Want to Know How to Create & Share Themes in Windows 7?

Want to Know How to Create & Share Themes in Windows 7?

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If you want to know how to create and share Windows 7 themes then this post on the E7 Blog is a must read.

You can apply, create, and save themes directly from within the Personalization Control Panel in Windows 7. When you create a theme for Windows 7, Windows 7 collects desktop backgrounds, sounds, mouse pointers and icons and puts it into an .themepack file. That file can be shared and them theme can then be applied on another Windows 7 PC.

I recently took a trip up toward Steven’s Pass outside of Redmond. I took some photos of some rocks near a river on a beautiful day. I’ve created a theme for Windows 7 with those photos and called it “Rocks” and I would like to share it with you! Just click below to download the theme…

Download my Rocks Theme for Windows 7!

I hope you enjoy the theme!

With 25GB of free online storage on Windows Live SkyDrive, you can share quite a few Windows 7 themes with friends and family.

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  • Duane Duane
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    nice themes for windows 7 to be done on this issue will be who I congratulate Thanks

  • emlak
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    in the near future will be replicated in the theme for windows 7.

  • GHOwner
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    One thing I'd love is the ability to adjust the drop shadow intensity on the outside border of each window. It's something that's bugged me a lot, as it seems very, very intense...

    Please let this be a changible option :< PLEASE!

  • Thats pretty cool that you can actually have Themes that link to an RSS photo feed, seems a little complicated, but Im sure as this is used more often applications from photosharing sites will popup to simplify this cool feature.

  • Thanks Brandon,

    Themes are one of my favourite new features available in Windows 7, as they allow a greater level of desktop personalization than previous versions of Windows.  The guide is really usefull, and will help people create their own themes to share with friends, family and other theme enthusiasts.