Students, We’ve Got You Covered

Students, We’ve Got You Covered

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While the current school year is coming to a close, it's never too early to start thinking ahead to next year. Are you about to head to college this fall for the first time? Planning another year on campus?  Worried what next year has in store? Wondering what you'll need, how you'll succeed or what fun adventures will be around the corner?  We can't predict the future but here at Microsoft, we've come up with a way to help you succeed in the coming year, while building on the fun and friendships that are key to your life.  And starting May 22nd for a limited time, we are bringing students a very special offer.

When students buy a Windows 7 PC over $699, they will receive a FREE Xbox 360*.

You can buy any kind of PC (selection of eligible PC’s will vary by participating retailer), although we recommend a few specifically for students like the HP Pavillion DM4 a great entertainment system on the go, the Dell Inspiron 14r a stylish powerful 14” PC, and the Samsung Series 9 a computer that has been described as looking like it is about to rocket off the runway. Ask Ben the PC guy, he has one! If you are still trying to figure out what might be the best option for you, you can use the PC Scout, an  interactive app available on that helps you find a perfect match.

If you have a .edu email address you can purchase your new PC through one of our participating retailers including, (05/26) or Microsoft Store. If you don't have a .edu address or prefer to  walk into a store, touch the PCs and test their features, bring your Student ID into  Best Buy or any Microsoft Store retail location Check with your chosen retailer for additional specifics they may have in place.

Once you are set up with the perfect PC for school and play, there is still more! With this offer, you get an Xbox 360 4GB console with your Windows 7 PC purchase over $699 - no cost and no strings! While a Windows 7 PC is perfect for staying connected to your social networks, surfing the web, gaming and streaming videos, music and more, when you add the power of Xbox 360, you've got a world of entertainment at your fingertips. You'll never lack for opponents with the huge network of gamers playing on PCs and Xbox 360 consoles**, so it's easy to find friends or players at your level. And it's easy to stream music, TV and more from your PC directly to your Xbox 360.

The offer is available in the United States starting May 22, so you'll have to wait a few days until you can rush into the store. End dates vary by retailer so shop early! It's also coming soon in France and Canada.

Remember you're not the only one heading to college. Get ready to be the coolest kid on your dorm floor with a killer new Windows 7 PC and an Xbox 360 - all you really need for college.

*Get a free Xbox 360 4GB console with the purchase of a Windows 7 PC $699 or more, at participating retailers in the US from 5/23-9/3 or while supplies last.  Verification of student status required.  See participating retailers for full details.

**Xbox LIVE Gold membership (sold separately) required for Xbox 360 online multiplayer.

Updated on 05/23.

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  • I purchase my son laptop on July 21, 2012 but could not  get the Xbox because he wasn't with me is what the sales guy told me. I did not have his ID but I know his ID number, he want the Xbox bad so he could take it to college with him. Am I still entitle to get the Xbox if I purchase the laptop before the sale went off on the combo laptop/Xbox. The laptop were purchase at $699. Please respond back to me.

  • giosd
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    I am a college student but I live in Venezuela, if I go to United States I can get free xbox?

  • I bought a PC about a month ago, and am a college student. The price of the PC was well over 699. I went back to the store (A Best Buy) after I saw this commercial again, but they said they had no recollection of this promotion ever happening. Is there any way I can still get the free Xbox somewhere else, either online or at another store, despite the fact that I already bought the PC?

  • I guess I didnt pay enough attention to the commercials on tv. I thought this offer was for everyone. I go and buy a new $1100 laptop and now find out im not eligible. I need to watch the commercial again and hear where it says for students only. I feel robbed.

  • Iam a Student. but i don't have .edu mail id. how can i get your offer?

  • paresh
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    I bought Sony Viao Laptop for my daughter who is a student on July 6th for $749 from Best Buy.  I went to check whether they can honor this request but they said they cannot since they exited the program.  Also, talked to the store manager.  This is crazy.  Can Microsoft help?  I have all the proofs that would be needed - receipt, student id, .edu email account etc.

  • glascoe
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    I just bought a Sony Windows 7 PC at Best Buy today (BEFORE the end date) and Best Buy said the promotion ended several weeks ago and would NOT follow through even though I told them it has NOT ended according to several Microsoft blogs (including this one) - I have seen end dates of 9/3 and 9/24, neither of which has passed :(

  • adp_fl
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    Do you plan to add Office Depot as a retailer??? They are a very prolific retailer to the college student community!!!

