Internet Explorer 8 Still the Best at Staying Safe While Browsing the Web

Internet Explorer 8 Still the Best at Staying Safe While Browsing the Web

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Back in August, I wrote a blog post about how Internet Explorer 8 offers the best protection against socially engineered malware threats. This week, NSS Labs released a new study that continues to show Internet Explorer 8 to be the #1 browser in blocking malware! When the first study was revealed, the Internet Explorer Team announced that Internet Explorer 8’s SmartScreen Filter had provided over 80 million blocks of malware. Almost a year after Internet Explorer 8 shipped, Internet Explorer 8’s SmartScreen Filter has provided over 560 million blocks of malware – averaging over 3 million blocks per day! Wow.

The SmartScreen Filter uses a special URL Reputation Service (URS) with data centers hosted around the world and has evaluated over 250 billion URLs to help keep Internet Explorer 8 users safe! Every day, the SmartScreen Filter URS processes about 4.1 billion URLs looking for malicious websites and files; and since it was first introduced in Internet Explorer 7, the URS has processed over 5.7 trillion requests!

Malware is the biggest and most common security threat facing people browsing the Internet today, and Microsoft is investing heavily in keeping people protected while using Internet Explorer with features like the SmartScreen Filter, Protected Mode, DEP, and more. Check out this post on the IEBlog for more info about the NSS Labs study and how to make sure the SmartScreen Filter is turned on. If you’re not already running Internet Explorer 8, or haven’t upgraded, this is a great reason!

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  • IE6 may be integrated into XP, but that doesn't mean organizations can't deploy IE8 and force users to switch over to it. As for compatibility issues, there's absolutely no excuse for any site/software to have problems working with IE8. It's 2010, for crying out loud! Anyone complaining about compatibility hasn't taken the required steps to ensure it!

  • @Tommyinoz: Yes you are quite right, that there are security concerns while talking about IE. I noticed the same thing that what are the security concerns in IE? Guys at Microsoft should take notice of the security and the compatibility of IE8.

  • Tommyinoz
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    I'm not sure we have the whole picture here.  IE8 may well be the best at detecting phishing sites, but which browser is the best at preventing malware being successfully installed on your machine?  The problem with IE is that on WinXP it is integrated into the OS which is poor design as far as security is concerned.  Also IE supports ActiveX controls and VBScripting which increases the attack surface available to the criminals who write malware.  Remember last year, Microsoft compromised FireFox's security by installing the Windows Presentation Foundation addon without your permission.  FireFox disabled this plugin during an update when it was determined that it was a security risk.  

  • Nice article. i thinks IE8 works pretty well and why don't mozilla firefox did not updates these kind of addons. As iam a big fan of its now its crashing changing to IE8

  • Hey!

    Read your article it is quite good. You noticed quite interesting things. But I have a question, what about those hacker attacks on Google? And what about the comaptibility of the websites. ZDNET notes that there are more than 2000 websites not compatible to IE8. Any good answer?