weeks, and I like it a lot. It feels snappier and more responsive than Windows Vista.

Andrew Garcia from eWEEK

Without a doubt, the first beta edition of the Windows 7 operation system indicates that Microsoft is on the right track to shore up many of the perceived flaws of Windows Vista… And at its heart, Windows 7’s greatly improved emphasis on workflow and organization makes the operating system much more palatable for heavy-duty users used to operating with a large number of open windows and applications.

Paul Thurrott from the Supersite for Windows

As for performance, I think Microsoft is going to surprise people. And if you're working for an enterprise that hasn't upgraded to Vista because it won't run acceptably on your existing PCs, you'll want to look again at Windows 7.

Jason Chen from Gizmodo

We mentioned the Problem Steps Recorder blackbox error reporting app back in our Win 7 Giz Explains, but it wasn't until I tried it for myself that I saw just how amazing it is.

Joe Wilcox from Microsoft Watch

I'm actually having fun using Seven, something I haven't said about a Microsoft operating system since Windows 95.

Chandran Chakkaradeep from Neowin

Windows 7 seems to be much improved than Windows Vista in lots of areas and the beta clearly shows that Microsoft has indeed taken users feedback on Vista seriously.

Mary Branscomb from the Financial Times

Microsoft has taken a disciplined approach to planning, building and delivering Windows 7 (and planning is already underway for Windows 8); this may lack the flamboyance of previous versions but if Microsoft can maintain the quality of the beta, Windows 7 could indeed be the best version of Windows yet.

Remember, if you want to try out the Windows 7 Beta for yourself head on over to Windows.com and register to download the beta.

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  • faisal
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    Very good ,especially window media center   and better performance … I like it than Vista

  • Bioran
    9 Posts

    It is a BETA, and certain things to get messed up, hence why it's called "BETA"...

  • Graham
    1 Posts

    Windows 7 beta is activated with key.

    -->Just popped up message.

    You must activate Windows 7 within 2 days to continue using

    A problem occurred when Windows tried to activate. Error code 0x80072EFD.


    ->Looks like Windows 7 is going to end my experience - why are you doing this?

  • Two request, I know Microsoft won't do it, but I got to ask any way.

    a: when task bar is on top prevent programs from slipping underneath of it. This has been happening since 95 and is still "broken"

    b: the ability to show, "All Programs" as a menu.  I don't want "classic look back" I would like to see the options of putting "All Programs" as an menu in the right hand pane along with my computer, control panel etc.  

    I actually found a registry hack to turn my favorites in to "all Programs but you loose my favorites in IE  All Programs should be a no brainier for Microsoft and it would more than likely appease most who want the classic look to the task bar back....

  • I am happy with W7 for the most part, I have a Gateway 7422GX and the Aero program switcher worked fine in Vista, but it doesnt work all the time in W7. I also noticed that if i select a W7 theme it works for a little while then W7 creates its own custom theme and the alternating backgrounds stop working. Please for M.S. sake fix the bugs :)

  • luminoso, you should be able to disable UAC, Windows Defender, and Windows Firewall in the Windows 7 Beta (although I strongly advise against it) - however these features cannot be removed. If you disable them, they shouldn't bother you. In regards to UAC, I personally advise against disabling it and Windows 7 now provides ways to tweak UAC based on personal preference.

    Under Programs and Features in the Control Panel, if you choose "Turn Windows features on or off" you can also choose to "turn off" Tablet PC features, Windows Gadgets, Games, etc.

    In regards to your question about the WinSxS file directory and storage in Windows - see this post on the Engineering Windows 7 Blog regarding Disk Space in Windows 7:


  • Benjamin Sawyer, IE8 RC1 is for Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server - please see this post here:


    Your display settings should display at the same resolution as Windows XP in the Windows 7 Beta and if you are unable to get the same resolution, I would make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

    Microsoft is *not* limiting antivirus providers to 3 - we *suggest* 3 that are compatible with the Windows 7 Beta via this page:


    Others here have commented getting many other antivirus solutions working on the Windows 7 Beta.

