Upgrade to the Latest Windows Live Messenger Release

Upgrade to the Latest Windows Live Messenger Release

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The Windows Live Messenger Team is committed to delivering a safe and secure instant messaging experience to its users. In order to do this, they are asking anyone who is still on Windows Live Messenger versions 8.1, 8.5 and 14.0 to upgrade to the newest version of Windows Live Messenger. This can be done today via download.live.com.

Over the course of the next few months, there will be a phased approach to get everyone updated to the latest Windows Live Messenger release.

For more information, see this blog post from the Windows Live Messenger Team.

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  • 7flavor
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    Also, some other behaviors in 9.0 are very annoying such as you can't transfer files or do an audio/video conversation if you're "Appear offline" and plug-ins are gone too! I used some plugins and suddenly they're gone. Giving feedback on the Messenger blog and thru feedback.live.com doesn't seem to have any effect.

  • 7flavor
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    Please add back the ability to adjust webcam settings while the conversation is on in the next version. Versions up to 8.5 had that capability and it is very annoying now because you've to disconnect the conversation to do audio-video setup.

  • Please fix wlmail.exe not ending process! Messenger was fine!

  • This is great... but the real Priority should be fixing Windows Live Mail.

    I have to pin task manager to my taskbar because wlmail.exe fails to end process. It won't reopen until the faulty process is ended.

    There have been several updates for the mail client, but as yet the issue is unresolved! (at least for me anyway).

    Any chance you can have a word? :D