Introducing the Windows Experience Pack

Introducing the Windows Experience Pack

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I want to take a moment and let folks know about the Windows Experience Pack we are making available starting today for people with PCs running Windows 7 and/or Windows Live Essentials. While we can’t send all of you on vacation, we can give you something special to help you daydream and customize your PC and online experience.

With the Windows Experience Pack, you are able create an alter-ego of yourself in a specific destination – a beach, mountain, safari, or city. When you create your alter-ego, you create a fully customized avatar for that destination that becomes a part of a Windows Live Messenger and Windows 7 theme for your PC. You’ll also be able to download a .jpg image of your avatar to share, print, or use as your icon on social networks.

Mountain - avatar

For a specific destination you pick, the following Windows Live Messenger elements are created for you to use in Messenger for your alter-ego:

  • 1 static Display Picture
  • Up to 4 Dynamic Display Pictures
  • A Wink
  • 7 new Emoticons
  • A new Messenger Scene

For Windows 7, you are given the choice between 3 desktop backgrounds for your destination and a screensaver featuring multiple photos from your destination.

The Windows Experience Pack was created and optimized for Windows 7, but it can be downloaded and used on PCs running Windows XP or Windows Vista too (although performance and features may vary).

Have fun!

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  • Thanks it's a great idea.

  • TJP
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    There's nothing like a new computer!

  • am,however, suddenly feeling very MS-BOBish

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  • Xepol
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    Uhhhh... I'm honestly speechless.

    I am,however, suddenly feeling very MS-BOBish.

  • Wow! thanks Brandon, this is a fantastic idea. It will cheer me up after all that snow and cold this winter!