    Overall, I am sorry you are having driver issues with your hardware. Please remember to submit feedback using the built-in Feedback Tool in the Windows 7 Beta!

  • Windows 7 is 4 to 5 times faster at startup.

    I believe that this is what Windows Vista should have been.

    Alexander Nas

  • Hello everyone.

    It's good that Windows 7 is getting nice feedbacks. Really. But for me, after all this time developing I was expecting more improvement, such as:

    - Why there is no improvement on NTFS? Why there are no algorithm that improves fragmentation?

    -Why am I forced to install WMP, IE, Gadgets, Tablet PC Suport, DVD movie maker, UAC, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall when I simple do not want to? For me all thse things are useless. And I simple can't get ride of it. I am forced to have it on my computer, wasting space and resources.

    -Why WinSxS continues to be a major problem and it is unsolved? Wasting space and space and more space.

    These are major and critical problems. That continues unsolved.

  • Windows 7 needs a great deal of work before it will be the hyped super star OS preliminary press releases have hinted it is supposed to be.

    I am running Windows 7 on an Asus P5K MOBO with AMI Bios version 1201. CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (not overclocked) at 3.0 GHz. I am running 4 Gb RAM of DDR2 1066 OCZ Gold Sticks. PSU is Hyper 780 w. Graphics card is an HIS Radeon HD 4670 Turbo.

    The first four days I spent figuring out why the OS wouldn't let me log in on the internet. I had to reinstall Windows 7 three times before I could find the settings that worked. The biggest problem was in the fact the operating system Beta kept saying the motherboard drivers (for the Attansic ethernet) were not compatible. Only after the recent update did the ethernet drivers begin to function.

    Currently I keep getting the ATI Catalyst Control Center ceasing functioning. Frequently the Graphics cards drivers keep turning off then restarting. The system keeps flickering the graphics drivers on and off until I get BSD and the system restarts.

    Over all, I am not able to run many programs without some kind of incompatibility message with the operating system beta. Then the software installs anyway.

    Today Explorer 8 RC1 wouldn't install on windows 7 because of an incompatibly issue/error message.

    I cannot play Crysis or World of Warcraft without the system freezing.

    I cannot install Microsoft Office Pro 2003.

    I am very disappointed at Microsoft limiting the antivirus providers to a selection of three only during this Beta. Who are you kidding?!

    Windows 7 needs to be distributed to the software companies and motherboard makers (not to leave out the makers of the system Bios software). More effort to bring the aftermarket software makers on board with updates and patches will ensure Windows 7 has a seem less entry into retail distribution. Currently I find Windows 7 not able to do much more than simple internet browsing (Thankfully Firefox works okay).

    Display setting do not provide as good a resolution as I got using XP Pro.

    Windows 7 needs a lot of work before it is going to live up to the expectations hyped.

  • ethanbr
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    So far, W7 (64-bit) is wonderful. Only bug encountered so far was with the media center, it may have had a conflict with my NVIDIA video driver when playing a DVD (Finding Nemo) for my kids. (Card is a GeForce 6600, too old?). Had to reboot and play in XP. I've installed AVG, Perfect Disk 10 (Raxco), Open Office (32-bit), Abobe Reader, and Firefox (64-bit blazes, still faster than IE8), and all installs worked perfectly. Perfect Disk defragments well, but interestingly it functions somewhat slower than on XP (but this may be because W7 is installed on a 7200 RPM disk, and XP (my main OS, is on a 10000 RPM harddrive).

    So far, absolutely great, even my wife (who hates tech stuff) likes it. If all goes well, I won't go to Mac/OS, and will stay with windows, ignoring Vista and go to W7.

  • When will the support technicians address the internet explorer glitches. The problem I am having, and probably some other Beta users, is the inability for internet explorer, a lease the beta 2 version in number 8, is it's pattern of trying to recover the window that was open, but keeps closing and finally it states, try to reconnect or restart explorer. I've had to download fire fox 3, which works perfectly with Windows 7 with no problems at all.

