The Windows 8 Release Preview & Windows Upgrade Offer - #windows8

The Windows 8 Release Preview & Windows Upgrade Offer - #windows8

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In a blog post earlier today on Building Windows 8, Steven announced that the Windows 8 Release Preview is now available for folks to download! I suggest reading his blog post as it discusses this very important milestone. The Windows 8 Release Preview marks the final phase of development before releasing to manufacturing (RTM), however we’re not finished just yet and there is more to come (and more work to be done). But we are feeling really good about the progress of the product today.

Windows 8 represents a reimaging of Windows. As you can see in the above video, Windows 8 delivers a fast, fluid and no-compromise experience.


There are many improvements and refinements across the Windows 8 Release Preview that folks will see right away, while others are under the hood. For instance, you will find more personalization options for the Start screen (including more colors!), improved multi-monitor support, and new Family Safety features to name just a few. People will also notice and enjoy improvements to the Mail, Photos, and People apps and see new Bing-powered Travel, News and Sports apps. Internet Explorer 10 also has new capabilities in the Windows 8 Release Preview like “flip ahead” and a fully integrated secure and power-optimized Adobe Flash Player. IE10 is also the first browser to feature Do Not Track “on” by default. The improvements and refinements seen in the Windows 8 Release Preview result in a better overall experience that I think everyone will enjoy!


For Developers:

Windows 8 presents a huge opportunity for developers to build great new apps for a variety of form factors. If you’re a developer looking to get started developing apps with the Windows 8 Release Preview, I suggest reading this blog post from the Windows 8 app developer blog and this blog post from the Windows Store for developers blog. These two posts will have a lot of information, like where to go to grab the latest tools to begin app development. Developers can also visit the Windows Dev Center for more information on the Windows developer platform and what it means for the Windows 8 Release Preview. In the Windows Store today with the Windows 8 Release Preview, you will notice a lot of incredible new apps – this is just the beginning!

For Businesses:

For enterprise customers wanting to know more about what the Windows 8 Release Preview means for them – I suggest reading this blog post from Erwin Visser on the Windows for your Business Blog. The Windows 8 Release Preview provides a great opportunity to experience and try out new capabilities in Windows 8 specifically designed with businesses in mind.

For Consumers:

Are you really excited about all the new PCs available today but thinking about waiting for Windows 8? Well you don’t have to. We are also announcing today that starting on June 2nd, 2012, Microsoft will roll out the Windows Upgrade Offer in 131 markets including the US and Canada. Consumers who purchase eligible Windows 7 PCs that are preinstalled with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate and include a matching and valid OEM Certificate of Authenticity through January 31, 2013 will be able to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 (U.S.) which will be redeemable when Windows 8 is generally available (the program expires in February 2013). For more on the editions of Windows 8, see this blog post. When consumers register for the Windows Upgrade Offer, they will be able to download Windows 8 Pro starting the day it’s made generally available and the upgrade comes with 90 days of support from Microsoft.

Go give the Windows 8 Release Preview a try! And we’ll of course be talking more about Windows 8 throughout the summer including at Computex, TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, and the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

Download the Windows 8 Release Preview!

Before you download and install the Windows 8 Release Preview: it is important to note that like the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, it is pre-release software. If you are comfortable running preview software on your PC and ok with doing a few technical tasks (like formatting a hard drive) here and there, then you’ll probably do just fine with the Windows 8 Release Preview. If you are on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, please make sure you read the Windows 8 Release Preview FAQ for important information on moving to the Windows 8 Release Preview. As always, before moving to a pre-release operating system, make sure you back up your files. The best way to provide feedback is to participate in the Windows 8 Release Preview forum. We don't offer technical support for prerelease software, which includes the Windows 8 Release Preview.

If you have a mouse or keyboard from Microsoft Hardware, I suggest giving the Microsoft Device Center Beta release a try. Device Center allows you to easily customize your Microsoft mouse and keyboard experience in Windows 8 and is compatible with the Windows 8 Release Preview. Device Center helps bring the touch experience to your mouse within the Windows 8 Release Preview as well if you have an Explorer Touch Mouse and Touch Mouse. Microsoft Hardware will have more details to share regarding their Touch Portfolio of products sometime around Windows 8 general availability.

Stay tuned for my follow-up blog post on my experience with Windows 8. I’ll provide detailed thoughts, tips and tricks on the Windows 8 Release Preview, as I’m currently running it on all my PCs today, and it has really changed the way I use my PCs.

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  • Renyam
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    Release Preview de Windows 8:

    I don't want to anymore, what can I do?

    I want to get back, to my older window 7

    Please Help!

  • My advice to everyone is that you do a dual boot with your current system on one partition and windows 8 on the other. Than each time you start your computer you get to pick between them.  That way there is not as much chance of Windows 8 messing up any of your current stuff. If you don’t want to set this up yourself then just pay staples to do it. Here is how to set up a dual boot (also called multi boot) system:

    P.S. I think that windows 8 will rock as a dual boot system on Windows XP computers. Here’s why:

  • I have downloaded the Windows 8 Release Preview yesterday Oct 22, 2012 and It will not load, is there something I forgot to do?

  • Bruno.C
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    Installation de la release preview sans problèmes majeurs hormis la non reconnaissance de ma carte mère ASrock B75 pro3 et de certaines de ses fonctionnalités. Je l' ai installer sur mon PC principal, après formatage. Sans doute ma plus grande erreur étant donné que je n' avais pas cru bon de faire mes cd de sauvegardes donc il ne me reste plus que la clé inutile de feu XP home. Problèmes aussi avec les drivers pour USB3. Mis a part ceci tout fonctionne parfaitement. Boot rapide, très fluide. J'aime beaucoup.

    La seule question qui me préoccupe maintenant, comme beaucoup de bêta testeurs que nous sommes est de savoir si nous bénéficierons de la mise à jour de Windows 8 pro au tarif attractif annoncé a partir des version release preview déjà installée ou si nous allons de nouveau être confronté à un énième casse tête by Microsoft qui nous fera définitivement regretter d' avoir installer cette bêta.

  • Bruno.C
    2 Posts

    Installation de la release preview sans problèmes majeurs hormis la non reconnaissance de ma carte mére Asrock B75 pro3 et de certaines de ses fonctionnalités. Je l' ai installer sur mon PC principal, après formatage. Sans doute ma plus grande erreur étant donné que je n' avais pas cru bon de faire mes cd de sauvegardes donc il ne me reste plus que la clé inutile de feu xp home. Problèmes aussi avec les drivers pour USB3. Mis a part ceci tout fonctionne parfaitement. Boot rapide, très fluide. J'aime beaucoup.

  • matina rally   это пароль отлично становится с русской 32-битной версией.ставил сегодня.все прошло на УРА!