    Furthermore, Microsoft as massive of corporation as it is, should be all inclusive on all laptop purchases >$699 with windows 7 -- This will also help stimulate the economy by encouraging consumer purchases. Major corporation should take action in helping this economy!!! If America bankrupts, we all lose!!!

  • Hi,  I just recently bought a $900 Sony VAIO Windows 7 PC. at Bestbuy.  I didn't know about this offer nor they offer it to me when I was in store.  Once I got wind of it, I went back to Bestbuy WITH student ID and asked for them to honor promotion, and they did not.  I spoke with store manager, and was told that the offer was no longer valid.  Can I send receipt to MS directly and have them Honor it directly?   Thank you in advance.

  • Aakriti
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    If students buy their PC from HP, they'll get a free Xbox PLUS a student discount on their purchase. It's a pretty sweet deal.

  • Any chance of this offer coming to Singapore?

  • Best Buy doesn't have a link to this offer online any more.  Anyone have any idea if Best Buy is still participating?

  • Well my heart is broken...I need a new laptop for school this year and my xbox broke last month, but I can't benefit from this deal because I'm a senior in high school. Fail. Does it count if I will be taking college courses in the fall? :D

  • areibel
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    It sure got quiet here fast- No answers anymore?  Why not let us send in proof of purchase and send us the X Box that way?  or at least pull the ads, say "We made a mistake"  and go on?  The silent treatment doesn't work.  You are Microsoft, come on and step up.

  • areibel
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    Another BAD review for this deal- went tonight to Best Buy , picked out a desktop and was told they only offered it with laptops.   I did get the sales droid to look at the site, and guess what- there WERE Desktops on the list.  Then it was "Oh, that's not an approved machine"- a $900 Asus tower with no monitor.  Right now while I was sitting her typing this the ad was just on TV again.  It still says ANY Windows 7 machine?

    Thanks Microsoft, you really made this a sucky experience for all.  How about the truth next time?

  • Don't even waste your time trying to get this promotional offer from Dell!! I bought an XPS 15 $1000 (well over the 799 required price) for my son who is going to college. I provided his email address that ends in edu and his ID#. After 2 hours on the phone being placed on hold, disconnected, and send to VMs I was finally told the system did not meet the price threshold...ahhh hello I spent $1K....was then told if I cancel the current order and order the same system but pay $1200, I can get the "free" xbox.......this is a scam

  • Does it have to be specifically a participating store? I just preordered a laptop from an ASUS reseller online and would love to know if this applies to me as well!

  • I just graduated from highschool and haven't gotten a college email, is there any way i can still qualify for the deal?

  • Does this apply if I am a graduate student but the company I work for just bought me a Windows7 over 699$ laptop? Can I use this purchase to get the free xbox? Thank you.

  • I think this offer is great yet they discriminate against other students, like myself, who purchased a new computer, even though I could not afford $699 or more for a computer, much less a Dell or HP. I purchased mine in a store for less because I was beginning an online College. That is just unfair in my opinion.

  • gstr
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    Hey how do we get the list of retailors that are part of this X Box Deal

  • @ColdShadow- Bestbuy has complete control over which computers it can have as part of their offer.  If they won't give you an Xbox with the computer you got than to be quite frank you're screwed.  MS will not back you up nor give you an Xbox even though it is THEIR deal.  Only talk to Best Buy and if they refuse then you're out of luck unless you return the item

    @Jodee86- from my own conversations and reading over posts HP's deal is only available over the phone AND you need to create an account on the HP Academy registration page online ( BEFORE calling HP on the phone about the deal.  Its a horrible setup but from what I know its the only way....  

    -----> The deal is mentioned for HP online here:

    Good luck.... Happy hunting :)

  • Jodee86
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    How in the world do I do this? I've been to a million times and can't find any details! Someone help please. I would've bought my laptop a week ago if I knew HOW. It seems like there's no advertising from individual retailers for this.

  • Every place I saw this promotion and when I called Microsoft, it included both laptops and desktops. I went to Best Buy to buy a desktop. The store clerk said the 360 came with the desktop. When I checked out, they informed me it was only for laptops. I asked Best Buy corporate, they said call Microsoft. I asked through the Microsoft store, they said ask Xbox. I asked Xbox and they sent me this thread and told me to ask here... I don't think I'm getting an answer or my 360 :(

  • ok what if it was 5 months ago?...LOL

  • Kristina,

    What if my Son builds his own PC, including a purchasing a copy of Windows 7?

