Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Now Available

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Now Available

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This afternoon, Internet Explorer General Manager Dean Hachamovitch has announced the immediate availability of Internet Explorer 8 RC1. Internet Explorer 8 RC1 is available in 25 languages for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server. You can download IE8 RC1 here: Here is what Dean says about IE8 today:

IE8 focused on how people really use the web. Consumers want a browser that makes the tasks they do every day faster and easier. The activities people spend their time on define real-world performance: navigating to websites, working with tabs, searching, keeping track of changing information (like traffic or an auction), and using the information from one site with another (as in getting a map). Everyone wants a trustworthy browser that keeps them in control and protects their safety. Developers want great developer tools, great interoperability, and a powerful platform that enables them to innovate. For some people, accessibility is crucial; for some organizations, policy, administration, and deployment are essential.

For more information on upgrading to RC1 – please see this post from Internet Explorer Program Manager Jane Maliouta. Jane provides an excellent and information-filled post on what you need to know to upgrade to RC1.

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 can only be installed on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server. For more information on Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7, please read this blog post.

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  • sks3286
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    Hey brandon, any chance we will have an IE8 RC1 release for Win7 beta?

  • Scutterman:

    Not all websites have the CV button.

    Also; IE8 is doing something wrong or something as simple as a:hover { background-color:Black; color:White; } in CSS would work. Maybe I'm wrong, but simple CSS does not work in web pages. Sure, the HTML elements display properly most of the time, but not CSS.

  • webDev_Indy:

    From what I heard the CV button constantly remains visible.

    I know that previous versions of IE displayed sites in IE standard, unless the site told it that they were using HTML strict (via the doctype declaration), which caused pages following w3c standards to display oddly when lacking the declaration.

    IE8 displays them as w3c standard by default, and pages made to IE specifications may look odd, hence the button.

    This is a big deal. For years my #1 annoyance with MSIE was that I always had to make tweaks for IE users, and IE had the market share. Now it seems like all the major browsers are working from the same page, and the internet can finally converge. It is one step further towards making one page, and having it look identical in all browsers (so long as you follow w3c standards)


  • Where can I find specifications for the changes made in IE8 that cause sites to have a "compatibility view" (CV) button?

    I've developed a very basic website that uses XHTML and CSS2 and am finding that the CV button is showing up on the site.

    I think there is a pretty big problem if you have to have a button like this on a web browser. I think IE should be set to the W3C standards and then use the CV button to view Microsoft specific web pages and not the other way around.

  • Rodrick
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    I'm just wondering when google toolbar and IE8 will be compatible. Is google gonna come out with a compatible toolbar, or are you guys gonna make an update available that will fix the problem?

    I like my google toolbar.

  • Equ
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    It takes a while to open a new tab in IE8 beta and IE8 RC1, which is very annoying.

  • djb6
    22 Posts

    lee, my guess is they don't want two betas running against each other.  If something fails, how do you know what it was, the IE8 or the windows 7.

  • lee25
    13 Posts

    Typical got to wait for next release windows 7 to get an upgraded version of the most used feature. Can't believe you Microsoft.

  • Benjamin Sawyer, as mentioned in the above blog post - IE8 RC1 is for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server.

  • Trackback From:

  • Windows 7 refused to permit the installation of Explorer 8 RC1. I got a message the program is incompatible with the operating system.

  • The MAZZTer, Windows PowerShell actually is already in the Windows 7 Beta which is why it may not be installing. If you go to All Programs and then Accessories you will notice a Windows PowerShell folder where Windows PowerShell V2 is. That command you are speaking of for Windows PowerShell should probably work. Let me know.

  • I figured the new IE and PowerShell wouldn't work on 7 and we'd have to wait for a new beta or RC, but oddly enough even though PowerShell can't possibly install (there is no way to get the PowerShell-free environment on 7 that the installer wants) the release notes contain a reference to a command that will only work on 7.  Catch 22 I guess.