  • I am not very impressed with Windows 8.  I think it too closely resembles tablet/smartphone operating systems (ie. iOS, Android and Windows Phone).  I really enjoy my Windows Phone 7, but I like my computer to be different and smarter than my phone.  It seems that Windows 8 relies on it's "store" to obtain apps.  I haven't played around much with installing peripherals yet, but I hope drivers are readily available by the time Win 8 hits the shelves.  I won't write any more until I have tried more things, but so far, I don't plan on buying it.

  • Randy, it it easy and safe to set it up on a sperate partition of your hard drive.  You can then set it up as a dual boot and be able to use wichever OS you choose.

  • jaboss
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    HEY BYE THE WAY IT IS MY BIRTHDAY 26/10 hihih so lucky

  • I now have the W8 Release preview up and running and I am very impressed! It is a lot easier to navigate than what  was talked about. What I love a lot is the Desktop feature where all my desktop backgrounds and my various Icons/software were still present.- just as if I was looking at my W7 dektop. That is brilliant!

    I was very skeptical at first, but because I am now planning to get a new Laptop, I needed to try it out first.

    My opinions have now changed enormously. I am thinking, what with Microsoft's new OS (that will work around all upcoming devices), that Windows 8 is the future and my confidence in Microsoft and the W8 has sky-rocketed.

    I am lucky because this Laptop I am running it on is an inexpensive model so I could afford to play around - heck, I even have Linux Mint 13 on it. But when it comes to buying the better Laptop, my thoughts are leaning towards upgrading to W8 for the £14.99 until Jan 2013.

    Early days with this preview - so far so good.

  • ebeighe
    2 Posts

    I finally (yesterday) got the

    form to work. yay.

  • If I upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 8, would I have to upgrade all the software's as well? Also, Do i need to attend any professional training to use windows 8. Each time I upgrade software, I find it difficult to use initially.

  • Pdh54
    1 Posts

    Am I missing something? Is it possible to have tiles within tiles, or are all tiles on one level as with the icons in early versions of IOS?

  • ebeighe
    2 Posts

    I'm still getting this error message; i got it multiple times a week or two ago, and now tried again today --

    "Your request has taken too much time to complete. Please start the registration process again by clicking the Register button below"

    i don't know what too much time means, but there's no delay between filling out the form, putting in the captcha and pressing submit.

    What to do?


  • 98nir
    1 Posts

    Does anyone else have a problem with the key "TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF"? I've tried all sorts of hash checks on the ISO file and they seem to be fine, confirming the ISO isn't corrupt. But if that is so, why won't it accept the given product key?

    (PS. I've burnt a million discs with the ISO file trying to get it right. Please advise fast!!)

  • How are you suposed to use the Miscrosoft Office Tools and applications - will they be completely online? I don't find this to be a very secure option for me, but WINRT (and what the hell is RT anyway?) seems to be the only option that offers the Miscrosoft Office option, but it's so limites in everything else it offers, that I would want the Pro edition, but the RT option of the Microsoft Office download. This seems very awkward and backward to me, and i don't understand the reasoning here at all - can someone explain this to me?  And I wouldn't be using a Touch device, so is it even worth me getting 8 at all? I'm questioning that, and the answer seems to be a resounding NO. Also, the news about whenever you download an application and install it, Microsoft keeps a notification in their files about it? Miscrosoft is policing what and when I install files? I don't think that's any of MS's damn business, and it leaves my security open to MS's known security issues and whenever the FBI wants files, MS would just hand them over. If I don't have to automatically have that information sent to Microsoft the second I'm installing ANYTHING, then no one can track my information without a little more work than a Subpoena. All in all, 8 sounds like more of a nightmare than an upgrade .

  • aro_tek
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    I really liked windows 8 release preview with virtual box it's much better and smarter then previous versions of windows but on my way it seems that there's some little things that got to be corrected. I'm not sure that it will work fully, with all programs that I'm using now. So I'll wait till Windows 8 Final will come out...

  • I really like windows 8. however when I try to do webex presentations, Java is not recognized. How do I fix this?

  • I have installed windows 8 on my old pc... my old pc now is fast and power!!! Great!!  With win8 i have developed my new site in one day Great work microsoft i love you :)

  • First of all, Windows 8 is great!

    I want to ask that why Microsoft has put same features in two different forms like Control Panel. New Control Panel is awesome but still doesn't include the most of the features of older version. They had to integrate only the newer version.

    That makes many people to say, there is not much difference between Win7 and Win8

  • WoW! The new Windows 8 is going to be great for those who are App. Builders. Windows 8 is going to really define the definition of USER FRIENDLY!

  • I think im going to have to switch to a Windows based device. I have been using Android for the majority of my work and projects and it has been working great.

  • alsal3
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    Dear Sirs, I have a simple suggestion about windows 8. I agree with what AJMunguia (7/6/12) said. I do not have a touch screen. I do not have multiple screens. The simplity would be the Windows 7 desktop look with a Metro icon to the side. The improvements in the guts inside without the mess on the outside. Metro is ugly! I was waiting to purchase a new Dell with W8. If there is no change I will buy my Dell now while I can get W7. The saying about alternating versions may be true. I am not an Apple guy.

  • akhaliq
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    what is key for installing min 8

  • OK, first off I have had Windows 8 RP on my laptop since it was released, the Consumer Preview before that, and the Developer Preview before that.

    1. If you are running this machine on a 2007 machine, an XP/Vista machine, don't you think you should be surprised this even runs well on your PC? I mean think about it: your PC is 5 years old! That is ANCIENT in computer years! No Windows 95 machine could think about running Windows 2000 and they were on the same kernel! Stop complaining about the OS if you don't have a computer that should even be running it.

    2. Since I have gotten Windows 8 I have had a few problems:

     A. I have a Gateway ID49C13U laptop (yeah, I know, it's a Gateway) that runs a 2nd gen i5 processor with 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD. I also have a dedicated graphics card (GeForce 550M) and the stock Intel 3000 graphics that come on the i5 chipset. I have noticed a contrast change on the laptop occasionally on Windows 8 no matter what i set my default to, and it has happened on every release, so it might be my hardware but it could be a compatability issue.

     B. I have an ALPS touchpad, not a Synaptics, so a TON of the gestures that are supposed to be awesome for W8 aren't available to me, could you please add support for ALPS touchpads? I know most computers run a Synaptics touchpad, but some Acers and Gateway machines don't have them.

     C. Please decide whether or not to drop Zune. I would very much like to know seeing that I have a Lumia 900 and I would like to see it used in the Music application. Since downloading the Zune software, I haven't ever used Music because I haven't needed to.

     D. The "play to" feature needs to be smoother on DNLS devices. Videos lag like CRAZY on my Sony Bravia TV and albums like "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd that shouldn't have a gap between songs have a long gap between them. It doesn't do that with my Lumia and when I hard wire my laptop to the network it still does it. I am concerned it's the OS's support of this feature that slows it down.

