Microsoft Hardware announces Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

Microsoft Hardware announces Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

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Earlier this summer, Microsoft Hardware unveiled new mice and keyboards specifically designed to take advantage of Windows 8. Today, they are announcing another addition to that line-up: the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard.


I’m currently using the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard at home with my All-in-One PC. I spend a lot of time in front of this PC writing emails, blog posts, and tweets. And this keyboard perfectly supports that with its advanced ergonomics. It features Microsoft’s Contour Curve design – a six degree bend in the keyboard layout and a dome-shaped arc that allows you to be comfortable while typing and keeps your wrists at a neutral position. It also has a removable palm rest if you prefer a more compact look and feel to the keyboard.

SONY DSC                        SONY DSC

The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is also the first keyboard to feature a split backspace/spacebar key combo. This eliminates that awkward “pinky reach” to the standard backspace key and keeps your wrists in a comfortable position. This design decision was made based on research that showed 90% of typists use only their right thumb to press the spacebar. This leaves a ton of unused keyboard real estate on the left-side of the spacebar. The width of the spacebar is also increased to make it easier to strike while typing.

SONY DSC                        SONY DSC

And as I’ve mentioned, this keyboard is designed to work great with Windows 8. It features “hot keys” for the Search, Share, and Device and Settings charms. It also has 4 additional hot keys for flipping between apps, switching apps, snapping apps, or bringing up the app bar. I find myself being hugely productive in Windows 8 with this keyboard beyond being comfortable while typing.

The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is perfect for your desktop or All-in-One PC and will be available soon at the online Microsoft Store and other participating retailers for $59.95 (U.S.).

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  • This is very helpful for all those who use to write articles online.Of course it is helpful to every one thanks for the design thank you microsoft

  • Jim
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    Is it quiet?  The keys on most MSFT keyboards are quiet, until you hit the spacebar... I spend hours on conference calls and nothing upsets callers more than hearing the TAP TAP TAP of your keys or spacebar.  Can't wait to try this one in person.

  • That was unnecessarily trolly, I accept, but I'd love to see the "research" that you cite that (a) calls for hiding of keys (b) calls for hiding of functions. I'm not a troll, just someone who wants to get his job done without things getting in the way.

  • What is it with your keyboards?

    First you remove all ability to find any application closing function in Metro apps from Windows 8 - which despite your "research", people do like to close apps. Hiding the option is not cool.

    So, luckily I've remembered a key combo from Windows 3.0: Alt+F4 to close the Metro apps.

    Except now, you go and overload the Function keys to make it harder. (To use the hidden UI charms which you have also hidden to the right of the screen)

    All MS keyboards seem to have a hatred of function keys and instead have other keys which I DO NOT USE. I user my keyboard to activate FUNCTIONS. Hiding them behind random toggles is not going to make them go away.

    It ruins otherwise good keyboards!

    (Although one further improvement you could make is to be able to resist alcoholic ginger beer spilled over it - £35 ruined :( )

    I'm so frustrated with this I have taken the time to register with this blog.

    AND this comment didn't work in Chrome. Instead of making huuuuuuge blog posts, how about (a) fixing your web-site so I can use my Windows Live ID (at the very least) and (b) quit hiding function keys and UI optiosn!

  • Can I buy just the new Windows Key or have a sticker for my existing Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000?  =]

  • @W1N9Zr0

    "Insert" is right above "Delete" on the "F" row

  • W1N9Zr0
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    The large Delete key, lack of Insert key and the broken F keys are terrible.

    The Compaq Erase-Eaze keyboard from the late 90s has had exactly this space/backspace arrangement, and you can switch between backspace-space, space-space, and space-backspace modes too.

    I'd love to see an ergonomic erase-eaze keyboard that's got all the keys in the right places...

  • The C and V keys look too far away from the left Ctrl key. This causes my left hand to stretch awkwardly when copying and pasting. It’s a serious problem as it results in the back of my hand aching after a while.

    Those tiny function keys look impractical. I’m at a computer all day and use the function keys constantly.

    I recently purchased a Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 then a Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600. Both have been binned as they had similar issues. I’ve since gone back to using my worn out Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000.

    Hopefully Microsoft will abandon form over function and again produce keyboard designs that are practical and kind to your carpal tunnel.

  • Looks really nice.

    My single biggest requirement: Can you make it default to that top row of keys being actual function keys at boot/login?

    I've got an old Microsoft keyboard that defaults back to whatever random meaning MS thought would be good for those keys every time I reboot. It annoys me every single morning. Usually once I've started coding & want to build or debug.

    F6, F6, F6, F6... <Grrr!>... F-Lock... F6 :-)