  • chris212
    17 Posts

    I've known microsoft all my life and vista just has to be the operating system that has had many issues

  • chris212
    17 Posts

    Man I hope that windows 7 is better because vista just plain sucks according to people across the country.

  • Having run Windows 7 for a few days, I think that it performs well on my very old/limited hardware.  The only very minor problem I have at the moment seems to be IE8, and compatability with a few websites, at least until I use compatability mode... however I expect that since compatability mode updates can be sent to the browser to optimise the browsing experience, that shouldn't be a problem by RTM.

    Windows 7 is faster than Vista, maybe not quite as fast as XP but it isn't far off you'ld be hard pressed to tell, Windows 7 does seem like a more pleasant OS than XP, with nice desktop themes and shuffling desktops, and as Windows 7 should be more secure than XP, it looks like Windows 7 may be just what everyone needs in their next OS.

  • 4nthony
    5 Posts

    i have my ftp client working now. im using kaspersky so its a pain in the bum i have to give it all or nothing lol.

    anyway iv not seen any updates for 7 for a wile now is theer anything on its way

  • Look I know that I have made some good comments and some bad ones about the new OS. Truth is I really like it. I am running the 32 bit version on a system that is capable of running the 64 bit. My overall WEI is 3.1 only because of my graphics. Everything else is 4.0 or better. My CPU alone is a 4.7, HDD 4.5, and my Ram is a 4.1. What more can I expect from my system. I mean I know I have said Microsoft should think outside the box, and they do in many areas. They have some really great software out there. It is that just I believe they can do better with this OS. We all want the best Windows Experience possible. I don't want to have to buy another PC to get what I want, or download some software from a company in order to create the awesome windows experience that I want. Look at your desktop. Is it boring. Well I have had to download software such a Dell Dock or even software from stardock, to create a somewhat decent experiance. If Microsoft would take a look at their Windows Media Center then take a look at the new HP All-In-One touchscreen. Wow combine those 2 together to make my desktop look like that. Being able to do away with the sidebar and incorporate it into that. Do away with the taskbar and incorporate into that. I mean really. Microsoft dont get me wrong. I love the way the new OS operates and feels, My CPU usage never gets over 3%. A few kinks in IE8, but I fixed them as well. I just want to look at my desktop and see WOW from Microsoft. Not wow from all the other software I have to download in order to get a half mediocar experience. Will you PLEASE Give us your best thinking outside the box for our buck. That is all we ask.

  • Ya a big issue is software. Up until this point I have had no installation issues with software that I run, except for my Dreamweaver 8. When I try to intstall it, I get a bootstrap error. I installed my photoshop cs3 perfectly fine. Yes Microsoft does have some kinks to work out of the new OS. I really don't want to have to go out and buy a dreamweaver upgrade. The cost is to much. And i dont want to use those cheap website builders, which give you no choice to decide what you want to do.

  • I am working with WINDOWS7 beta for about a week now.  I have to say it feels rather good, better then VISTA did when I started with VISTA.  I also have downgraded to XP because VISTA was slow, taking up to much resources and  was terrible in the use of older games and software.

    What I miss in WINDOWS 7 beta is good drivers,  but ofcourse that is not the fault of Microsoft.  I am not able to get some networkcards and some onboard soundchips working.

    For software am I having troubls with older games as Oblivion, C&C2 en C&C Generals.  Also some software from non-microsoft corporations giving me crashes.  I am having difficulties with Corel Office 12, PaintShopPro X, OpenOffice 2.3 and OoO2.4.  

    Anyway,  I hope Mircrosoft keeps doing the good work as they did with WINDOWS 7 beta utill now.  If they can give me a better environment to still use some older software then I might consider to upgrade from XP to WINDOWS7.