    Overall, I thought Windows 8 brings everything to the table that it needs too. For those with 1.x GHz machines (I mean, come on) who began with 98 and loved XP and W7, The desktop works just as smooth if not smoother on W8 (yes, a start button would be nice, but for goodness' sake the corner of the screen does the same thing already!). It has .iso support for disk images and can extract files without 3rd party software. As for the Metro UI I find it to be great for moving fast. I am a student running around all the time to catch up with classes and meetings, and to be able to pin stuff to the new start screen I feel it to be EXTREMELY useful!

    This is obviously targeted for a new generation of PCs, but for those people that don't like the new OS, Microsoft has been saying that since they announced W8 was in development. Get a new PC, or be happy that it has everything Windows 7 had PLUS stuff.

  • twit
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    @cgx7 "Before I voice my bottom-line opinion of Windows 8, I need to tell a quick story. I'm in my mid 40's."  

    Nuf said.

  • Downloaded it. Now... where's the bloomin' key???

  • Installed the release preview as a dual boot with Win 7. After a few days of trying hard to make sense of the Windows 8 interface and try to make it work as I would like I've given up and removed it.

    What an unmitigated failure. Microsoft have decided that we all have to work the way they want us to, no customisation, ugly play school interface.

    Windows for the Bieber generation - dumbed down to a boring predictable corporate formula.

    Well done Microsoft, you've given Linux a real boost in user numbers.

    I'll stay with Win 7 till Microsoft decide to stop supporting it, then goodbye Windows, hello Linux or Apple.

  • Ziggy1
    1 Posts

    I just installed Win 8 on my pc its working fine. One thing I don't like is have to use a password to start Win 8

  • cgx7
    1 Posts

    Before I voice my bottom-line opinion of Windows 8, I need to tell a quick story. I'm in my mid 40's. My first computer experience was being in a large, very cold room standing in front of a Data General mainframe with more flashing lights than a Christmas tree and a hard drive the size of a washing machine. My family controlled an entire corporation with that device even though it had no color screen, no mouse, and less cpu power than a modern day toaster. That was in the 1970's and another fond memory I have of the same period is my grandfather chasing a guy away from his front door. That unfortunate person was a salesman from the old New York Telephone system. He was attempting to explain the benefits of upgrading their 1950's era rotary phone to the much more modern (and new at that time) touch tone model. After a ten minute tirade from my grandfather about how the world was moving ahead too soon and too fast, the salesman left - never too return to that house. My grandfather never had a computer and passed away before cell phones, laptops, and tablets took over our lives and changed the world forever. He was a good man, lived a full life, and never had a desire or need for the myriad of micro chip driven gadgets which we all nowadays take for granted and seemingly cannot live without. End of quick story.

    Now onto my opinion. After one week of using Windows 8, I do not like it. I do all of my computing on a 2007 HP Pavilion desktop. It is a Pentium 4, 1.6 GHz, with 2.5 GB ram and an 80 GB hard drive. My OS is Windows XP PRO - Service Pack 3. I have used every version of Windows going all the way back to 3.1. When XP was released, I knew then that I had found a winner and still feel that way today. I have a drive with Vista on it and another drive with 7 on it but they stay in a box and will probably never see the inside of a tower again. XP blows them away hands down.

    The interesting thing about Windows 8 for me was that my old and marginally powerful system accepted the install with no problems whatsoever. After the initial fascination with the home screen and the bells and whistles (which come off as very Vista like to me) I realized two things immediately. First that I missed my start button and second that 8 was greedily chomping away at my ram while still at idle. I may be a bit old fashioned but as far as the start button goes, I feel that its demise was a mistake. There is a factory somewhere in the Midwest where candy is produced by the same machines which did the same tasks 50 years ago. You know why? Because there is no new modern machine which can do the job any better. The start button was a cornerstone of all Windows desktops up until now and it should have remained so. I noticed that 8 has basically gotten rid of the desktop as well and even though it is available as a home screen choice it's not the same. Not by a long shot. As far as the memory usage goes, my opinion is that sucking up extra ram does not a better OS make. XP runs very lean on ram use which is one of the beautiful things about it.

    Some of the other bloggers have mentioned that Windows 8 comes off as a system which seems best suited to laptops, tablets, and androids. I have to agree. 8 has a touchy-feely kind of presence about it which I am sure will be nice for gadgets of the near future (wrist watch PC perhaps?) but my side by side Dell and Samsung 19 inch monitors are not touch screen and even though I am starting to toy around with voice assisted text and date entry, I love my keyboard the same way I loved my IBM Selectric typewriter before it went the way of the dinosaur. May it rest in peace.

    To sum up before I start putting readers to sleep, my grandfather was right. Newer and fancier does not necessarily make a product better. Technology today surges ahead in leaps - not steps, and I feel that there are many devices which have been put out to pasture years before they should have. In a world which is driven by corporations' desire for sales and profits I can understand why perfectly good products (or operating systems) die before their time.

    With all due respect to the hard workers at Microsoft.

    Windows XP - YES      Windows 8 - NO

    Any responses to this blog can be sent to Thank you all for reading.

  • *** One post, covering the many other great post feelings/ideas ***

    Yes, I borrowed a few awesome points from others…

    1. Start button on the Desktop; this is priority!

    2. Who the heck thought of graying out the "tap to click" option which would allow the shutdown of the horrible tap to click option? Has anyone in the development team tried using it on a laptop (with a touchpad) and notice that sometimes apps seem to start up on their own accidentally because human hands happen to be close to the touchpad? As you're typing, the mouse is jumping around or clicking on things accidentally?

    3. This O/S is really meant for tablet users, notebooks/desktops are real PC's!  I started with DOS and thought all the O/S's were great improvement, except for MS Vista (trash) and now MS Windows 8. Let me guess, Windows 9 is in the works and you'll try to regain market share. MS Vista is why you lost so many people to Apple! Now you're about to give Apple more customers.  

    4. Keep the Classic Windows 7 Desktop/Theme as an option! Offer the standard Windows 8 desktop/theme options to tablet/phone users.

    5. I would be very hesitant to install/recommend Windows 8 for someone who was "technically challenged" and using a laptop/desktop.  

    6. All this "cloud, touch screen stuff is great for mobile devices." For real core Windows users who use a real computer with a keyboard/mouse to do some work, it's useless! Was the focus group users full of toddlers?  Swipe, tap, make bigger, music/photo time.  Sad!

    7. Metro will never catch on. MS Windows users love their settings, personalization/customization options. That's the primary advantage Microsoft holds over Apple!

    8.  Get your act together and save the OS! With the Previews, you have turned a lot of people off who will be very unwilling to give another go round if things aren’t obviously improved. Convince those who are willing to word of mouth promote that MS listened to real users who took the time to write on MS's blog to correct horrible changes!  Don't Vista your users, make sure it goes as well as Windows 7 (after you lost your market share).

    9. Are the Microsoft developers using Windows 8 on their desktops for development?  I bet you that they're not using laptops because, they'd be so ticked at apps starting up on their own or their mouse jumping all over the place thinking the user double tapped!