  • Okay, since Microsoft has decided to stop responding I went to Newegg and ordered a 4GB Xbox 360, and with their promotion of a $50 gift card with the purchase I will then apply that to their already discounted laptop deals and buy whatever I want from them.  


    1. Get your act together.

    2. Realize that your vendors will take your good idea and mess it up if you don't adminsiter it right.

    3. Sticking to the company line when your customers call you out on your BS doesn't come close to fixing things.

    4. The only thing worse than #3 is simply ignoring it.

  • ~ does the is  participating  in this deal ???

  • Yea I actually ordered my computer last night. They said they would ship out the xbox first. And i didn't have to pay for it. On top of that I got a discount. Bringing the price of the computer after taxes and all that close to the base price of the laptop. The laptop was dv6t selected edition  cost $749.99. And after the xbox deal along with discount and taxes it came up to around $750 something.  But I also bought a $ 20 dollar sleeve for the laptop. So all together cost me $780 which is still close to the base price. You Gota make the order by calling 1-888-999-4747 and have a HP Academy account using your .edu email. The guy sent me a code I confirmed it and he placed the order. That's it.

  • @Jnoel360 Do you have any update on your HP order? I'm interested in purchasing a desktop through them.

  • I just ordered a Windows 7 HP computer Thru Fingerhut..My question is.Since fingerhut ordered this for me from Hp does this qualify?

  • bamlkr
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    Any possibility that a higher end model of the Toshiba Portege R835 will be available through Microsoft Store? Specifically, lack of USB 3.0 support on that model is what's stopping me from pulling out my credit card.

  • I recently purchased a new lap top that would qualify, but had to purchase it a beginning of may 2011.  Old one was destroyed while on college lacrosse road trip in GA when we got caught up in tornados, Wish I could of waited and took advantage of this deal!!

  • wdb85
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    Come on people! Stop complaining. I read almost half this thread and all everybody is whining is the fact that "i didnt know, i deserve this!!!" The details are above.. it starts May 22nd... not all retailers will participate... supplies vary...  you have to be in 9th grade or higher...

    What if I'm poor and i cant afford a new computer... i should still be able to get a free XBOX, come on people just read the above..

    my wife needed a new laptop. she got a netbook, well i dont get a new xbox... and trust me i need one..

  • Davy
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    I agree with Giantmastiffs above - it's hard for Microsoft to pull it off with so many different parties involved. And it certainly won't be perfect the very first time. Who knows, maybe they would have been better to work with campus IT stores or their IT departments if they were interested, but it's pretty unfair to use words like scam and rip-off.

    I'm sure that next year this will be smoother and will extend to more countries, so this time round just keep cool, be grateful for the opportunity, and keep an eye out for the approach that works best with which suppliers. Good luck - I don't even have the offer on the table in the country where I live!

  • Looks like Microsoft is sticking their head in the sand hoping people will just give up on this. Their publicity stunt back-fired.

  • That stopped responding to this blog post when people started asking hard questions.

  • Donzi
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    Wow - this deal is really bad. I posted earlier that Dell was charging an extra $100 for the free Xbox. I went back today and now it's and extra $150!!!

    I called Dell and spoke to someone at length who explained that the Xbox really isn't free and that it's just a bundle and not free at all. I referred her to this blog page that say's it's free but she said that a blog page is not official.

    Sure enough, no where else does it state 'FREE' except on this blog page. The Microsoft staore and web site say 'Get an Xbox 360' but never say FREE, except on this unoffical blog page.

    Dell said 'it's advertising'. I say it's a rip off. Has anyone actually gotten the Xbox for FREE, from anywhere, as this blog states it should be, without paying a higher bundle price?

    Is anyone from Microsoft reading this?

  • eellis
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    Is there a list of participating retailers?  I'm having trouble finding one.

  • I called HP 1-800-230-5752 this morning and spoke to a representative because it has to be done over the phone. This was after creating my HP Academy account with my .edu email. He gave me some good news that I hope is to be true. Basically I told him I wanted to get the HP pavilion dv6t selection edition series that came with i5 6 GB upgrade and other things for $749. I asked him what's the grand total if I wanted to buy it after the xbox promotional code and all that stuff including shipping. He told me everything came up to around $760. It turns out the laptop goes down to about $699 plus taxes and stuff cost around $60. So all together it cost $760 and this included the xbox 360. It sounds great. Hope he didn't miss understand me or anything. I wanna get this deal tomorrow. Let's see what other people hear from HP.

