Announcing Sculpt Comfort Mouse & Mobile Mouse

Announcing Sculpt Comfort Mouse & Mobile Mouse

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Today, we’re announcing two new mice designed specifically for Windows. These are the first mice from Microsoft to include a Windows button on them, giving you quick and easy access to specific features in Windows – and, in the case of the Sculpt Comfort Mouse, more advanced functionality in Windows 8.


Sculpt Comfort Mouse

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse is a perfect companion to the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard we announced last fall. The Sculpt Comfort Mouse has a touch-sensitive blue strip on its side called the Windows touch tab that makes it easy to navigate Windows 8 with just the touch or swipe of a finger. When pressed, it of course takes you to your Start screen, just like the Windows buttons on keyboards, PCs and tablets.


But it does more than just take you to your Start screen. If you swipe up on the blue strip, it cycles through all your open Windows Store apps in Windows 8. And if you swipe down, it will reveal all the open apps (on the left side of your screen) for you to select the one you want. You don’t have to worry about a tiny USB transceiver since the Sculpt Comfort Mouse uses Bluetooth to connect to your Windows PC or tablet. It also has a comfortable ergonomic design and our BlueTrack technology to be used on pretty much any surface.

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse will be available in June for an estimated retail price of $39.95 (U.S.).

Sculpt Mobile Mouse

The Sculpt Mobile Mouse is the latest evolution of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 – with a Windows button which works great on Windows 7 or Windows 8.


Like the Sculpt Comfort Mouse, it also has four-way scrolling – meaning you can scroll sideways by tilting the scroll wheel to the right or left in addition to the vertical scrolling you’re used to. This makes navigating the Start screen in Windows 8 or apps that scroll horizontally a breeze. The Sculpt Mobile Mouse has a compact design, a tiny wireless USB transceiver, and BlueTrack technology.

The Sculpt Mobile Mouse will be available in May for an estimated retail price of $29.95 (U.S.).

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  • I will say Microsoft hardware has taken a decent sized step towards redeeming itself with the Scuplt Comfort Mouse after what i viewed as a very long step off of a very high cliff, with years upon years of horrible design choices to follow.

    I'm glad to finally see a decent bluetooth mouse with programmable buttons. However, I do knock the facts that 1, it alienates lefties and 2, the "start" button isn't programmable, but i can live with it. The mouse industry as a whole forced me to learn mousing with my right hand and i've gotten used to it. The mouse industry as a whole also seemed to forget about us bluetooth users too, occasionally throwing us a bone here and there but not putting any effort in to making anything that even came close to resembling a decent product.

    It would be nice to see a smaller version of this mouse, and no the Sculpt mobile mouse doesn't qualify because it lacks the touch strip that doubles as the back and forward navigation "buttons".

    Oh how i miss the days of the notebook presenter mouse 8000, in my view, the last decent mobile mouse Microsoft made. For the last few years i've been using the Bluetooth notebook mouse 5000, which quality wise is a great mouse, but lacked in a couple areas, only one navigation button and then as if to pour salt in the wound, you made it non-programmable so we couldn't remap the wheel button to something more useful, like forward.

    So consider this Microsoft, coming from a longtime user long left out in the cold. There are people who use your products, mice, in a professional environment, that appreciate more than just simple, basic or locked down functionality. We would like to see a mobile bluetooth mouse that is durable, functional and fully programmable, meaning all buttons, not locking certain buttons down because you feel we need to access the start menu by clicking a button on our mouse. and I stress bluetooth! I do mobile support all day long, which often includes various forms of data recovery, so my usb ports are precious and cant be wasted on a mouse receiver!

    I do give you credit for Bluetrack though, this is the first mouse i've used with Bluetrack and you've eliminated at least one of my headaches, this mouse tracks on every surface i've tried, a huge bonus. At least you've got something right, now keep the momentum up and get the rest of it right...

  • I like this mouse, but i've to know only a thing... :-) The wheel is the "old style", with the click like the Arc Mouse, or the "free horrible" one from the last microsoft mouse, like the 4500? :D

  • "But it does more than just take you to your Start screen. If you swipe up on the blue strip, it cycles through all your open Windows Store apps in Windows 8. And if you swipe down, it will reveal all the open apps (on the left side of your screen) for you to select the one you want."

    Sounds like a pretty cool concept. A mini trackpad on the side.

  • The Touch Mouse is already pretty high end, guy.

    It already works on every rigid surface imaginable including glass, and the Bluetooth transceiver works through concrete.

    I couldn't ask for more on the hardware end.

    The software end of the Touch Mouse is rather lacking, I'd like to be able to map whatever gestures to anything I want, and be able to map every available gesture separately for every program thank you very much.

  • Thumbs up for a new mouse.  Thumbs down for ignoring the lefties.

  • Please a lefthand advanced mouse, this looks nice but I can't use it

  • Bring back the Trackball Explorer!

  • BeckB
    0 Posts

    Please release a new and decent and high-end Bluetooth TouchMouse