    10. Metro should be purely optional on a desktop computer, the default/option should be the Windows 7 look/feel!  Don't worry, with the right new features, everyone would still upgrade.

    11. After MS Windows Vista (flop), I thought MS learned that after Windows 7, MS needed to listen to customers.  Here's your chance again guys!

    12. Those who like/love Windows 8 are mostly non-power users since they just use Internet Explorer, look at pictures and play music.  They really need a tablet!  What a waste of a notebook (computer), they just really need a tablet.

    13. Tablets = toys, Desktops+ = work and hard play. This probably won't change for another 7-10 years so don't dump Windows version out designed for toys until there is no longer a way to tell the toy from the work station.  

    14. A "charm" browser... What grade are we in again?  Next thing you know, there's a "fruit loops" browser replacing IE.  Stop trying to be like Apple and realize that your PC users love (loved) MS and that's why they continue to buy MS O/S's.

    15. I’ve always supported/MS certified/recommended Microsoft since MS-DOS days.  I’m thinking those days are over now.  Admit it, Windows 8 is right on track to being as bad/worse than Windows Vista.  At least Vista was slow.  Windows 8 looks seems like you took a great product (Windows 7) left it out in a bad area late at night of your nearest crime ridden town and that it was intentionally defaced/made useless by the ghetto thugs!

    Save MS Windows 8!  (I’m waiting for someone to create, sign the petition)!  

    Sad days to come for Microsoft and happier days for Apple!

    MS is about to lose more of the market share again to Apple... including those that hate Apple!

  • Downloaded and using it since last week.  Windows 8 is totally amazing, even on my laptop (no touch-screen).  I love everything you have done with it and everything runs super smooth.  Much faster than Windows 7.  However, let us change the Start Background.. Please :)

  • I have gone back and forth between seven and eight at first I was lost did not feel comfortable with the changes. As I learned my way around the new UI I can say win eight is pretty damm good. I am liking it more and more. IE 10 is awesome the idea of one OS for all devices is great Microsoft took it one step farther. Great job Microsoft Team I can't wait to see the final Product. I think success will depend on available tutorials for the less than tech savvy consumer

  • Rae
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    1 week into using win 8 with avg 013 whbeta & i have had to "refresh my pc" once. this involves having to restore everything that went onto the partition after windows 8 beta was installed. 3 hrs & many megabytes later it is working again. what a pain having to reinstall drivers etc.  while there are some things of win 8 that I like, without a touch screen, I am better off staying with vista.  It doesnt seam to like adding new accounts after inital set up, nor does it share applications that you install in 1 account arent necessarily available in others, for instance, google chrome  for win 8 is only availible in the account that I installed it with.  Does any1 know what virtualization is? according to win 8, my desktop isnt capible of it dispite having2 logical 2.80 ghz cpu's

  • i. ri.
    3 Posts

    You are going to love Windows 8 !  


  • Being using Win 8 for a bit now. But think ! shall be sticking with 7.  More like a mobile screen on my monitor now. I don't want an IPHONE or a Mac thank you.touch screen used then in the forces 28 years a go so no big deal

  • Rae
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    To Peter Allen re avg 2013.  I managed to install avg 2012 on my desktop . its running the 32 bit edition of win 8. However I did i have to copy the file onto the desktop b4 it would install.  I recommend using chrome for win 8 as it seams to run & down download things a lot better than ie 10

  • Rae
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    Day 2 of windows 8. computer still functioning.  Finding internet explorer 10 as slow as a week of wet sundays.  Chrome for windows 8 runs a lot faster.  I used cityville on as my testing ground for how well the browsers load & run web pages.  The messenger app takes a little getting used to but does function.  Baring in mind thst I am using a keyboard & mouse since my lcd tv doesnt act as a touch screen, so far so good.  Trying to find a way of resizing messenger app so i can chat & view web page at the same time. anyone have any ideas on that?

  • Rae
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    Tip for Sovinder

    Try using a vista or win 7 driver for your audio device.

  • Rae
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    Hi all. Greatings from quakesville, christchurch nz, where windows 8 preview does install between shakes!  Anyone keen on installing it as part of a multi boot system listen up.  First repartion your hard drive using paragon partion manager 11 free edition.  Then install win xp home on the new partion. Bring xp home up to sp 3.  Then use the iso image disk from inside your xp home partion to install it.  Since the partion is new, you wont loose any files etc  & still have your previous os to fall back on if win 8 drives you up the wall.  Even my antique hp 61 pavillion seams to run it fairly smoothly.  One thing I did notice was there were about 6 reboots near the end of the instalation.  I was begining to wonder if my desktop was ever going to reboot again, but it has sucessfully.  Remarkibly win 8 is letting me use some win 2000 drivers for a few devices including my pci wireless lan card.  Win 8 recognises that my lcd tv is being used as a monitor & even brings up its name.  How ever, why the frack  <battle star galactica term>  does windows 8 keep changing the screen resoltion? Is there a way to make it stay on the setting that  doesn't make things fall off the left or right edge?  Will write some more after I have tested it a bit more, but so far so good.

  • Velios
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  • Chango
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    Does any one know about Windows 8

    To properly utilize AMD 8150's 8 CORE architecture? we'd need a scheduler that schedules both based on available cores/modules but biases its scheduling depending on data dependency between threads

  • I have been working with windows 8 and love it, can wait for the release date.

  • I would like to see more eye candy; this version has so much potential if it does include the following:

    1. Start button on the Desktop; this is priority #1; getting users slowly moving forward to Windows metro

    2. Allow users to change the background in the metro UI; give users the option to change the background with wallpapers not the boring solid colours.

    3. Make the applications' squares the transparency option; so if users have a wallpaper they can still see it nice with transparent app squares...


  • s3v3n
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    I7_990@4405MHz ...does really fit

    i do gues. got a real huge box here to test. ;) - and several others .....

    wineight makes differententses between a real PC and a Tablet-PC. That is for shure.

    go and try - before BUY :)

  • s3v3n
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    well, i tipped with my finger on the monitor and nothing happends - shit on metro - that is a stupid OS -

    i do gues thats the reason, why MS does not provide a PC installation, without knowing for real, if  there is a tablet function (finger function) available ;)

  • s3v3n
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    as i thought - disks bigger than 128gig do not boot - i used a 38gig disk to go - (before a 200gig disk)  - labeled it as a MSDOS disk and wineight does install AND boot - looks to me only tablets do benefit from this OS - zero stars from me to ms  :(

  • In general this version seems a bit peppier. But you've got a LONG way to go before it's ready for primetime.  I'm running a higher end machine that purposely did not have a lot of third party apps on it (WoW, Chrome, and Trillian pretty much only) and then MS Office.  The hangs on this OS are terrible. And losing the "start" icon?  Would be a fine idea IF your launch icons actually consistently came up when the mouse ghosted in their general direction.  *I* can deal with this for now - but if you take this out to full on consumer launch...especially if they are PAYING for're going to get panned seven ways to Sunday.  This is still pretty buggy this late in the game...

