Four All-Access Decibel Festival Passes Up For Grabs

Four All-Access Decibel Festival Passes Up For Grabs

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Remember back when I told you that we would have some Decibel freebies coming your way?  Well, here they are.  I have two four, All-Access passes to the Decibel Music Festival to give away, and all you have to do is leave a comment between now and Thursday midnight letting us know which act is your favorite. 

Each is worth $157 and admits you to all showcases except The Mothership Boat Party and Optical 3 – Resonant Channels. 

The only catch is that you either have to live in Puget Sound or be willing to fly here –Decibel will be held in Seattle from 22-26 September and the passes are non-transferrable.

And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Decibel Conference, which is presented by Windows!

Remember to follow me on Twitter for more news and updates.

Full Terms & Conditions for this sweeps can be found here.  Good luck!

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  • Mary Anne Hobbs would be great to see (hear). Eskmo, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson are must sees.

  • i love seattle and i love this festival. it's going to be a great time.

  • floraGo
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    looking forward to homeboy Darek Mazzone; and as a newbie to the festival, hoping to get to know some new folks along the way...

  • can't wait for db in the park!

  • all of em!!! mary anne hobbes flylo eskmo beats antique u name it

  • Dave Pezzner

  • Dave Pezzner!

  • Dave Pezzner Sir!

  • Bootz39
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    My favorite local is superstar DJ Jeromy Nail. Looking forward to Catz'n Dogz on the Mothership.  Besides, I'm unemployed so I have nothing but time on my ears. would love to check out as many show's as I can stand!

  • Dave Pezzner

  • skolf
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    So very many talented artists I am looking forward to! Impossible to choose just the one...Theo Parrish gets it, for I love a solid, soulful dance session. Looking forward to....Monolake, Trus'me, Falty DL, Mary Anne Hobbs as well....

  • Dave Pezzner!!

  • Dave Pezzner!!!

  • Dave Pezzner!!

  • Truckasauras for the WIN!

  • I'm definitely going to have to throw my hat in the Flying Lotus camp.

  • 12th Planet - Never seen.

  • nelsots
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    That's a tough question, but I'm going with Modeselektor.

  • Can't wait for the Boat Party with Michael Manahan, but Lusine will be a nice opener.



  • Distance!

  • Lusine, most definitely. His set at the Ghostly show w/ Tycho last year was a highlight of the year! I'm pretty excited for Flying Lotus though!

  • Mount Kimbie FTW!!  been following those guys since Maybes dropped a last year and absolutely love 'em

  • Modeselektor

  • Modeselektor

  • Flying Lotus!

  • Fennesz, yo.

  • iBear
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    I would love to see them all, some of my favs are Kid Hops and SunTzu Sound.

  • wmempa
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    This is very easy, pretty much all the shows at Benaroya Hall. Mainly Oneohtrix Point Never, Robert Henke, and Fennesz.

    All the shows though look great

  • I'm there for Pezzner!  ...and many, many others - always a great festival!

  • murcof on and on and on!

  • murcof on and on and on!

  • Modeselektor!!!

  • SCUBA. I can't wait to hear what he can do!

  • Mount Kimbie!

  • Beats Antique

  • Modeselector, Truckasauras, and Beats Antique! Already got my tickets to Beats Antique... can't really afford more :-/

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    But if I have to pick only one, its gonna be Flying Lotus.

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    Flying Lotus and Kevin Saunderson are the shows to see, although Sepalcure would be great too.

  • Dr. Ew
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    Bluetech presents Satori Social!!! I love Evan Bluetech and him teaming up with these wonderful people and forming this band is awesome!! Katrina Blackstone has the sexiest voice!!

  • i am looking forward to see our local man, dave pezzner, perform at the decibel festival. i saw him last year and he killed it. saw him down in reno, nv and he killed it.

    pick me, pick me, i want an all access pass, please, please.

  • PLASTICIAN & PANTHA DU PRINCE. so many great ones tho. can't wait!

