Outlook.com visits IFC’s Independent Spirit Awards

Outlook.com visits IFC’s Independent Spirit Awards

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A week ago, Outlook.com took the preview tag off their new email service. They shared some great feedback received by the more than 60 million people who joined Outlook.com during the preview. And the very next day, 1.5 million more people joined the Outlook.com since the launch of the service. I’ve been using Outlook.com since their preview first kicked off last summer and am very excited to see the new email service launch. I suggest reading my post here about how Outlook.com has made me love email again.

This last weekend, Outlook.com took a trip down the pink carpet and attended IFC’s annual Independent Spirit Awards with comedian Jodi Miller to get the inside scoop on films, fashion, and a little something unexpected: celebrity email habits. From embarrassing moments to stories about the first person they emailed after their award nomination, these celebs certainly had some interesting anecdotes to share. Check out highlights from some of Jodi’s interviews with the celebs below:

If you haven’t already, get started with Outlook.com!

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  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    Expanding my fourth suggestion:

    "- attach existing email in emails from any mail folder (like happens in outlook client and office 365 web application)."

    When we compose an email in Office Outlook (Windows client) or Office 365 (web app), we can drag drop emails from mail folders in compose window as attachments. Please provide this outlook's "universally unique" feature in outlook.com too.


  • Nathan
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    Outlook is great, but not perfect. Here is my take on this matter:

    Possible Improvements:

    - in To, Cc and Bcc fields, bind the combo-key event (and corresponding mouse/touch events) for contact-name "spans" to multi-select items. For example, if you open the question form on http://stackoverflow.com and type a tag-name in its tags field, you can press Ctrl+A to select all tags entered. Pressing backspace clears all the entered tags. In case of outlook, you need to do click remove button for each contact separately.

    - create contact(s) and update contact(s)-name(s) on the fly. If I type "lastname, firstname" in Gmail's address, and the contact is not in my contact list, it gets saved. If I do the same for existing contact, the contact-name is updated. Should Outlook.com has this feature, it would be awesome!

    - shortcuts inconsistency. In outlook client, send email shortcut is Alt+S. In case of outlook.com, its Ctrl+Enter.. please chose same for both environments.

    - Online PDF preview, even if the adobe extension for IE is not installed.

    - attach existing email in emails from any mail folder (like happens in outlook client and office 365 web application).

    - Skype messaging in outlook.com.

    - templates or "canned responses" (as Gmail call it) and make them available in Windows Phone and Windows 8 mail app.

    - Windows Phone messages folder for browsing SMS history on web.

    I hope unlike Windows Phone team (and like VC team), outlook.com teams are still open for suggestions from user community, as they were once ...