  • s3v3n
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    looks like wineight is not able to install on disks without an MSDOS label - thats sad - :(

  • Well all I have to say is it doesn't work on netbooks is got a screen resolution issue no app will open it keeps asking to change the resolution to a number the netbook cant reach COME ON Microsoft fix this please.

  • lm01
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    I think Wildmind-CH and BPAWthe1st have correctly assessed the damage this product will do to Microsoft.

    You (Microsoft) make most of your income from business users and government (my employer).

    We are about to begin moving away from XP.

    This is a major task when you have 50,000 users in one network.

    We need to have the option of running Windows 8 in Windows 7 classic mode.

    I have shown both previews to some serious computer users and I was staggered at the total lack of enthusiasm for Windows 8 Metro.

    By all means create a fantastic alternative to i0S and Android for tablet users, but do not torture high end desktop users with Metro.

  • s3v3n
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    wineight is a winnig system. it does even NOT install on an cleaned Bios PC - The B3ta did. Means in fact only suitable Systems do run.

  • installed win 8 on my Compaq pressario v5000 laptop running on Celeron 1.4 ghz with 1.5 gb ram. works like a breeze. startup and shutdown are very quick. the only problem im facing is that there is no sound output from my laptop. any song or movie played shows the activity in the sound level, but there is actually no sound output. tried installing the audio drivers meant for win-xp AND THE SYSTEM CRASHED. installed win 8 again after erasing the entire hard drive but the problem remains. plz help me guys :)

  • I installed the windows 8 preview and for the first day I thought it was different but i liked it. No real problems. The second day I could not go online at all. My network said it was connected but to no avail it would not let me go online. It started to become a hellish nightmare. I wanted to go back to windows 7 could not do that. I decided to back up my  local files and reinstall. Well I could not do that because for some unknown reason, when I opened my dvd drive, it didn't work. Went to device manager to find there was an error for my dvd drive. I could n't fix none of these problems with no internet. So I reinstalled and I will never buy this product. ever!

  • kozdad
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    downloaded Release Preview, created bootable USB drive and installed from it on parallel to existing Win-7 on separate Partition. Used Key provided by Install routine ( not the "TK8TP-.... number ). No problems at all.

    All Win7 User date that was on the partition saved in "WINOLD" directory as listed. Both systems running fine thru Boot-Manager selection.

    For User acces to Win7 User-data from Win7 copied all data from Win8 created "WINOLD" directory back to

    C:\user\usernamne\...    and everything works fine.

    Hardware: ASUS AIO PC with i5-CPU 650; 3.2GHz; 8GB RAM; Win7-64-bit

    Touch Screen basically working OK, but pop-up on right side slow and only selectable with Mouse moving over to the edge of the display.

    Recomend everybody to read the Install-FAQ´s before attempting installation. Would save a lot of the blog comments below!

  • lobopt
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    Hi im a PC user (mouse and keyboard ) and european (yep its important our views are not quite the same as the US) and i want to know why MS is trying to drive us to apple dont they want the european market anymore (and before some tablet users from europe complain no a tablet is not a pc its a great addon to avoid powering it up for small stuff and a pc user rarely uses a touchscreen, gets quite uncomfortable to reach the screen every time).So my question is whats that completely unfriendly user interface , on a tablet GREAT (tested it) on a PC BIG CRAP, even apple avoided such a big blunder. And no pc are not obsolete, tablets are only mainly used by people who had either trouble using one or only using the web. Each one is great for what its meant but please stop uttering stupidities like they ll replace a pc. And yes in Europe the interface is quite unliked and chances are high it will get the same succes as vista vs xp.And finally to clarify im not against tablets but their interface is meant to be used while you hold the tablet a pc screen needs you to reach up . Tested a few touchscreens in our office before but after 2 days playing because it looks fun people rarely use it anymore .So expensive screens doing the same as normal ones.

  • B. Ford
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    Tablets = toys, Desktops+ = work and hard play. This probably won't change for another 7-10 years so don't dump Windows version out designed for toys until there is no longer a way to tell the toy from the work station.  

    A "charm" browser... a "charm" brower instead of a task bar? Next it will be "sparkly" web browsing and "shiny" menus.  What is this, Twilight the OS? Stop trying to My Little Pony up to Mac OS and be the manly OS you once were. "charm" browser... that's like saying, "happy boy time" instead of, "I am going to a baseball game."  Geesh..

    The desktop is too viciously re-arranged and smells too much much like my iPad, which is fun for surfing the web and playing little boy games.  Sadly this interface won't fly on my big boy computer.

  • hi again guys...a couple more things have happened to my computer/windows 8... firstly on start up after signing in computer lags and then freezes and I have to manually turn off with the button on the front and restart again...secondly after sign in and windows 8 opening there's no updating of email, news updates or social sites and again I have to turn off and restart my machine...this is happening after the latest release preview release a couple of days ago. Also whilst visiting the desktop today and windows explorer libraries - downloads, my machine crashed for about a minute then sparked back to life reloading the desktop screen little by little.

  • lo e bajado y ahora no me reconoce la contraseña por lo cual no puedo ni entrar alguien tiene alguna idea  gracias

  • Mark K
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    Since installing Window 8 Preview having issues with POP3 not connecting with several e-mail accounts with Outlook 2010 and Incredimail.  Some e-mail accounts are connecting.  I have the proper info entered.  Currently using Norton 360 as AVG is not compatable.  Any suggestions?

  • hi guys...just tried to do a manual windows update and there's nothing update now.

  • win8 RP installed over win8 cp has issues, clean install I hope works better. Strangely the behavior keeps changing. First we had no windows.old directory. Then we did. Then we could not see into other win7 and winxp partitions from win8, then we could. Then file indexing blew; file searches became interminable and right mose button did not work in windows explorer. Then on a reboot chkdsk ran and fixed that. Then it has happened again, no right mouse button in windows explorer. Ran chkdsk /F no change. RUN searches often deny a file exists when in fact it does and can be found by drilling down in windows explorer.

    AFAIK I have to nuke the partition and start over, wait till MS comes up with some newer win8 version and pray, or just put up with it...which I'm not sure I can do as file find-cut or copy - paste is something I do scores of timers a day...

  • I personally cant get enough of windows 8 i totally love the metro ui and find it much more sleek and easy to use then the 10 year old just plain desktop. I am a heavy gamer and am very pleased how stable and how well all my new and old games work on windows 8. Ive made windows 8 my main operating system until the final release great work microsoft and i truly hope u keep the metro ui.

  • I've problem with win8 RP yet that when I shutdown the computer its takes long time to shutting off. Otherwise its great OS.

  • I just leave the Windows 8 Release Preview installed as dual boot with my Windows 7. If after the  final release of the new win 8 , the solitaire game  is not included, I will just erase Windows 8 from my computer. If your bloggings are not producing favoravle results, forget it. You are just wasting your time. I just expect to use Windows 7 for another 7 years if I live that long:)

    Have a great day GUYS!

