Windows Recession Sweepstakes #1: And the Winner is…

Windows Recession Sweepstakes #1: And the Winner is…

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Wow!  That pretty much sums up everyone’s reaction at the phenomenal response to the first Windows Recession Sweepstakes.  Turns out your odds of winning were a little better than 1/797 (factoring out duplicates, my comments, invalid entries, etc.).  And the lucky winner is:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Brandon is with our winner – he’s a new Taskbar fan.  Turns out I’m with the vast majority of you – it’s Snap all the way. Oh, and Brandon edited the video in Windows Live Movie Maker and is super proud of the <ahem> result.

Remember to follow me, Brandon, Ben and the Windows Blog on Twitter to find out when the next contest goes live.  You have 9 more chances to win!

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  • w33z
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    Good Stuff, Congratulations to the winner

  • Congrats!!!!

  • The winner is xabbott

  • sunco
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    Yep, i re-read but can't delete my post. Still i want to know who is he to see his msg on the contest thread

  • @sunco it says Brandon is WITHour winner; i.e. he's a fan of the taskbar. The winner's screen name is mentioned in the video

  • sunco
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    Didn't understand.. who is the winner ? You said Brandon.. you're talking about Brandon the MSFT employee ?

  • @Thomas Shields - thanks for the compliment regarding the editing ;-) I thought it added some "flare" to the video. Heh.

    @baerwb - I'm not the winner ;-)

  • Well, congratulations! I have a question though. I am a Jamaican university student, and I certainly can't afford these wonderful products. However, I have family living in Miami; could I, perhaps, enter and if I win, have the goods sent to my family? They are legal US citizens, so there would be no red tape or anything of the sort; they would receive it, and then send it to me. Is there any way that this idea could work? It would make a young Jamaican student very, VERY happy!

  • Ehsan
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  • Nice editing brandon. ;) :P Congrats to the winner!

  • Congrats!

  • baerwb
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    Congratulations Brandon!

  • Karen
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    Congrats to the winner! :)

  • congratulations !

  • adamson
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  • David
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  • Thanks Ashley! We shot the video in Ashley's office and I used a Kodak Zi8 camcorder which shoots 1080 HD video. A perfect little camcorder for shooting quick videos. The audio is a bit off, we'll look to refine it for the next video we do. The new Movie Maker makes video editing really easy though. If you haven't checked it out already, you should! Congrats to the winner!