  • Modeselektor is on top of my list as I've been listening to them since i was a wee lad but there are so many more I'd be oh so excited to see.

  • jsims
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    Beats Antique

  • Thais
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    Jeez! So many awesome musicians. This year's going to be EPIC! Tops would def be ESKMO, Vibesquad, Modeselektor, Beats Antique, Low Limit, NastyNasty, Starkey etc etc etc... and of course ALL of the Seattle locals. =) I'm gonna go with ESKMO though!

  • VibeSquaD! I've seen him live before and I would really really love to see him again!

  • Tough decision with this amazing line up but I am most excited to see Pezzner and dance my ass off!

  • getmax
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    Kid Hops

  • Zairian
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    Ooooooo the Flying Lotus.  

    If everything weren't part of Decibel but still all going on the same weekend and I could only afford one show which is the case Flying Lotus is where you'll find me.

  • VIBESQUAD!!!!   Decibel Fest is one of THE best.  I remember when Holden played a back-yard in Sedro Wooley.  He had just released an album of tweaked children's tunes.... (e-i-e-i-o... ;) and I could not be more proud.  Washington State is all about electonic music, and basically music in general.

  • ESKMO!!!.  So many incredible artists to choose from, but if I had to pick one that's up there for me, Eskmo would certain;y make the top 3.

  • I'm loving the Detroit vibe.  I miss the funkiness of Motown out in Seattle, but Decibel was nice enough to bring out some motor city music, especially some Monty Luke.

  • modeselektor!

  • Tie between Truckasauras & Mount Kimbie!

  • tilde44
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    definitely looking forward to IKONIKA & CLUBROOT, but there is sooooo much bassy goodness it's gonna be hard to decide some nights.

  • Flying Lotus... i make love to this stuff ;)

  • Excellent.. I'd really love to see Tim Hecker, among several others.

  • i love this time of year when comes to town, and walk/cab to all the venues.  mothership is gonna be a blast, but tix are probably sold out by now.  artists to see are: theo parrish, carl craig, kevin suanderson, monolake, flying lotus.  i'm also excited to see bluetech, pantha du prince.  But since there can onlyl be's gonna have to be Vibesquad! yeaaah.  ugh ugh.  sunday in the park will be awesome!!

  • eyspahn
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    There's a bunch of good acts this year...but for right now, I'm going with Monolake. I'll probably change my mind in a few hours.

  • Modeselektor!

  • Modeselektor

  • Tanner Ross is my fave!!

  • Tanner Ross !!

  • Tanner Ross is my fave... :)

  • Starkey, Distance, and Scuba are my picks, but if I've gotta pick one then I'm going with Distance!

  • lemilyb
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    I can't wait Pezzner!!

  • Truckasauras, Mary Ann Hobbs, Modeselektor

  • Robert Henke

    *, _ ,*

  • Lawnchair Generals - local boys FTW!


  • Jay-eM
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  • Tinez
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    The legend Carl Craig.  And Flying Lotus a close second.

  • (                                     )

     __.__. o0OOO(  WINDOWS ROCKS! )

    (_____)___       (                                     )

    {@_@} _ /|          

      \      \-|[_]/

       _|  \_

    Lazer Sword!

  • Cateful
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    I am most looking forward to Deepchild - amazing music and amazing person!