  • Hi again guys...just realised that on the previous version of windows 8 and this one for some reason having problems shutting down my will not shut down just gives a squawking noise on shutdown and I have to manually turn off with the button on the front of my machine (Acer t180) will monitor this...only did this on previous version when told to switch to 2core and 4036 ram in msconfig advanced settings but not done this on this version.

  • Hi guys...downloaded latest version last night...firstly will Microsoft be doing any development as to curing to problems with Acers touchscreen monitor T231H..? Secondly on completion of download there was no onscreen keyboard usability. I downloaded the 4 updates and the touchscreen seems to be working now...? thirdly I was asked by AVG to test their 2013 anti virus but was unable to run their program...kept getting white screen when trying to download or run the this a short term bug on windows 8 or ie10..?

  • I'm not sure that the "touchscreen" design/look/feel is appropriate for desktop (or "most" current laptops for that matter), since this will require an additional (in MANY cases) purchase of a compatible monitor and video card. While this "might" work for "new" pc's/laptops--------it won't be helpful for existing units. I suspect that this new OS is going to need to have some additional "install options" for non-touchscreen installations.

  • Just added this OS as a dual on my Windows 7 system. I already have (3) issues to be addressed.

    1) I have my system set up so that my C drive is Win7 and all other hardware, D drive is for my software packages and working files, E has been set as my Win 8 OS (all on the same HDD).  When I try to run Win 8, my drive configuration becomes:  C=WIn 8, D=Win 7, E=software and working files. This means that "some" of my existant programs don't work in Win 8 (most notably "Open Office" where the .odb extension is unrecognized by the OS.

    2) I use multiple home page configurations in IE9 (2 for 64-bit & 4 for 32-bit) because some working programs have compatibility issues with IE9 (64-bit). I haven't figured out how to set up win 8 (IE10) to deal with these issues.

    3) I use Xfinity (comcast) as my ISP, and comcast mail is NOT compatible with IE10 ( the hamster's running, but the wheels aint turning).

  • Great improvement over the Dev Preview and am impressed with its smoothness and speed even in a VM with just 1GB  - Vista struggled in that!!!  But PLEASE can there be an option for a Start button on the desktop!!!!!

  • I very much appreciate the very sensible and reasonable upgrade off that is proposed.  I know a lot of hard work goes into updating Windows, and that it does cost money, but in the past I have been very seriously deterred by what to me has been a very expensive upgrade cost.

    I very much hope that with Windows 8, it will still be possible to still have the classic Start menu as an option, even if in some ways a return to, what amounts to, an updated version of the old Program folders on the Desktop appears to be proposed and which I have missed.  I have tried to emulate them a little, for ready access to more regularly used programs whilst avoiding desktop clutter, so this will be welcome as long as the old Start Menu and an easy way of keeping it tidy is available.

    At the moment I am seeking to back up my system and files prior to trying out the new Release Preview and so cannot comment on this fully yet.

  • md28117
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    Will the same windows upgrade offer, extent to windows 8 users under to test.

  • Why is there no sound with the Release Preview? The Consumer Review had sound, but the Preview doesn't. I installed it on two computers to make sure.

  • I have more thoughts: I have a lot of friends who LOVE their iPads and Macs. But even Mac doesn't force all their computers to behave like iPads.

    When I decided to buy a second computer that was portable so I could use it anywhere, I looked hard at iPads ... but they are very expensive and  too limited for my needs. Mac's more traditional computers could probably do the job, but for that kind of money ... well, sorry ... not worth it.  In the end, I bought a computer on which I could work. Write using a keyboard because I've been touch typing since I was ten and 55 years later, I have no interest in trying to type on a silly virtual touchscreen.

    I am not the only PC user with a significant investment in applications that will be useless on Win 8.

    If you tell me that this is an OS designed  for tablets we who design websites,  run spreadsheets, write books,  prepare taxes, write reports, design brochures get to have real computers. It's hilarious imagining trying to manage my financial software using finger flicks. What, am I a kid playing with finger paints?

    Cool toys are nifty. I like toys too, but I can't afford everything. When a have to choose, I'll always invest my limited resources on machines that will let me to do more of the things that matter. NONE of them will get done in cloudville.

    And who says a touchscreen is easier on ones wrists? Not on mine, I assure you. My big touchscreen requires a wrist position that causes serious pain ... worse than an hour of practicing Beethoven sonatas and THAT really HURTS.

    I don't mind if this OS is aimed at at  the tablet crowd, but replacing the desktop with this? I thought Win 7 was a step in the right direction. It gave me an intuitive interface and solved a few of the many issues that have plagued Windows through all its incarnations.

    How about putting some time into designing a system that better allocates resources so that there will be fewer lockups and freezes? Eliminate the problems of laptops that can't wake up from hibernation or even sleep? Use power better so that a normal battery will longer? There are plenty of issues that have never been addressed. Instead of fixing problem, Microsoft has persistently dodged issued by pasting a new layer of features over them.

    I'm so disappointed. And worried. Very very worried.

  • Ironically, the only device on which it appears that Win 8 would have any new functionality that would be useful would be on my main desktop with has a touchscreen. Except that I don't LIKE touchscreen technology and it has extremely limited usefulness for the kinds of stuff I do. I don't own a tablet ... when it came down to it, a tablet is inadequate for anything that is important to me. I use Photoshop, Framemaker, plus other memory and graphics intensive graphics and text handling applications. I edit photographs, write and design books and websites ... I honestly can't see that Win 8 would do anything for me except probably disable the applications on which I actually depend. So even for free, I can't see the point. Oh, as to why I hate my huge 23" super high def touchscreen computer? Because I leave it on all the time. Actually, I leave all my computers on all the time. I reboot if and when I have to. So every time a flying insect gets into my office ... a fly, a mosquito, a tiny spider or moth ... and it wanders onto my screen, it complete redesigns my settings, opens ever application it roams across. I can't disable the touchiness ... and turning Win 7 off (rather than letting it sleep) tends to be problematic. This would make it MUCH worse. So, no thanks. I'll just pass on this. It sounds like this is an OS aimed at the iPad crowd, not me.

  • RTBones
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    I hope Microsoft listens to its customers.  Please make the Metro interface an option, and allow those of us who don't care for it to keep our Start Menu and Windows 7 user interface.

  • I really like the new UI of Windows 8. I have been using it since last week in my laptop and is working great. it is fast, easy to use. I think MS can improve the way we access apps (It would be great if we can group apps).

    I have installed all the software I need to work without problems. Of course there are several things to be fixed for the final product, but i really like Win8

  • Well, I thing it will take a while to get use to it. But it seems to be worth to invest some time. I see a lot of new opportunities and it is realy fast.

  • Shortly after the Windows 8 release candidate was available for download, I got the ISO version and loaded it on my windows 7 desktop.  The compatibility check said I needed only to remove my Anti-virus program.  Done.  Here we go!