  • In response to the comment posted earlier today by 4nthony concerning not being able to connect to an FTP Server using various FTP Clients. *NOTE* I do not work for Microsoft or any of there affiliates. I will not gureantee that these settings will work for everyone. These are just the steps I took in order to let my FTP client connect to my Web Hosting Account. If you decide to use these settings you make that choice at your own risk. Remember Win7 is a Beta, and all we can do is try to help in areas that we have fixed for ourselves.

                            Win7 Firewall Exception Rules

    Solution: "FTP Server Connections"

    Step1: Locate and Open your Win7 Firewall.

    Step2: One this is done find the Advanced Settings link on the left of your page and click on it. This will open the Advanced Settings Page.

    Step3: Once the Advanced Settings Page is open find the Inbound Rules link on the left side of the page and click on it.

    This will display all the rules setup on your system in the windows firewall.

    Now what you will want to do is create a new rule.

    Step4: On the righthand side you will see a link at the top that says New Rule. Click on this link to open up the properties page for the new rule you are about to set up. Once you have done this select the Port option then click next.

    Step5: make sure that the TCP option is selected, then at the bottom enter the port number for the FTP that you will be using, then click next.

    Step6: On this page make sure that the Allow This Connection is selected. Then click next.

    Step7: Once you have click next and have gone to the next page you will see 3 boxes checked. Do not make any changes to this page. Click next to go to the last page.

    Step8: On this page you will want to give your new rule a name. On mine I left it the same as the original Ftp App. Once you have done this then you can give a brief discription of what the rule is about.

    Step9: Once you have done this click next, and the new rule will be created.

    Step10: Now that you have created the new rule, repeat these steps to create 1 more rule. When you get to the page asking if it is TCP or UDP. Select UDP, and enter the same port number as you did for your TCP Rule.

    Your Ftp Connection should be up and running once you have specified these rules.

  • With the concern about IE 8 Beta, I have found that on my WinXP OS I have a few glitches, especially with it being slow. To some point I have had the same issues using it on Vista, and Win7. One of the things I did was first of all to increase my Systems Virtual Memory. On top of that I use a Sony 8Gig flash drive. Unlike Vista where you were only able to dedicate half of your flash drive to virtual memory, Win7 allows you to dedicate all of the flash drive to VM, if that is what you choose to do. All my systems respond faster making them believe their is more memory on your systems. As far as the instance with the graphics card. You can also try and allocate more virtual memory, to see if that will help in your system not freezing. Another big item, is to be sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for Vista and Win7.

  • I have only one problem with indows 7. That is everything freezes when I install my graphics card. Other than that this new O.S. is real good. my scores could be better tho. They are 1.0 with graphics card, and 3.0 without it. But I cannot play Nascar 2003 without graphics card as I only get 1/2 car..........    :)           :D

  • 4nthony
    5 Posts

    Windows 7 what can i say about it.

    Well first of all i love the UI its easy to navigate and very nice to look at.

    The proformance is amazing and faster than xp and vista.

    BUT i have come into a major problem. you see my view on beta testing is to use it as normal as posible so run all your aplications use it every day and that is what i have done.

    I can not connect to any FTP's on my webserver even with a client i have tryed disabling the firewall but to no succsess.

    I have tryed a number of different clients and they have had the same. Even dreamwever will not connect which has come to be a big shock. this is a major problem that needs to be fixed in the next update in my opinion.

    This is my only problem with windows 7 other than that i have been amazed at the improvments. I.e my sound levels on my laptop have gone up 3 bars which i must say is a blessing, my graphics accelorator is working so much better and now my overall score is at 3.4

    The resorce usage is not that high. infact its on the same par as xp

    I just hope they fix this FTP problem soon or i will have to stop using windows 7 :'( and i dont want to.

    Thanks for all the work that has been put into this OS its proving to be the forfront already

  • I would like to comment again on what is so far the only thing that is making my Windows 7 beta experience short of awesome.  IE8 beta keeps freezing!  You guys need to figure this one out, fast.  I was able to install Chrome, Firefox, Safari and they are work just fine - ironically.  Please direct me to any fix or update.  Thanks in advance.

