Games on Demand for Games for Windows – LIVE

Games on Demand for Games for Windows – LIVE

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This week we announced Games on Demand for Games for Windows – LIVE. Through the Games for Windows – LIVE PC client, you can now purchase, download, and install full games for your PC!

Download: Games for Windows - LIVE (Version 3.2)

You can download 4 of 7 games I blogged about earlier this week in my post on 7 hot games for Windows 7 for the holidays. Those games include DIRT 2, a DirectX 11 game, and Batman: Arkham Asylum.


When you install Games for Windows – LIVE in Windows 7, Games for Windows – LIVE is added as a Game Provider in Games Explorer.


You can stay on top of all the latest Games for Windows – LIVE news right from Games Explorer in Windows 7.

Games for Windows – LIVE titles let PC gamers log in and take advantage of Xbox LIVE – including improving their Gamerscore and playing against other games on Xbox LIVE.

Try Games on Demand today!

Through January 4th, 2010 – we’re offering Shadowrun and Viva Piñata 50% off through Games on Demand.

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  • Hi please send more inf- for FS X not run on Windows 7

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    Why does it require signing in? So one can't play offline. Also where is Texas Hold 'Em?

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