The New Internet Games in Windows 7

The New Internet Games in Windows 7

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If you’re running the Windows 7 Beta and hadn’t already noticed, we are introducing 3 new Windows Games for Windows 7.

Internet Backgammon:

Internet Checkers:

Internet Spades:

These games were well liked in Windows XP. Due to the amount of requests we received, we are bringing them back!

The new versions of these games have been completely redesigned and improved over their old-school predecessors. With each game, you can:

  • Play online against human opponents (up to 4 players at the same time with Internet Spades).
  • Select from 3 skill levels to be matched with similarly skilled players from all around the world.
  • If your opponent drops out, a computer opponent takes over to finish the game.
  • Choose from cool different backgrounds and piece/card designs.

And as I mentioned in my post about Games Explorer, you can track statistics for games played as well.

Tired of Minesweeper? Definitely give these games a try and join the thousands of other players online who are playing too. I’m actually quite addicted to Internet Checkers.

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  • i love internet backgammon that came with my W7 PC; does anyone know if it is possible to download the game onto my new W8 laptop

  • Someone please teach me how to play all these games each game then you will become my best friend forever death will be the one to seperate us. coz l am searching.

  • I like the Internet Checkers game but most of the time i spend my free time to play online games at  Some good collections are there!

  • hooray....when are they back and how can I get access to these games

  • thank you very good windows 7 games

  • I enjoy playing with other online live players !

  • Hey guys this is really awesome news, I thought these games were gone forever, the lack of them is one of the reasons I quit using Vista. But, PLEASE add Reversi and Hearts too! This would go a long way to me being able to let go of XP.

  • My Game is ... Internet Checkers

    Good Game

    Good Lucky

  • digital
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    Inkball is a superb game.  I'm curious why it has been excluded from the Windows 7 beta.  Would you reconsider including in the final release.      

  • dren
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    Awesome! Glad these were brought back. It has been said before, but I'll say it again.  Internet Reversi would be very nice to have again.  That was my favorite game. Sure, maybe it wasn't one of the more popular games, but it was a good game to play!

    Windows 7 is looking better and better every day.  Can't wait to scrap Vista and get 7.

  • Hi! I am very glad that Internet games came back, but I miss the ability to play again with the same oponnent just like in Xp and Me.. Some times when you lose a game you want to bet the oponent again and try to win or if you win, you want to try keep winning from the same oponent. I have sent a feedback about this!

    Thank you very much.

  • mad it work on the Xbox version would make it work on the pc version... had bad wording .. basically put it on the PC and be like a steam network ... Think about the revenue Xbox live is a great success as well as the pc market could be if it was integrated into the OS.. Hell half the people I know didnt even know you could get it for the PC..

    Sorry for the double post.. but i just had to make it clearer than the first message..


  • You should add Windows Live Feature... Unless Ms is thinking about scraping that.. I love my Xbox Live.. and I bet if the Great minds that made it work on the Pc version it will be as great if not better..

    So get rid of this crap Gaming folder and make it worth a darn..

    Just think about it.. lol...

  • Hi 7flavor,

    I know what you mean my wife's Grandmother just upgraded from XP to Vista and now she wants all her old XP games back.  I guess I will have to figure out that one too!

    Still it made me realize that for some people a lack of a particular microsoft built in game would actually be a reason not to upgrade, so its good to see these updated games in Windows 7.

  • My Game is , Internet Backgammon...

    Good Lucky.. :-)

    see you...

  • 7flavor
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    Is there a way to make the XP version of Hearts and Reversi work on Windows 7? Maybe application virtualization? And InkBall and Texas Hold'Em.

  • Glad you like them 7flavor! Indeed, these new games ALL have computer-based players take over if an opponent drops out. One of our most highly requested features!

    Rest assured we're listening closely to your new game suggestions, if not for Windows 7, where we're pretty much feature complete, then for our future releases. Game on!

  • Hello everybody...

    Windows 7 is genial

    Hola todos, soy nuevo en este blog y quisiera decirles que estoy muy contento con el nuevo sistema opertativo, es genial y muy interesante..



  • I love Checkers! it's awesome because of the online capability :)

    There should be a ranking system for these internet games to make things more interesting. Please forward my suggestion Brandon.

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    And forgot to add: Put back Tinker and Texas Hold'Em as well.

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    I was very happy to see things actually put back! :-) Only the graphics have been updated right, or the AI too? Does a computer opponent take over to finish the game in Backgammon and Checkers as well? I thought that was only in Spades. Would it be possible to add Internet Hearts and Internet Reversi as well (my favorite)? And the best addition would be multiplayer internet Chess Titans with human players!!.

  • noroom
    9 Posts

    It's not the same without Reversi... :(

  • Oops.... hadnt noticed. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Netram
    2 Posts

    Where is Internet Chess?

  • Airik
    5 Posts

    hmm...thats cool...I'll check them out

  • My favorite is Backgammon!