Share Your Windows 8 Story

Share Your Windows 8 Story

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Today marks exactly four months since launch of Windows 8 and your thoughts, comments, and discussions have reverberated throughout social media with a lot of excitement. Now, we would like to take it one step further: we want you to show us what you love to do and how Windows 8 is helping you do it.

Here’s how it works:

First – go create a video that showcases your personal Windows 8 story.

Second – visit the contest on the Windows Facebook page by clicking here. You can find the full contest rules here.

And third, click the “Enter Contest” button to upload your video, officially entering you into the contest.

Prize Comp

After that, you will be able to spread the word to friends and family and have them vote for your video with the opportunity to unlock big prizes like a trip for 4 to the NCAA Final Four! We have also pulled together over $50,000 in other awesome prizes for the best entries, including an ORIGIN BIG O Gaming PC + touch-screen monitor, Surface Pros, a trip for two to a New York City Artist#Talk event (Kristina has blogged about Artist#Talk events here), Windows 8 gear and more.

Whether it’s redefining what it means to be a DJ with a new touch PC, using Fresh Paint to make amazing art, or maybe using Windows 8 to run an alpaca farm in your parents’ backyard, whatever it is Windows 8 is helping you do, we want to hear about it. So show us!

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  • My first experience with Windows 8 was with my mom's new laptop. I used it for about 5 minutes and was baffled at the lack of a familiar interface. There was no start menu, icons are not labeled with text, there isn't any context menu, so it is guess-and-check! I have used windows products since windows 98, and this thing is a monstrosity.  If I was a mad scientist, and Windows 8 was my creation, I would have pulled the plug, buried it in a shallow grave, and probably came to the realization that mad sciencing isn't my gig.

  • I did not like windows 8 much as 7 because it was made for touch systems not for pc the best thing that windows 8 should have done is to use the same crystal like theme effect and better WMP like vlc player which can play almost anything and the gif files and other must work on viewer like in xp and better user group and control and one must not always need to login into to use the apps and easier way to navigate yes they thought to make it easier but made it complex as something not much user friendly as i thought

  • Windows 8 is simply marvellous, but I have the Kindle App on my laptop and I am unable to either read or download books from the Cloud. It is quite annoying since I can read and access these books both on my ipad and kindle. What's going on? I have contacted Amazon and they suggested that it was a Microsoft server problem. Someone please help !!!

  • lauw8
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    In the beginning I tought Windows 8 and it Metro interface was a bad idea. But now that I am using it more, I like it more and more. So much even, that I have started a blog about Windows 8: Hopefully Windows 8 is going to be a big hit!!

  • I mean lovely

  • Windows 8 is nice and developed idea,  though it has some irritating stuff such as function keys in laptops if you upgrade they won't work and also my DVD drive didn't work, and big font and screen view is bad cuz no privacy is provided, rather than that it's lively

  • Nater
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    Have had it since it RTM'd and I upgraded that day.  I regret it.

    1.  The toast notifications are beyond horrible.  They look bad, they are way too big.  Should have an option to configure the font size.  The bubbles really should be top and left justified, and there should not be so much space between them when multiples pop-up.  Option to set their duration would be nice too.  Personally I want them gone as fast as possible.

    2.  Social Services do not offer Push Notifications.  The update of the Hubs (People Hub, for example) is beyond terrible to the point that it's generally worthless.  If you tie in Twitter instead of giving you an option to Sync only contacts that already have a profile in people, it pulls in literally everyone you're following on Twitter.  Sometimes contacts do not link correctly.  The Live Tile simply doesn't update enough, and without a decent notification system it is worthless as it only shows 1 notification at a time (with no numerical badge) and there is no notification cache in the OS like OSX's Notification Center.

    3.  Messaging Hub is worthless.  Messages may or may not Sync.  If you close it and then open it you may not even have messages you got notifications for in there.  Intermittent issues with connection to Facebook.  Push Notifications are volatile.  May work, may not.  You're literally forced to use a 3rd party IM client on top of it to make sure you get your IMs.  WLM going away, so now you have to install a redundant Skype Client on top of that.  No VoIP/Video Calling in the Messaging Hub.  Can't send any pictures or anything (and those sent from Facebook show up as links not images).  Emoji sent from Facebook Messenger/Web may or may not show up as unreadable boxes.