    Oh, wait.  can't connect to the internet?  The compatibility check doesn't show if your network adapter won't operate to allow updates? Apparently not.  There had been many comments on the consumer release version concerning Realtek RTL 8139/810x family of NIC's drivers.  Sadly all work-arounds in those closed forums do NOT work with the release candidate.  So there sit's a POS until someone releases a Windows 8 driver that actually allows internet connection.  

    As many have already stated, Windows 8 may be the "new, next thing" for touch screen usage.  If you use a standard monitor and a mouse I strongly urge you to cool your enthusiasm until final release and wait to get feed-back that will quickly follow.  I don't want to wipe my computer and re-install 7.  So I patiently sit, checking all forums for the day SOMETHING will work and I again have an operating network adapter.

    I was convinced, with the release of Windows 7 that Microsoft had learned there lesson.  Cleaner, faster, less cumbersome than Vista.  I understand that as a release candidate, there will still be issues.  Those, I was prepared to deal with.  But something as basic as ensuring the release candidate can connect to the internet seems pretty fundamental.  I fear that Microsoft's attempt to forge a brave new future for themselves they feel they can force the population to upgrade to new equipment (touch screen devices, etc)

    I will give the parties involved one more week to come up with something that will allow me to connect to the internet with Windows 8.  I certainly hope they provide support for Windows 7 the way they have for Xp, because that will be my operating system of choice.  

    I can't comment on the operations of Windows 8, other than to say as far as I can get, it takes extra steps with a mouse and keyboard to do what is "right there" when running 7.

    Yes, there is growing pains and a learning curve with something as new as what Microsoft is offering here.  I feel it was far too early to call this a release candidate.  More refinement and de-bugging should have been done.

    and really, what is wrong with having a start button?

  • bestyet
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    Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Server 2012  32 and 64 bit versions tested both additions in both 32 and 64 bits,

    Installed and configured both 32 and 64bit version of both OS on Asrock H61M-S mother board with intel 5 processor and 8 gigabytes of DDR3 Ram with only a 250 Gigabyte harddisk also install my 1999 version of civilization test of time II ran perfectly well also installed office 2003 and office 2007 no problems configured third party software and main board drivers with no problems.

    Kaspersky internet security suite 2011 and Trend micro internet security suite 2012 both ran and activated well found no software problems or hardware problems Metros on the other hand were a bit too much had trouble with understanding the need for some of them and how to use them but once i did it was easy thou i would prefer the old shutdown set of windows 7 than having it hidden.

    The Windows 8 Compatibility program workers wonders can not see any issues with windows 8 or Server 2012.

    Overall did find the 64 Bit version of both OS works the best would recommend these Windows 8 and Server 2012 OS in their current form would not fiddle with them much longer just get it to sale so i can buy it.

  • Knarf
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    Two words: IT SUCKS! Seriously! Metro seems to be a good idea for a tablet, BUT NOT for a desktop!

    Listen for once in history to your outraged customers: give us back our sane interfaces along with our sane desktop! Metro should be purely optional on a desktop computer, the default should be the traditional desktop that we grew used to!

  • Just one question. Are the Microsoft developers using Windows  8 on their desktops for development?

  • redesign the windows explorer to metro interface unlike the old aero

  • excellent but Windows Explorer also needs to be Metro

  • Listen to your consumers. LISTEN TO US! Have you seen the comments in the Windows blog folloiwng Sinofsky's announcement of the Release Preview about feelings towards 8? You have cut off a major portion of users by wasting time and energy promoting this Metro interface that most people are never going to use. Ever.

    I’ll provide some examples. I want to check the weather. Three obvious options: go to some weather site, use the Metro app, or glance at my weather gadget. easiest choice? weather gadget. it’s already there, occupying a tiny percentage of my screen, and tells me what I need to know at a glance. if I need to know more, I can click on it. A weather site might be more informative. So I have two choices. Use IE from the desktop, or IE from the Metro start screen. One, again, occupies a moderate amount of my screen but still have quick access to my email and desktop icons. using the Metro IE, I have to waste the whole screen. As for the weather app, obviously loser since I still have to use the whole screen just to check the temperature. And yet, you are actively KILLING desktop gadgets, probably one of the only good things to come out of Vista’s introduction. Desktop gadgets are far easier to work with and mange than full screen Metro apps.

    Another example. I use Outlook tasks to manage my todo list. Before you guys started killing off gadgets, I found a particularly useful Outlook tasks gadget that syncs with Outlook and my third party Android app (since you guys are actively working to not support Android, but that’s a rant for a later day). I checked for an updated version of the Outlook gadget; you guys don’t even offer it anymore. did you have to destroy the entire gadget library? seriously, gadgets are more user friendly to the DESKTOP user. and don’t even try recommending docking the weather app. it took me forever to figure out how to do it after googling across several forums, and it still takes up too much screen space.

    Another reason Metro will never catch on. Your OWN Metro apps SUCK. Mail, People, Calendar, Music, Video...all worthless. There are absolutely no settings. No personalization or customization. The primary advantage Microsoft holds over Apple. My calendar displays five different calendars, and yet I can’t choose to hide some, or change colors on them, or anything. There is no reminder feature, no nothing. For Mail, there is no notice that you got a new email, no calendar integration, none of the features natively built into Live Mail. And yet you are killing the Live brand in favor of Metro apps. You can’t change your favorite people in the People app, or combine, separate, or delete people. The music and video apps are a joke. stop promoting your store and let people manage their libraries. If you’re so intent on people using Metro instead of working with files, give people the ability to DO something in the Metro apps.

    There is also no tie in between the metro apps and anything else. combining two people in my settings does not combine them in people. my Watch List does not sync with my Finance app watchlist. What is the point of using Metro apps when I have to start all over to get them to work? if you advertise things “just work” shouldn’t they all tie in with the programs I already have?

    Another small grievance (small compared to the others, but still annoying enough that I won’t use Metro till it’s fixed) is that Metro insists on using whatever picture file it can find and making it a folder art. In my documents folder, I have recipes screenshotted and saved as jpgs. One of them is my default pic for the entire Documents folder. do you know how silly that looks? and I can’t even change it. SETTINGS, people. if you want people to migrate to Apps, let them control them the way they can control Programs.

    Aside from this, there numerous other problems. Two Control Panels and two Windows Updates is unnecessarily confusing. Going to the desktop control panel and then being told “Making changes to my account in PC Settings” is absurb. I don’t WANT to use Metro, and forcing me to do it is only going to make me hate it more. No recent documents or access to the Startup folder readily available? yes, I know I can dig around in the AppData folder to find them, but is that really necessary? you couldn’t have a devised a much simpler method to access these very useful and used to be very easy to find functions? Also, folder views in Explorer do not “stick” once you leave the folder. I want a parent folder to be List View, and the sub folders to be Small Icons. But whatever view your in when you access the folder is what you view the folder in. Didn’t used to be that way. one more reason to stick with 7.

    if I'm searching for a file, it would be a heck of a lot easier if type in ExcelFile.xlsx, and there is obviously no app or setting named that, that it should default to File for search instead of making the user click on File. I'm used to hitting the Start key and typing. i understand I can use Win+F, but to accommodate to what people are used to, if Settings and Apps yield 0 search results, default to Files (same goes for typing specific Settings name, like Computer Management, which doesn’t even show up when you type it in anymore [try it in 7, then try in 8. why the break??])

