Mom 2.0 – Watermarking your photos with Windows Live Writer

Mom 2.0 – Watermarking your photos with Windows Live Writer

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Mom 2.0 has been a whirlwind so far and we are just getting started! We’ve spent all morning listening to what moms want and learned one thing in particular. They were blown away to find that you can watermark photos in blog posts easily in a few simple steps using Windows Live Writer.

For those who don’t know, Windows Live Writer is a free tool that allows bloggers to post to any blog platform they want such as Wordpress and Blogger while being offline. You can be in the car, write your post, add in photos, and then publish once are online. If you don’t have this on your computer, you can download it here.

For many mom bloggers, they love the convenience of the app and in particular, how simple it is to put a watermark on their pictures. This means that pictures of your children won’t end up on a billboard in some foreign country, as was the case we heard about earlier today. Instead, you can freely publish any photos you want in your blog posts with watermarks with a few quick steps.

1. Open Windows Live Writer.


2. Click on picture and select a picture from your computer that you want to watermark.


3. Select the picture and then go to “watermark”; highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below.


4. Enter text that you want to use as the watermark for your photo.


That’s it – you’re finished in less than 5 steps!

With this easy 4 step process, you can save yourself hours compared to other watermarking services. Not only that, but you can ensure that your kids, family, and pictures stay safe!

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  • Zuni
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    There are a lot of cool features in Live Writer, and it's certainly easier than Blogger, but watermarking, in my book, isn't one of them.  Four or five steps is fine if you only have one picture in your post, but when you have 5 or 8 pictures in a post, that's way too time consuming/too many steps.  You have to select the font and font size each time, AND enter the text.  I can't imagine that it would be that hard to have it set up where your watermark is saved in Live Writer and you click on it and either change it if you need to, or enter it as you created it.  It's much easier to do it in Picasa, because you can create your watermark and cut and paste it on each picture, so I've been doing it there and then bringing them into Live Writer.

  • Zuni
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    I use lots of pictures in my blog, and I haven't found a way in Live Writer to not have to input the name of my blog and the (c) each time.  Surely there's a way to only have to enter that info once, then go in and add it to each picture as you listed above.  Is there such a feature?  Thank you.

  • This is very useful but so often they are edited out by others. If you are going  to use a watermark try to use a small one and tile it across the image ... this will make it much harder to remove.

    an example of a poorly made watermark -

  • I'm using it and it's a pleasure to work with it. Windows Live Writer is truly wonderful for bloggers.

  • thanks for this information.  I downloaded Windows live, connected Windows Live with my blog, watermarked my photo, and hit "publish."  I window box popped up reading, "The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden."  What to do now?  I've been unsuccessful at finding an answer to this issue.  Any help would be appreciated!

  • @PC509 - let us know if you have any questions about Windows Live Writer! Myself or Kristina will try to answer!

  • Wow. I've been looking for a decent watermark tool, and I use Windows Live Writer quite a bit. Very glad this post was here. Thank you very much! :) I may have to dig deeper and see what else is available in it. I've only used it for the very basic posting.

  • Windows Live Writer is absolutely wonderful for bloggers. So many cool features. Kristina and I are many of the bloggers here on The Windows Blog use Windows Live Writer extensively.