  • Donzi
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    I wish Microsoft would address the issue of retailers jacking up the prices for machines with the XBox deal. I would otherwise be all over this. I was about to purchase a Dell XPS 15z and Xbox until I saw what Dell was doing.

    For example, at I was looking at a new XPS 15z for $999 base price - but no Xbox offer. I then went to the student page and see the exact same base machine for $1099 with the XBox. But wait - it's not actually the same machine. The student machine has the exact same hardware but with only a 1 year warranty rather than 2 year. Nice!

    An extra $100 plus less warranty for a 'free' Xbox? No thanks.

  • Hey I just bought an HP Envy 17 1181nr from on may 10th. ive had it for about 12 days. my question to you guys (after scouring the web for the past 5 days!) is how do I proceed from this point? should i return it and buy it again to get a free xbox? is newegg even a participating vendor in this promotion? also keep in mind i got it for 995 flat. so im not willing to get it from the HP site for 2000$ to get a free xbox lol. thanks

  • So my question is, what if my college does not provide a student I.D. I am currently going to a community college and there are no I.D's that are handed out. Should I just bring a payment bill that is from my college and bring it over there as proof and give them my drivers liscence that shows my name?

    My other question is, does it matter if I do a payment plan with lets say Best buy or Dell in order to get this amazing promotion? Like if I buy a $800 dollar laptop and the payment plan is $100 dollars a month. Would that still be good? or no?

  • @any students that just recently purchased a laptop: Contact the retailer to see if they'll honor this deal. If not, return your laptop and buy the same model under the new deal. In most cases, the retailers' Customer Service Center will honor the deal rather than processing a return and new purchase (they don't want to have to deal with the returned equipment).

  • @Omega Ra: Call and request that your order be modified to include this deal. Unless you're already getting some other discount/deal, they should do it willingly. Otherwise, cancel the order and then re-order with the new deal. But note that this deal will preclude any other deals/discounts you may have been using and the price of your laptop will probably rise. :)

  • I don't understand. I think this is for all the windows 7 computers. However, I want to order xps 15z the $1299 one. They don't offer the free xbox. They said it only offer for the $1199 one. I just don't understand. The same laptop just different customize. Why I can only get the free xbox for the cheaper one.

  • Davy
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    Well done Miccrosoft, I think that this is a great promotion but, by crikey, why only in the US (+ France/Canada)? And good luck ironing out all those first-year bugs with retailers - next year will be much easier :-)

  • @Folta,

    Did you use the code to get 30% off of your HP computer and now they are saying it won't work?

  • The deal is a scam thanks to the retailers' manipulations, but customer reactions to this still make me laugh. No, you cannot get a free 360 for a computer you bought a month ago. That is not how any promotion works.

    And others are just being big babies. If Gkwa6, for example, really wants to switch to Apple, then let him; he'll be paying for it for the rest of his life with their ridiculous margins. The competition in the PC sphere has kept, for example, prices for great laptops down to $500 for a couple years now, with an equivalent Macbook costing about $900 or more.

    It's funny... Apples are being targeted by developers of malicious software now more than ever before, because Mac users are overconfident about their supposed protection from viruses. They were never safer; they just weren't targeted. In fact, antivirus developers have for many years consistently rated Windows as more secure and more frequently updated than MacOS. But as Apple users increase their presence in the market, it just makes more and more sense for troublemakers to go after them. Meanwhile, 80% of Windows users use antivirus; Mac users are nowhere near as careful.

  • What a scam. HP refused to honor this offer as my $200 coupon expired. Some savings.... Now I would have to pay $200 more for a "free" $200 Xbox.

  • Seriously, reading the posts here made me chuckle.  Microsoft has been reponding to the same questions over and over asked by various folks (Kudos to Microsoft for being patience).  Apparently many don't understand the meaning of "promotional offer", and it is ridiculous to get mad at the retailers for not benig able give you the XBOX offer when you purchased the system a month ago, the retailers will go broke in no time.  The message could have been misleading at first, but now Microsoft has clarified that it is the Select PCs that are qualified for the offer, so if you don't find what you like, move on and stop complaining.  No one is perfect, including Microsoft.  And they are trying to put out an offer that's pretty cool so com'on give them a break.  I just purchased my new PC  from Dell and got no problems customizing the system that qualifies for the Xbox the way I wanted, and I will be getting my XBox soon while the whinners will keep whinning and get nowhere.