    4.  All Metro Apps perform worse than equivalent desktop apps.  Performance is abysmal by comparison.  Open OneNote MX and OneNote 2013 (Desktop).  The performance difference is astounding.

    5.  Cannot share anything from the Desktop.  No Share Pages like OSX.  No Share button in IE10 Desktop.  Sharing is difficult and unintuitive.  In order to Share to Facebook or Twitter you have to share to People and then pick the network.  This is very unobvious for an OS that was touted as having FB/Twitter support built-in.  Also, can't share any media (Pictures/Video) to Facebook or Twitter, so you're forced to use Windows [Live] Photo Gallery or Movie Maker for that stuff (Desktop Apps).  Again, very disjointed, jarring, and inconsistent user experience.

    6.  No SSO for Facebook/Twitter like OSX.

    7.  Metro-exposed settings are pretty bad.  Have to go to Desktop to do some pretty mundane things.  The Windows Update Metro page is kinda bad, for example.

    8. Live tiles aren't live.  At least not what I'd consider live.  Worthless and a waste of battery on a laptop.

    9. Metro simply isn't usable if you have to do any type of decent file management.  Need Windows Explorer for that.

    10.  Calendar app is a sad joke.  Mail app as well.  Already covered the People App.

    Basically I use this PC like Windows 7, except it has become more and more frustrating as I've been actively finding myself avoiding going to the start screen, but the lack of a Start Menu simply forces you there unless you pin a metric ton of stuff to the Task Bar or keep an Explorer menu with your Start Menu Folder (it's still there) open/minimized on the desktop.

    I'm going to order some Windows 7 Recovery DVD's from HP.  I can't really bear to use this anymore.

    My next computer purchase will be from Apple.  Sorry, but this isn't going to work for me.  Maybe in 4-5 years I'll reconsider, but by then I will likely have bought into the other ecosystem too much to even consider switching back.

  • I am the user of windows8. Live tiles make easier comparing to other ensure that,windows8 is best than this occasion, I proudly say that I am the user of windows8.install window8 and live better

  • Would love to enter this contest but I live in Canada wich makes me a second rate citizen on the internet. Wish these contests were international.

  • I have to say that Windows 8 was at first a little complicated and once I learned my way around I absolutely love it :) A lot of my friends are not tech savvy so when I show them new things they are very fascinated and want to be a part of it too. Windows just gets better and better :)

  • Best phone ever after using all apple devices including the new one iphone 5, i am fully satisfied by this phone in INDIA....From the day one i even don't need to dial a number from its Phone Book ...Just speak and it do the need full....Awesome speech recognized software for INDIA......and of u should have this one and not SIRI.....

  • and - are you guys the same person? Your avatars look the same ;-)

    - regarding your issue, my suggestion is to visit our Microsoft Community website and post about your issue as there are people there who can help: Thanks!

  • Once  saw this on twitter. I got all hyped up. I got the perfect story can't wait for you to see.

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    i downloaded outlook  and when it set up it sent a coppy of all my storage folders all my folders to all my contacts now getting mail from all contacts asking what these are fourtunaly a lot wont open but this has caused me a security problem why has this hapened and how can i make sure this is not going to hapern again i removed it and went back to live  but going to have to go back when express finishes please explain how to fix this probling

  • I really like Windows 8 after trying it a few months ago and reluctantly upgrading.  I've since come to appreciate the look and feel of it.  I'm excited about the experience and sharing with others all the cool stuff it does.  The problem I see with Windows 8 is how different it is from prior versions.  However, once you get the hang of it, there is so much to offer.  If Microsoft has a spare laptop around with a Touch Screen in need of a home - think about me.  I'd love to show it off.  Since I work in IT, it's exciting to see the expressions on others faces when you show them something they didn't know.