Burn ISO Images Natively in Windows 7

Burn ISO Images Natively in Windows 7

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Geeks and IT Pros often have to burn an ISO image (.iso file) to physical media such as a CD or DVD to test out and install software. We have made it easier to burn ISO images in Windows 7 by natively supporting the ability to burn ISO images directly within Windows without the need of a third party tool.

To burn an ISO image in Windows 7, all someone needs to do is simply right-click on an ISO image and choose “Burn disc image”.


This launches Windows Disc Image Burner, giving you the option to burn the ISO image to either a CD or DVD.


If you check “Verify disc after burning”, it will verify the ISO image burned correctly. Choosing to verify a disc you burned will require additional time so if you’re in a hurry, you will probably want to ensure this option is unchecked.

I often burn ISO images to a DVD-RW so I can re-use the media. What’s great about Windows Disc Image Burner is that it will detect that a DVD-RW has content on it already and prompt you asking if you would like to erase the disc and burn new content to it. This ensures you don’t accidently erase and burn over something important that may be on that DVD-RW disc. This is awesome because it lets me re-use DVD-RW media.


If you haven’t already discovered this feature in the Windows 7 Beta, you should give it a shot especially if you are burning ISO images quite a bit.

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  • I had to double-click my iso and choose a program to use and only then did Windows Disc Image Burner come up.

  • I can not get the burn image to show up when I right click on the ISO file can any one help me on this?

  • I am suffering since windows8 release. I have downloaded it but DVD can't burn as ISO today with your help do this. Thanks & hope for new.

  • For those who no longer have the "Burn disc image" option on the context menu because another program has been associated with .iso files, all you have to do is use the Open With... submenu and select Windows Disc Image Burner. You can also use the Open dropdown from the toolbar. It has the same list of programs as the Open With... submenu.

  • I usually this free ISO burner utility: www.top-password.com/iso2disc.html  . It's super easy to use! Burn the ISO image in just a mouse click!

  • Khaja
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    Brandon: Does the CD / DVD burning from ISO capability include bootable DVDs?  I just burned a DVD from an ISO of a Debian distribution and the DVD does not appear to be bootable.  Thanks.

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  • Stugol
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    Yeah, great idea paulottar. Let's force the user to do things YOUR way, instead of using whatever program - Winzip, 7zip, ImgBurn, Nero - they choose. Because YOUR opinion is the only one that matters, right?

  • Just as a little heads up.

    With me the option "Burn Disc Image" did not appear when I right clicked the file.

    This was caused by WinZip claiming ownership over .ISO files.

    I changed the default program to Windows Image Burner under properties and the option "Burn Disc Image" appeared again.

    This might be something you guys at MS can think about.. Maybe you can hardcode the "Burn Disc Image" to always show on .ISO files?

    Best Regards

    Paul Ottar

  • i stuck in windows.. when i extract the iso with winrar it give me a lot of 0 bytes files. is there anyway to know which files to keep? Thanks for your help

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  • DVD
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    I'm also a windows 7 user and I use Easy DVD Burning software to burn ISO images. Easy DVD Burning software boasts all the features found in all DVD burning software programs. If you're interested, here's the link http://www.easydvdburning.com



  • murli4u
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  • Nice tool but I noticed that it doesn't show progressbar in taskbar while burning. Why? Windows 7 native tools and programs should use Windows 7 features.

    Even 3rd party tool like ImgBurn has progress bar:


  • fgsfgdf
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    Microsoft already has their own ISO mounting add on.


    Click on the "Download the Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel package now. "

    It used to work great under XP, now with Vista, there are issues. First, you have to run it as admin, second, only admins can see mounted drives. For some reason it used to but no longer works on my Vista machine.

    Native ISO burning is a nice addition, but ISO mounting is just as important. Please include ISO mounting in Windows 7.

  • Please tell me you at least included functionality to mount the .iso for viewing as well? Or do we have to use third party products to get this?

  • Jonathan Rothwell, thanks for the comment! This post wasn't meant to do any "over-hyping" on the feature - the intent was to expose the feature to people who may find it useful. But agreed - certainly over-hyping this feature is unneeded.  

    And thank you everyone for leaving comments on ISO burning and mounting. Rest assured, the right people here at Microsoft are very much aware of people's desire to see the ability to mount ISO images in Windows.

    In reading some of the awesome comments over on the E7 Blog, someone recommended that if you want to mount a ISO in Windows, you can use this free tool called Virtual CloneDrive. I just downloaded it and tested it myself on Windows 7 and it works quite nice. And it's free.


    I am also sure there are many other fanastic 3rd party ISO mounting tools available as well.

  • Unless I am missing something, any ISO which you need to mount to burn can also be extracted to your desktop and run from there.  Why the need to mount then?  I do them all this way including from other networked machines and have never had a failure or glitch.

  • the ISO function is awesome! BUT 1 big issue, the option to change the burning speed is a flawed, we the the option to burn at 1x and 2x. Cause the these guys already stated alot of IT/Tech Geeks burn physical media for work, and as we all know that if we burn a OS image TOO FAST it come up eith too many errors, like Windows for example if you burn at anything higher than 2x it wont install correctly, so the option to burn at 1x is ESSSENTIAL

  • pabs
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    Who needs to burn iso's these days, everyone I kow prefers to mount the image as a virtual drive. Thats a much better feature!

    So really its a pointless feature I'll never use :-/

  • I've noticed the option early on, but just a few days before this post showed up I actually needed it, and yeah, it's a nice feature to have around. But I, too, would imagine mounting and ISO creating to go pretty well hand in hand with it.