    One trick that I learned with those sales reps was that if they are useless in helping you, ask for their Sr. Manager and be nice. 90% of the time, they will work with you to make you happy.

  • Contrary to what Microsoft has published on this thread, Best Buy is NOT giving the Xbox with a desktop (at least not any stores in Charleston, SC).  You must purchase a laptop in order to qualify.  I'm wondering if this will be true at all retailers??

  • Gkwa6
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    As of now, this deal is a scam. Everyone can see all these computer companies jacking prices up past the computer cost. You're better off buy the Xbox 360 and PC separately. "No cost and no strings"- that's a lie Microsoft. You put out this promotion and make us, the consumer, go through the "Participating Microsoft Retailers." Well these Retailers are giving you a bad name. I'm returning my laptop after all of this terrible customer service and switching over to Apple. I bought a laptop, printer, laptop bag, warrenties, cable lock, and all the customizations I made, roughly totatling over $3100. If HP doesn't care about my business, then I'll take to someone who does. Will be making a trip to the Apple store tomorrow morning.

  • Sui
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    Should update it again and remove the "no cost and no strings" since you are paying more for the system to cover the "free" xbox.  :(   In retrospect I feel silly looking forward to this promotion.  Should have known it was a scam.

  • How can Microsoft advertise this as "no cost and no strings" after people have clearly posted that adding the Xbox increases the price and is subject to limitations?

  • I just don't understand how something seemingly so simple became so hard.  The deal stated buy a computer, ANY computer (originally inferred) from one of these retailers that is over $699 and receive an Xbox for free given you can prove student eligibility (have .edu email address, etc.).  Now the statement "(selection of eligible PC’s will vary by participating retailer)" was added today (5/23).  Some retailers are increasing the price by $200-300 for the "free Xbox" over just getting the computer by itself.  I already bought my computer by itself since it appeared any computer over $699 qualified and hope I can deal with Microsoft directly for the "free Xbox", but highly doubtful.  Help does not seem to be on its way nor is there probably going to be change in the program where you can submit your claim directly to Microsoft.  This is just really frustrating.

  • I guess we know Microsoft's position on this deal now. I see the line " (selection of eligible PC’s will vary by participating retailer), " was added to this post today. Way to go! @Kristina Libby - Thanks for "looking into this".

  • Gkwa6
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    @Gkwa6. Since everyone else is give out prices, I would need a 1TB external Hard drive (roughly $100). The laptop is $2600. Hope everyone is enjoy the lack of confidence with HP, Dell, and Microsoft like I am, All in one bundle! :D

  • Gkwa6
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    I ordered my laptop in early April. Just got it last week. Saw the deal on tv earlier today. I called HP and they couldn't honor this Promotion. They were telling me I'd have to return the laptop, wait until they receive it (way... in China), wait for them to call me back to replace the same order again and attach a Xbox 360 along with it. I told them I can't cause I have high value register CAD programs on my laptop. You can't just move these from one computer to another. I told them and the representative said, " I understand your situation sir, but I cannot honor you this promotion." So if I wanted the xbox deal, I'd have to return it and loose all of my software along with it, then wait another month or more and waste my valuable time. No way. They did recommend me to transfer all of these onto a external hard drive. I don't have one and I'm not gonna spend another $$$ when I already spend $$$$ amount. Overall, don't buy from HP. I've always gotten excellent service at Apple Co. Highly recommend Apple Co. after this whole ordeal. "What happened to customer service after the sale?"

  • @Greg Thomas -- the offer is currently only available in the US and coming soon to Canada and France.

  • @ jerick - you must buy the Windows 7 PC from the participating retailers.

  • @shlhu -- at this time, the current retailers are (after 05/26),, Microsoft online and Best Buy and Microsoft in person. @Lefthanded47 -- you can walk into a BestBuy and walk out with an Xbox.

  • @walkermr -- you can do this at Best Buy locations. Simply walk in, buy a PC and leave with an Xbox.

  • @amgj-- please stay tuned for details on the French offer

  • Will this be extended to the United Kingdom or have we been left out again!