  • irfaan7
    2 Posts

    First of all, I hardly comment on any blog, but could stop myself from praising Windows7!

    I have been using Windows7 beta for now over a week. Am a software engineer, and I've to make sure that our apps run on the latest MS products. I had a copy of Longhorn as well. I loved seeing most of my applications running on Win7 without any problem. I adore most of the desktop enhancements, and the new taskbar is simply the best. I hope there is more goodies in the final release.

    PS: I love Vista as well, it just had a bad repu, I m fed up with all the crappy discussions that goes around banging Vista, but Win7 will make it up.

    Can't wait for the final release...

  • Windows 7 is now the operating system of my Toshiba laptop which runs on Intel Mobile 956 chipset and T5450 Core 2 Duo.  It has been fun to easy and very brisk task-to-task so far.  However, I did notice that IE8 is hanging more often than Firefox, which is ironic.  Is there something wrong with a beta-beta combo (W7 being beta + IE8 being beta)?  I did send information when IE8 crashed.  Also, I installed McAfee and it works just fine, although it is not listed as among the anti-virus programs already configured for Windows 7.  Overall, great job MS!  Vista was never that bad an OS, but W7 flies!

  • Windows 7 is good, Very stable download and install. Operates with minimal CPU usage. Less Ram Usage than Vista. Runs my programs with no lag. Only glitch is the new v.8 driver for the Intel 965 chipset, but that can be fixed by reverting back to an older v.7 driver. But with that said. Why do I have to wait for Windows 20 to get out of Windows what can be accomplished now. Why do you Microsoft hold back on the talent and the capabilities of your software designers. So much true talent going to waste. You have the answer to a true EXTREME Windows Experience right in front of you with the click of a mouse, a few keystrokes and just a bit of thinking out of the box. Instead of staying locked up in the box. It is such a shame that my Extreme Windows Experience will not happen for years to come. Like I said probably like Windows 20. I really wish I knew how to design and right code, then I could show you the true potential of Windows 7, but I am just the End User. I am the one who wants the Experience, but what do I know. I just have to settle with the Extreme Bore Experience of the Windows OS. Even though Win7 is stable and is based on NT Technology, and with new Vista Technology. It is still not all it can be, and at this rate it never will be. Microsoft, don't kid yourself. Think outside the box, and be all you can be now. Not in 20 years. Because even though Win7 is good there are millions of people wanting more, and you are just not giving it to them. I know you are not giving me what I want. I want my EXTREME Windows Experience. So really. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? "Think Outside The Box" I AM WAITING FOR YOU TO UNLOCK YOUR MINDS.

  • adcworks
    17 Posts

    nobody seems to be talking about the biggest problem of all with windows 7. every application has a different menu system (messenger, media player, paint/wordpad, calculator, picture viewer etc.). this is utterly flawed,

  • TLTD
    3 Posts

    W7 is a step in the right direction, but after Vista let's make them work for it don't pat them on the back yet.

    I tried Vista, but it was counterproductive.  I downgraded to XP.  Manufacturers include a package now (including Dell) that has XP Pro installed with an 'optional' Vista disc installer.

    XP fixed a lot of compatibility problems and hundreds of programmers got old games and programs to run in emulators and things.  If Windows 7 can't run everything, then dump it.  Don't settle again.

    I'm excited about using touch screen apps and games.  There are good things about W7, but I want to see the developers sweat until everyone is happy.  

  • Slimy
    3 Posts

    I think this article summarizes the situation well: arstechnica.com/.../what-killed-vista-will-make-windows-7-fly

  • lee25
    13 Posts

    Bugs aside I'm loving it and can't wait for it to go final. Took me a while to get used to the new taskbar but I think it's a great improvement and step forward along with the new aero features.

  • Windows 7 is really good OS. It's really working very fine on my 1.8 GHz processor with 1Gb ram. I'm able to run heavy software on my laptop like Adobe photoshop, VB2008 very smoothely. and I'm actually having fun with windows 7 taskbar.