Holiday Photos on the Fly Arrives in Airports

Holiday Photos on the Fly Arrives in Airports

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During planning for Windows 7, we kick started a conversation with more than a billion Windows users. Our goal was to encourage them to reimagine the value of Windows in their lives and have some fun along the way. The result is amazing, but we know that many people are still curious (and sometimes unsure) about all the things Windows can do.

To bridge the experience gap, we constantly seek to come up with interesting, hands-on programs that put Windows in front of customers. It’s our hope that we do this in a way that’s both memorable and positive, because we want you to be amazed at what Windows can do. We also know that when people experience Windows 7 and Windows Live they love it.

Starting today, we’re bringing Windows 7 and Windows Live to you at Southwest Airlines terminals in 26 airports with Holiday Photos on the Fly.


Holiday Photos on the Fly is a free way to get your holiday photos taken, learn how to use cool, new features in Windows 7, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Mail, and set-up your very own 25GB of free cloud storage with SkyDrive.


Photo above: creator Jen Singer learning how Photo Gallery can create the perfect shot

If you’re flying through one of our 26 participating Southwest Airlines airports this December, get to the terminal early, take your holiday photo, and share it with those you care about the most. You can find us in the following cities: Albuquerque, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, El Paso, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Orleans, Oakland, Ontario, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, San Antonio, St Louis, Seattle, and Tampa.

Happy holidays and safe travels from all of us in Windows!

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  • @f8itsolutions - thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and thank you for your feedback!

    @adacosta - we are going out and hitting hard on showcasing Windows Live with Windows 7 right now. Ben and I just got back from San Francisco talking to people about hot PCs for the holidays and Windows 7 and we also highlighted a lot of what Windows Live offers which is super important. I actuall was showcasing video chat in Messenger and talking about how you can chat with folks on the Xbox from Messenger and do video chats with Kinect.

  • I work as a outsourced help desk for businesses. I find that a lot of clients have installed Windows Live as part of day to day windows update. I personally think that more care should be taken to only include packages users really want. it is that bloating of apps that give us Windows users a bad name.

    Give the user what they want, and don't use it as an opportunity to push other products at the same time. Also with OEM partners, I would love to see a bit tick list of applications that you 'could' install,

    Kieran Donnelly - Tech enthusiast

    Tech @ F8 IT Solutions

  • Hey, thanks for including me in your blog. (Did you find one of my hoop earrings? It never made it home).

    My favorite part of Windows Live Photo Gallery is the ability to swap in better versions of people's faces. I will use it for the soccer team that I coach. Try getting 17 middle school boys to stop making potty jokes and smile for the camera!

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    This is really great. Windows Live Essentials and Windows Live Services such as SkyDrive are like some of the best kept secrets of using and getting even more out of Windows 7. Good to see Microsoft highlighting it more.