Celebrate upcoming Chinese New Year with limited edition Year of the Dragon mice!

Celebrate upcoming Chinese New Year with limited edition Year of the Dragon mice!

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Microsoft Hardware is announcing today 3 limited edition mice that feature exclusive designs to celebrate the 2012 Chinese New Year - the Year of the Dragon.

Year of Dragon Mice 2011-11-28 002

I’ll start with the Arc Touch Mouse Year of the Dragon (which is my favorite of the 3).


Microsoft Hardware has done something really neat with the packaging for this limited edition Arc Touch Mouse. The box in which the mouse is in is wrapped in a paper label which you remove to open the box.

SONY DSC                        SONY DSC

After removing the paper label, you lay the box on its side and it opens up like in a triangular fashion to reveal the mouse inside.


Ok, so enough about the box, right? The Arch Touch Mouse Year of the Dragon has all the awesomeness that the regular Arc Touch Mouse has. Remember, this mouse has that unique flexible design where to use it; you bend it up (this turns it on essentially). When not in use, you fold it flat. When it’s flat, it’s off and won’t use up the battery. But it also has Microsoft’s BlueTrack Technology so it can be used on surfaces such as carpet or wood without the need of a mouse pad. It also has a Touch strip on the top and utilizes haptic feedback – light vibrations that represent scrolling speed. There are also customizable touch buttons too.


The Arc Touch Mouse Year of the Dragon features a paper-cut crouching dragon design from the artist Lin Xu Pan. The design on the mouse incorporates the 5-finger claw dragon which is normally used for exclusive royal use. This specific dragon design symbolizes nobleness.

Next up is the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Year of the Dragon – which is actually 2 different colored mice. This mouse also has BlueTrack Technology and can have up to 8 months of battery life. The two colors are red and gold. The red symbolizes good fortune and joy that wards off evil. The gold symbolizes wealth and happiness. I gave the red mouse to Kristina who is out on an adventure this week traveling for good luck! The dragon design on these mice was done by artist Nod Young.

Year of Dragon Mice 2011-11-28 003 Year of Dragon Mice 2011-11-28 006

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Year of the Dragon is available now for $34.95 (U.S.), and the Arc Touch Mouse Year of the Dragon will be available soon for $69.95 (U.S.). Keep in mind, when we say these are limited edition mice – we’re not kidding. Microsoft Hardware tells me these are quite limited so if you find one, be sure you pick it up if you want one of these!

Want to find out if you were born in the Year of the Dragon? Click here to learn more about your zodiac sign. I was, apparently, born in the Year of the Pig which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as maybe a dragon but I’d totally buy limited edition pig mice. Microsoft Hardware, you listening?

For more on these limited edition mice, see this blog post from Microsoft Hardware and this blog post from Steve Clayton on the Next at Microsoft Blog.

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  • Fortunately for me... I was born in the Year of the Dragon...I have to say Matt...the Arc of Touch Mouse - Year of the DRAGON... the packaging alone convinced me...I love that it works on various surfaces.  I have to admit, I use my computer everywhere... Great post!  See you on Tuesday at #win7Tech

  • Sven
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    Maybe a better source for determining your sign is the Wikipedia article, en.wikipedia.org/.../Chinese_Zodiac. It shouldn't be surprising that the years aren't quite western calendar years. For years I believed I was a Snake based on the Chinese resturant placemats, but this just listed year of birth. Turns out I am a dragon as the year of the dragon extends into my birth year by almost a month and a half. Been intriqued by the arc mouse for some time anyway and this just tipped the scales. Mine is on order...pre-order as it were.

    I only wish MS would steal some technology for a unified USB receiver, so the arc mouse and arc keyboard wouldn't require independent ones (they would both conect to one). I suppose there survey research found that most people wanted to use up two USB ports to handle a mouse and keyboard.. Someone please correct me if I have been misinformed on that. Actually BT would have been nice.