    I love Microsoft products. I want to keep using a single brand for everything, and Microsoft is the best choice...for now. it is rapidly going downhill. limiting SkyDrive to 2GB is a huge deal breaker. Metro is a huge deal breaker for Windows 8. The only good thing about Windows 8 is the account logon with transports your settings, but even this can be more robust by syncing WMP settings and other baked in Windows programs. this would be a truly “synced” experience if my default desktop icons, office settings, everything just synced over to my other computers.

    There are so many frustrating things with 8 that people are are complaining about left and right and you have turned a deaf ear. you talk in your blogs about championing the people and listening to feedback. I have seen almost no major changes to respect what people want and need to continue upgrading with Windows products. I can understand the DVD thing and WMC, but the features I talked about here are stuff that were either previously VERY easy to use and access or things that are going to turn people off from Metro and wait for Windows 9.

    I really hope you guys get your act together and save this OS. As of the Previews, you have turned a lot of people off who will be very unwilling to give another go round if things aren’t obviously improved.

  • Very beautiful, would highly get a touch screen, already my wrists are sore. The touchscreen would make the learning or famililarity process go along a lot quicker, but all the same worth the work. I believe it has a lot to be worked out, but I have over 169 hours on it this week. As far on the one who inquired about using it on your business, always make have you back up plan 100% without a doubt be prepared and veried, and yes, give it a shot, if your familiar with its the only way to truly learn and appreciate the experience, thanks to us all, its our opinions and suggestion that make this all possible, have a good week PBZ 7

  • Not impressed - does not work or is not supported running in VM.  The OS loads but no network support. Very disappointing!  I will not install this on my production machines and testing in a VM environment would seem the smart way to go.  Shame on you MS.

  • I tried this....  I didn't like how touchy the menu was that pops up when you zoom in from the right side of the screen -- it was difficult to get it to stick and stay long enough to make a selection.  I also did not like having to hunt to get to the control panel.  I.E. 10 would not allow me to sign into my school's online virtual campus -- it didn't seem to recognize that I was logging in at all.  I also cannot get this O.S. to load inside of Oracle's Virtual Box.  It gives me error messages.  Overall -- right now, as is -- I do not like Windows 8.

  • I can't believe that a Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53 GHz is not compatible! As much as I would love to try this I will not be spending and money in the near future to upgrade. I am just stunned! I don't know what else to say.

  • dw60038
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    The Release Preview installed OK, but can't seem to install drivers correctly for my NVIDIA nForce ethernet card.  It recognizes the card, and appears to have installed drivers, but it isn't working.  The device status indicates "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"  Therefore, I have no connectivity to my network and cannot access the internet to Activate my installation.

  • I have been using RP for a week now.  Got to say I love it.  I do think that Metro Start Screen feels unfinished.  By this, I mean that it is inherently messy.  I would suggest the sections be automatically populated like the App Store.  Perhaps Games load to a Games Section.  Desktop Programs Load to a Desktop Section.  I think it would be nice if these sections were even collapsible.  Lets say the Top ten apps from each section automatically move to the first 10 slots.  Hovering over the Section title colapses the section past the top ten.  Think about it.  Currently If I use IE10 and create tiles and download programs, my IE10 tiles will be mixed all through the mess and I will have to scroll around to find them.  If IE10 tiles were all in one section, I could go to that section and find the tile I wanted easily.  Now everytime I create a tile, I have to manually move it to where I want it.  Not good.

  • mrl515
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    I was very worried when looking at the Metro UI on how it would function on desktops, as I have grown accustomed to the general GUI experience put forth way back in Windows 95.  That being said, I am both pleased and very impressed with how seamlessly it flows between Metro and your standard desktop.  Relearning may be difficult for some at first, but the Metro UI does not have a steep learning curve at all, so I am very excited to see the final product.  Great job Microsoft!

  • MC.Geek
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    My weekend is planned, after making a curry that is... I decided to go the VMware route for W8PP and purchased some software earlier today so I can run W8PP on a virtual machine. Thankfully my latest build, I decided on making sure my Motherboard and processor was capable of virtualization, which makes a huge difference when running VMware. I am really looking forward to finally take a look at W8...

    The only pain in the paverbial backside now, is getting all the developers to update their drivers ready for the launch date. Some software will probably work, as with Windows 7 did. But I have a feeling it is going to be a bumpy ride with my drivers and hardware compatibility. My Rig will be fine for W8... it's the drivers for the motherboard and other software for the motherboard that will be an issue. Which is the reason why I decided on the VMware approach because, you can run as many OS you want.

    I have a deadicated HDD which I shall be using as a VHD and it's seperate to the rest of the my Rig which makes life a little easier.

  • After upgrading Windows 8 Consumer to Windows 8 Release Review, I can no longer play the available solitaire game. Is there any way I could get this back. I can now run the Rosetta@Home  DC projects. Since I am a retiree, I only use and run my desktop computers for volunteer  work in research for cure  for human diseases (Cancer, HIV, Alzheimers, etc) 16 hours daily since 2006. I just want to play Solitaire when I use the desktop with Win 8  to get more familiar with the new OS and its functionality as related to seniors. I failed to get  the solitaire game. I am still trying.

  • I have an HP laptop for nothing but testing programs on. I had Vista Ultimate on it and it installed whithout a hitch, it's a quad core, 8GB ram. I'm not too sure how the middle aged or older people will like this ( I'm 50). I believe it might be alittle complicated for some folk. I build and service computers for a living, and so far, IMO, there is just abit too much to navigate for an average user. But of course I have been wrong before.

  • NKetzko
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    currently dwnldng #8windows..........cant wait to be part of the testing team !!!!

  • NKetzko
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    I am Happy to be able to test the new software.......Lets Roll..............

  • Pupy
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    Am instalat Windows 8 previzualizare consumator pe un p.c HP,fara probleme la instalare,se deschide foarte rapid,fara blocari,navigare rapida,excelent.L-am instalat folosind I.S.O si cheia de activare de la pagina de download.As dori sa stiu daca am procedat corect asa,sau trebuia sa descarc executabilul de la pagina de download.

  • tja444
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    For phones and tablets, I'm sure Windows 8 Metro is a fantastic OS and GUI.  However, for non-touch-screen desktops and (to a lesser extent) laptops, I would have left the full Windows 7 design -- complete with Aero and the traditional Start Menu -- and made Metro an optional feature (perhaps, accessed from the View menu)....

  • i'm using windows 8, but i can't access internet because, the software of modem is saying that; device is not insert.. I'm using ZTE 112-2.0.0 . but in windows 7 it is working.