A Look at Improvements to Windows Easy Transfer for Windows 7

A Look at Improvements to Windows Easy Transfer for Windows 7

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Windows Easy Transfer is an application designed to help people move their important files, user accounts, and application settings from their old PC to a new PC. The new version of Windows Easy Transfer for Windows 7 comes with improvements based on feedback received from Windows Vista customers. I wanted to take a closer look at these improvements.

For the new version of Windows Easy Transfer, people can move their files from PCs running Windows XP and Windows Vista.

NOTE: For the Windows 7 RC, Windows Easy Transfer can also be used to move files from a Windows 7 Beta PC to a PC running the Windows 7 RC.

Welcome to Windows Easy Transfer

The first thing people will likely notice about the new version of Windows Easy Transfer is that is has an updated, cleaner and much simpler UI.

People can transfer files 1 of 3 ways:

Many folks have PCs in their homes that are used by multiple family members and thus may also have multiple user profiles. The new version of Windows Easy Transfer detects all user profiles on a single PC and allows customers to pick and choose which of the user profiles they want to transfer files from. The idea behind enabling this scenario is that it permits users to “split” a PC. For example, let’s say a family PC becomes a kids-only PC after the purchase of a new laptop for the parents. With the selectivity Windows Easy Transfer now offers, selected user profiles can be migrated to one PC and other user profiles can be transferred to another. The UI also displays the size for each user profile.

Pick and Choose Profiles

Windows Easy Transfer also allows for enhanced selectivity of what is to be transferred. It is now possible to see every file that is selected for the migration and make changes on a per file basis. Do you have a big file (like a video) you don’t want to transfer to your new PC? You can now prevent that file from being transferred.

Pick and Choose Files and Profiles

The same “enhanced selectivity” I spoke about above for gathering files also applies when restoring files. It is now possible to see every file that is pending restoration and make changes on a per file basis. Did you include a file in the transfer that you don’t want to migrate to your new PC? No problem – just deselect that file.

File Selectivity

We are also introducing a new feature with this version: Windows Easy Transfer Reports. Any time after a migration has been completed it is now possible to view a report that details everything that was moved during the migration, where it was moved to, and a list of programs that were installed on the old PC complete with links for more information including where to re-download if possible.

Windows Easy Transfer ReportsWindows Easy Transfer Programs Report

If you are an IT professional and have multiple PCs you would like to migrate, check out the User State Migration Tool for Windows 7 and new features like hard-link migration and migration from windows.old

Give Windows Easy Transfer a try if you haven’t already!

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  • ronk
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    Ummm, When I ran it in Vista I backed up to a CD-ROM. Now I've installed 7 and it won't allow me to restore from a CD-ROM. I'm SOL and thanks so much.

  • Lumi
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    I bought a new laptop with W7. My old one has Vista Home Premiuem. I tried to use Windows Easy Transfer from the old one to the new one and could NOT. They are connected wiressly through NetGear. I got to the point of getting the key on the old PC, but when I entered it in the new PC it tells me that it cannot find old PC. Where can I find instructions on how to fix the problem? Does MS have a free phone number for this kind of teck support?

    Pls help. Thx.

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    1.   I'm happy that it doesn't run full-screen any more and doesn't annoyingly force me to quit all other apps, and seems faster at startup/exit.

    2.   Whatever happened to Windows Live Easy Transfer Companion (Alohabob PC Migrator) that transferred apps as well? Esp since XP to Windows 7 upgrades aren't supported.

    3.   Why doesn't Windows have a standard for standard TCP/IP networking over USB cable instead of requiring an Easy Transfer Cable?