    I can well imagine the world's taken the direction into less optical drives, more USB and more disk space. Space is dirty cheap nowdays, so you can just get images of all your important discs and store them somewhere on your harddrive and move them around on USB sticks. Getting to that and using them is an unnecessary hassle really.

    I really like the lightness of most of the Windows 7 features, as they don't take ages to load up, come with a heap of extra features I don't need and leave yet another extra process running on the background.

    But yet another step in the right direction with Windows, sure.

  • +1 for mounting


    Here's a bad analogy: Our new operating system allows you to play mp3s only if you burn them to cd first!

  • I found this feature early on and was very happy that it was included. Sure, there are more features we want native in Windows, but I'm glad that this was one that was actually put in there.

    I have a suggestion: If it comes down to time being the reason Microsoft is not including extra features, then get with it and start creating a Service Pack for Windows 7 that WILL include these features.

    Microsoft has done a great job with the Xbox 360 firmware by constantly providing new features and eventually providing a totally revamped operating system.

    Let's see Microsoft start to go that way with Windows. Vista Ultimate Extras was a tease towards this type of upgrading to Windows. I want to see MS go the extra mile. Show us that Windows 7 is going to have long legs by providing customers not only with security and small application updates, but with new and enhanced functionality to the core of the Operating System.

    These upgrades can come in through Windows Update and be OPTIONAL downloads to allow people to choose if they want to add the new features or not. You could also add something similar to what you have done in Windows 7 with the Game Explorer. When you select an item from the Windows Update list, details of that item appear on the right of the Window providing the user with more information to the user so they can make a better decision as to whether they want to download it.

  • Verification and automatic erasure is <em>base functionality</em>.

    Nevertheless, ISO burning is a nice addition - but don't over-hype it. Treat it like Apple did when Leopard included a downloads folder by default - a nice touch, but nothing too major.

  • Duro
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    Brandon, with the zip/compression/decompression functionality already integrated into Vista/WinServer08/Win7 Beta.. Surely it wouldn't be that much more work to allow ISOs to be explorable using this already implemented shell integration?

    That's how I generally peruse the contents of ISOs, and it also gets around the additional issues of having to mount a drive too..

  • sirus
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    The ability to both mount and create ISO images would be much more well appreciated.

  • adcworks
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    this is pretty useful for me, sounds like lots of folk would rather mounting but burning is enough for my usage anyway.

  • 7flavor
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    The demands beyond extremely high for ISO mounting than burning. The ability to mount ISOs (compressed ISOs as well-ISZ) from Explorer as well as Disk Management would be nice, after all VHDs can be mounted. I know there are countless third party utilities but these don't work with SMB file sharing, so a mounted shared ISO drive doesn't work sometimes as intended over the network. And the ability to create an ISO as well. IMAPI can do that I think, it's only a matter of programming it?

  • While I think it is awesome to be able to burn DVD's natively within Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 it only high lights the absense of an ISO mounting capability all the more.

    We really need this capability and while it is very likely too late to be provided within the RC and RTM builds of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, this would make an excellent additional download post-RTM.

    I really hope we don't have to wait until SP1 or even worse have to continue to source this capability from third party software.


    Doug Holland, Visual C# MVP

    Software Architect

    Intel Corporation


  • scronide
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    For existing versions of Windows, I've always used the freeware ISO Recorder tool: isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm

    Adds right-click options to Explorer much like the Windows 7 feature mentioned above, as well as creating ISOs from files. Worked great for me for years.

  • fgsfgdf
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    "Geeks and IT Pros often have to burn an ISO image (.iso file) to physical media such as a CD or DVD to test out and install software. "

    No, geeks mount ISO's to test out software, unless it's a full OS install, in which case it's mounted on Virtual PC.

    Please add native ISO mounting.

  • Nice, I dont burn ISO's very often, usually if Im testing a new Linux distro or some PC software that needs to be self booting... this is a nice addition to Windows 7.

    Usually If I need to burn an ISO on someone elses computer I end up looking for free DVD burning software to download just to burn the iso...this will save us all some time and hassle.

  • Tommyinoz
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    How about the other way around?  Can we right click on the CD/DVD drive and select 'create ISO Image'?  

    As others have mentioned already, the ability to mount an ISO image to a virtual drive would be very handy especially here in our office.  We have removed all CD/DVD drives from every machine for security reasons.  I guess removing the drives from machines in an office environment is common practice these days.

    Another feature I would like is the ability to perform CD/DVD burn operations from the command line to allow us to automate certain types of backups.  We use 3rd party tools to do this ATM.

  • mrmckeb
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    I agree with yert. We need an option to mount the ISO - much like OSX does with it's format (as much as I dislike OSX).

  • yert
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    What about mounting ISOs? XP had a powertoy for it, but Vista ditched it. Having to find a disk just to read the ISO in a Internet-lacking pinch would be a waste.

  • rangerevo8, as mentioned in the above blog post - the ability to burn ISO images natively within Windows is new to Windows 7.

  • Common what about us that want to save on CD/DVD's When will we be able to mount ISO files to a virtual drive letter.  This way we can install and use software on our netbooks and tablets which dont have CD drives....

  • What’s great about Windows Disc Image Burner is that it will detect that a DVD-RW has content on it already and prompt you asking if you would like to erase the disc and burn new content to it.

    Are you joking? You mean previously the windows burning function do not have that? Oh now that you realize, great!!