  • folta
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    Sure seems like a bait and switch. I ended up ordering from hp, got a really good computer for $805. With the free xbox after the 26th, according to the customer service, it would cost over $1,100. Really? A $300 markup to get a free xbox? Seems kind of lame to me.

    Microsoft, please make a system for customers to get the free xbox from you after purchasing from a retailer, instead of trying to get the xbox from retailers just looking for a quick buck ( or rather $300 ).

  • jerick
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    I  would like to ask if im going to buy the said computer with your third party (ea. tiger direct or compusa) am I eligible for this offer. Im a college student from miami. I'm looking forward for your quick response.

  • I can't believe this site doesn't allow you to use your hotmail name to sign in.

    Anyway, this deal was totally botched because of MS not being stricter with retailers.

    HOWEVER, I have found that if you want a gaming desktop, Dell's 360 deal with their 8300 desktop works out so that you're not getting a steal, but at least you get to save the time and hassle of building a PC yourself, and you get a year of Dell warranty. Details:

    I priced it all out with Newegg, and the best desktop available from Dell for the 360 deal, their 8300 model, costs about the same as building yourself + buying your own 360. Get it with the ATI 5770; they overcharge a little for the card, but you need it to avoid getting an underpowered PSU that could come with the $35 standard card.

    The RAM, CPU, and hard drive upgrades are all overpriced. Pass on them.

    Skip on the sound upgrading too, even if you're a sound card kind of guy like me. They don't even offer the new Titanium HD, and Dell has for many years been bad about getting you updated drivers for their weirdo-version Creative cards, for which the default drivers don't work.

  • So I can basically go to any retailer that is offering this and purchase a Laptop and I will ge tthe Xbox right there at the same time or will it be shipped? Im due for a new laptop as well, any ideas on whats new and reliable?

  • I probably wouldn't mind purchasing from HP Academy, I just signed up to take a look at their prices and they are indeed discounted fairly nicely from their regular online store price. I just hope there aren't these "bundling" restrictions like what Dell is doing.

  • @Stown3: I was told May 26th for HP by one person too and another said I could purchase today...  who knows. Whether some companies are increasing their prices (like Dell appears to be) with these bundle packages or not, it appears to be better to simply find a good coupon code anyway and ignore the deal.  I haven't checked every single one but two retailers at least I know for sure you can't "combine with other offers/coupon codes" which is pretty standard for sales.  So you can save AT LEAST $200 with a good coupon code and have the same as an Xbox or MORE and use that money however you want, whether for an Xbox or something else and not have to deal with this.  Like I stated I had saved $517 and was far less than the "free Xbox" would be.  Might not work in every case, but at least do a little work to save possibly hundreds.

  • @Stown3 If the deal doesn't start until 5/26 for HP, I highly doubt that their Xbox supplies are going to run out the very first day it starts up.

  • Stown3
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    My son, wih a valid i.d. and .edu email, has tried all day to purchase a $900 HP computer.  He has received a code but claims their promotion doesn't start til 5/26 (when the supply might be exhausted) has a similar computer for a similar price but when he goes to check out, it doesn't allow the xBox deal.'s site says laptops only.  The Windows website's info doesn't have all these restrictions.  Where can he go to purchase a computer to take advantage of this deal before it's over. I've never experienced anything so disorganized or people so ill-informed!

  • @Auxilio_ab_alto:  The prices at the MS Store are not increased, but their prices are higher than anywhere else in most, if not all, cases.  There are very few discounts and they are modest at that anyway.  They have built in buffers.  Not to mention the Xbox is their own product so they "could" increase their prices, but they aren't going to subsidize themselves like they presumably are with these retailers so the difference is smaller since they make the free product.  I just bought a HP PC that was $517 off, yes, I didn't type that wrong... I'll just pay for the Xbox myself.  I love MS, but I'm sorry, so far this "sale" is appearing to be more of a joke/scam than anything else.

  • mjb
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    I had a very similar experience with Dell.  After speaking to a Dell sales rep, they informed me that the price is for special 'bundled systems' and not for all systems.  Side by side, the XBOX bundled system cost $1,119.99, vs $769.00 for the exact same system!

  • shlhu
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    Any chance of adding additional retailers? (just in case there's a chance, as I'm sure there is a expensive and long negotiation process...) I was planning to purchase a ThinkPad over the summer, and lenovo has good prices, but they don't seem to be a participating retailer...