  • But  not necessarily in this order + any more that come :  Flying Lotus  :  Modeselektor  :  Carl Craig  :  Fennesz  :  Beats Antique  :  Pantha Du Prince  : Monolake  :  Plastician  :  Murcof  :  VibeSquaD  :  Theo Parrish  :  Scuba  :  Ben Frost  :  Bluetech presents Satori Social  :  Mary Anne Hobbs  :  Cassy  :  Starkey  :  Dinky  :  Eskmo  :  Mount Kimbie  :  Headhunter aka Addison Groove  :  Kevin Saunderson  :  Catz ‘n Dogz  :  Untold  :  Trus’me  :  12th Planet  :  Tycho  :  Tim Hecker  :  Ikonika  :  Distance  :  Oneohtrix Point Never  :  Pfadfinderei  :  Soul Clap  :  Alex B  :  NastyNasty  :  Eric Orr  :  Clubroot  :  Gold Panda  :  Robert Henke  :  FaltyDL  : Low Limit of Lazer Sword  :  Mat the Alien  :  Mark Van Hoen  :  Lusine  :  Tim Green  :  Mux Mool  :  Emancipator  :  Nosaj Thing  :  Ean Golden  :  Luke Hess  :  Lorn  :  Kyle Hall  :  LawnChair Generals  :  Samiyam  :  Truckasauras  :  Deepchild  :  Grouper  :  Sepalcure  :  Pezzner  :  Tanner Ross  :  Noveller  :  Monty Luke  :   Machinedrum  :  Lawrence English  :  Shlohmo  :  Praveen  :  Phidelity  :  Rafael Anton Irisarri aka The Sight Below  :  Phutureprimitive  :  Disco Nihilist  :  audiopixel  :  Splatinum  : Michael Manahan  :  214  :  Kid Hops  :  Kris Moon  :  PrEssHa  : Ben Tactic  :  Nordic Soul  :  Introcut  :  SunTzu Sound  :  Tracer Visuals  :  Ill Cosby  :  Monkeytek  :  Ctrl_Alt_Dlt  :  Looptid  :  Recess  :  Aksion  :  The Perfect Cyn  :  Ramiro  :  Zachariah Walker  :  Ryan Organ  :  Jimmy Hoffa  :  Demo  :  TZR  :  Lukki  :  Scott Sunn  :  Lincolnup  :  Sappho  :  Dubtek  :  Lioncub  :   Struggle  :  Press  :  Jeromy Nail  :  Jon A.D.  :  Deepvibez  :  Jagga Culture  :  Surpass  : Just One  :  Adlib  :  Grym  :  Pixelflip  :  Kid Simple  :  Menami

  • mxk333
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    Theo Parrish!!!!

  • Just picking one act as my favorite is super hard but I have to say that I am really excited to see Bluetech presents Satori Social Live on Saturday at Decibel in the Park: West Coast Love. So much good freaking music not to be miss though.

  • epdarks
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    Scuba.  His label Hotflush Recordings spearheaded the techno-meets-dubstep movement, etching out a sound that is both sonically unique and hugely effective on the dance floor.

  • DonnaP
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    There are SO many great acts, some I've already seen. So out of who I haven't, I'd have to say Flying Lotus. Should be an amazing fest. Thanks to all who put it on.

  • Modeselektor!

    (why isn't this thing submitting?)

  • Modeselektor!!

  • Mscocob
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    Biosphere or Pantha Du Prince for sure!

  • It's hard to pick just one but I'm really excited for Modeselektor.

  • Definitely Kyle Hall

  • I am very stoked for Lawnchair Generals, but Modeselektor should also be great.

  • mr_fang
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    As usual the Decibel lineup is so full of great artists that it's difficult to choose.  Nosaj Thing gets my vote, with Murcof, Robert Henke, Tycho, and Lusine also high on the list.  If I'm lucky enough to win I look forward to checking out artists I haven't seen before, like Oneohtrix Point Never, Mark Van Hoen, and Modeselektor!

  • bailee.
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    Modeselektor and Truckasauras.

  • Monolake- Why? because hes an effing genius!

  • There are three types of people on this blog- those who can count- and those who cant. (pick one) :P

  • Hard to pick one, so many awesome acts, but I *really* want to see Fennesz.

  • j.lee
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    Tough call - I'd probably go with Monolake.

  • Mount Kimbie

  • cspaul
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    Lusine all the way!

  • Modeselektor, without question!

  • @c.lo: according to the rules (here: winners will be randomly selected from all comments, not based on the artists chosen.

  • crispy
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    Tycho is tops in my book. :)

  • line32
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    I'm very excited to see Beats Antique, but current favorite is probably still Lawnchair Generals

  • alterra
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    flying lotus

  • alterra
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