And the Winner of the Windows Recession Sweepstakes #2 is…

And the Winner of the Windows Recession Sweepstakes #2 is…

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Congrats BillGatesII, you’re our winner! I’ve sent you an email.  If you don’t have it, hit me up at @winashbrown.

And check this out – Windows DJ Darek Mazzone opening for President Bill Clinton at WPC 2010 in Washington, DC.  Yep, that’s his gorgeous Dell laptop.


We’re still waiting to hear from @xabbott, our first winner.  On Monday, we’ll do a backup drawing to award the first prize pack.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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  • Not his former boss, nor am I related to him, just for the recored.

    @Ashley: reply is in the mail

  • Jack
    19 Posts

    Windows 7 has plenty of support for gamers...DX 11, anyone?

  • JMan90
    17 Posts

    Gaming may not be as swift as Windows XP, but Microsoft sure has made a huge improvement over Windows Vista.

    Every day I use 7, i get farther and farther from going back to Linux.

    My machine: Dell studio xps 1640, Windows 7 64bit

  • elgallo @ Gaming on the Windows platform is a priority for us.  Hit me @winashbrown.  I would like to connect more on this to better understand what gamers want/need.

  • Gaurav
    34 Posts

    Congrats Bill Gates!

    /rushes to change twitter name to BillGatesIII for better chances at winning

  • elgallo
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    windows7  is  a great  os but  still short  for  gamers CPU  used   for games.other I am  happy  120%.

  • adamson
    8 Posts

    That's a pretty funny username to be awarded! Congrats :)

  • I was actually totally expecting a SteveJobs2 :-)

  • it'd be funny if someone under the nickname of SteveJobsJr becomes a winner of a sweepstakes lol :P

    congratulations BillGatesII ! :D

  • Bill Gates II?

  • jaxim
    57 Posts

    BillGatesII? There must be a rule against awarding the prize to your former boss. ha! j/k


  • yep

  • Albert
    94 Posts

    Wait, Bill Clinton attended WPC?