Using Windows Live Movie Maker to Share Experiences

Using Windows Live Movie Maker to Share Experiences

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About a month ago, I took a trip to Mt. St. Helens while returning to Redmond from Portland. It was a beautiful day and thought I would shoot some video and take some photos for readers of the blog who may not be able to make it to the Pacific Northwest. And to bring it all together I used Windows Live Movie Maker. I shot both video and photos with my new Canon PowerShot SX20 IS. The PowerShot SX20 IS shoots both 12.1 megapixel photos and 720p HD video.

I used Windows Live Movie Maker to bring together all the clips of videos I shot (edited of course to make sense) with several photos spliced between the clips as I headed up the mountain. Windows Live Movie Maker is great for bringing both video and photos together into a single project that you can then then publish out as a video to be shared with others like friends and family. I like to think of using Windows Live Movie Maker to take in content from an experience from a location (or multiple locations), bring it all together, and make it sharable.


As you can see in the above screenshot, my “project” in Windows Live Movie Maker wasn’t too complicated – 4 video clips and 10 photos. I added a few animations to the photos (static photos are too boring!) and transitions between both the video clips and photos too.

I edited the project in widescreen 16:9 which is the native aspect ratio of the video I shot. You’ll notice the photos are also in widescreen. This took some extra part on my part to make happen. I wanted the end-result video to be completely 16:9 widescreen and 720p HD which is 1280x720 in resolution. Because my images were all at a very high resolution, I used Paint.NET 3.5 (now updated to 3.5.1) to edit the photos down to 1280x720 to fit the resolution of 720p HD video.

So here’s the end-result video:

You can also check out my Flickr set of Mt. St. Helens photos from the trip here. I uploaded these photos to Flickr via Windows Live Photo Gallery. I also created several panoramic stitches in Windows Live Photo Gallery as well which are included in the set.

Mt. St. Helens Stitch 1

You can download both Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Photo Gallery as part of Windows Live Essentials here at today if you haven’t already!

Remember to check out the Windows Live Movie Maker Holiday Contest too!
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  • Thanks for the information! I need to know it for my job.

  • I am trying to move over to Live Movie Maker from iMovie. One thing that iMovie does (most of the time) is read date/timestamp on the individual clips on the DVD from the camcorder. I had tried a beta version of the Live Movie Maker and I did not think the clips were timestamped.

    Is this a feature that is a) already implemented or b) planned for a future release?

    It is crucial for me because I have tons of clips on DVD's as well as from my point-and-shoot and for making a movie, I would like to sort them by date/time. Also, going back a few years, I don't remember exactly when a movie was recorded and being able to read the date/time from the movie would be absolutely fantastic.

  • Hi lolht, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately this isn't the right place for technical support. I would recommend posting about your issue at There are people there such as Microsoft Support personnel and our MVPs can better help you with your issue.

    There could be many things causing you not to have access to the Internet. Many of which are issues Windows would not be able to fix (DNS issues with network hardware like a router for example).

  • lollht
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    and why even have a diagnose button if it can't help.  network access is fine, but no internet access at all.  shouldn't windows be able to diagnose and fix this itself?  trust me.

  • lollht
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    anybody else having no internet access issues with 7?  multiple machines in multiple locations. sooooooooooooooooo tired of the same crap over and over and over