Windows Live Messenger for the Zune HD

Windows Live Messenger for the Zune HD

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Today was a full day of exciting Windows Live news with the release of Windows Live Essentials 2011. The Zune Team also pinged me today to let me know they have released Windows Live Messenger for the Zune HD to the Zune Marketplace!

Messenger for Zune HD 2010-09-30 003

Messenger for the Zune HD lets you check out social updates from your friends on Windows Live which includes things they’ve shared from Facebook, Flickr, or MySpace and chat with your friends. It also supports Facebook Chat just like Messenger on your Windows PC does! Special thanks to Mark Relph for the late night test chatting with him on Facebook from Messenger on my Zune HD.

zune_messenger1  zune_messenger2

Messenger for the Zune HD also displays what you’re listening to just likes the Zune media player does when signed in to Messenger on a Windows PC.

The Zune Team also tells me they released 3 new games for the Zune HD: WordMonger, Castles and Cannons, Dr. Optics.

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  • What it should've looked like :

  • @Peter Kremzar - I'm sorry you're having issues signing in to Messenger. We have a lot of servers that power our Messenger service all over the place. I doubt very much your issues are related to anything directly in Seattle. I would post about your issue signing in over at as there are people who can help you solve your sign in issues when they occur.

  • @ Christopher Soriano: It happens from time to time on the desktop version of the Live Messenger also. I noticed that it happens during the night time in Seattle. I suppose they are upgrading or maintaining the system which is why you can’t log in. After a few hours you can log in without any intervention.

    @jugarte: I’m not familiar with the iPhone version since I’m waiting for the Windows Phone 7 (I currently have Windows Mobile 6.1 phone), but the Zune HD version works very similar to a desktop version in this case (except for the crashes that I mentioned).

  • jugarte
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    Does it still mutilate your nickname as in WLM for iPhone?

  • So, I have been unable to successfully login... I don't think it's an internet issue (Marketplace, streaming, Facebook, etc. all work) but I keep getting an error that says "We can't sign you in... You could not be signed in. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, and try again later."

    I've tried to login 10+ times and I know it's the right username/password.

  • OK. It crashes on Photos tab, but in case I'm quick enough to move to any other tab (like Status Messages) before it crashes I can even use the Social section.

  • I actually found the first bug that crashes the application. When I go to Social the first tab is Photos. It starts downloading something - probably photos - and then the application crashes and stops.

  • adacosta
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    Although I don't own a Zune, I use Windows Live Messenger on my iPod Touch and I love it, the Messenger Team did an exceptional job with the user experience.

  • JohnCz
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    This looks to be a super convenient and intuitive way of keep tab of family and friends.  Can't wait to see it on Windows Phone 7.  :)

    With Zune going international, coming Zune Pass/music experience on XBox and integration with Windows Phone 7....I think the future has never looked better.  Its almost as though the Zune platform is being relaunched this fall.  Love it.

  • Interesting, especially for those who like to have all possible services unified in one place and so check for updates soon ...

  • Juan
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    fix, windows live messenger problem, it keeps signing me out, f*ck, i hate that

  • 7flavor
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    Please at least bring Flash, YouTube, Silverlight, Bing Maps, Bing Translate and a better IE to the Zune HD or partner with Opera Mini. And I agree about the keyboard bit. Even typing the URL into the browser is so diffcult. Why is there no Auto Complete, the address bar should be always shown, MS can now easily put in search from the address bar like IE9.

  • I love the look and feel of the app, BUT, the ZuneHD keyboard is practically impossible to type on for me, so IM on Zune is meaningless. I know it can't get the full WP7 effect in a future firmware update, but any chance you could at least give it a more normal keyboard?