Jack Reacher theme… and a few questions for you

Jack Reacher theme… and a few questions for you

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I just have a quick update for you this week, to let you know about our brand-new Jack Reacher theme which lets you get your Windows desktop ready for the December 21 release of the Jack Reacher movie!


Also, don’t forget to check out the Holidays & seasons tabs on the themes and wallpapers pages, for festive imagery to keep your desktop bright.










I also have a (totally unrelated) question for you: What do you think of themes that have custom sound-schemes? Do you like the sounds, or do you turn them off?

For those of you using Windows 7, do you use any of the 14 sound-schemes that are included in it? If so, which one/s are your favorite?


If you were able to use any of the Windows 7 sound schemes in Windows 8, would you do so?

What I’m trying to find out is how many people enjoy themes with custom sounds, versus how many prefer not to use the sounds at all, and whether any of the sound-schemes included in Windows 7 are particularly well-liked.

If you have an opinion about this, please add it to the comments on this blog post. And please keep checking back on the Personalization Gallery, as we will continue to bring you new themes and wallpapers to keep your desktop fresh.

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  • W8 default sounds are ok, they're not so aggresive like earlier ones.

    However most the time my speakers are muted... so "splashers" and "crashesh" won't distract others in the office.

  • xpclient
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    I have been enjoying sounds for events since Windows 95 and oh goodie Windows 8 takes away the Logon, Logoff and Exit Windows sounds. Not just the sounds, the events themselves are deleted from the OS code as an engineer on the audio team confirmed to me.

  • @Jennifer..really I like it wallpaper for desktop my WINDOWS 7..

  • For me, it's a "nice-to-have" feature, which would get used very occasionally.

  • I grew out of the need to constantly change my sounds & background by the time Vista came out.  I OD'd on it through Win95 to Win2k.  The constant tweaking also got QUITE old with PocketPC and Windows Mobile...which is why I despise Android so much.  You HAVE to constantly tweak it just to make it useful.  These days, I want a more stable setup and look and only occasionally feel the desire to change much at all.  I just feel it's for children.

  • I keep Windows Default all the time, and half the time my speakers are mute anyway, so I'd never hear the sounds if I did set them. I do that, because now I'm usually in the office where it would be distracting to others. I remember one of my favorite theme packs was sounds of the ocean, and it had sea gull calls all the time for alerts. It drove people nuts, but I loved it. After I ditched it, I never thought about it, and that was a few years ago. In fact, I never even knew they had been removed from Windows 8.

    Ironically, though, growing up I used to switch Windows sounds ALL the time. I had all the Windows 95/98 Plus! packs and would even download TV/movie sound clips to customize the sounds on a regular basis (would even export registry files for quick "reset" on new systems). I can't remember the last person I knew who messed with them (or even knew you could).

  • So first, I never knew there were sound themes lol. It looks like a cool feature though. I always thought it would be cool if there were Windows Skin/Personalization Packs. Maybe a site where users can rate/submit these. You could even make an App to handle this and preview them.

    Hey I was browsing through the store and I think it would help if there was an editor's choice section for each category. The Editor can write a little article on why this app was chosen. The top free/paid is good for people's choice. Maybe the apps could get little badges to signify they have been chosen. There could also be other badges like 'Productivity App of the Year' and in the info section it can show awards that the App has won. 'Most innovative App'/etc.

    Here are some other ideas for the Windows Store:

     -Recommendation Engine - Recommend Apps to the user based on purchase/download/rating/friends history.

     -Sales Section - Have a section to feature deals of the day/week/month and make the Store App support Live Tiles with this info.

     -Give Xbox for Windows and Xbox Arcade games (since you should make Xbox Arcade games compatible with WinRT) their own section. For more info about this see my comment on your Xbox Experience blog post.

     -Allow us to re-arrange sections of the store and add sub-sections to a custom view. For instance I might want to add Action games or a sub-section of the Sales section.

    For each App in the Windows Store:

     -Add a Suggestion section in addition to the reviews section (this way developers can see what users want easily and it will drive the quality of apps up). Users are already using the review section as a suggestion section but it is messy.

     -In the review section show most helpful by default instead of newest but also factor in date.

     -Add a related Apps and a more from this author tabbed pane in the description section.

     -Allow videos in addition to images in the Description section.

     -Add a help section where users can access tutorials/etc. on the app (this can be hidden by the dev)

    **Make sure to check out my comments on the "App roundup: Xbox games in the Windows Store" post for other suggestions.