  • @Auxilio_ab_alto :

    Yup the prices are pretty much standard retail prices in the Microsoft store. Just don't compare them to after-coupon prices elsewhere. XBoX on its way!

  • @santhosh.sivajothi

    I highly doubt MS would do that on their own websites. It appears that this is only happening with Dell.

  • @Auxilio_ab_alto :

    Thanks for the link. I'll see how it goes. Hopefully the PCs are not marked up like people have been reporting.

  • Once again, why can I not buy a PC with the qualifying price of over $699, present the proof of purchase to Microsoft and get my Xbox directly from Microsoft?

  • @santhosh.sivajothi

    Try that link out.

  • I have only one question: Is this offer valid for purchase on Microsoft online store? It does not seem to be on the site. Thanks

  • Best Buy details are in.

    They're doing the deal with 54 of their laptops. Looks like you just add the laptop and the 360 to your cart and the price reflects the deal.

  • I was really excited when I saw this promotion. Discovering that the Xbox was not in fact free at all and in actuality was effectively buy a computer and an Xbox together for the same price I would pay for them separately cost me an hour of my time and made me lose trust in Microsoft as a company. I knew that HP and Dell were sleazy companies that try to take advantage of their customers but I thought Microsoft's involvement might make this a legitimate deal. For shame.

  • @Kristina Libby Could you add some notes to your original blog post? For example, HP is starting this deal on the 26th, and will offer the following Configure to Order notebooks: dm4t, dv6tse, dv6tq, dv7t, dv7tq, g6s, tm2t, Envy 14, Envy 14 Beats, Envy 17, Envy 173D. On their Quick Ship, they're offering dv5-2230us, dm4-1160us, dv6-3240us, dv6-3250us, dm4-1277sb, dv7-4277nr, tm2-2150us, dv74280us, dv6-6091nr, Envy 14-1210NR, Envy14-1260SE, dv7-4295us, Envy17-2070NR, Envy17-2090NR.

    There's also a bit of confusion, because in your blog post, you mention both the 22nd and the 23rd as the start dates.

  • Sui
    3 Posts

    @Kristina Libby I have contacted retailers other than HP.  This offer is absolutely NOT for any pc over 699.  You can get a free xbox but the same system without the xbox is generally 150 less if not much more.  

    Basically this translates into avoid the bundle or lose money promotion.  Either someone though consumers would not notice or this promotion is not being done as Microsoft intended.

  • @ bacardi201  -- I am looking into this for you.

  • @Kristina Libby in response to your reply to @1965gto about retailers only allowing one offer to be used at a time. Since this is a Microsoft offer of a free xbox 360 to students, why would you allow your retailers to take away their normal student discounts in order for them to "give away" the xbox? The last time I looked up the word "free" in the dictionary it meant "without charge". If the retailer is increasing their normal price for an item just so they can offer something else for "free", that is not "without charge". And, since this is a Microsoft promotion, you should be setting the rules and not telling your customer to deal with the retailer.

  • @Sui-- you will have to check with individual retailers regarding configurable systems! Thanks!

  • @ mgespineli  - the offer goes live on the 22nd. Thanks!

  • @1965gto-- normally, retailers only allow one offer to be used at a time. Please check with them about using multiple offers for a purchase.

  • @ Philosopher  -- you will have to ask your specific retailer what they consider to be an appropriate form of id.

  • @ alexvgau  -- you will have to ask the specific retailer for complete details on which computers they intend to use with the offer. However, it should include all PCs over $699 USD.

  • @ amgj  -- please stay tuned for details on when the offer will activate in France. Thanks!

  • @Auxilio_ab_alto-- thanks for the comments! Enjoy the beats system!

  • @ zak1830maR  -- this offer is only valid in the US at this time.

  • @ J-Bizzle128  -- you will have to discuss appropriate id with each individual retailer. However, the offer is valid for high school students.

  • Oh, and when I talked to Microsoft and to Dell about it, they pointed the finger at each other and basically said "sorry, but I do not have the tools to fix this for you."

  • @ ivantheigor  -- the offer starts today the 22nd of May!

  • Priced out an XPS8300 from DELL through the Student Member Site and got a sweet config for $1390. Then priced the same exact system through the student "free" xbox promotion and was quoted $1866. $475 more for the "free" XBox 360. For that I could buy the 360 with the connect system and still come out ahead. This is a classic bait and switch scam. Everyone experiencing the same should report it to your State Attorney Generals office.